March 5th Bug-Fixing Build

I thought that YouTubers wouldn’t bother to touch the previous build, but I sure was wrong! I saw lots of bugs and exploits discovered by YouTubers, and I’ve compiled a massive update with numerous fixes!

This build isn’t just about bug fixes, though; it also contains around 13 other miscellaneous changes, ranging from Mission Mode adjustments to game design improvements.

To see a full list of everything that has changed in this build, scroll down past this gruesome-yet-beautiful artwork by Seaside-Cat!

Changes, Additions

  • Characters will now react to the sight of Yandere-chan carrying bloody clothing. (I didn’t realize this wasn’t a feature in the game until now!) Being spotted carrying around bloody clothing is considered the same as carrying around evidence of murder (like a severed limb). If this is too harsh, then I’ll change the punishment to something else in the future.
  • Removed the “students react to footsteps at low school atmosphere” feature, since it was changing the intended game design significantly and creating weird exploits. The feature may eventually be re-added if I can figure out a better implementation.
  • If there are bloodstains present at school when the police arrive (but no corpses) the text that displays during the End-of-Day sequence will reflect this.
  • If a student reports a severed limb to a teacher, the teacher will ignore less-important things (like dropped weapons) on the way to investigate the limb.
  • If a student reports a corpse to a teacher, the teacher will ignore less-important things (like dropped weapons) on the way to investigate the corpse.
  • If the police arrest someone, school atmosphere will go up, since the population of the school believes that the perpetrator has been caught.
  • If Yandere-chan picks up a weapon while a teacher is walking over to investigate that weapon, Yandere-chan will get in trouble.
  • Removed the matchbox from Info-chan’s Drops menu, since the mechanics for setting someone on fire no longer involve matches.
  • Characters will now react to the sight of bloody clothing on the ground, and will report bloody clothing to teachers.
  • Yandere-chan will now wear a towel over her body when she takes off her clothing in the girls’ locker room.

Mission Mode Specific Changes

  • Reduced the amount of time that students are willing to pose for a photograph in Mission Mode, to nerf an exploit that allowed the player to separate a student from other students by aiming a camera at them for a long time.
  • Changed the font used for the Mission Mode menu, because it had unintended side-effects when the game was running with 1/8 textures.
  • When a corpse is discovered in Mission Mode, the game will now display the name of the character who discovered the corpse.


  • Fixed bug that prevented teachers from reacting properly to Yandere-chan if she was holding a mop while doing something bad (like trespassing). Teachers send Yandere-chan to the guidance counselor for carrying a mop at the wrong time, since it’s interpreted as being immature, goofing around, and causing a disruption.
  • Fixed bug that caused teachers to react with the “You’re trying to cover up a crime!” line instead of the “You’ve killed someone!” line when witnessing Yandere-chan carry a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from performing a group takedown if they were investigating a suspicious object at the point in time when the group takedown was initiated.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to drown a student anywhere if the phase of the day changed (from Cleaning Time to After School) while the student was scrubbing a toilet.
  • Fixed bug that caused teachers to react to Yandere-chan’s current state (armed, bloody, insane) upon witnessing a corpse, even if Yandere-chan wasn’t visible or nearby.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a student from being able to notice suspicious objects if they successfully reported a suspicious weapon to a teacher earlier in the day.
  • Fixed bug that made it possible to break a student council member’s animations and routine by alarming them while they were investigating a suspicious object.
  • Fixed bug that prevented teachers from reacting properly if Yandere-chan picked up a weapon that the teacher was currently running towards.
  • Fixed bug that caused the dialogue in the Life Note cutscene to advance automatically, without waiting for the player to press a button.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to get distracted by suspicious objects while they were on their way to report a corpse to a teacher.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to be automatically pepper-sprayed if a Student Council member reported a weapon to a teacher.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to follow Yandere-chan around if she picked up a weapon while they were investigating it.
  • Fixed bug that caused teachers to punish Yandere-chan for trespassing instead of murder, if she murdered while trespassing.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a student from performing the proper animation if attacked while investigating a blood pool.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a teacher to ignore all weapons after finding one weapon and putting it in the faculty room.
  • Fixed bug that would cause teachers to slide across the ground after sending Yandere-chan to the guidance counselor.
  • Fixed bug that caused a rectangular skin texture to appear on Yandere-chan’s body during the Cyborg easter egg.
  • Fixed bug that would give Sukubi Dubidu the wrong skin color when he swapped from one outfit to another.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Yandere-chan offers snack to a student” dialogue from appearing onscreen.
  • Fixed bug that caused teachers to say the wrong words upon seeing Yandere-chan next to a corpse.

