February 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

There were some bugs related to the new features, so I’ve fixed them in this build!

To read a list of everything that is new or different, scroll down past this cool illustration by Shioyuzu! And be sure to check out the rest of the artwork in their gallery, it’s awesome!!

Fixes and Additions

  • Fixed bug that broke students’ animations if they reacted to Yandere-chan’s strange behavior while eating a snack / walking to a water fountain.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to spend a very long time reacting to a corpse before stepping away from it.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to indefinitely electrocute a student by flicking a light switch on and off.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to lose their unique walking animations after vomiting into a toilet.
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from reacting to the sight of another student being electrocuted.
  • Fixed bug that caused the snack vending machine to not be affected by changes in lighting.
  • Fixed bug that caused a student to eat snacks with a scrubber/eraser in their hand.
  • Fixed bug that caused phone addicts to eat snacks with a smartphone in their hand.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Gazer easter egg’s texture to not display properly.
  • Added a sound effect when loosening a pipe with a wrench.

93 thoughts on “February 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hello,there is a bug with the rain,it rains inside the school ,it is so strange.Other thing,will you use the outside eating area?it is so lonely right now;and other propose,can you give the sewing room boy any accesorie about sewing?like scizors, fabrics… Thanks!

  2. Read this comment it’s important you can remind Yandere Dev to add an electric guitar in the game and use it as a murder weapon and have to put it inside the music club, you have to know that to pick up the electric guitar you have to take the guitar handle to use as a weapon of the crime this must be done for the next update of yandere simulator please tell Yandere Dev of my idea.

  3. I’ve got a weird suggestion.
    I’m thinking, what if you add a character that has severe trust issues. They don’t trust anyone with a positive reputation. If you give them a compliment with a positive reputation, they will reply with what a regular student would say to you having a negative reputation. (Um… Thanks… I guess?) If you ask that student for a favor of any kind with raised reputation, they will reject you.
    A neutral or negative reputation would earn you their trust.
    Weird idea, but something I thought I’d suggest.

  4. Yandere Dev i was thinking of a really interesting feature you may like this, so basically you should tranquilize a student and there should be rope stored in the Workshop (3rd floor) and you can tie them to the where the gate closes making an elimination. Reply if you like this feature being added!

  5. hey yanderedev, I asked you this earlier but I don’t think you saw it, in the future, will there be acid as weapon ?

  6. Yandere Dev, this is going to sound silly, but I can’t resist suggesting it. Maybe you could add an ass-slapping feature. Like, you can go around and slap people on the ass, and their response could vary depending on the student, what time of day it is, which day it is, atmosphere, club, your reputation, etc. Like maybe they like it, and your reputation could increase a bit, and you can befriend them or get them to do a single favor for you or something. Or maybe they don’t like it, and it lowers your reputation, or they even chase after you and try to fight you, and you can lure them to a more isolated part of the school and kill them or something. Or you can then convince them that someone else blackmailed you into doing it, and they can go after that student; or do it in a crowd and trick them into thinking someone else did it, etc. I know it sounds silly, but I think it would be hilarious and a lot of fun, and a really cool feature, and you should seriously consider it.

  7. Hey again. I had killed Kokona and kidnapped Musme, and got the normal cut scene, which included Kokona thanking me. It confused me, because I had already killed Kokona, and here she was thanking me for realizing her dad from debt. I’m not entirely sure if this is a bug or not, but i’m pretty sure it is. If you read this, please fix it. Thank you!

  8. there is a bug that causes senpai to do his “reacting to osana getting poisoned’ animation when you lethally poison a student no matter who they are or where they are. I didn’t know how else to tell yanderedev this because i cant email him.

  9. Love the game and I am genuinely excited for every new update, even if it is a bug fix update. As a person who loves video games and programming, your YouTube videos help me to understand the game development process. I always look at your game and think of it from a programmers standpoint. You put a lot of time and effort into this game and it is heavily appreciated by many of the people in the gaming community. You also take the time to fix any bug that may occur within your game within 2-3 days and many triple A tittles take weeks to a month to fix easily fixed bugs so thanks for your dedication to your fans and your game.

  10. Hi Yandev would like to ask a few questions, please answer!
    1-Will Yan-Chan’s parents or their mother be influential in the story of the final game?
    2-At some point in the final game Yandere-Chan discovered that his mother was also a yandere?

    • Cat games, while I may not be the person that you want to hear from I have an answer to your second question. In one of YandereDev’s older video’s (Yandere-chan’s Childhood published July 25 2017) he said that Yan-chan’s mother explained to her that she was the exact same way when she was her age. so Yandere-Chan already knows that her mother was like that as well. As far as my knowledge goes this video is still related to the current state of the game’s story line so my information should be correct.

  11. Ok, so would it be cool if like with the new killing feature one of the student council members (whomever’s on route) would call the repair man to come fix the hazard. Thus creating a time limit to get away with murder and another witness to the game. I would make it harder for players, I think. This goes for all water fountains btw

