Revealing the Identity of the Mysterious Obstacle

It’s finally time to reveal exactly what the “Mysterious Obstacle” is! I hope you’re going to enjoy hearing all about her!

During my trip to Los Angeles last week, I became very, very sick – way too sick to record voiceover narration. Fortunately, the voiceover for this video was actually recorded before I traveled to Los Angeles, so you don’t have to listen to a coughing, sneezing YandereDev talking about the Mysterious Obstacle!

With that said…while I was making this video, I realized that there is some important information I failed to mention. Usually, when I realize this, I simply record some new voiceover and insert it into the video….but that’s not an option this time; my throat is way, way too jacked-up to provide a pleasant narration right now.

So, in order to provide you with the information that I really wish I had communicated in the video, I have to settle for writing out a blog post. Without further ado, here’s what I’d like to say:

“Are you finished working on Raibaru?”

Nope! The point of the video was to reveal the nature of the Mysterious Obstacle and justify her existence from a game design perspective. The point of this video was not to announce the completion of the MO. The good news is that very little work remains to be done; at this point, I only need to implement a handful of miscellaneous conversations between Raibaru and Osana. The MO will reach 100% completion very soon, probably within the next 2 weeks.

“When will you release a build containing Raibaru?”

I’m sorry if this disappoints you, but I won’t release a build containing Raibaru until Osana is finished. As a game mechanic, Raibaru’s existence only has meaning if Osana is present. If Osana is not present, there is no reason for Raibaru to be accessible in the debug sandbox. They are a co-dependent pair; there’s no reason to implement one without the other. In short, you’ll have to wait several months to actually encounter Raibaru in-game.

Yes, you can probably modify the game’s code in order to spawn Raibaru, but if you do this, the Raibaru that you spawn will probably not be an accurate representation of the final Raibaru. If you manage to spawn Raibaru and figure out a way to eliminate her while she’s still a work-in-progress, whatever method you used may be ineffective on the final Raibaru.

“How much more work needs to be done on Osana?”

I’m hesitant to provide a specific percentage or bullet-point list, since it’s possible that I’ll forget about something and remember it next week. At this point in time, the tasks that jump to mind are:

  • Finishing work on Raibaru
  • Implementing Osana’s suitor
  • Implementing Osana’s “Befriend or Betray” side-quest
  • Making sure that none of her pre-existing events have broken since the last time I worked on her
  • Testing absolutely every elimination method and fixing all bugs / exploits / game design flaws that I encounter

Wow – it’s really not a large number of tasks, when I think about it! I’ll update this bullet-point list in the near future if I suddenly remember something important that I forgot about.

There are also a few other questions I’d like to answer pre-emptively. Please click “Continue Reading” to see!

“Is there a new build today?”

I’m sorry, but no. All of the work I’ve been doing recently has been related to Osana, the Mysterious Obstacle, or spoiler-related stuff that I can’t show you. Whenever I export a new build of the game, I disable a lot of stuff from being visible or accessible; all of the stuff I’ve been working on lately falls into that category. Even though I’ve been very busy, I don’t actually have a new build for you today.

“When will you release a new build?”

While I was in the “Pre-Osana Checklist” phase of the game’s development, my focus was on frequently implementing important game mechanics and releasing new builds as regularly as possible. Now that I am in the “Working on Osana” phase of the game’s development, it means that I’m spending all of my time working on stuff that I can’t share with you.

It’s possible that we have left the stage of the game’s development where you can expect me to regularly release new builds with cool features, since the game is nearly feature-complete at this point in time, and now my focus is on Osana. I still intend to release at least one video per month, but it’s hard to say exactly what those videos will be about, since from here on, almost all the work I’ll be doing is spoiler territory.

The next build will be released whenever I’ve compiled at least 10 bug fixes, or 10 additions/changes to the game that are unrelated to Osana.

“There are still unfinished items on the pre-Osana checklist! Save/Load, FPS improvements, and SNAP! What about those?”

I’ll implement save/load after Osana is finished, for the reasons described in this post. I’m tempted to strike “FPS improvements” off the checklist for the reasons mentioned in this post, but as always, I’ll continue doing what I’ve always done: making various miscellaneous improvements here and there, fixing whatever issues I find during the process of developing the game. (I’m planning to upgrade from Unity 2017 to Unity 2018 soon, and there are several reasons why this has a high chance of improving the framerate significantly – let’s hope that it works out!)

