March 17th Bug-Fixing Build

Recently, I’ve seen so many bugs that I couldn’t resist putting aside a couple of days to simply fix as many bug as possible. The result is this update, a bug-fixing build with twice as many bug fixes as usual, along with a few improvements!

To read a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll past this illustration that I requested from Budokas and MulberryArt!

…huh? You don’t get it? Well, you see, a few weeks ago, someone leaked the style guide for the upcoming live-action Sonic film, and it gave me a mental image that I found so amusing, I couldn’t resist making it into a reality. I hope it gives you a chuckle!


  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to complete a Mission Mode mission that involved the “dispose of murder weapon” criteria, if the target was killed with a method other than a weapon.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Student Council Members from entering the correct animations if they shoved Yandere-chan away while attempting to return a dropped weapon to the place they found it.
  • Fixed bug that prevented characters from entering the correct animations if they witnessed murder or a corpse while attempting to return a dropped weapon to the place they found it.
  • Fixed Mission Mode exploit that allowed the player to easily get away with isolating a student from other students by simply standing in their way and blocking their path.
  • Fixed bug that made it possible for multiple students to pick up a single object (the object would teleport from one student’s hand to another student’s hand.)
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Student portraits from displaying when viewing the Student Info menu through Info-chan’s “Purchase Student Info” service.
  • Fixed bug that caused pathfinding errors if a student was alarmed while carrying a misplaced object back to its original location.
  • Fixed bug that caused animation errors if the player killed a student who was carrying an object at the time they were killed.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Yandere-chan from going into a death animation when attacked by Nemesis.
  • Fixed bug that prevented your objectives from appearing on the Pause Screen during Mission Mode.
  • Fixed bug that prevented school atmosphere from being affected by Mission Mode difficulty level.
  • Fixed bug that was causing male students to use female “pick item up from ground” animations.
  • Fixed bug that caused Nemesis to spawn with a handkerchief in her hand.

Changes and Improvements

  • The player can now find an ID card in the faculty room. If Yandere-chan carries this ID card with her while walking through a metal detector, the detector will ignore her. Perhaps, in the future, the process of obtaining and using this card will be more difficult. (For example, the player may have to go through more trouble to obtain the card, and locate a machine that activates the card or prints specific data on it before it can be used.)
  • Changed the criteria that will make a student willing/unwilling to pick up an object. Students will now pick up most objects (as long as the object isn’t obviously dangerous).
  • Students will no longer put misplaced objects back in their proper place if the student hasn’t even put their shoes on yet.
  • A student who is carrying food will no longer pick up misplaced objects if they are in the process of handing out food.
  • Students will now refuse to pick up misplaced objects if they are on their way to class.
  • Added a new easter egg to the game! If you open the Easter Egg Menu, you’ll see a new addition to the list.
  • (By the way, it’s worth mentioning something. Sometimes, I hide half-finished easter eggs in the game! A half-finished easter egg is purely cosmetic, and doesn’t have any sort of functionality. I don’t want you to waste any of your time trying to trigger a feature that isn’t in the game yet, so I’ll give you a tip: If an easter egg isn’t listed in the Easter Egg Menu, this means that it doesn’t have any functionality yet, and you’d be wasting your time if you tried to do anything with it. I hope that helps you!)

What’s Next?

I’m still waiting for the necessary assets to implement a proper intro cutscene. While I’m waiting for those assets, I think I know what I’m going to do; there are a handful of features that I’ve wanted to put into the game for a really, really long time, and it would be super-satisfying to finally implement those features. I’m looking forward to it!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

109 thoughts on “March 17th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hmmm.. Having a machine at school that ‘makes’ or in any way alters ID cards sounds really unreasonable to me, especially after the school is going through all the trouble of installing metal detectors and cameras. If the teachers/student council/chairman know someone at school might be up to no good they probably wouldn’t be that careless.

    (my irl knowledge of making IDs is very limited, but I’m assuming an outside company would make those so they work properly? But if you got a good in-game reason for those ID machines I wouln’t complain obviously!)

      • Yeah, I mean Info-chan would be an outlier ofc but I could totally see being able to tinker with the cards using the science club!

        But also new teachers usually don’t come unexpectedly so you wouldn’t need to make an ID yourself on site in 2 seconds
        (again speaking realistically, in-game they literally come overnight but I’ve always thought that was one of the rather unrealistic parts of the game so far. There’d just be too much unnecessary coding for the students to either join another teachers class or have multiple free periods as example or whatevs)

        What would even be a good reason to *edit* a security card in the first place to warrant such a machine? (I know I’m being overly critical, but the games not even got it all implemented yet so let me ponder these things before they’re actually canon)

      • In my old college, every student had an ID card and it was used to let us into different rooms in the building . We would go to the IT department, have our picture taken and the printed on the card, before it would be inserted into a macheine and altered to match our timetables. We would be allowed to enter specific parts of school only with this system. It kept a lot of chaos at bay. The teachers also had these cards but they worked for everywhere.

