Hate and Shame

In January of this year, I realized that this video would eventually become necessary. I should have begun preparing it sooner, so I could have released it when I needed it the most. I wish this video had been ready back in June, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete it until today.

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The artist who created the illustrations for this video is Hikari-NJ: https://www.deviantart.com/hikari-nj

315 thoughts on “Hate and Shame

  1. YanDev!! We’re better than that things. Do you really think that can let them to broke your personality? Just watch the number of people that subscribe you. That tiny number of Gremlins are not people they’re ANTS THAT WE CAN GO AND KILL THE JUST BY TOUCHING THEM!! You’re the best and *YOU’RE NOT ALONE*.WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH!! F*CK YOU GREMLINS* And last, don’t make this important, if you see something just laugh at it. #WeAreBetter Don’t give up!!

  2. Haters gonna hate,
    Game creators will make games.
    Let him live his life.

    I bet they just don’t like the fact that an anime game is reallyyyyy popular. Like are they just jealous that the game is much better than theirs?

    I’ve been following the development for year;; really people? If you have something to say don’t make a video or write a comment or some shit, tell him to his face. Clearly the people writing the comments aren’t adults yet, but I’m not either, and I’m well aware that Alex wouldn’t do this incoherent things.

    Trying to imagine myself in this situation?
    I’d be dead inside, I would probably try to confront it but cannot.

    So, people, if you’re jealous, just say you are! I’d like to see you liers try to make a gam just as popular or as well made as YanSim.

    Thank you for following the words of this comment.

    • hey fun fact

      people can be critical of others without being jealous. just claiming that people are jealous is really immature. accept that your precious gamedev has flaws like everyone else. ive been following the game since the beginning, and I enjoy it, but I can accept that yanderedev isnt perfect.

      • cuz nobody perfect and nothing perfect, it’s common sense so it’s not necessary to say it’s perfect or not, just keep in your mind cuz there’s no benefit to say that

    • when I first saw it I thought it was a parody of ”shake it off” by Taylor Swift

      ‘Cause the haters’ gonna hate,hate,hate….
      Game-Creators’re gonna make,make,make,make…
      y’ndere-dev is the best,best,best,best…..


  3. Welp, in order to have love you must get haters, these two things will never leave anyone in life, its the life rule, life just needs patients, cause after this big down, theres a big up, dont stop in a point that “norma” and “usual people ” stop in, u are bigger than that, u are yandere dev, you have something in your personality that is special enough to keep going, no need 4 sadness

  4. I voted no on the poll, but that’s only because I don’t care about what the rumors surrounding you are. If you want to talk about the rumors and clear things up, then I think that’s what you should do, if just to make yourself feel better about the whole thing

  5. Yandere dev I know you will probably not be reading these comment but I am with you no matter what happened I will always be a fan of yours. People give you false images of who you are. I know I have no idea of what you’re going through but thank you for you

    • He’s a grown man acting like a child. If you’re so butthurt over 15 year-olds talking trash about you on the internet and (for the most part) giving you critique in an actually productive way, it’s time to stop what you’re doing. If he wants the game to ever become popular with people outside of the ”fandom”, he’s gonna have to man up. I’ve been through so much worse and not once did I ever feel a need to get someone to draw weird aliens for me just because I ”need to get it out there”. He’s looking for attention. Open your eyes.

      • It doesn’t matter if it’s ‘just some 15 year old talking trash’ it affects him it hurts him. And nothing else should matter. ‘Its just a joke, it’s not serious he just needs to get over it and not grab for attention’ he doesn’t need to get over it, it’s not right. You’re pushing him into a position where he feels defeated like he has no future, he’s depressed who knows maybe even suicidal. It doesn’t matter whether you think the way he’s feeling is justified or not, he is feeling that way and no-one should feel that way. Why can’t you see that? Why can’t people just stop talking shit when it’s killing people inside just because they don’t see that or they don’t care. I’ve been in this situation, I’ve publicly begged people to stop because I was emotionally fragile and I couldn’t take it. But it only added more fuel to their fire, I could take it for a while but when enough was enough and they crossed the line I asked them to stop and they didn’t. He’s taken so much shit and he’s saying ok you’ve had your fun you need to stop now. You better listen to him.

  6. YandereDev, with popularity comes critical viewers. It’s up to you whether or not you want to address it. There will be people who will listen and follow you no matter what, and there will be people who will refuse to listen no matter what. In the end, it all depends on how you present yourself now and how will you try to keep building and improving yourself for the future.

    I personally think the best method is to keep moving forward and proving to everyone how much you have matured and improved from whatever “cringey” phases you had in the past, instead of going back and trying to erase/address it constantly. Dwelling too much on the past and trying to justify old actions will just fuel the critical people. show everyone that you are capable of being a good game dev. keep going.

