Revealing the Identity of the Mysterious Obstacle

It’s finally time to reveal exactly what the “Mysterious Obstacle” is! I hope you’re going to enjoy hearing all about her!

During my trip to Los Angeles last week, I became very, very sick – way too sick to record voiceover narration. Fortunately, the voiceover for this video was actually recorded before I traveled to Los Angeles, so you don’t have to listen to a coughing, sneezing YandereDev talking about the Mysterious Obstacle!

With that said…while I was making this video, I realized that there is some important information I failed to mention. Usually, when I realize this, I simply record some new voiceover and insert it into the video….but that’s not an option this time; my throat is way, way too jacked-up to provide a pleasant narration right now.

So, in order to provide you with the information that I really wish I had communicated in the video, I have to settle for writing out a blog post. Without further ado, here’s what I’d like to say:

“Are you finished working on Raibaru?”

Nope! The point of the video was to reveal the nature of the Mysterious Obstacle and justify her existence from a game design perspective. The point of this video was not to announce the completion of the MO. The good news is that very little work remains to be done; at this point, I only need to implement a handful of miscellaneous conversations between Raibaru and Osana. The MO will reach 100% completion very soon, probably within the next 2 weeks.

“When will you release a build containing Raibaru?”

I’m sorry if this disappoints you, but I won’t release a build containing Raibaru until Osana is finished. As a game mechanic, Raibaru’s existence only has meaning if Osana is present. If Osana is not present, there is no reason for Raibaru to be accessible in the debug sandbox. They are a co-dependent pair; there’s no reason to implement one without the other. In short, you’ll have to wait several months to actually encounter Raibaru in-game.

Yes, you can probably modify the game’s code in order to spawn Raibaru, but if you do this, the Raibaru that you spawn will probably not be an accurate representation of the final Raibaru. If you manage to spawn Raibaru and figure out a way to eliminate her while she’s still a work-in-progress, whatever method you used may be ineffective on the final Raibaru.

“How much more work needs to be done on Osana?”

I’m hesitant to provide a specific percentage or bullet-point list, since it’s possible that I’ll forget about something and remember it next week. At this point in time, the tasks that jump to mind are:

  • Finishing work on Raibaru
  • Implementing Osana’s suitor
  • Implementing Osana’s “Befriend or Betray” side-quest
  • Making sure that none of her pre-existing events have broken since the last time I worked on her
  • Testing absolutely every elimination method and fixing all bugs / exploits / game design flaws that I encounter

Wow – it’s really not a large number of tasks, when I think about it! I’ll update this bullet-point list in the near future if I suddenly remember something important that I forgot about.

There are also a few other questions I’d like to answer pre-emptively. Please click “Continue Reading” to see!

“Is there a new build today?”

I’m sorry, but no. All of the work I’ve been doing recently has been related to Osana, the Mysterious Obstacle, or spoiler-related stuff that I can’t show you. Whenever I export a new build of the game, I disable a lot of stuff from being visible or accessible; all of the stuff I’ve been working on lately falls into that category. Even though I’ve been very busy, I don’t actually have a new build for you today.

“When will you release a new build?”

While I was in the “Pre-Osana Checklist” phase of the game’s development, my focus was on frequently implementing important game mechanics and releasing new builds as regularly as possible. Now that I am in the “Working on Osana” phase of the game’s development, it means that I’m spending all of my time working on stuff that I can’t share with you.

It’s possible that we have left the stage of the game’s development where you can expect me to regularly release new builds with cool features, since the game is nearly feature-complete at this point in time, and now my focus is on Osana. I still intend to release at least one video per month, but it’s hard to say exactly what those videos will be about, since from here on, almost all the work I’ll be doing is spoiler territory.

The next build will be released whenever I’ve compiled at least 10 bug fixes, or 10 additions/changes to the game that are unrelated to Osana.

“There are still unfinished items on the pre-Osana checklist! Save/Load, FPS improvements, and SNAP! What about those?”

I’ll implement save/load after Osana is finished, for the reasons described in this post. I’m tempted to strike “FPS improvements” off the checklist for the reasons mentioned in this post, but as always, I’ll continue doing what I’ve always done: making various miscellaneous improvements here and there, fixing whatever issues I find during the process of developing the game. (I’m planning to upgrade from Unity 2017 to Unity 2018 soon, and there are several reasons why this has a high chance of improving the framerate significantly – let’s hope that it works out!)