  12. Hi YandereDev,
    I enjoy following your progress with Yandere Simulator.
    Whie playing Yandere Simulator, I thought back to one of my favorite games, Okami. In Okami, the player can pick up Stray Beads either by randomly discovering them or actively seeking them out. If the player is able to gather all 100 Stray Beads by the end of the game, the player is granted invulnerability, infinite ink (because the character attacks with a paintbrush), and 10x attack power when replaying the game. Invulnerability would obviously make Yandere Simulator too easy. But what if when first playing the game the player gathers 100 little pieces of information in the form of pop-up messages throughout the game and at the end of the game if all of the pieces of information are gathered, Info-chan will give you the schedules of all the students as thanks? I imagine Info-chan as an intelligent but seedy girl that has observed and written down the schedules of all of the students. Rather than being written out in long script formal, a new app would pop up under Info-chan’s favors menu on Yandere-chan’s called Student Schedule. In the Student Schedule, students would be categorized as Senpai, rivals, clubs, student council, bullies, delinquents, and students not in clubs. In the app, the player would either pick a floor and then ask Info-chan for it’s monitored schedule or pick a group of students and ask Info-chan when and where they will be patrolling. Info-chan will tell the player through voiced lines. If the player sets an alert on the app for a certain group, Info-chan will let the player know when a member of that group is getting close.
    The pieces of information can kind of be compared to the Opportunities that you described from the Hitman games.
    I know that when I’m playing, I wish that I knew when certain groups of students were in certain areas of the school.
    Sorry if this idea is too excessive and for writing so much.
    Thank you and I’ll keep rooting for you.

  13. Yandere Dev,I am talking about an Easter Egg which you can activate by pressing F2.
    I have a theory that sometime in the future Yandere Chan might need to return to school at night for some reason – possibly to obtain the musical instrument case containing her kidnapped victim. Another fun challenge would be; security guards of some sort would patrol the halls, making it more fun and spooky for the player to find and take the instrument case.Is is right or wrong?

  14. Wait so I just want ask will there ever be new characters/students? I curious about it. I want list some characteristics/persona I thought for future students.*I never heard you talking about having just 15 personas so yeah *
    Curiosity/Adventurous Persona: the student will walk into rooms/outside/rooftop curiously and wonder what’s in the room. (You can make this limited to only rooms students are allowed to go in with the persona.)
    Over-suspicious Persona: untrustworthy of other students(and you), will not do any favors depending on how many missing posters there are , aside if you already befriend ed them.
    Moody Persona: A random person an usually with a normal student persona.
    Tattle Persona: alike a Teacher’s Pet, but also include anything that seems dangerous/trickery, like a water trap. This means they will report it to a teacher. If the teacher is told , students will be more cautious around doors and other.
    These are some things I wanted to see in the game sorry if you’re not able to do this, you’re doing great so keep it up!

  15. Hi! I’m such a big fan of this game, and I wanted to make a suggestion. My heart pounds writing this way more than you think because I’m a little 6th grader writing to an awesome indie game developer. It’s a stupid suggestion, but it might be worth writing. You know when in your latest vid, Senpai talks about Osana cutting her hair because of her dream? What if you have to do something to get her to not want to? I have a few ideas. You could steal money from her wallet, so maybe she wouldn’t have enough money to get it cut. Maybe she’ll have a bag of beauty supplies, and you have to steal her hair cutting scissors. You could compliment her about her hair, to get her to not want to cut it. I have another idea, but it’s not 100% clear. It’s along the lines of you getting her to take a shower, possibly by splashing her with water (Which might be implemented in the future), then replacing her normal shampoo with this super duper awesome shampoo that you get from info chan or steal from someone/somewhere. Then, a boy will fall in love with her because of her BOOTIFUL Hair. You will know because you will see him spying on her at certain times of day. He will have a task. He wants to tell Osana how he feels, but his self-esteem is so low. You must compliment him and get other students to like him, then he will start to talk to Osana, he will start off saying that her hair is beautiful, then says he likes her. She turns him down but asks to be friends. He says yes, but then he will be with her and Senpai way more often, maybe he even wants to sunbathe with her..? Maybe you might have to do something to not get him to, but that might be too complicated. If you don’t do his task, Osana will think her hair was the same old useless stuff and cut it. She wouldn’t know it was nice ’till someone told her. I’m sorry this is so long, but it was fun writing! I love this game, I love what you’re doing and how you make videos and posts about it, and I know you made a video on how you might want to take a break from the game, and that’s okay, We will all still support you. I will follow this game’s development ’till it’s finished! ❤

  16. Hi, Yandere Dev! A quick easter egg suggestion:
    For the youtubers who you want to give a nod to in the game but aren’t really sure how to make an easter egg for them, perhaps you could put up a little poster of them in the gaming club room.

    Also, I’m very proud of you for making such interesting progresses in the game’s development! I look forward to every update, no matter how big or small. ❤
    Keep doing what you do.

  17. hell yeh nice update!

    (most of your fans are underaged kids with autism the game was perfect before kids started a meme out of it now you have shitty 3d rendered yandere models dancing to despacito and shit)

    (but I love your game and I’m here for this wild roller coaster ❤ )

  18. Just curious. I was trying to do the whole befriend Kokona thing, so i teleported to the roof and befriended her and everything, then went to befriend Musume. I successfully befriended both, but the new update changed the infirmary, and the nurse no longer has the keys or anything. The syringe was just on the desk, so i waited for the nurse & student council to leave and I took the syringe, but there was no tranquilizer. I spent around 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get it, so I thought maybe sedatives could work. In one of the cabinets, sedatives are there but you can also purchase them from Info-Chan for around 10 panty shots, I think. I bought the sedatives, went to where she usually drops in and poof. Nothing. I assumed maybe it was because sedatives were already available in the nurse’s office, and maybe I’d have to get lock picks, so I tried to get lock picks and still nothing drops. I think it’s possible that either, I’m missing something or maybe YandereDev could have taken it out, but it’d be reassuring for someone to maybe help me out, because I’ve really wanted to do the kidnap-scheme thing. (I also tried to purchase the schemes with enough panty shots, and it bought it but the checklist was just a warning error.)

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