May 2019 Progress Report

It’s a recap of everything I added to the game last month! Check it out!

I’ve also uploaded a new build, which is mostly just bug fixes. Click “Continue Reading” to read a list of everything that changed!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause characters to become frozen while investigating mysterious objects (like a pool of blood, weapon, or limb) if they were a certain distance away from the camera.
  • Because Yandere-chan now wears a towel inside of the locker room, the “Nude” button prompt has been updated to say “Towel” instead.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause a student who was pursuing Yandere-chan to run in a circle around her before confronting her.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s eyes to completely disappear when reacting to being caught by Senpai.
  • Fixed bug with several hair models that would cause them to shine bright white if rim lights were active.
  • Fixed bug that caused hitboxes to be visible as cubes during the “Enigma Mode” easter egg.
  • Fixed bug that could result in Yandere-chan attacking Senpai when at lowest sanity.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Bullies from having correctly-textured accessories.
  • Fixed more bugs with the “automatically attack at low sanity” feature.
  • Added one new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.

What’s Next?

I’m aware of some really embarrassing bugs that have been plaguing the most recent builds, and I intend to release a new bug-fixing build that addresses these bugs in the near future. After that, my next priority will be the intro cutscene, the save/load system, or further improvements to the framerate.

106 thoughts on “May 2019 Progress Report

  1. You’ve been working hard and it shows. The student and teacher reactions have gotten much more complex which makes it feel like a real school environment. Also, I’m upper excited to see that you added an Elfen Lied easter egg!

    • You haven’t paid much attention to YanSim’s development, have you? Yandere-Dev is a perfectionist to a fault; he doesn’t want to start adding Osana until he’s fixed all the niggling issues he’s found, he’ll probably find a few more while fixing those, and once he finally starts adding Osana he probably won’t want to release that build until he’s laid out the basic framework and polished it, and until he’s fixed the niggling issues that said framework reveals. That’s not gonna be done in three weeks.

    • Wth. Honestly Yan Dev is trying his hardest like god. You don’t have to be so rude. Honestly your over there probably eat god damn hot cheetos on your couch watching YouTube or some crap. You obviously haven’t been here sense 2014 like I have. I find it sickening that people like you exist and I cant believe you would call him “a slow dev.” God damn you know NOTHING about devolping a game it takes effort, and it doesn’t seem you know that. He is getting ready for Osana. Honestly if anyone needs to shut their mouth its you also work on your grammar, “can you added” really? A tolder has better grammar then you.

      • Wth. Honestly Yan Dev is trying his hardest like god. You don’t have to be so rude. Honestly your over there probably eat god damn hot cheetos on your couch watching YouTube or some crap. You obviously haven’t been here sense 2014 like I have. I find it sickening that people like you exist and I cant believe you would call him “a slow dev.” God damn you know NOTHING about devolping a game it takes effort, and it doesn’t seem you know that. He is getting ready for Osana. Honestly if anyone needs to shut their mouth its you also work on your grammar, “can you added” really? A tolder has better grammar then you.

      • Eating* and I didnt mean to post it twice. But I hope your mom sees the Notification if you have them on! 🙂

      • OBJECTION! I’ve found a contradiction in your testimony!
        if you’ve been here since 2014, then– does that mean, he’s not even released the FIRST RIVAL, and it’s been 5 years? yandere dev obviously doesn’t care. his code is just repeated lines that would be easily simplified, as said by a professional game dev who has seen it, and it would be much less laggy and there would be less bugs if he would even care to fix it. he spends time adding in new easter eggs that won’t even be in the final version, “funny” and “memey” things that have no point, and other useless things that add up to a failure of a game, if i’ve ever seen one.

      • He is an independent game dev. He has a few artists and thats it. If you aren’t gonna be patient with a independent game developer then leave.

