July 1st Bug-Fixing Build

July 3rd Edit: I uploaded a minor bug-fixing build. Changelog at the bottom of the post.

I’m very, very sorry; the Mysterious Obstacle isn’t ready yet! I hope you’re not too disappointed with me…

I was genuinely trying my hardest to implement the Obstacle by July 1st, but as the deadline grew closer, it became increasingly apparent that July 1st was never a realistic deadline to begin with. I could write an entire blog post about the numerous things that hindered my progress over the past 2 weeks, but it would probably sound like I’m whining, and I don’t want to subject you to that. So, instead, I’ll just do the best I can to implement the Obstacle ASAP.

Unfortunately, there is an additional complication that you should be aware of. Anime Expo is happening in a few days, and it’s extremely important to me to attend the convention. It’s like a mandatory religious pilgrimage for me; abstaining from the expo is simply not an option. This actually throws a big monkey wrench into the Mysterious Obstacle situation…

On July 3rd, I will be traveling to Los Angeles so that I can attend Anime Expo from July 4th~7th. On July 8th, I will be returning home from Los Angeles. So, if I can’t complete the Obstacle before July 3rd, it means that my next opportunity to resume work on the Obstacle won’t be until July 8th. What unfortunate timing! I really, really didn’t want the Obstacle to be delayed that long, but that’s what the situation currently looks like.

I’m very sorry to anyone who is disappointed by this news. Hopefully, you can forgive me and wait until July 8th~15th to see me finally unveil the Obstacle. I’ve put a lot of work into her, and I really, really hope that she’s going to be worth the wait!

In the meantime, I have something more positive to share with you; yesterday was my birthday, and a countless number of people sent encouraging messages to me, expressing their appreciation for Yandere Simulator, and wishing me a happy birthday. Two of the most touching messages actually came from the Russian and Ukrainian fan communities, who have consistently sent me very sweet and heartwarming videos for the past 5 years. Here’s what they created for me this year:

I was feeling really sad when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to implement the Obstacle by July 1st, but seeing these heartfelt videos filled me with strength and motivation to keep working as hard as I can! I’m super grateful that the Russian and Ukrainian communities still have faith in me; it means the world to me!

As long as I am sharing videos, I’d also like to share a song created by Michaela Laws, the voice of Yandere-chan; it’s a song from Yandere-chan’s perspective, and Michaela did an absolutely outstanding job writing lyrics that appropriately convey the nature of the character – as she always does! Please check out her work!

I feel guilty if I let two weeks pass without releasing a new build, so I’ve prepared a bug-fixing build. It doesn’t contain the Mysterious Obstacle, but it’s a lot less buggy than the previous build. Click “Continue Reading” to see a changelog!

Changes, Fixes, Additions

  • While implementing some of the events that occur between Osana and the “Mysterious Obstacle”, I discovered that there simply wasn’t enough time in the day for all of Osana’s events to take place. To provide Osana with a longer span of time for her events to take place in, I’ve slowed down the game’s clock; the span of a minute in Yandere Simulator is now approximately 1.5x longer than it was before.
  • Adjusted courtyard doors so that it should be less likely (or impossible) for characters to get stuck between the doors and the wall.
  • Removed stockings from Ryoba in the intro cutscene. (She didn’t actually wear stockings when she was in high school. Oops!)
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to walk on top of the east and west fountains at the corners of the school.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Light Music Club minigame from unloading after the player had finished playing it.
  • Updated some characters’ likes and dislikes to be more consistent with what I’ve said about them in the past.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Sleuths to sit in midair instead of actually performing their sleuthing duties.
  • Fixed bug that preventing Yandere-chan from entering combat animations in the delinquent combat minigame.
  • Small aesthetic adjustments to several characters’ hair textures (namely the nurse and teachers).
  • Fixed bug that allowed Yandere-chan to take out a weapon during the delinquent combat minigame.
  • Fixed bug that caused Senpai to fail to animate during the low-reputation game over sequence.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to open the map while a Tutorial window was displaying.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Yandere-chan from facing a delinquent who was charging at her.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to wear two pairs of panties simultaneously.
  • Re-balanced the price of purchasing a sedative from Info-chan.
  • Replaced music that plays during Shipgirl easter egg.
  • Fixed typos in the Discord Rich Presence text.
  • By the way, it’s worth mentioning that, recently, several dozen of my YouTube videos were translated into Turkish by Metehan ÖRTEN! I’d like to publicly thank him for his helpful contributions!

