January 17th Bug-Fixing Build

The previous build had a few embarrassing bugs in it, so I wanted to quickly get a new build out for you! I’d like to show you a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the current build, and I’d also like to tell you what kind of feature I’m currently working on…but first, let me ask you a question: Do you know what a “nengajo” is?

A “nengajo” is a type of postcard that Japanese people send to their friends and family on the first day of a new year. A Japanese fan of Yandere Simulator created a nengajo for me, and while we’re still relatively close to the start of a new year, I’d love to share it with you!

I’m so honored that a fan wished to create this for me! I appreciate it very, very much! Click here for a bigger version!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Fixed bug that made save files on the title screen turn pure white if the player deleted their save file while that save file had bloodstains on it.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the new sewing student to permanently walk around holding clothing in his hand with a sewing sound effect playing.
  • Fixed bug that allowed a student to be decapitated by the school gate while simultaneously being attacked by a mind-broken slave.
  • It’s no longer possible to make a student distract another student who has not yet arrived at school (or leaving school).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the lighting to dim if the player approached the incinerator area or the girls’ locker room.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the framerate to take a massive nosedive after playing the Light Music Club minigame.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to obtain a head when dismembering a student who had been decapitated.
  • Added some new props to the Sewing Room. (I may continue to edit or improve the room in the future.)
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from being able to pick up the scissors in the Sewing club.
  • Fixed bug that made it possible for a mind-broken slave to attack a dead student.
  • It’s no longer possible to crawl while in Selfie Mode.
  • Fixed typos in student profiles.

Poison-related changes

For a long time, certain features (like poisoning a student or drowning someone in a toilet bowl) were restricted exclusively to scripted events, like when Kokona puts down her bento on Wednesday afternoons, or when Kokona visits the restroom on Thursday mornings. This means that the entire game revolved around scripted events, and that the player needed to have advance knowledge of scripted events in order to access those features. Those events only existed for debugging purposes, but they represent the exact opposite of the game I want trying to make; I want to build a game where the player causes events to happen, rather than waits for events to happen.

If the player wants to drown someone in a toilet bowl, the player should be able to perform an action that causes a student to enter a bathroom stall. Any student should be “drownable”, not just Kokona during a very small window of time during a scripted event. That’s the sort of thing that I’m focusing on right now; giving the player more power over students’ routines and actions.

  • There are now 4 types of poison in the game: Emetic, Lethal, Sedative, and Headache. (I want to find a better word to describe what the last one does…)
  • At lunchtime, Toga Tabara eats a bento at the school cafeteria. If you distract him with a giggle, he will put his bento down and investigate the giggle. When he’s not looking at his bento, you can put any of the 4 types of poison into it.
  • If Toga consumes emetic poison, he will go the bathroom and vomit. His appetite will be gone, so he will return to class early. (In a future update, you’ll be able to drown him in the toilet while he’s vomiting.)
  • If Toga consumes lethal poison, he will die. (Big surprise!)
  • If Toga consumes a sedative, he will become drowsy and go to the infirmary to nap. He’ll return to normal once it’s time to return to class.
  • The “Headache” poison is for an upcoming feature. It currently serves no purpose whatsoever, but it’s going to be an important core gameplay mechanic in the near future – possibly as soon as the game’s next update!

Toga is the test subject / guinea pig for these status effects (like how Kokona was the test subject for murder methods). Once all of these effects are working perfectly on Toga, I will make it possible for the player to poison any other student’s meal, and then the player will be able to place any of the above effects on any student. This will be a major step in transforming Yandere Simulator into the type of game I’ve been envisioning. Hopefully, this feature will be working properly within the next few days.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

103 thoughts on “January 17th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I would like to see that if you give character a drink they will go to the toilet and you’ll be able to drown them. (Sorry about my english)

  2. Oh i know the important core mechanic your working on…it the funtional school nurse am i right? (Because of those poison feature)

  3. You can always tell when Yandere Dev has been watching Jay from Kubscoutz. A lot of these bugs are seen in his most recent video. I love it. YandereDevxJay best team 10/10

    • Go to Yandere Simulator Development Blog, then choose the downloads menu, and download from any link. If one doesn’t work, try the other ones.