      • Let me see:
        1) It has been FIVE years, and nothing much has happened in the game. Yandere Dev isn’t even CLOSE to implementing the FIRST rival. You do realise that most indie games are FINISHED within 3-4 years, and that the indie game FEZ was made by a single individual in just 6 years? Oh, and here’s the really fun bit – the game that inspired Yandere Simulator – it was single-handedly completed in just 4 years!
        2) He claims to be ‘fixing bugs’, but the bugs he fixes are really insignificant stuff like changing the ‘Nude’ label to ‘Towel’. Meanwhile, by fixing those minuscule bugs, he introduces EVEN MORE bugs into the game, and oftentimes those bugs are huge, game-breaking ones. My game freezes every 15 minutes in the newest build, and I can’t even open up the student profiles without the game bloody crashing.
        3) Instead of working on the game, he spends his time recording pointless Youtube videos like ‘Yandere Simulator Delinquent Backstory’ and ‘Making Senpai Reject a Love Confession’. Those things might be interesting to watch, but what is the point on making a video about character’s backstories, and how to eliminate a rival, when the game isn’t even finished yet, and there aren’t any rivals to eliminate?
        4) If he takes 5+ years to implement ONE rival, how long do you think it’s going to take him to implement all 10? And if it takes 50 years, do you think he’s going to keep accepting our money via Patreon for all those 50 years?
        5) Yandere Dev has literally stolen assets made by other people, and incorporated them into the game (these include the design for the gym and Ayano’s bedroom). He hasn’t even mentioned the original creators, let alone give them any sort of credit. Yes, your god is a plagiarist.
        6) Did you also miss the part where Yandere Dev literally snaps at anyone who tries to offer him constructive criticism?
        7) We may spend all our time eating Cheetos and watching Youtube videos, but we’re not the ones making Patreon money while ‘developing’ a game. Most of us also have jobs which we do properly – and that includes meeting our targets and deadlines, which is more than can be said for ‘some people’ 🙂

      • He can reuse the code for most of the rivals, its not gonna take him 50 years. Honestly did you even read what has been added into the newest build? No, it doesn’t seem like it. And what about Boarder Lands 3, that game has taken quite a few years, more then 3-4. PLUS Yandere Dev is an IDEPENDENT game dev. He doesn’t have a bunch of devs helping him out, he has a few artists and thats it. And he makes the Backstory videos so the player can understand the game. And he is developing a game, does he post new updates, yes, does he ask for help, yes. This is why I find it disappointing that people like you exist, your making a fuss over NOTHING. I’ve been here sence the beginning of Yandere Simulator, most people haven’t. He tries his best as the independent game developer he his. There is no reason to make a fuss over nothing.

      • You’re right, he doesn’t have any other developers helping him. (That’s because he snaps at anyone who tries to offer him help, or constructive criticism hehe). From what I’ve read, socialising and being a non-distasteful member of society isn’t one of Yan Dev’s strong points

      • He has said he wishes that he can get a team of devolpers to help him out after Osana.

    • Yeah? Well if yandere dev adds osana and you are killing her and while you do that you fly around the school don’t come to report the fucking bug.

      • eXACTLY!

        it doesnt take a short time to make a game that you actually want a game to be fun and..detailed. funny and memey things also give the players less waiting time. i want YOU to code a game since you wanna lurk around here shitting on yandere dev.

      • Can you be quiet, naturesquee? He hasn’t been working on a single thing for 5 years, you know that, right? The game has seen a TON of improvement since 2014, and he shouldn’t have to be forced to work on a single thing. Also, you have no right to call him “lazy”. The guy works a lot, even if he is lazy, then who cares? Who are you to tell the world how he’s a terrible person because he works at a different pace then most? You’re being a real meanie, naturesquee, and no one here wants your hate. Don’t you have better things to do with your time than talk crap about a game developer? You’re not one to dictate what he works on, he can make as much easter eggs as he wants, it’s his game. Not yours. Seriously, we don’t talk crap about you for how you make your minecraft houses, or whatever. I’d like to see you successfully implement a detailed rival ON TOP OF all the other characters, re textures, new functions, easter eggs, and countless bug fixes he’s made. If you’re just going to make a person feel like crap for working on a game the way he wants to, then just stay quiet or leave.