July 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to perform a weird animation at the start of the day in Mission Mode.
  • Fixed problem with Ryuto’s hair texture that made a weird seam appear at the back of his head.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Mission Mode menu scene to be overly saturated.
  • Removed a column which was placed in a hallway as a test.
  • Restored a character who had been disabled.

197 thoughts on “July 1st Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I will be on your own, nor judge the English curve is simple, I will switch it from ruskovo to english via google.
    well …
    happy birthday to you!
    happy birthday to you!
    happy birthday, happy birthday!
    happy birthday to you!
    friends and health.
    And yes advice on fps.
    add 4: 3 resolution

    • Hello Yandere Dev Happy Birthday!

      I just wanted to give you a suggestion for the game… I hope you don’t mind!
      For the gang leader rival, Osoro Shidesu (both the male and female versions) shouldn’t there be a way to earn the delinquents trust (or join them) so we can stab Osoro in the back later on?

      It could be a side quest to each member (including Osoro) or some kind of trial, I know it’s a lot of work but it could be the betraying method for him/her.

      I love your work!~

      • You will be able to earn their trust (through tasks) to join them, and i believe that would be the way to betray Osoro, but also you could reform them into normal students like they were before they were delinquents (which would impact that week a lot (and let the Guidance Counselor continue her job) + Osoro will be without her delinquents, which i’m guessing will make her much easier but the process of reforming them would be hard)

  2. Hey YandereDev, I know you probably just came from LA so I hope that comic con was amazing!!!! Can’t wait for mysterious obstacle!!!

  3. “Restored a character who had been disabled”
    Who is the Character!? Plz tell me or give me a hint!! ;oooo;

  4. Hope he’s not dead in a car crash or an plane incident! The game would be cancelled! Yandere Dev, please tell me you’re okay!

  5. Just curious if I’m the only one who’s thinking about this: Will Yandere Dev ever replace the current models with original ones? I feel like it’d make the game feel more smooth, in a way.

      • So after Osana there’ll be a long break?
        I mean, I don’t mind all that much. I can wait for a good game and this is worth it but making sure the new models work properly and don’t clip or fall out of the universe is going to take some testing.
        Still, I was wondering about this too. The game I feel is ultimately going to benefit from the model update.

      • I guess there will be like a month or two (or maybe more, i don’t know anything about programming so take my estimation as a grain of salt) so the new models are implemented because literally every animation will have to be replaced for the new models and also all the hairs.

      • What do you mean next month? There are still three more days… And don’t rush things, we would all like a functioning Obstacle in the game (+ she won’t be in the game until Osana is released so she won’t exactly be in the next build, probably only her info)

      • Do you know that things take time mehrzad? I will remind you that we will only get the info about the Mysterious Obstacle (like her name, appearance etc.) and probably a video about her interactions with Osana, we won’t get the Obstacle until Osana is in the game. Even if YandereDev needs more time no one will mind because we are patient and can wait unlike you, so stop commenting these kind of stuff. Remember that people are not robots and can make mistakes.

      • why should i stop commenting? everyone have their own opinion someone say. i don’t like where this developer running his game someone i do like it, and i don’t care what does people think about

  6. Dear Yandere dev,

    Will you ever make Yandere simulator on Xbox? Maybe when the game is finished you can make it compatible with Xbox.

    From Corgi Husky

    • The problem as I understand it is that he’d have to register as an Xbox developer and then submit a request to begin developing in Unity and then download Unity for Xbox.

  7. My pc broke about 2 months ago sadly, so I can’t play rn but I’m still looking at the blog every few days and watching Yt vids

  8. Yanderedev, please give a mean of life. I’m worried of something bad happened to him. I hope that he is only resting or working for the game

    • I’m sure he’s fine. I’d say he’s currently doing one of the following:
      1) Not paying attention to here so he can put in more work
      2) Resting as he’s bollocks-tired from Animé Expo.

      He’s given himself a timeframe for the Mysterious Obstacle (15th) so wait a little longer.

  9. July 15th is my birthday and it would be really nice if you had the obstacle finished by then but it would still be ok if you didnt have it done. And I love your game I just downloaded a few days ago.

  10. hey i know dont me but i have a sugestion
    when you realease the game fully you can make a episodic game like when amai isn’t ready for 3 months i hope you consider this into the full release btw love your and happy late birthday

    • Going episodic for YS wouldn’t be easy and many people would see it as a money-grab attempt. When Osana is in place, he’ll have an operable framework with which to draw on for future rivals so the chances of Amai taking this long again are negligible at best.
      What would be the point of going episodic for YS in the first place?

  11. If we befriend Osana and Raiburu could we unlock matching accessories with them? It would be a fun trophy.

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