  4. YASSS!!! I can’t wait to see Jay mess around with the new poison feature and debunk myths! Thanks for the update Yandere Dev! ❤

  5. Wow, what a new feature!, Yandere Dev, I have a Suggestion, is it possible to put bucket trap in any students aside from the rivals

  6. que buen trabajo Yandere dev!!!! espero que en un futuro podamos envenenar a cualquiera pero buen trabajo

  7. Thank you YandereDev!
    It would be cool if the headache drug with an unhealthy amount could cause a student to reveal their real nature and gets owned by people or worse kicked out of school. Jay likes seeing them go ham on everybody but personally I like seeing the bullies cussing everybody off like real b****es

  8. It would be cool if the cafeteria would be more populated in the future, like students eating at lunch, but maybe like the ones who are in a club eat faster because of the club. Plus the plaza (the place that is next to the school, like an outdoor cafeteria) could be used by the drama club member, Gardening and sports. With the student council, maybe each me could take turns when to eat. On the case of the teacher, we could benches all around the school, like in the hallways. Some teachers could be on the roof top, others in the hallways, one in the shrine, and some in the fountains.

    Another one rain maybe? Like this could be an advantage but at the same time a disadvantage, No student would like to be wet and cold, they start, with some using umbrellas, other using coats, and maybe some using jackets to stay warm. When they enter the school the ones wich has umbrellas, could leave them right when they enter in a box (I don’t remember the name of it). The ones who wear a coat or a jacket could just take it off and out it in the lockers, in case of the routines where the ones who are always outside they spent their time inside, seating in the hallways, being in the library, going to room which are almost always empty. The member of the student council which goes outside would always wearing a coat. The sports club don’t care about the weather and still do their activities, but without swimming, maybe the sports uniform, when is rain going, could have a hoodie? Senpai would be reading at the library, so that’s an instant game over if you kill some one in the library. The Delinquents could be in a closet so that they can put the music on without anyone getting annoyed at them. When the player tries to get to someone to follow them outside the student would say something like: “I am not going outside”, so that’s give the player a disadvantage that they can’t take students to go outside, and if you kill a student inside it would be really hard to get the body out. But once you get it out there is easy to move around since there are not a lot of students.

    Also when is class time and the player doesn’t go to class, you can see like a class walking to the laboratory as an example, so that they could go to learn and populate other rooms instead of the same six rooms. Some could go to the pool or to gym, others to the sewing room, and maybe some to shrine.

    I know this are just ideas but it could be really cool and realistic features for the game.

  9. This is cool YandereDev. Maybe add more students and more lunch eating places to further emphasize the need for th player to stalk a person to figure out where they’ll eat and who will be around them at a given time. And to poison someone’s bento, there must be no one around, so Ayano will have to figure out how to get the others away from the certain location first.

  10. Where do I send fanart? Also, I am glad everything is going great for your new year so far! Mine isn’t really going well…

  11. Just a few suggestions, I think there should be some friend groups with the characters, maybe some people hang out together like the scene between the two boys during lunch. Also, maybe some facial expressions on the characters, like when Toga gets sick, he should have a sad expression on his face, or when someone dies, maybe some students should be mad or sad. But these are just my opinions. Your doing a great job on the game already so its not that big of a deal! Keep doing what your doing YanDev! 🙂

  12. Yandere dev here are some suggests for the game:
    1. You could make it possible for Yan-chan react a body to make her less suspicious to other students/teachers (if she dosen’t react she could lose reputation? maybe go to counselling?)
    2. Like Jay said please input a change of weather every so often.
    Hope you read these,
    Love ya Yandere dev!

  13. Am I the only one who realized something about the number of students? Counting the 8 student rivals, we’re at 89. Why not show the last one? Is it because it’s THE MYSTERIOUS OBSTACLE? DUN DUN DUN! That must be the new feature he’s working on!

    • the new feature I do not think is the mysterious obstacle, because he said that it would be the poison of pain in the head

  14. That nengajo looks very nice. It’s good to see fans from other countries enjoy something that we all love. Then again the setting does take place in Japan so it’s not that uprising. Even so, seeing the extent in which fans show there appreciation just shows how much we have faith in Yandere-dev. Good job.

  15. I found a bug where when I try to pose a girl and I get to Hairstyle 20, she just disappears and I cant get out of the pose menu.

  16. For some reason everytime I start the game my camera seems to be spazzing the f out, I don’t touch anything yet the camera is spinning while looking up and it’s kinda annoying since I don’t know how to fix it :/

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