    • If he adds in Osana now, you’ll complain that she doesn’t feel finished and that the game is a shitty unfinished game. I know this game’s taken 5 years to get a demo, but other games (that don’t have 1 coder and volunteers working on it) take even longer to get a demo out. At least this game will be mostly finished when it gets a demo, and you won’t have to wait as long for the full game. But you’re not even gonna play it, right? You just came here to complain because your favorite rant youtuber did (like a year ago, when this stupid drama happened. Can’t you guys just drop this so I can stop writing walls of text every damn time?????????)

  2. I’m concerned that the new send a student to their locker ability is too OP. You can send them to a relatively isolated location at any time. Perhaps 2 sweeping security cameras at the front door protecting student belongings or a group of gossipers lounging near the lockers will prevent players taking advantage.

    • The more i think about this the more I agree with it. I believe this should get more attention.

    • What I think is really op and hasn’t been touched in a long time is the mindslave/fragile persona u can kill anyone whenever u want with no consequences whatsoever even the students council and delinquents forget that their armed and just let it happen I think that they should be able to apprehend them like yandere Chan or get beat up by the delinquents that might even be another way to get students arrested

    • Insideeeeeeeeee your oooooooooown asshole (it’s a joke please don’t take this seriously I’m not trying to offend you)

  3. yeah! great job with the bug fixing! I wonder why would Yan-Chun attack Senpai when she loves Senpai. that does not make any sense at all if she killed senpai but now that bug is fixed, senpai does not have to worry about being killed. 😉

  4. One criticism about the tutorial being a murder play: it IS possible to play as a pacifist and I think newcomers might not be aware of that when they first start the game.
    I honestly really like the tutorial windows and I think there should be some for matchmaking or befriending as well.

    • +mermaidbucket
      If by pacifist you mean being a shrewd, manipulative, matchmaking, blackmailing, vixen in a sailor uniform then yes you can be a pacifist. Though to adress your concern: we can add the more “pacifistic” in the play too Shakespearean style. Which would justify a longer development and make it one of the best tutorials in gaming out there if done right

      • That’s absolutely what I meant, lol. Might be interesting. There is a matchmaking option too, curious how he’ll add that to the play. I’m content with a play tutorial as long as all the options are covered

  5. Damn, I was actually kind of expecting killing senpai was intended. Well, not really. I think it would be cool if it were an instant game over situation. But I guess it would have been too complicated.

  6. “Mentions how running is away bare faced is op”

    Fair points Yandere-Dev. How about allowing us to run away and hide from teachers and Heroic personalities while we have a mask on? I mean if we’re applying more logic here: if they see you commit a crime with a mask on and they persue you but you turn a corner/outrun them for a while, remove the mask and maybe change your clothes then how would they know to persue you? I mean you could:
    – drop the mask which would mean you have to burn it to remove the evidence
    – get someone else to hold it/pick it up for their fingerprints
    -even return it to the Drama club and have one of the members use it to frame them
    – leave it in a different classroom for the police to find so that the police/security/or suspicion would be on that room and it’s inhabitants which would take some heat off some other areas of the school

    Tl;DR I think we should have the ability to run away, but like you implied it has to make sense. There are ways to make the mask reeeeeeeaaaally helpful that also make sense in “real life” BUT would translate into a longer development cycle that (in implemented) could be moved to the Post-Crowdfunding campaign coders.