Those are all of the things that I wanted to mention! As always, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

263 thoughts on “Revealing the Identity of the Mysterious Obstacle

  1. In my opinion, Raibaru seems like a good addition, but her strength makes her too overpowered. To balance it, I think you should be able to find numerous scripted events where she steps away from Osana, to find a creative way to eliminate her. Electricution, killing her with a falling heavy object, etc.

  2. 1) Will you buff Buda’s self defense to “invincible”, because he is only student, who won the battle with Raibaru.
    2) Will Raibaru can defense versus mind-broken students?
    3) Will Raibaru’s reflexes work, when we try to drown her or push her off the roof?
    4) What Raibaru will do, when we trying to throw bucket with dumbells on her?
    5) Will you change Buda’s crush to “Raibaru Fumetsu”?

  3. Seems cool! Lately I’ve been asking myself
    what the future of rival-chan will be and I’m glad she won’t be eliminated from the game! I never expected her to become the mysterious obstacle tbh, I thought it was going to be a completely new character instead of someone who has been there since Yansim started

    • I think the only time when Yandere Chan is able to find osana alone is when osana has to prepare to go somewhere with senpi like when she goes to take a nap on the roof before the movie or when she goes to the pool to tan other situations where osana will be alone will probably be reviled in the morning when osana and raibura are talking. So far these are the only situations I think osana will be vulnerable I don’t know I’m probably wrong but yeah.😅

      • True. But what about the other rivals, like Kizana, Amai and Megami? What about them, WORK ON THEM TOO, YANDEREDEV!

      • I don’t think they will have obstacles like Osana (every character was revealed already), and Osana is still not finished (she’s close to being finished though), so why would YandereDev work on the other rivals?

      • Probably for the other rivals the obstacles are the other club members? Or maybe something like that? Osana is the only rival that isn’t in a club or a group (except for Hanako, but in that case I think that the obstacle will be Senpai).

        And for the nurse and Rana maybe the obstacle are the other teachers? Idk

      • He said that Raibaru would be with Osana when she is at the pool with the other bullies.

      • I meant like obstacles like Raibaru (like bodyguards), and yeah, i can imagine Senpai being Hanako’s obstacle because Hanako loves him so much that she can’t spend a moment without him (for Muja (the nurse) i think there won’t be an obstacle, however for Mida (the teacher) the teachers could be some sort of an obstacle)

  4. Yandere Dev can you add a feature where people who idolizes Raibaru would follow her or stalk her and they can be in different places in the school, some would be far, some would be near and some can be found in unexpected places, and if you manage to eliminate her you would still have trouble with the other students following her and watching her every movement so you need to find these people and eliminate them first so that you can eliminate Raibaru without any witnesses. So if you manage to separate her from Osana to murder her in different ways the students will know it was you because they will ALWAYS keep a close eye on her and the events happening around her.

  5. So, we have to wait until like, near the end of the year to encounter Raibaru? IDC, Pokémon Sword can tide me over at that point.

    • I have an prediction as to how to beat Raibaru!
      So, I heard somewhere in the past that Budo has a crush on the previous leader of the Martial Arts Club, which would be Raibaru! Maybe if you did the matchmaking minigame and matchmade Budo with Raibaru, she would be spending a lot more of her time with Budo instead of Osana. Then it would be a lot easier to kill her!
      This is just a prediction, we won’t know until Osana is released!

  6. This is so exciting! I feel like I’ve heard people complain many times that YandereDev was spoiling the game by telling everyone so much information. Plus, this means that once Osana is finished, YandereDev will be able to put up the first Demo test of the game! I cant wait to see what kind of things he’s kept hidden from everyone for the Demo!

  7. Yandere Simulator Logic: You can kill a teachers and the master of the martial arts club but You can’t kill a normal student

    (In my opinion of this i think what Budo masuta need the similar persona of the Raibaru like all teacher but now only she have this power that no sence)

      • But she only left because someone became better than her. That’s the obligation that kept her there, and once it was gone, then she felt free. Someone had to become stronger than her for her to leave the club. So, Budo should have the same if not somewhat stronger abilities than Raiburu.

