Yandere Simulator’s New Introduction Cutscene

It’s finally ready! A proper intro cutscene, one of the last remaining features that I considered to be an absolute necessity before implementing Osana. Take a look!

I’ve uploaded a new build containing the intro cutscene, along with a small number of other improvements and bug fixes. Click “Continue Reading” to see a list!

Additions, Changes, and Fixes

  • The player now has a “Cyberstalk” option at their PC at night-time. You can cyber-stalk a student to instantly learn all of their likes/dislikes. To view a student’s likes/dislikes, you’ll have to go to their profile and press the R key (or the Y button on controller) to see a grid depicting all of their interests. This is intended to be used as a “cheat sheet” to make the match-making feature easier. It will also be helpful if I eventually re-design the conversation system so that, to gain favor from a student, you need to say positive things about what they like, and say negative things about what they dislike, in order to gain favor with them.
  • Finally implemented an intro animation for the game. (It plays upon starting a new game.) (By the way, Senpai’s appearance and the school uniforms you’ll see in the intro cutscene are dependent on your choices in the Senpai Creation screen!)
  • When starting a new game, the player will now see a “Message from the Developer” screen after Yandere-chan’s conversation with Info-chan. The purpose of this screen is to clarify something that confuses a lot of newcomers.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to control Yandere-chan while she was being sent to the guidance counselor’s office, if she was taking a photograph at the exact moment that she was caught by a teacher.
  • Thanks to advice from a friendly Unity developer, you should now notice improvements to the game’s framerate when looking towards the front of the school at the beginning of the day.
  • Fixed bug that would result in a teacher or student council member attempting to send Yandere-chan to the guidance counselor while she was being apprehended by a group of students.
  • Fixed bug that caused the guidance counselor to fail to speak the correct words if Yandere-chan was sent to her office for carrying bloody clothing.
  • Updated the Falcon Mode textures and models so that the character is a parody, rather than an exact replica of a per-existing character.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the police to discover drowned corpses even if they had been burned by the incinerator.
  • Updated the Berserk easter egg music with an original track instead of a royalty-free track from the Internet.
  • Yandere-chan will now scoot close to a bento when poisoning it, instead of poisoning it from a meter away.
  • Students will no longer accuse Ayano of murder if Ayano was wearing a mask at the time of the murder.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a character’s smartphone to float in midair if they died by drowning.
  • Updated some face textures (some male students were using female face textures).
  • Added an animation that will play when Yandere-chan crushes a smartphone.
  • Updated the Debunk page with 5 new debunks at the bottom of the list.

What’s Next?

Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve made a ton of progress towards the implementation of the Mysterious Obstacle! I feel like it’s safe to predict that I can fully implement the feature by July 1st. However, since the Obstacle is only a meaningful addition to the game when Osana is present at school, I probably won’t make the Obstacle spawn at school in the July 1st build of the game; you’ll have to wait until Osana is implemented before you can interact with the Obstacle.

Anime Expo Meetup?

After a lot of consideration, I’ve decided not to host a Yandere Sim fan meet-up at Anime Expo this year. I’m sorry to disappoint anyone who may have been looking forward to it.

155 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator’s New Introduction Cutscene

  1. Don’t worry Yanderdev. I wish Osana is implemented before Obstacle. I’m really really anxious that Osana is present in the school.

    PD; Great new intro

  2. The frame rate has been improved finally!
    Does this mean we can get to see the Rainbow 12 again?
    I really miss those guys and girls

  3. Awesome !!!! I’m hoping foward to see that intro cutscene with original character models made for the game it’s going to je EPIC !!

  4. I wish I could work with models cuz I really wanna help XD I’m a 2d artist, but I’m not professional enough I don’t think to help with such a large scale project.

  5. i know its out of context and i dont wanna push you into anything, but i remember you talking about new models for the game 2 years ago. is this feature gonna be implemented into the game? if so, will you convert the intro cutscene into the new modela of the game?

    • He mentioned it more recently too, and im pretty sure hes still highly considering it and has shown a bit of progress on the new models as well. I cant exactly remember what video they were in, so im sorry for not being able to give you the link! I would assume that hed change the models in the intro though once the models in the game are changed.

  6. YanDev, that last part in the intro with the flashing images might trigger episodes for epileptic people. Maybe consider changing it?

  7. I love the new introduction cutscene! It sets the scene for the game perfectly! Only one teeny-tiny criticism: it’s too long. If it were up to me I’d stop at, “…someone…is trying to take him from me.” The rest just makes it too long, seems contrived, and we’ll figure that all out anyway as we play the game…

  8. Any other veteran here remember the intro sequence from 4 years ago? Did anybody ever think it would get this far? I certainly didn’t but damn I’m glad I stuck with this game.

