July 18th Bug-Fixing Build

While working on Osana and the Mysterious Obstacle, I’ve been making miscellaneous bug fixes here and there. A significant number of bug fixes have piled up, so I’ve prepared a new build that should have fewer issues than the last one.

To see a list of everything that was fixed/changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this pretty artwork by la_petite_planete!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause the Mission Mode game over text to be misleading / incorrect if the player obtained a game over because they were witnessed while disposing of evidence.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to perform the “dumping corpse” animation in front of the incinerator while she was dumping something else, like clothes or a weapon.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Mission Mode from acknowledging a correctly-executed mission if the target was killed during the struggle minigame.
  • Fixed bug that would cause nearby students to perform the “group takedown” animation as Yandere-chan was receiving a Game Over from Senpai.
  • The “Bullying” topic has been restored to the list of topics that the player can write about when leaving a note in a locker.
  • Fixed bug that caused female Titans to spawn with towels and male Titans to spawn without face textures.
  • Minor cosmetic changes to some characters’ face textures. (Also, updated portraits for all characters.)
  • Re-positioned some of the props in the Science Club, and added one new prop to the Science Club.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to summon the Pain Demon.
  • The radio will now emit music notes when music is playing.

152 thoughts on “July 18th Bug-Fixing Build

    • Ok the invisible one, I guess
      but whatever anyway
      You have to kill EVERYONE for it to work
      I tried and I couldn’t do it cause I didn’t know how to teleport the characters to me and it keeps crashing when the day was over

    • Hey, yandere dev if can, can you make Ayano be able to speak to Yamada or as we all know him by, “senpai” . Also, is there any students that have a crush on Ayano?

      Thank you for working so hard

      Also does Budo have a crush on Raibaru. And if he does, if you make them go on a date is that the way to get Raibaru out of the picture?

      • YanDev has already said that the player will never be able to speak directly to Senpai (only maybe leave him anonymous gifts and letters to cheer him up, but nothing confirmed about it yet). Also, he said that if you raise Yan-chan’s Seduction stat high enough (or have a high enough Reputation, cant rememver which one), students may develop crushes on her and begin to stalk her around school.
        About Budo having a crush on Raibaru, I think he does, it’s been stated that he might have had feelings for the previous Martial Arts club leader. And maybe matchmaking her to Budo could be a strategy to get her off of Osana’s side! But YanDev won’t confirm or deny anything about it since he wants us to find out by ourselves.

      • No, because is the first time that Ayano felt something, and it is very very, VERY, big, so she cannot talk with Senpai/Taro, remember that she’s also a stalker tho.

      • thats a good idea tho like

        Ayano can befriend budo with a task and then Ayano can encourage him to ask Raibaru on a date
        omg that would be perfect

      • if Budo does like Raibaru then he has to explain start a week and before anything talk to Budo he has the hearts over his head showing he likes Ayano but its possible this will change to create a way to destroy Raibaru
        i hope that helps

    • Yandere Dev, Yandere Dev!!!
      I thought maybe you could remodel Senpai’s hair since it’s a tad bit too basic..

    • Nah,it wasn’t really necessary to implement after all.
      it adds more knowledge to the player that the radio music is active with a clever way 👌
      And as you know yan Dev is finishing a list that he started before he can finally implement osana and I’m sure that those emit weren’t his first priority in that list
      So other than accusing him of laziness just know that at this moment he’s working really hard to get more changes asap to the game.
      So thx Yan Dev keep up the good work.

  1. oh yeah,can you make info chan? no presure! only if your done with the game that would be really cool then!

    • Umm… Info-Chan is already made… Just peek through the Info Club window and you will see her, but you won’t see her walking around with other students (the headmaster tapes can give you more info about Info-Chan)

  2. Hello
    I just, had a little question
    If Yandere-chan befriends a rival, (Osana, for example), Will osana help her with other rivals? Like distracting the bodyguards of a rival, or maybe, as Ribaru is a friend of Osana, Could she help us too by convincing her that Osana is in danger, or something like that? (‘Organic game desing)
    This is a question, not a request

  3. Ok YanDev, good job as always but the artwork scared the heck out of me: who’s gonna refund me a pair of briefs?

  4. This is an idea for the game.
    I think that when people are being killed or have been killed Yan-Chan should fake being sad, since it’s what regular people do. I also think that if she isn’t showing an emotion that is expected in a situation, she should be seen as suspicious. I also think that if she doesn’t and she is in the Occult club she should lose less reputation points. I think NPC’s should react like “You’re not (emotion that fits event)? that’s pretty weird….” or in a happy event they should be like “How come you aren’t (insert happy adj)? weird…”