129 thoughts on “March 5th Bug-Fixing Build

    • Yandere dev! I thought of a use for the red paint.
      What if yandere dev uses it and a teacher thinks its blood.
      But the police id it as red paint, and it makes the police not take the school seriously as it extends the time police have to come to the school slightly.
      However this can only be done once and you have to be in the art club, and if you do this the art club will kick you out.
      What do you think?

      • Yandere- Chan sees paint and fools everyone untill police arrive and say it’s paint. Yan Chan:

        How very convenient.

      • I may not be Yandere Dev, but given the history with the school and the police (The journalist tapes) I feel it’d definitely fray the relationship and have them less likely to respond because they have more important things to do than tarnish their reputation again over the school.

      • Good idea! And what if you murdered someone(Midori preferred for the test-out)and disposed of all the evidence BUT the murder weapon, then splatter yourself with red paint when a teacher reports the weapon. The end-of-the-day scene will result in the teacher that reported the weapon losing the police’s trust.She will do that thing Yan-chan does when she is ordered to visit the counselor but with a sigh instead of a scowl. If a teacher loses the police’s trust, it’s very beneficial to the player,as teachers whom can’t be trusted by the police won’t report suspicious objects.If they see one, they will say, “I should hide. It doesn’t seem safe here.” ,and run to the faculty lounge to hide. They will also walk with bullied animations. If you lower her reputation, the bullies will doodle on her spot in the faculty lounge. If you lower her reputation enough, she’ll stop working altogether, and there will be a permanent substitute. However, if Yanderedev decides to implement this, the player will have to be able to do this over and over,and the art club must not care about it.

  1. Thanks a lot for having removed the “students react to footsteps at low school atmosphere”, it was super harsh to do a simple thing and I appreciate the fact that you made something to lead up the atmosphere because once we had have done something bad, it would “rot” the future days of school… In fact, I think this feature is one of the best Bug-Fixing Build!

  2. Thank you for updating the game and all your hard work, but can you guys finally add updates where we can kill Senpai’s “Girlfriends” already? I’m dying to kill and beat all the levels.

    • Dude.we all want this. He said he
      That osana will definitely done soon (2019-2020) then all the others will (maybe not megami saiko) will take 10x less as he is refusing most of the code. If you don’t want to wait, be a ninja frog and piss off in a cloud of smoke

      • are you an idiot because they said we have to be patient while yue ren said to hurry up and implement it, learn to read before you be rude to people for no reason because you just repeated what they said, idiot.

    • Be patient. Once Osana is here it’ll be easier for him to add the later “Rivals.” It may come maybe next year or late this year. He is working his hardest. If you don’t already, check out his YouTube Channel “Yandere Dev” he post soon updates or new updates on his channel.

  3. I actually can’t wait to play the official game , but there still so many things to do still after this build.

    I want to see a calligraphy club in the game that go around that makes the posters around school. Since normal Japanese schools have a calligraphy club.

  4. the thing where teachers can not be framed may seem like no big issue but for someone who doesn’t follow the blog it could be a huge disappointment, not to mention it makes very little sense and makes the player more ties to a set of tracks than they would be. That’s just my thoughts and personally I don’t really care, I just don’t want to see a single negative review when the full game comes out.

  5. I don’t understand why the developer doesn’t partner with other people to finish the damn game already, it would be finished and out much earlier. A team works better and faster than only one person, and since a lot of really good games are coming this year, Yandere Simulator would be overall left behind (graphics,things to do, so on). It’s a shame “yanderedev” it’s a bit of an idiot because the game has a lot of potential and room for improvement.

    • maybe if you kept up with his youtube you’d realize that he’s working up to a groupfunding campaign so he can AFFORD to work with people. he has to present what the game would look like in the final game in order for people to be willing to work on the project. got it, idiot?

    • The game wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for YandereDev. It’s obvious you don’t follow the game development. I suggest you educate yourself by watching YandereDev’s videos before acting like you know everything.

  6. When I got into the art club ( without a apron on) and put red paint on the police think it is blood at the end of the day. Would you consider changing this as the police should be able to tell the difference?