    It’s so close now. So close.

  9. Yet another idea: Because you can crush smart phones maybe phone addicts should have phone cases and protectors because they need to make sure it can’t break so you have to break it in a different way like with a weapon or incinerator. Great work by the way!

  10. That looks amazing

    On Sat, Jun 15, 2019, 8:03 AM Yandere Simulator Development Blog wrote:

    > YandereDev posted: “It’s finally ready! A proper intro cutscene, something > that I considered to be an absolute necessity before implementing Osana. > Take a look! https://youtu.be/mAXJjQMz8-s I’ve uploaded a new build > containing the intro cutscene, along with a small number ” >

  11. Now this is awesome.
    What’s even better is that it’s fairly close to the intro sequence concept video posted so long ago!
    Why do I find Ayano’s voice to be soothing?

  12. Every time I see you post I’m never disappointed. It seems like you never run out of steam to improve the game! This is good progress and I’m looking forward to see what else you and your team can do.
    Keep up the good work!
    Your doing great!

  13. Yan Dev! Is there ever going to be a way to match make pipi and ryoto (cant spell _-_) because they have crushes on eachother, and we have tasks for them already. It could be away to get them out of the hall, as they could be spending time together. But LOOOOVE the intro! the game is coming along REALLY well!

  14. Yeesh, that Debunk page is riddled with bullshit. People actually SAY that about him? Motherfucker, he’s ONE man working on an entire video game, cut him some fucking slack!

    That being said, I can’t wait for Osana. I’ve been avoiding playing the game itself just for this, and word of advice; perhaps an auto-update feature would help matters.

    • Yeah, schedule 13/7 is really overworking. And for years. After all, schedule 8/5 needs for stay in proper ability for work. Now I worry about YandereDev health.

  15. I like it! Definitely gets the point of the game across in a direct, well-paced manner. My only point to note is that it leans a bit too much on the “tell, don’t show” route. Like, we see that Yandere-chan’s world went from grey to colorful, why does she need to tell us about this?

    For a beta build, it’s not important, but I’d say before the game ships out, just do a second check on how much you can get away with without narrating stuff in that intro, and we’ll get something really good here.

  16. Really wonderful scene and animations!

    Well, Engilsh is not my native language, but in some places audio track not match subtitle text and scene timing. Something like… voice is very indifferent but text feels passionate. Also “reason to live” seems misspelled for me. Really good for demo, needs improved audio track for complete version.

  17. I love the cutscene! I’m just having an issue downloading the correct item, unless it isn’t put in the game yet? I was just wondering about that

  18. Be careful with your responses in the debunking. Creating a game is one thing, managing your public image on sensitive subjects is very, very difficult and I honestly wish you had someone with you to help you out. While trying to explain your thesis on pedophilia, if I were you I would have kept the lgbt community as far far away from the subject as possible, not even bringing it up. You’ve made it clear that pedophilia is not an orientation, but now it looks comparatively, that you’re saying that being lgbt is a mental illness.
    And you may not think that or be saying that at all, but someone can easily perceive it that way.
    Sometimes when trying to save yourself you want to cover all ground to keep things from getting confused. But in doing that it’s possible to talk yourself right into another hole of misunderstanding because you’re bringing in more variables.
    I don’t perceive you negatively. But I do know that the internet is often less forgiving of mistakes than me and I sincerely you hope you get someone to be by your side when navigating public image.

  19. Wouldn’t be an idea if of all those easter eggs were in the game as dreams? Like the player will find something related to the easter egg like collecting all the items for the Jo jo one and starts murdeing left and right and then when the day “ends” she ends up at the exact time she started the easter egg. Just an idea don’t eat me up now.

  20. We finally have a proper intro scene, and it’s pretty dang good. With each major update over the last year, your game is feeling more like a “game”. I know it’s been a long time, for you and for those like me who’ve been around since close to the beginning (~April 2015), but I’m glad to see the progress you and the folks who’ve helped you have made. You’re doing the best thing you can — proving wrong all those who said years ago there will never be even a demo.

  21. hey yandere dev did you know in japan if one of their classmates died they put the flowers on the student’s desk to pay respect for a students who have died.
    just letting you know,if it’s impossible for you to do it,it’s all right i understood.

  22. yandere dev, you know bendy and the ink machine, if you know you put an easter egg in the reference game?

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