  7. I said no. Reason as to why, I honestly don’t care about the gossip and drama. I have been a fan of this Yandere Simulator for so long. You seem so passionate about the game. There is no reason for me to listen to the gremlins if what I care about is the content you’re making. I don’t really play attention to people’s lives. The content you make has nothing to do with you personally. So if people are spreading rumors about you, I’ll support you. Though it’s true that I don’t care about a creators life, there isn’t reason to this drama. There is never reason to act so terribly to a person. Yes, people will always have haters. Though that isn’t something that should be said in this situation. Even if it’s natural to have haters, people who just say this and get annoyed at a person for getting upset over this situation, is no better than a hater. When a person acts for support, look for reason. Never turn a blind eye. I’m one who holds things in for a long period of time. Not wanting to hurt or anger others is something natural to me. Yet because of holding so much in, I don’t know how to act anymore. It all comes to a point where you wonder what you’re doing. To why you’re doing what you’re doing. The victim needs support. Is it a life dream to become the destroyer of another persons dream? I support you Yandev. I do want you to focus on your game. To ignore all the gossip. Still, if you already feel tired and full, then address your problems. I don’t want you to try to hold in anymore than you already are. Take care Yandev! Spill your thoughts out if needed. I’m still waiting. There are us who’ll be patient for you. We support your passion after all!

  8. It’s nice to read through the comments and see that most people don’t care about the “gremlins” or their bullshit that they spew. They know that YandereDev isn’t perfect, they know he is a regular guy doing his best for a project he is passionate about and they’re cool with that. I’m the same. I don’t put him up on the pedestal and see him as someone who can do no wrong. I see him as a guy just doing the best he can with what he has and is trying to pull it all together for something he loves. There’s nothing wrong with that. True I might have complained more then once on here but that has never stopped me from believing in YandereDev, not once. I complained those times because I truly cared about the game and what was going on, not because I had a problem with the developer or lost faith in him. It was just love from a fan. Still, now that I’ve watched this video I have been able to reflect on some of the things I wrote down before and realized that I may have been acting petty and unfair in my comments in the past, but not anymore. To YandereDev and others, I wish to apologize for the possible rude comments I wrote in the past and hope that you will continue making the game at the pace you are comfortable with while at the same time taking a moment to relax and maybe play a video game for a few hours. No matter what happens I’ll still stick by you and the game you have made me care for.

    Good luck everyone, we’re all rooting for ya!

    • Wow… such an thoughtful and honest comment! ❤ great to see some serious self reflection.
      But it's okay to complain or criticism game related stuff here. As long as you don't harass someone. So don't be too hard to yourself 🙂 I saw your comments every once in awhile and I think it's nothing to apologize for 🙂

      Have a nice day. And keep up the feedback thingy 🙂

  9. Hey Yandere Dev,well I just watched the video and that my opinion; They called you lazy,they called you bad programmer,they even called you imposter,claming you will take the money and run and such more horryble things.Prove them they WRONG!! You can we believe in the project. Keep working on the project and one advice dont look around social media they suck ! Stay healthy and strong and believe in your passion dont give up!

  10. YanDev…Don’t give up, okay? The people who hurt you don’t matter, it seems weird to say this but you’re like a friend to me, your games are admirable. Hell, I don’t have half the skill you do. The gremlins…they just want to rain on your parade, I’m sure all your supporters are with me when I bring an umbrella. I’d send a hugging emote because you seem to really need hugs right now but I don’t know how emojis are gonna work on here, so hug your screen and it’ll be like I’m hugging you.

  11. hey guys you know what im gonna do?
    i’m kill me gremlin then going to make love a man
    you know that guys is something like this
    boom boom pow!

  12. Hi Yanderedev I know the other are saying you should work on the osana progress or something like that but I wanted to ask if you will make Kumiho (Nine Tailed Fox) Easter Egg please???…..🦊🦊🦊

  13. Hey Yanderedev.
    I was in such a situation in school, smaller, but big enough to break me, until I wanted to commit suicide, Im still not totally over it.
    I had luck that after ignoring them after a few years they went off me.
    I think if I were in your situation I would stop working and wouldnt leave my house for a while to kalm down, but if you want towork that means you are strong.
    You have my support, not financially, but mentally.
    I really hope you get over your depression and I hope even more that you can come over the whole situation in a few years.
    good luck to you

  14. Hey, Yandev. I know what it’s like to feel hopeless when someone is trying to ruin something you’ve worked so hard to create. Whether it be your self esteem or a huge project. I just wanted to say, that your game, the progress you’ve made, has given me hope. Seeing you strive to finish this project gave me the motivation to strive to make my own series. Something to make people feel just as happy as your game did. I enjoy seeing you make progress, and I know that even if you receive so much love, the hate comments can drive your self esteem into the dirt. I know that it can ruin your moral, I know that it can ruin the image you have of yourself, I know that it can make you feel so helpless to get yourself out of this situation. But I also know that it can get way better. I won’t tell you to focus on loving comments, I know that’s hard and sometimes can’t help. But what I will say is that there are tons of people who still support you, even if you don’t support yourself. You have worked so hard, gone through so much, turned down so many opportunities for this game. You have sacrificed years of your time stressing over your game. Way more than you have spent stressing over these gremlins. You are strong. You can do this. You still have the support of many. So keep going. Don’t pay them any mind. Finish the project. You deserve to. Because you’ve worked so hard for so long, you deserve to make it to that finish line. So do it.

