March 2019 Progress Report

New video, new build! Check it out!

Remember how the last big update – the ability to drop stuff on students and light them on fire – resulted in a ton of new bugs? Well, I’m gonna keep it real with you; this build might have the same issue. This update involved MASSIVE overhauls to the “teacher receives report / teacher investigates report” feature, and it’s entirely possible that there might be new bugs with that feature, and also bugs when students and teachers react to suspicious objects. I tested every situation I could think of and fixed every problem I found, but there might be some edge-cases I didn’t think of testing, so you might run into some weird bugs in this build. (That’s the point of these debug builds, though; for people to find and report bugs.)

Watching YouTubers play Yandere Simulator is, by far, the best way for me to learn about flaws, exploits, and bugs in the game. However, I’m fully prepared to accept the possibility that YouTubers will ignore this build, since this update probably doesn’t contain anything that a YouTuber could make an entertaining video about; the fact that students can now react to blood probably won’t excite or thrill an audience. It’s one of the most significant changes to Yandere Simulator’s gameplay in years, but it doesn’t introduce new content that facilitates a cool video. It should definitely make things more challenging during Mission Mode (or throw a wrench in your plans if you’re planning a “Kill All Students” challenge”) but outside of those kind of scenarios, I understand if this new build isn’t considered “YouTube Material”.

To read a list of everything that was added, fixed, or changed in this build (and to see some special artwork of Yamiko, the protagonist of Life Note) click “Continue Reading”!

Blood Pools, Bloody Weapons, and Severed Limbs

  • If a student finds a pool of blood, they will walk over to it and investigate it.
  • After confirming that they have discovered blood, the student will run and tell a teacher.
  • The student and teacher will run to the location where the blood was spotted.
  • If the teacher doesn’t find blood (because the player has cleaned it up), she will assume she is being pranked, and return to the faculty room.
  • If the teacher does find blood, she will call the police.
  • If any character witnesses Yandere-chan mopping up blood, they will realize that Yandere-chan is trying to cover up the evidence of a crime, and will react according to their persona. (For example, teachers will try to apprehend the player.)
  • If a student has lost a teacher’s trust, they won’t bother to reporting things to teachers anymore, and instead will go hide in a classroom where they feel safe.
  • If a second student finds blood while another student is already reporting the blood, the second student will go wait in class while the blood is being reported.
  • Everything stated above also applies to dismembered limbs and bloody weapons, as well.

Discarded Weapons

  • If the player picks up an object that can be used as a weapon and drops it more than 10 meters away from its initial location, that object will be considered to be suspicious and dangerous, and students will react to it upon seeing it.
  • The first student to locate a suspicious/dangerous object will run and tell a teacher about it. Other students will simply ignore it and return to their daily routine.
  • If a teacher finds a suspicious/dangerous object (but doesn’t find any evidence of a crime) they will pick up the object and bring it to the faculty room.
  • A teacher’s fingerprints cannot be transferred onto a weapon. To make this more clear to the player, I will most likely adjust the “teacher picks up weapon” animation so that teachers use a handkerchief to pick up objects, instead of picking up objects with their bare hands.

Fixed, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that caused Occult Club members to spend eternity trying to walk into their locked clubroom if the Occult Club was shut down.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the weapon menu from updating properly if a weapon was dropped using gamepad controls.
  • Removed a debug command in Yandere-chan’s room that people were triggering accidentally.
  • Began to update the girls’ locker room with new models (but it’s not finished yet.)
  • Updated the textures of the bullies’ phones so that their screens aren’t blank.
  • Updated shaders that weren’t being affected by changes in lighting.
  • Added 1 new hairstyle and 1 new accessory for Yandere-chan.
  • Updated Yamiko’s clothing in the Life Note cutscene.
  • Added voice-acting to the Life Note cutscene.

Known Bug

  • The dialogue in the Life Note cutscene will advance automatically, without waiting for the player to press a button. This will be fixed in the next build.


I’m a huge fan of Death Note, and I had a lot of fun making my parody, “Life Note”. If you’re curious to see more of the protagonist Yamiko, here are some character design sheets:

What’s Next?

The next features I’ll work on will probably be the game’s intro cutscene and tutorial. After that, I’ll implement the Mysterious Obstacle, and then it’ll finally be Osana Time!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

122 thoughts on “March 2019 Progress Report

  1. OMG! I like cannot wait for Jay to check this Build! Im not 100 precent sure he will love it…But he would at least find it cool!