  5. When we can make Drive and Burn? We can make Befriend and Betray. But we can’t make Drive and Burn, yet. When?

    • 1. What do you mean by Drive?
      2. You can burn people in the game. You just have to set a trap with a bucket full of gasoline, get a candle from the Occult Club, put the candle in front of the person with gasoline on them and boom, you just burned a person

      • If you meant Drive to suicide you can do that too, you just have to gossip about the person you want to perform suicide and once their reputation is below -100 he/she will perform suicide and will stop coming to school

      • The old burning method involved matches, the new one is the one i described.
        About the Drive to murder elimination method, i think YandereDev mentioned in a video that could be a rival-specific elimination method (for example Amai because she was mentioned in the video) because some of the rivals could never kill a person and won’t be easy to emotionally manipulate. And i think that this is a good decision because i can’t imagine (for example) Hanako or Muja murdering someone on purpouse.

  6. Great job, Yan Dev! I’m so happy to see that you’re doing okay! I’m shocked that the “mystery obstacle” was actually Rival-Chan this whole time! It makes sense, and I cannot wait to see them in action soon. Make sure that you are taking care of yourself, though, and remember to take a moment to relax. You can do it! I’m rooting for you. 🙂

  7. Hey yan dev I’ve been experiencing a couple glitches

    1 when a social butterfly goes to martial arts club they stand right in the middle of their sparring

    2 when I wet a male when he was going to show a teacher something the man had female voice lines and the teacher started running in circles

    3: don’t read this if you don’t have time this is not a glitch. this is not really a glitch but I feel like some students don’t look animated enough when reacting to stuff for example I think when Sakyu or Inkyu on the roof react they should walk backwards a bit and maybe bump their back on the railing so thank you for taking the time your game will all be worth it in the end

    • 1: Social butterflies never watch where they’re going anyway irl. This could be intentional.
      2: I think the teacher flipped out because the guy sounded like a girl all of a sudden, but yes. That’s a bug.
      3: That might be added in when the models get replaced.

  8. Waiting……….
    Yandere Dev is probably working on the Frame rate. Or something else.

    Whatever it may be, it’s spoiler territory if not the Frame rate. I’m getting excited for what’s in store next

  9. @Strangesaurus
    He’s never going to listen; probably some special snowflake millennial that got everything he wanted when he wanted it. Those same people hate waiting for things because they have no concept of effort. Please stop frustrating yourself by feeding the trolls.
    I wonder if’s possible to IP ban the guy. He’s toxic to the development and fans of Yandere Simulator.

  10. I expect Osana to take quite a while to finish, because it’s not just adding Osana. If you want to really add everything that will be in the final game, you’d first need to be able to join the student council and the bullies, change some of the students routines so that Osana is never alone (unless Raiburu will do all that), fix the framerate, add the remaining tapes, add more student tasks (if that’s required for the final game), and add SNAP mode, which you never talked about in your last post. Sure, you mentioned it, but you never spoke about why it;s not in the game yet or even what it is. Even though it’s going to take a while, I’m SO excited to see the finished product. #TeamYanDev!

    • I want to respond to those points because I think the reality is not exactly how you’ve described it.

      1) It’s true that Yandere Dev has said he is basically treating ‘releasing Osana’ as ‘releasing a finished version of what the final game will look like’, and how the last 2-3 years where people have been waiting on Osana have basically been him making the game in general. However, the Osana build will just be a demo, and therefore joining the student council in the demo would really not be necessary to have as a feature. In my head I’m imagining it taking multiple days to fulfil each member’s favour/task, or whatever is decided as the entry criteria, and the proposed benefits from their club i.e. being late to lessons, being more trustworthy, seem more like a long term benefit compared to the art club and immediately getting to walk around with bloody clothes.

      2) I think Yandere Dev has said joining the bullies wasn’t a thing he would implement? If this is not the case then I’m wrong, but if so then yes it might take a bit longer.

      3) Regarding Osana’s routine, from all of the videos he’s shown of her so far, it seems like a lot of this has been covered already. Raibaru will probably fill in for a lot of the routine of Osana, and if not, then I’m very much sure that while scripting the events for Osana and Senpai etc, it’s been on his mind to alter the routines of students.

      I’m optimistic that Osana will be out before the end of this year. I know others have probably said that a year ago or two years ago but looking at the game right now, it seems like Osana, and more importantly the game itself, is close to completion.