      • Raiburu left the club because she was defeated by Budo, but it’s only ONE defeat of hundred of victories.
        Maybe this day she haven’t in the best moment (for example, menstruation), or Budo attacked her when she are tired to battle another students.
        It’s a plausible explanation for this incoherence of the power levels.

  8. Great job, Yan Dev! Keep up the hard work but make sure to rest while you’re unwell! ♥

    Btw, does anyone know if that volunteer is still working on the new character models?

  9. Omg, I love the new concept of Ribaro!
    I dunno why, but I kind of got the vibe that she has a crush on Osana, by the way she hid behind the tree while waiting for her…

    Could she be one of Osana’s possible suitors? I think that that would be pretty neat!

  10. I wonder Yandere Dev, will you make Budo as strong as Raiboru? Since he is her star pupil and defeated her, he should be able to be as strong as her. And not to mention, she does seem overpowered for a normal student. Even though this is a fictional game in a fictional universe, there has to be some elements of realism.

    • I’d have said “verisimilitude” rather than “realism”. And it’s not necessarily unrealistic to have a student who can beat up any other student in a fight; it’s just not verisimilitudinous that Ayano can’t surpass her by training hard when Budo did exactly that.

  11. But I have one question, Sence Budo beat Raiburo does that mean he is stronger… Or maybe she let him?????? I’m confused.

  12. But I have one question, Sence Budo beat Raiburo does that mean he is stronger… Or maybe she let him?????? I’m confused.

  13. I’m kinda disappointed that Ribaru’s “you can’t easily dispose of me” features are basically all just no-selling tactics. Okay, no-selling cheesy tricks (like talking to her while Osana blissfully walks away) is fine, but also most major tools in Ayano’s arsenal? And there’s no way to get around the no-selling no matter how much effort you put into it?
    Thankfully, it sounds like that’s just a thing for the Indestructible Ribaru, and other rivals’ “bodyguards” will have more interesting “you can’t easily dispose of me” features.

  14. I am so pumped to figure her out and learn how to beat her. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to Wal-Mart and buy a bulletin board for my theories! This may take a while.

  15. Raiburo look like she is stalking senpai and Osana. Friends usually spy on there friend that has a crush to see if there doing great when talking to their senpai
    But they try not to look like a stalkier
    I suggest that she is in a relax pose like lobster head (lol)
    Or looking at her phone like midori GRRRREN (lol)

  16. YandereDev, shouldn’t Budo have the same abilities then as Raiburu? Wouldn’t that also help to give the game yet another challenge? I always thought it was a bit weird how easy it was to beat Budo.

  17. So Raibaru’s sole routine is talking with only Osana? Can’t you make her more alive? Let her ex students carry a conversation with her or something.

  18. A puzzle you say..? Well, you did say something about him and her having SOMETHING that ties them together… Maybe Raribaru is Budo’s crush, since he DOES have “???” listed, and that was the one thing added to his list. Hmmmmm….

  19. You did not say anything about SNAP mode, Devpai. I Wonder what will be like to SNAP. And I think we can befriend Ribarau and and convince her to be a little bit more relax with us. Or we can convince her that we are no harm to her precious friend, Osana.

    • Yo creo que nemesis es un indestructible rival de megami, una chica que se infiltra en la escuela ya que megami o su padre la contrataron como agente. ✌️

      • Maybe she lost on purpose🤔

        El mar., 16 de jul. de 2019 8:27 AM, Yandere Simulator Development Blog escribió:

        > Jonay Cc commented: “Yo creo que nemesis es un indestructible rival de > megami, una chica que se infiltra en la escuela ya que megami o su padre la > contrataron como agente. [image: ✌]” >

  20. “There are rumors that the reason why Budo dedicated himself to martial arts is because he developed powerful romantic feelings for the club’s previous leader”

    So it’s highly probable that Budo is going to a key to separate Osana and Suibaru

    I can imagine Ayano figuring out Budo actually loves Suibaru so HE could be the one willing to talk to her, thus distracting Suibaru and separating her from Osana for a moment, given the fact that Suibaru has some consideration for Budo since he was the one to end her streak and he is a probable friend, or who knows, her crush.