    My INTRUSIVE THOTHS on masks aside, however you decide to move forward you’ll have my support. Heck you’ve had it for like 4 years now so it’s not like it was ever going anywhere 😀

    • On one hand, you’d think there’d be few enough students with Ayano’s build and hair color that it wouldn’t be hard for teachers to figure out who was behind that mysterious mask. On the other hand, one of YanSim’s inspirations is full of people who can’t recognize the similarities between all these hulking bald men with barcodes on their necks, so…

  7. I love the idea of Justice Senpai, and want to see it expanded on more (if only to give him some kind of concrete character trait). I dunno how; maybe have him talk with the martial art club-leader about something, or read superhero manga, or talk about how he wants to find out who keeps killing people. Ooh, maybe if he sees the deaths/corpses of enough rivals, he’d start to turn into Batman? At the very least, if you find the time/budget to redo this sort of thing, it might be worth considering how Justice Senpai would react to unmasked murder. (Probably just a different voice line, less horrified and more righteous-fury, but still.)
    I also think it would be amusing if Ayano loved Senpai in part because of his strong sense of justice, despite the fact that that’s probably the second-biggest obstacle to them being together (the first being that Ayano is, well, a yandere).

    Also, the new sanity effects are great (I mean, not for the students Ayano attacks), but I can’t think of anything interesting to say about them.

    • If you think about it YanDev is working so hard on Osana and when he implements her…Everyone is gonna murder her…🤣🤣😂😂

  8. The biggest thing you should work on is the frame rate, if I were you I would focus on that more than anything

  9. I love the new low sanity expression .. it gives her more of a psychopath going on a killing spree.
    In every build the framerate is going up . Great !
    Yanderedev can you please make it where Horuda is angry at her bullies and loses her sanity?. It would be great!!! Also it’d be soo cool if Nemesis chan was in the multi mission mode😍

  10. I have a question. You know the locker rooms? Do you think you can update the exterior of those? I’m just asking because they look sort of plain. Anyway keep it up YandereDev!

  11. wow it build cool! good job Yandere-Dev! and Yandere-Dev please add easter egg “Sakuya Mode”
    and it Character in Touhou and add Spell Card “Killing a Doll” and throwing knives and and edged weapons through the button to attack the student “F” and else stopping a time use a clock
    I’m be Fun if add it update ^_^ and all goodbye!

  12. “Thank you, for following the development of Yandere Simulator”
    And thank you… for giving so much love to your own creation…

  13. “Yandere Chan will have intrustive thots…”
    Idk why I found that funny…. WAIT IM YAN-CHAN *GASP* IM FAMOUS.


  14. I hope me releases a Linux version of Yandere Simulator! I don’t expect that to be a top priority, but something to do after the game’s initial release. Or sell it through Steam so that it will be cross-platform…

  15. I hope he releases a Linux version of Yandere Simulator! I don’t expect that to be a top priority, but something to do after the game’s initial release. Or sell it through Steam so that it will be cross-platform…

  16. I like the idea of Sempai having a strong sense of justice. From a narrative standpoint, it’s a nice juxtaposition with Yandere-chan, who will disregard law and order to get what she wants.

  17. I’m so excited and proud of this developement! My only problem is the fact that you can no longer run away from teachers. It’s a design flaw in both the game and in common sense. It takes away from the fun too. For example, if you commit murder in front of a teacher you should be able to run away in order to lure them somewhere they can better be killed. If you get in a fight with a teacher in a public place, it can lead to more fights. On top of that, it doesn’t make sense to stay and fight if you can run. It’s a matter of choice and often times people will run because it makes the most sense. Which brings me to my last point. Dev took away the choice players had to either fight or run. He took away choice which takes away from the organic feeling of the game. The chase is FUN and evokes intense feelings (excitement, anxiety, etc) even if it’s inevitably gonna end. And you can easily get stuck in a loop of murder if you’re forced to fight in the precense of others. All it takes is someone rounding the corner when you’re offing a teacher to get a game over (via picture sent to the police, a martial artist, or a student council member). And even if you take that person down, another could come along and see you offing the last and the cycle continues. I think everything but this feature is great and I can’t wait to see what the Dev does next!