  11. Hey, yandere dev ❤
    I have some questions if you don’t mind
    1- Who is your favorite character in yandere simulator?
    2- Is there going to be handicap or mentally ill students?
    3- What are looking most forward to about the game?
    4- What conclusion have you come to about Kizana and Kokona?
    5- Are you going to add more “movies” or “games” in yandere sim like magical girl pretty Miyuki?
    6- Are you going add a “cutscene director” mode?
    7- Can there please be animations when yandere tortures a kidnapped student? (like we can see what Ayano does to her victims)
    8- How can you answer the questions in “Making senpai reject a love confession in yandere simulator” with Raiboru chan?

    • I’m not Yandere Dev, but I’ll throw my tuppence in anyway.

      1: Probably Kokona. Not only was she the test-character but she has a relatable character story.
      2: I wouldn’t think so. The nearest you can get to that (currently) is that a couple of students seem to be missing an eye.
      3: I personally am looking forward to the model update. It’ll be closer to Alex’s original vision then.
      4: That’ll be interesting to hear.
      5: I doubt movies will make an appearance but Yanvania: Senpai of the night is there. Just the opening stage of a scratched disc.
      6: Like what? Being able to freely position the camera as a scene plays? Don’t know. If it is, it won’t be for a long while yet.
      7: I don’t think he’s ever said anything about this one way or the other. Personally, I’m fine with how it is right now.
      8: The only way of making senpai reject anyone is by sabotaging his view of them – he showed this happening with Osana when he considered the mechanic. Presumably, it’d be different for each rival. As far as I can tell, Raibaru only has eyes for Osana. I doubt she wants Senpai.

      Just my view. I’d like Alex to chime in with some real facts.

  12. After senpai will hate the rivals will they stay in school? (out of scope question)
    What if she stays and sees us sabotage their gifts to feel how they will react? (out of scope question too)

    • They probably will but they wouldn’t speak to Senpai because things would be awkward for both the rival and Senpai if they speak with each other (or maybe they will commit suicide because the love of their life didn’t love them back)

      • I prefer the second possibility but senpai will feel guilty and will reject all the girls even Ayano (my idea not YandereDev)

  13. 1. Why would they not? I know rejection is hard, but don’t you think that’s a bit excessive?
    2. I don’t fully understand what you mean. If you mean “What would happen if a rival witnesses you sabotaging HER ‘gift’?” then I’m guessing it’ll either get you a Game Over (worst case scenario) or it might depend on which rival you’re trying to eliminate (For Example: Osana/Hanako might tell Taro, Osoro might fight you, Megami might either apprehend you or send you to Genka, and so on.), but if you mean “What would happen if a rival witnesses you sabotaging SOMEONE ELSE’S ‘gift’ ?” then they’ll probably either report you or tell Taro.

    • 1. I think things would get awkward if they speak with each other (Taro does leave Osana crying at the cherry tree after all…) and maybe some of the rivals wouldn’t speak to Taro on purpose (like Kizana) because they got rejected
      2. If the rival sees us sabotage i think they would act like a normal student but they won’t give the gift to Taro because if he acts negatively because of the gift the rival would know that’s because of Ayano and tell Taro (who i guess would believe them?)

  14. Since the game seems to becoming to a close I wanted to know if we could still download these builds after the game is released?

    • Thanks for letting me know that the weird gray block was something IN the game! I was editing the “Students.json” file to make a mod, and I thought that the gray block was something I made.

  15. I can’t kick Kokona out of school. Because Kokona’s not in the cooking club anymore.Please correct this error.

    • I If you mean expel Kokona you should purchase the schemes from Info-Chan before you do them, i don’t think the club has anything to do with this.

      II If you mean frame Kokona for murder there is a new framing method which i will describe in steps:

      1. Join the Drama Club so you can put on the gloves
      2. Get the boxcutter and the masking tape from the Art Club (i think)
      3. Go to the incinerator and put the masking tape and the boxcutter in the small box on the ground
      4. Grab the box, go and tell Kokona to open your box
      5. Take it off and murder someone with the boxcutter
      6. Don’t do anything to the corpse and just drop the bloody boxcutter wherever you want (just don’t wash it or put it in the incinerator)
      7. Take of the gloves and clean yourself
      8. Dispose of the gloves and the bloody clothes (nothing else)
      9. Wait for the police

      That’s how you can frame Kokona

  16. I think for a future build you could have a daily routine where the phone addicts will hang out in the bathrooms and take pictures and talk. This is accurate to real teen girls, but it would also provide more obstacles to Yandere-chan if she is trying to murder someone in a private setting.

      • Then what was ghoulmaster 866 on about? Even if he is the same age as Ayano, he’d still be a Senpai as he’s one year up in school.