  21. You should make it so we can matchmake Osana with Raibaru because honestly I think it looks like Raibaru likes her.

  22. I have an prediction as to how to beat Raibaru!
    So, I heard somewhere in the past that Budo has a crush on the previous leader of the Martial Arts Club, which would be Raibaru! Maybe if you did the matchmaking minigame and matchmade Budo with Raibaru, she would be spending a lot more of her time with Budo instead of Osana. Then it would be a lot easier to kill her!
    This is just a prediction, we won’t know until Osana is released!

  23. I do not want to sound demanding, but I think you forget some school rooms like Home Ec room, Workshop, Sociology classroom, Calligraphy room, Biology Lab, English Classroom, Will you fill them in the future? and I screamed very loudly for Raibaru’s revelation.

  24. This is really cool and I’ve been a big fan of this game since 2015 but exactly how long will it take for the game to be complete with all the characters & events implemented? As of now it’s only Osana’s arc that’s almost done (to our knowledge) but what about the other 9 rivals and main characters that play in the lore? I’m not hating. I’m just worried that it took this long for Osana to be completed. Of course there’s bugs and glitches that needed to be fixed that’s why Yandere Dev took his time. So after Osana’s done how long will the 9 other rivals be implemented in the game? Every timeline of events and dialogue scripting for every rival will take so much time that when this whole game will be officially released, I’ll be an adult with a family and will forget about this game. To be brutally honest, I’m a little disappointed because this game is so cool but we’ll probably be dead when the full game comes out.

    • He’s said this in a video before. Once Osana is in the game, YanDev can reuse some of her assets for other future rivals, with some changes of course. So no, even though it’s taking years for Osana to come out, it won’t take as long for the other rivals

  25. Hi YandereDev, I’m so happy for you and the progress you’ve made towards this game. I’m glad you are able to work on Osana again and am very excited for what comes in the future for Yandere Simulator! I will forever support this game until the day it becomes finished and will be looking out for the Kickstarter to donate and show how much I believe in this game. Don’t give up! 😀

  26. Do the poisons affect rival-Chan? If so can that be a way of separating both her and Osana or is their already a feature implemented into the game where Osana is concerned and leaves with her freind? (or something like that)

    And do the poisons work on Osana? Will rival Chan go with her to the bathroom or other locations if they do?
    If the answer is that they do work and they get separated would that be the optimal time to deal with Osana?

  27. For me it doesn’t have much sense that you can’t kill Raibaru, but you can easily kill Budo that is basically stronger than Raibaru.

  28. 1) I feel like if you befriend a lot of your rivals, they all should talk to Senpia and say good things about you to him, so you can get a great ending, and you look good in front of Senpia.
    2) When the students walk to up to the school, they are all separate by clubs. I feel like they all should be spread around, and not all walking based on the club they are in. I’m not saying to do it to all students but it does look weird on how they are walking with only their club members.

  29. I really like that you’re coming close to implementing Raibaru and Osana! But I was disappointed to hear the mysterious obstacle’s name in the video was Raibaru, just “rival” in Japanese. I hope you can replace some cringey names of some characters.

  30. I’m glad to hear that Osana has more than one friend. But I still don’t like Raibaru. Hissss…
    The mechanics though lokks a bit weird. How is that possible, that we just CAN’T talk to her? I saw the suggestion that when we start the talk Osana just stops and waits for her friend. The same with Osana. The one stops, the other stops too and watches. And the same with reacting on radio or giggle.
    I liked that, because it makes girls more logical.

  31. Perhaps my Yuri Goggles are set too high but . . . I really want Raiburu to be one of, or the only of, Osana’s possible suitors. The matching accessories and constant companionship combined with her watching Osana with Senpai just oozes yuri goodness. (At least, maybe have her as a harder-to-achieve-but-more-fulfilling suitor option?)

    • I always thought it’d be cool for Raibaru to have a larger part in the game.
      And now that she does, it seems like she wants something more than friendship especially seeing as they hit it off right from the get-go.
      Maybe I’m just imagining things or reading too much into it but it’s pretty much the same way as how I started dating my best friend…

  32. She will always be Rival-chan to me. When you try to attack her it seems that she had spider senses xD She’s the secret daughter of Spiderman!

    Keep going Yandere Dev! You’re doing a great job! Take care of yourself!

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