  2. Yandere Dev!
    Do martial art members still need improvements about their appearance like, visible chiseled chest for boys on their gi outfit or girls with abs? I’m really curious about them since they are physically tough and they also spar from time to time like the Sports Club, who always do physical activities.

  3. I have a big bug that I’ve been experiencing for a while. The bug occurs when Info-Chan, Hazu, or the drama club spawns a uniform/pair of gloves. If you pick up/wear any of these items then put them down again, they will be considered bloody even though they are not and will be unusable. Students would react to the uniform/gloves like it was blood, and the robot from the science club made a uniform pop out of existence (which caused my brother to burst out laughing). I hope this gets fixed soon.

  4. Btw, the live-action rendered Sonic is scary as hell: it’s going to scare away kids and get laughed away by old Sega fans, imho.

  5. Maybe expand upon this ID card idea? Perhaps all faculty and student council have special ID cards that allow them to go certain places and give them special privileges? And normally, they carry it around with them at all times, so Ayano has to find a time they’re not carrying it to steal it or orchestrate an event so they have to remove the card for a moment.

  6. Yandere Dev read this comment is important, you can fix these 2 bugs that are: 1st bug to solve would be any student gets scared because Yandere Chan left the uniform clean in the school floor.Each student and teacher exchanges the uniform clean with blood on the floor.Every teacher gets scared and calls the police because the teacher saw the uniform cleaned in the floor.2 ° bug to solve that Yandere Chan can’t change his uniform stained with blood if Info-chan gives you the clean uniform, even the male student who helps to have his task gives you a clean uniform but you can’t change the dirty uniform of blood. Yandere Dev can fix these bugs for the next update of yandere simulator please?

  7. Yandere Dev read this comment is important you could read my idea that it would be to create the multiplayer mode within the Mission mode, you can only play 2 players. Players can choose Yandere Chan or Nemesis Chan, the 1st player who has chosen Yandere Chan can customize his mission and must complete his mission, the 2nd player who chose Nemesis Chan will only have one mission to complete, finding Yandere Chan is to kill her with any weapon inside the school, when the mission starts the Nemesis Chan will be spawned behind the school and Yandere Chan in front of the school so yandere Chan will have time to finish the mission without being seen by Nemesis Chan, it will be possible to eliminate Nemesis Chan in multiplayer mode. Yandere Dev can you put this function for the next update of yandere simulator please? I think it’s a nice idea, anyone could like my idea

  8. … YandereDev.. Please, you’ve been delaying the game so much, i can’t even count how many times you said “Oh, i could add Osana now! But she needs _____ before her for her to be in!”, I agreed with you, but now it’s tiresome, it’s boring.. Just implement Osana and get over this, i don’t really care if you wanted ____ to be in the demo, It already took too long, people will understand that it’s just a demo (Maybe not, you’ve been 5 years working on this, and look, the game’s nowhere near completition, it’s not even in a decent state)

    • Considering where the game was 5 years ago, it’s improved a lot, and considering last year I could kill the entire school in 5min at the school gate, after the sports teacher was implemented, I could take out the whole school in a day through laughing. Really if you think making a game is simple, feel free to make your own. I rather a game be polished and challenging, then whatever Fallout 76 was, and that had a team of professionals behind it.

    • be patient he is trying his hardest. He gets new ideas every now and then so please wait for him to put her into the game. People like you delay the game! So be patient he is trying his hardest.

    • Yuku What, wow dude, that’s so unkind and spoiled. I like the game as it is. Osana coming into the game isn’t even that interesting. SNAP mode is more interesting than the first rvial to me.

  9. hey yandere dev this is about the f1 f2 and f3 easter eggs i just wanted to know if u could change them to different buttons because i have a hp laptop and the f keys are just changing the light settings

  10. i dont know if anyone else has this issue, but with the easter eggs…the new ones (ex: the life note easter egg) does not work for me cause they tell u to use the f3 key…on my computer..f3 is to turn up my volume on my laptop, i tried maybe holding shift and then clicking f3 ..didnt work..i tried maybe ctrl and f3 together as well..did not work..all it does is turn up my volume on my laptop, does anyone else have this issue? if so..did yall fix it? is there a way i can still use those easter eggs? if not…yandere there a way u can fix it? like instead of F3 being for the life note easter egg..can it be like…L? or even N? or something that will work for all computers/laptops

    • Press the Fn key then it would deactivate all the f1 to 12 buttons
      I dont have a gaming laptop but it works good for me and the f1 to 12 keys work for me when i press Fn so maybe it would be good for you if you do it the way i said you too

  11. it would be super cool if you added “no witnesses” to the police checklist because a non-cowardly persona would probably tell the police about yan-chan just to warn players if they forgot a witness. (just a thought, anyway great work❤)

  12. I just downloaded the game today and the new easter egg/debug command that you say is listed (life-note mode) isn’t listed for me? Is that normal? BTW lov ur game so far!

  13. What if students returned suspicious weapons if the weapon was from their club? For example, everyone would report the ritual knife to a teacher except for an occult club member, who’d just return it normally.