    • I think he made a mistake. Kouhai is actually when a person is younger than you, so Ayano would be Taro’s kouhai while Taro would be Ayano’s senpai

      • I know what a Kouhai is.
        A genuine mistake is good; you can learn from those. But I just don’t know who told him the definitions backwards.

  17. YandereDev there’s some bugs in the currently build of the game like when you teleport after comitting murder the corpse teleports with you and that happened to me i teleported to 6 and got aprehended by Kyoshi Taiso

    • Teleporting is a debug command. By using debug scripts when another event is under way, you’re going to cause errors to happen. I believe the debug menu will be locked out when the game ships out of sandbox mode. So, there’s no actual need for him to spend time on fixing things that only bug out that are caused by player alone and not coding.

      • There’s another bug that have to do with the bulies that you might already know, right?

  18. hey yandev! i know that you’re probably not gonna see this but, keep up the great work! i see people saying that you’re making the game way too hard and that the development is coming too slow. i disagree with people who say that. committing crime and and trying to “get rid” of someone in real life is never easy, so should it be in a game? plus, if the game is harder, it has more replay value and makes people really want to complete it, like myself. i’m really excited to see where the direction of this game goes. i’ve been following the development for about four or five years now, and my love for your work has never died. this game has so much potential, i can’t wait to see the finished product.

    with love,, reo. 🙂

  19. Hey Yandere dev I have an idea. Unless you are planning to give all chracters in game voices i have a plan B for you! How about if you talk to them they could make a noise like happy noise angry noise ya know. I know it,s a stupid idea but it just came to me while watching one of your videos. Maybe you are gonna give them voiced lines and we just don,t know yet? I hope you liked my idea and all the love and support in the world from me great game!!!!

  20. Thank you so much for all your hard work Yandere Dev!

    I think it might be interesting, maybe as a twist ending, to find out that Senpai is just like Ayano. That’s why he seems so plain and simple, it’s the easiest act for him to put on, just like ayano puts on an act.
    It could also help explain why he would accept a confession from pretty much any girl. The girl doesn’t matter to him because either way having a girlfriend will help him seem normal.

    It can also help satisfy the idea for the Male yandere, senpai can be the game’s yandere-kun.

  21. Does anyone happen to know the origin or meaning behind the heart symbol in the game? It’s not a regular heart as it has the extra swirl on one side.

      • What if he remembered the snap mode? This was on his pre-osana checklist and he didn’t worked on that yet!

      • He does remember Snap mode lol. Of course he is working on that as well (maybe it’s already done and YandereDev wants it to be a surprise when Osana is in the game)

  22. YandereDev! You probably won’t see this,but right now I was reading about the basu sisters and you never made a video explaining that in the future they might have a more important paper on the game

    • If you didn’t understood beacause you probably won’t see this one of sisters will ask another about something interligated to Akademi High and might discuss recent events like: murder and other events that is about Yandere-chan.

      • That isn’t really important, and he will need voice actors for them too so i believe that will come after Osana

  23. To defeat Raibaru you’ll need to splash water on Osana that will make her go to the locker room and if Raibaru doesn’t follow Osana in that place you would be able to…kill only Osana alone in the bathroom without Raibaru seeing, that’s it.

      • But to poison someone’s food you need to distract them with an giggle or with the radio and we both know that raibaru ignores both of that things so it’s not possible to poison her food. Also I think Raibaru won’t launch, she will just stalk osana eating.

      • YandereDev said that you can’t distract her when she is talking to Osana, not when she is alone. Currently no one is talking when they are eating so i’m guessing we will be able to poison her

  24. Dear Yandere Dev, I like your game very much, I have a lot of fun playing, but there is something that bothers me, the game is not available in Portuguese, I come from Brazil, I discovered your game on a YouTube channel, since then, game Quite a lot, the game is not available in Portuguese does not disturb me, because I am fluent in English, but many people who are my friends and play Yandere Simulator, complain about this fact, I am not complaining because I know you give your best for this game, this is just a simple detail that can be fixed, will give a great performance to the game.

    Thank you for your attention!

    See you Yandere Dev!

    • The current script for the game isn’t finished yet and subject to change. I think once either Osana is released or the game is complete the game will be translated into other languages

  25. Hi Yandere Dev! 😀
    I wanted to say that you are doing a great work with the game!
    I only have a question… When will SNAP mode be implemented in Yandere Simulator?
    I’m so excited of this feature, I wonder how it will be like.

    Thanks for your attention! 😛

    • It can be released on August 1st or August 15th or after he stop working on Osana that is what he’s doing right now

      • I’m guessing after he finishes Raibaru (fix bugs and stuff too)

        He didn’t exactly give us an estimation so please don’t say dates and stuff because some people might think it’s real.

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