  2. The updates are great. A question though – You mention how the students “confirm” it’s a puddle of blood or limb. Does this mean there are plans to create alternatives/fakes as a distraction method, or is there any way of incorporating any clubs to cover it up (e.g. being in art club and cleaning blood, saying it’s red paint)? Just a thought that came to mind.

  3. hey, yandere dev, i was thinking, since teachers can confiscate a weapon if its not in its original place now, maybe yan chan could steal it from the faculty room while wearing gloves and, by doing this, frame a teacher for murder?

    • No, I don’t think that would happen because of what YandereDev stated in this blog. They are probably using handkerchief to not let their finger prints be there so that they won’t be accused of murder.

  4. I think, that we need more emotional reaction on freaking limbs, like disgusting, scream etc. Because it’s “anime” game, it need much expression of emotions… So yeah, but it’s still kewl, can’t wait to see first rival and especially obstacle student! And you said, that only need to make intro cutscene, tutorial, obstacle, but what about SNAP mode? Luv u! ^-^

  5. And why students think, that red liquid is only blood, it’s not realistic, ’cause everyone will think other things, blood – is latest think… Sorry if what

    • That’s probably why they stop to investigate, to see what it is. Even if they think it’s something else at first, once they get a good look at it they’ll find out it’s actually blood.

      • Yeah, I think this explains everything. Blood have a characteristic iron smell. If a student stops to figure out what the red liquid is, they’ll surely realize it’s blood by the smell. That’s my thought.
        This also applies to blood in Ayano’s clothing. What I don’t get is why teachers send Ayano to the guidence conseulor’s office if her clothes are just splatted with paint.

    • Well blood has a distinct “metallic” odor so in real life, if you’re near a pool of blood, you should realize quickly that it’s blood and not other things like paint.

  6. As a huge fan for a while I have been long disappointed with elimination “schemes” from info-chan. I wished for a more organic way to figure out features rather than the entire process being spelled out and not having many options.

    I loved the (heavy handed and a little cheesy) Life Note episode (especially the excellent char design) but not for more than a few episodes. I love that the anime doesn’t give you a detailed to-do list on how to complete the scheme like the paid for ones from info-chan.
    I would love it if there were more anime parodies but they were also for different purposes than giving schemes.

    My NOT expert opinion:
    When the player grabs an item, such as a wrench, and they are in radius of something the item can interact with, such as the drinking fountain, highlight the fountain in Yandere Vision!
    -Then let the player go trying to figure out what else they can use items on. ❤ ❤ 😀
    Anime would be better for putting body parts in the cello case (imagine you pick up the cello case and the circular saw is suddenly highlighted all suspicious-like) but I think my suggestion or something similar would be better for candle + gas can and showing all the outlets when holding a screwdriver.

    THANK YOU<3 Please leave constructive criticism if you like!

  7. I’m so glad our dev is feeling hopeful again. He made himself vulnerable and we didn’t let him down. He’s feeling productive, outrunning the hate, and evening hearing out the fanbase’s anime idea! I’m so happy and proud! Thank you for continuing the legacy of Yandere Simulator 😀 😀

  8. Not judging or anything but I just noticed: the video is about progress made in February but its called a March Progress report. Just something I noticed. It doesn’t have to be fixed or anything I was just sayin

  9. I like the first Life Note character and I can’t wait until your vision is complete! I’m so happy for you!

  10. Wow it seems like progress has been going so fast in these past months! It’s so exiting to see all this progress, you go Yandere-Dev!!!

  11. Yandere Dev, I think you forgot to mention the SNAP mode in the end of your post.

    Well, I’m so impatient to see Osana in the game ^^ Take your time, you do a fabulous job !

  12. AWESOME!!! We’re coming nearer to our first rival!!! I can’t wait to see who this “Mysterious Obstacle” is. Hehe~

  13. Club specific items, such as garden shears, kitchen knives, or ceremonial knives, could easily be appropriated as weapons. Just wait till someone stops using them, put some gloves on, use them for murder, and then get rid of them. Whichever club member touched them last is on the hook for murder.
    I like the Death Note parody, though it may be a little long. And I worry having Yandere-chan learn how to murder from an anime sends a negative message about violence in fiction and the effects it could have in the real world. Maybe that’s just me overthinking things, though. I’ve been known to do that on occasion.
    Good to hear the game’s going well. Looking forward to hearing what you produce next!