  14. It would be cool if after the murder of those students who had previously raised weapons, it would have been revealed by the police that it was a suicide.

  15. I wonder if the bolded words go together. (If an Easter egg isn’t listed in the Easter egg menu, it doesn’t have any functionality yet, you’d be wasting your time if you tried to do anything with it. Helps you!) hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….. 🤔 let’s figure it out!

  16. Hey yandere dev u r doing such a gr8 job with the game. In a day or sometimes a few days you can get bugs fixed and sometimes get a new feature implemented. Everyone here thinks ur doing a very good job and I mustang u to keep up the good work

  17. Hey Yandere dev remember when you said you don’t think it would be possible to join the bullies well I have come up with an idea what if Yandere-chan has a high reputation and numerous friends at school the leader of the bullies (Musume) approaches Yandere-chan and asks her to join their group this is how I would look at it there would be three(3) options to choose from.
    1) Yes
    2) No
    3) I’ll think about it

    1) I think if you say yes you will have a high reputation at all times and will get less of a reputation penalty when you are caught doing some thing suspicious.

    2) If you say no you will never have another opportunity to join their group ever again.

    3) If you say I’ll think about it you will be given an extra day.The next day Musume will approach you again if the use the same line of dialogue the second time you will be given another chance.The next day Musume will approach you again if you use the same line of dialogue the third time she will start to think you don’t want to join and you will not be able to join ever again which is the same as saying no.

    That’s just an idea I came up with hope you liked it.

    • Remember, “I’ll think about it” is Japanese for “No”. LOL, I know it’s really “ie” but it’s a culture where saying “no” is considered rude. In fact, “ie” is pronounced like that noise you make when you mean “I don’t want to say no, but, no.”

  18. is the original design of Yan – Chan still her you know short hair hiding one eye, the second hair you get from clicking ”h” or is that design, not Yan – Chan anymore?

  19. Well I’m kinda new in all this YandereSim world… Just 3 or 4 nights testing it. I love it so far.

    What I have to say are 2 kinds of bugs (i think)

    1. Idk if this is a normal behave – like easter egg or so – but I was talking to this guy (Otohiko Meichi, the coward one?) And when I took a picture of him, he just teleport like several meters away in front of me. Then I try to gossip Kokona I think.. and his head explodes just like that. And well I got arrested and stuff…

    2. While doing a Lvl 10 mission (the easiest setup: no witness, clean blood, cameras, one target, pepper spray metal detectors, eliminate weapon, stuff like that…) I chose one the students who goes to the bathroom at the cleaning time. It just said something like I kill other but the actual target (my target was Beshi Takamine.. i think thats her name, the light music club member who cleans th ladies wc just outside Aishis classroom)… So I tested it without the “Kill ONLY the target” and it works… so. Idk but I think the game is priorizing other kind of conditions that changes that one at last.

    That’s what I found. If someone else already wrote this stuff… well sorry I just love how this game is being developed… And It feels so good not to have it tested before :v (srry my bad unglush)

  20. I don’t know if it’s my computer or other people are having this issue, but whenever I scroll down the student profiles (Looking for locker, doing info-chan business, gossiping.) My game just crashes or just exits out. I hope he fixes this.

  21. odd bug: the drama club masks are reported and treated as a pool of blood (clean unused masks)(story in case it was something else I did :grabbed the occult ritual knife and set in next to the art kid in front of the occult club, he noticed told a teacher, I pick up the knife and put it away in the skull before the teacher sees, I set a drama mask in its place,teacher calls the police the students passing by say “is that blood” but it was the fox drama club mask… odd?

    • It is not impossible – you have to find a way to make the nurse to open the showcase for you ~

      In other words (spoiler) you have to make a student sick (poison their bento with the headache thing that Info-chan provides you) ~

  22. Hey, Can Someone Tell Me Why Can’t I Help Kokona With Her Domestic Abuse Problem? I Don’t Know If It’s Something With The Game Or My Computer, But I Did Her Task Before Listening To Her Conversation With Saki, I Had Enough Level To Write A Note And Told Her To Meet Me At The School Rooftop, Already There, The Only Option I Had Was To Push Her Off, I Tried Again In The Outdoor Cafeteria And It Wouldn’t Work.

    Am I Missing One Step? Or It’s Something About The Game?

    • Welp – have you tried meeting her at another place? Like behind the school? (it works for me behind the school) ~ Anyway – at rooftop my only option is to push her – so, it must be something with the game ~

      There may be two options for each place (the killing option and the HELP option) – I think that feature would be in the full-game ~

  23. Just a question, will Yandere-Chan get in trouble for not changing shoes at some point? This seems like a purely cosmetic thing at this point, and I was just curious. I know that this is what happens in a Japanese school, but switching just doesn’t seem necessary until there are some actual consequences.

  24. I think that there should be a fire emblem Easter egg where yan-chan turns into Lucina and she can hold the falchion,she can also wear the mask Lucina wears by pressing yandere button

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