    • I agree. I saw Jay was like “What the fudge?!” (Using fudge because I don’t wanna use bad words) and I think so as well. They automatically think it’s blood and not red paint. Maybe you have to put on the smock or maybe if you commit a crime and put paint, there can be a black screen with pink subtitles ( no official cutscene because that would be too much work for YandereDev) of the police investigating Ayano. Just my thoughts, overall a good thought.

  7. i have an idea! what if you can add that you can like kill someone by kidnapping them and leaving them to die in there or add an option of pushing someone to the pool

  8. Yandere Dev read this comment is important, you can solve these 3 bugs that are: 1st bug to solve are any student gets scared because Yandere Chan left the uniform clean in the floor in random school places. Each student goes to the teacher and they say that “he saw some blood” then the teacher arrives and gets scared and calls the police because the teacher has seen the uniform clean in the floor.2 ° bug to be solved that Yandere Chan can not put the uniform clean if Info- chan gives you the clean uniform, even the male student who helps to have his task and gives you the clean uniform.3 ° bug to solve and the sequence at the end of the day would be after the teacher calls the police after 5 minutes this is an example: the police arrive they found the bodies of the dead students, they do not find the weapon, Yandere Chan is arrested because she had red paint and it was not blood the reason is that she entered the club of art used the bucket to get dirty red paint, however I did a perfect murder the reason is that I lost because I took the evidence of the murder is I put the red paint this is the bug to solve, you can fix these bugs for the next update of yandere simulator please?

  9. yanderedev please fix a bug , yandere chan is in the rooftop and kill a random student but………. the teachers react to this
    this is normal??? i know you have too work to progress but … you can fix the bug?

  10. I found a crash bug of sorts……
    If you use a syringe to tranquilize a student, after that if a student sees the syringe on the ground and calls the police…..
    After the police arrive and the cutscene plays for when they find a sleeping student and all the cutscenes after that play, the game crashes. The bedroom audio plays, but the visuals are frozen and you see a black screen and there isn’t a way to fix it……

  11. just wanted to let you know your doing great with your game and I can already see the future of this game and it will be AMAZING!!! even though it already is! Have a great 2019!!

  12. so I found a bug where the uniforms made/dropped by Hazu and Info-chan don’t let you wear them and students react to them like they’re bloody uniforms. Also if you kill some people and only dispose of a few of the corpses and the police come without arresting you, the next day the memorial ceremony will be held for all of the students that have been murdered and not only the bodies they found.

  13. I know I’m super late to the party but I feel like if students are gonna react to Yan-Chan holding a bloody uniform that violently there should be a way for her to sneak her uniform past people. Like for example, carrying it in the cello case or maybe stuffing it in the trash can by the outdoor cafeteria so she can bring it to the incinerator without being caught.

  14. Ok soo I know this is kind of an easter egg by using debug commands, but I went to get all my strength up (S) then teleported to the music club to get weapons. When I go to the ancient evil I put a weapon down so I teleport the councils so they can see them. I took panty shots when they were looking at the katana. I got kuroko to send home from info chan but she telled the teacher first but she never got home. that was 1. 2 when she got yelled at for a “prank” I killed her when she almost got to the gate. Shiromi was coming and I hid the body and weapon. Shiromi saw the blood and a second later the screen was frozen and looked hacked but the screen looked like a qr code. 2 bugs.

  15. Hi YandereDev! Love your work and I’m a big fan 🙂
    I have one question:
    While I was rewatching one of your older videos, I came across a video about the Yakuza being an element in YanSim. Are you still planning to have this feature in the future?

  16. Hi YandereDev!!!
    I know that you said you won’t add the rain to yandere simulator, but rain can cause many events that will be against yan chan or it will help her.
    1) if a rival forgot her umbrella senpai will offer her an umbrella.
    2) rain will make the game more realistic.
    3) a clumsy rival will slip because of water and she may slip in front of the gate or other places.
    4) senpai may forget his umbrella and a rival or yandere chan will offer him to take the umbrella or share the umbrella.
    get it?
    I know it will miss the game, but believe me it is worth it!

  17. yandere dev! yandere dev! there is a bug in the launcher version of yandere simulator and here is how
    1.go to the light music club
    2.turn off sanity animations
    3.kill someone
    4.repeat step three
    5.repeat step one
    6.repeat step two
    7.turn on sanity animations

    pray to the turtle again and sanity animations should be still off also if the second person you kill the animation is with sanity animations you did the bug right

  18. Not sure I understand the towel change. Just seems like unnecessary censorship to me. Maybe there are some people who are for some reason sensitive to that though, in which case it should be some sort of option, even if it’s a more technical thing.

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