  14. i love that the students can now react to blood, dismemberment, and bloody weapons because that makes the game more challenging yet more fun to play at the same time. I also can’t believe that osana will be coming so soon, I’m so happy and this game has been a real delight to play and I love any update that is made to this game. keep up the good work Yandere Dev

  15. Hey YanDev, is it just my imagination or does your voice sound different in this video? Did you catch a cold or something? I hope not!

    And I looove the anime thing, it’s way better than the Info-Chan list!

  16. YandereDev should get an animator to make the entire life Note series, maybe Sakura Media or Emirichu, they’re fans of Yandere simulator. Also could you have Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki episodes too? They could function as tutorials for other features such as spreading rumours or getting Senpai to hate a rival

  17. Just because there’s nothing huge to make a video on doesn’t mean it’s not an amazing new build xD
    While the students reacting to blood was something we’ve always wanted, I never actually stopped to imagine that students *should* react to weapons that aren’t where they’re supposed to be, so this update is a triple whammo. Thank ya! ❤

  18. Okay…
    YandereDev….you tubers will obviously make a video about this ! Look at the progress so far! Im so impressed by the work u have done. Bijju Mike , Kubz Scouts and AyanoAishi/YanChan make a video abput this great improvement theres only a few more implements left before YanDev is finished

  19. Congrats on all the progress Yandev:D Now I’m excited to see the intro and tutorial, probably the tutorial moreso, since we haven’t seen anything like that for a while.

    Also, this is just me speculating on the mysterious challenge, but so far my theories are: 1. Osana’s sister, 2. Whoever she was talking with on the phone, 3. Her parents

    • The game will not be free; however, you will be able to play the demo which would have the first rival (Osana Najimi).

  20. Maybe the obstacle will be someone who can befriend the rivals or the obstacle will be Yan-Chan’s cousin or someone of great importance to the school or country like a son or daughter of the president.

  21. Nice work, Yandere Dev. However, I definitely think you should also implement that feature where you get a game over if you kill more than half of the school’s population. Seriously, I think it would really help the game.

  22. I think it would be really cool if you could spill something (like juice from the cooking club for example) and then when you carried a mop people would just think you were cleaning the spill up. Also I think yandere Chan should have hw and if she doesn’t do it she gets a low reputation and if she doesn’t do it too much then she gets sent to the counselor and then a blame the delinquent scenario would be “I was up late doing all of the delinquents homework so I didn’t have time to do mine.” Hw should also give you study points but take up the entire evening period so you can’t read manga or watch anime etc. Great work btw!

  23. YandereDev, I have two things to say:
    1) Students didn’t react to bloody uniforms lying on the ground. Even when Yandere-Chan was carrying the bloody uniform.
    2) I found a bug! If somebody witnesses a weapon on the floor, but the player picks up the weapon before the NPC can inspect it,the NPC will follow Yandere-Chan.

  24. 1. It think it’ll be a great addition to make students randomly go to the bathroom (with a low possibility) so that the player won’t be able to hide corpses in there for much.
    2. The occult club and martial arts club’s routines does not feel… Natural. I don’t know what is it, it is like they are forced to move arround, not like the other club’s routines which are fine.
    3. I’m not sure if I like the “Life note”‘s self explanatory way to show murder methods, maybe if they where less obvious would be good.

    I’m not an expert, these are just some minor observations that doesn’t affect that much.
    You are making an excellent job and I cannot wait to see the next feature.

  25. Amazing work Yanderedev. The only point I don’t totally agree on is the schedule: the cutscenes play a role all right, but don’t you think the tutorial should be the least important thing? Imho, the mysterious obstacle should be prioritized, along with SNAP mode. Anyway, at the pace you’re working, it seems like we’ll have Osana (and consequently basically an informal demo of the game) by the end of the year! The game looks already beatiful and fun as ever, I look forward to the customized models for the official release: I believe the game is going to be a hit, because people will remember of YanSim, but they will find a totally revamped and expanded experience.

  26. I can’t wait! But I found a weird bug (kinda funny too) if you start mopping in the teachers office, the teacher catches you, says nothing, then ayano goes to the councler.

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