Those are all of the things that I wanted to mention! As always, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

263 thoughts on “Revealing the Identity of the Mysterious Obstacle

    • On the yuotube video I see someone suspect that Rival-chan lost with Budo on pourpose… Because she thougth that Budo was the right person to be the leader of the martial arts club and, because she wanted to do something else, she “surrender” when she was fighting with Budo.

      But Yandere Dev is the only one that could answer this question. And I think that many people thinks what you you.

  1. So I’ve been looking at all the characters and i think i have a clue on how to get rid of Raibaru when yo look at Budo’s info here and in the game it says something about him wanting to impress his former master because he has a crush on her what if we match make him with Raibaru so when there dating she’ll spend less time on Osana

    • Hey Yan-Dev
      I wanted to report something for a long time but i didn’t have the time till now
      Is it normal for the student council to be..i dont know the word but they say “hmmm” when you run near them and they have orange lining over them in yandere vision is that a bug or meant to be

      • Michelas Gaming
        It’s supposed to be that. The Student Council Members were (probably) told by the Student Council President (who hates Ayano and is currently planned to be the final rival of the game) to keep a very strict watch over Ayano, and so they are extra suspicious of you. The orange lining appears around any characters who are suspicious of you.

      • Michael u can go fuck yourself cause Joey lives me and I don’t know why I am so cruel to him and creepy about my bullshit Michael go fuck off asshole thought you were going to get laid ur too late Joey got it all of it

  2. Hi Yandere Dev!
    I know you might not read the comments but I noticed something that I thought was odd in the game, but didn’t want to report as a bug yet. I had just kidnapped Kokana and teleported our of the room to bury her alive, then I killed Saki from the back with the shovel. After she fell to the ground like Yandere Chan does after She gets a game over and Yandere Chan just stood there with shovel in hand. I tried moving her, but all I could do was move the camera. Then game completely froze but time was still passing and the music was still playing. Also Yandere Chan was bloody but it was a stealth attack from a shovel. I went back in and she was still like that so I had to restart my computer and delete the file. I’ll work on trying again and getting it recorded. I just didn’t want to bother you with a bug report that didn’t complete the whole check list! If you ARE reading then I’m working on confirming that it’s a bug! I posted here because it doesn’t meet all the criteria to be a bug and the thought it was weird and a bit creepy.
    I still adore the game! Keep going Yandere Dev!

      • My glitch isn’t “lame” it was something that I saw as a bug and didn’t want to report it to Yandere Dev just yet. And FYI nobody here cares or knows who “Joey” is your either 1.) Trolling. Or. 2.) a drunk psycho
        So would you kindly stop being a rude b*tch.

  3. I’m so exciting to be able to hear students’ footsteps Oh and, by the way, hearing bones-breaking, so brillant!

  4. Remember the budo crush thing? I personally think Raibaru is his crush because she hella strong and one update said the crush was somehow related to Osana. But that’s just a theory.

      • My theory is that you’ll be able to matchmake Budo and Raibaru so that Raibaru will spend less time with Osana, therefore creating more opportunities to murder Osana.

      • @ Sherbet Gumdrop
        I don’t think that’s too likely. Raibaru is far too engaged in being a Sentinel for that to work. It would also negate any challenge there is in dealing with her.

      • Or maybe if Raibaru does end up dating Budo, Budo would spend time with Raibaru and Osana. Making it more difficult to eliminate Osana.

  5. I just wanted to ask a question if u get Yandere simulator will I get all the updates still? Plz let me know😆

  6. Yandere Dev can we fall in Love wit ather person not only Taro like Bodo? btw i found a way to kill Raybru

  7. Yandere dev, I have a problem, this game
    Does not work properly. I downloaded again 3 times and nothing. I do not know if it’s my computer’s fault or I’m doing something wrong. Please help.

  8. I hope Yandere Chan also can practice
    martial arts to fight back Raibaru.
    Can not use weapon kill her,but I think can use martial arts to win Raibaru

  9. Hello. My name is GoldenEye X. Big fan of this game. I made a video 3 months ago that theorized that Rival-Chan is the mystery obstacle. And my theory was confirmed by you. Thank you man. And if you want to see my video, you can see it here: .

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