  18. I’m not sure if this will get added to the game, but…can you add an easter egg were Yandere-chan can see the ghosts of people she has killed. If you do it would mean a lot to me! It is also fine if you don’t, because I wouldn’t really mind, but if you do I would really appreciate it!!!!!

  19. Yandere Dev you can read this comment is important, you can put the animation of Yandere Chan that destroys the students ‘cell phones, you have to make Yandere Chan repeatedly step on the students’ cell phones with the shoe, Yandere Dev can do it for the next update of yandere simulator please?

    • Yeah, I’m waiting for multiple-multiple-multiple psycho step on phone when low sanity. I don’t know about next build but it’s planned.

  20. Can you still run if you’re masked at least? And presumably it would’ve bought time to think before, or to find a weapon, so running and hiding wasn’t completely pointless.

    • Also, I think you should be able to put on a mask while someone is watching you. There’s no reason you can’t kill them afterwards. Thoughtless decisions like that and leaving victim’s phones untouched should just have consequences. They shouldn’t be impossible.

      Also, could it be possible to delete the photos instead? (With gloves, probably.) Or even to plant photos like with Osana?

  21. What if Yan-Chan could photoshop her rivals face on a photo of her doing something bad so they would get arrested?

  22. When I downloaded the game I got a few errors in the game I entered the profile of the students so the game suddenly gives the game error, what should I do please help yanderedev

  23. Oof Well.. if we are waiting for Osana to be in the game how bout every week a random person will love your senpai so u can actually beat the game then when all rivals are in the game we have to kill the regular rivals?

  24. This is great! I can’t wait until Osana is out. Also, I have some ideas:

    You can join bullies. Joining the bullies would make you be able to gossip to the girls, bully your rival and make Senpai not like her when her reputation is low. I know you can do this already, but it can be a way to eliminate your rival. To prove you can join, maybe you have a customize cut-scene and have an option to change into what the bullies like. If they don’t like it, you don’t join. If they do, you can join. It could also unlock more things for the Internet.

    When you can join the Student Council, you need to have at like Rank 2+ in all stats, and Rank 4+ in Physical. To prove you’re worthy, you could have a menacing student of which you need to pepper spray? Not sure.

    I think these are good ideas. Yandere-dev would not see this, but oh well! 🙂

  25. Wow! Im impressed but you don’t have to try to be perfect all the time! This game is already perfect and so are you! (Personality,etc)

  26. I love this game i don’t play this but i can only watch it I’m really excited to see the first rival to arrive!! uwu

    • And also I’ve started getting addicted of watching yandere sim it’s because of kubz scouts videos

  27. IDK if it is relevant or not but I had a question. In the newest build whenever I try to eliminate Kokona using befriend or betray method, I can’t find the option for helping out Kokona for domestic abuse. After I eavesdrop the conversation between Saki and Kokona about domestic abuse I put the note in her locker and ask her to meet me at rooftop. But when I go to meet Kokona, all I see is the “push” option. I can’t seem to find the other option which lets me help her out. I even completed Kokona’s task just in case if it didn’t work out for not completing the task. But whatever I do, I never find the option to help her out. Am I doing something wrong or did I miss something? Or is it a bug? Can anyone help me out a bit?

  28. Maybe just like the temporary randomlly generated students for testing, there cloud be randomlly generated rivals for testing :v

  29. Hey Yan-Dev! I’m so excited for Osana! I’m so so so so so so so so so excited! I can’t wait til’ she if finally here! I respect you being a independent dev and not giving up! I hope soon you can get a team to help you out on future rivals. I really hope the game will be here by 2020 or 2021! I honestly can’t wait til’ the final game!! I’m probably gonna shoot right to gamestop as soon as it comes out being like “BISH GIMME YANDERE SIMULATOR!” (or the new name by then) I love this game and I can’t wait to see future games that you have been planning for a long time. You are my favorite game dev Yandere Dev!

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