  15. Sometimes, the best way to stop all of this is to be productive. I voted NO in the poll. Why? Talking about it could make it worse as them gremlins will claim it will make the development longer and you are just making another excuse. And it means more and more hate from those gremlins.

  16. I have been following this game progress for, like, 2 years and now it’s the first time i am commenting here.
    It’s very nice of you talking with your audience about this situation and how this is affecting you in your real life. However, you should seek some psycoligist help too, it is important keep your mental heath stable since you’re dealing with very stressfull situtation. Your audience it’s not a real doctors (maybe some of them are), we can only send love, happy messages and our wishes to you to continue developing our beloved yandere simulator. For the tone of this last video, i’m kind worry about you and would be tragic if you just throw away all those years of hardwork and simply disapear. For me, it’s worthy you to keep going, I know yandere simulator will be an awesome stealth game, but take in your time.

  17. i think you shouldn’t use analogies about hate and shame, just bring up your old tweets and tell us why they were every posted. They aren’t people who get pleasure from getting someone blacklisted from society, they found some stuff in your past and didn’t like. I love the game and forgive your past actions, but you aren’t exactly handling this in the best way. Just tell the truth without fancy animations and examples, just say what you did and why you did it. x

  18. I believe that the best way to “defeat” them or at least to fight them is to do the opposite of what they want to see in you, if the only thing they want is to see you fall, fight so that this desire does not come true, fight for what you want, because there is no better revenge than to smile in the face of those who tried to make you fall

  19. Similar to another commenter, I also picked the first option on the poll. But that’s only because I honestly don’t care about any rumors surrounding you. If you think you should make a video adressing things, then i say go for it! It may help with the whole peace-of-mind thing.

  20. YandereDev DO NOT MATT YOU NO!

    1. Do not pay attention to the “Odys”
    2. Do not have “shame”
    PLEASE DO NOT DEVELOP YandereSimulator!

  21. I’ve been sick so I just saw this video today. YanDev, I’m worried for you. As someone that went through a period of suicidal depression, I think I may know what you’re feeling right now. Please, don’t give up! You’re a creative and interesting person, which is much more than can be said of the average gremlin. I personally have no real idea about what people are claiming about you and, frankly, I really don’t care if what’s being said is a lie, an exaggerated out-of-context truth, or what. I believe in the guy that has been making a game that I want to play. I believe in the man who seems to have a delightfully twisted sense of humor and a dry wit. I believe in you, YanDev! I am on your side because the person you appear to be to me is a decent guy who has been trying to accomplish something on his own that many groups of people would fail at and somehow he’s succeeding. I believe a lot of the gremlin hate comes from jealousy. If you want to speak out to defend yourself, I’ll listen but do it for yourself and only for yourself. There’s no “right way” to deal with gremlins, depression, or much else in life. You do what you need to do to keep going and those of us who care about you and this project will keep the faith.

  22. Funny enough? I didn’t even know who you were. I saw some people jumping ship off a blog that refused to trash you and came looking for the source. I wish I could say I’d be a supporter, but the game you’re developing isn’t up my alley. That being said, you made a very heartfelt and vulnerable video. While I know that’s blood in the water to some people, it made you very human to me. I’ve been around Tumblr for a few years and I’ve seen how nasty the callout posts can get on minimal evidence and misunderstandings. I have no idea what I’d do in your shoes, I’m not nearly strong enough. I know I’d try to address accusations for a while because I have this really strong “But NO that’s not the TRUTH” streak in me that’s kind of stubborn if I know for 100% sure what the truth actually is, but that is probably the fast track to insanity if dealing with Gremlins (GREAT new name by the way, gonna start using and spreading that ’cause you’re right, they’re not Trolls). Over time, stronger probability is I’d try to vanish and start over under different pseudonyms. I’m not saying you should, I’m saying that’s probably what I would do because I don’t know that I could take what you’re going through. My psychiatrists have vacillated between diagnosing me depressed or Bipolar 2, but in either case I understand how one’s emotional/mental state deeply affects one’s motivation, so you are absolutely not lazy and if this has slowed you down, it makes total sense. Especially if it’s been going on for a long time. This wasn’t a state of being you were meant to endure. Intellectual purity has been crazy toxic for a long time, now. I hope you find the answers you’re looking for, and I hope your real supporters gather around you during this situation.

  23. Hmm, I understand what your going through by seen this B.S. all the time on YouTube. People always do this when they are jealous, envious, or for some reason they just don’t like the person. From my experience with this is to expect people not to like you at all and just don’t take it personal. When you make things personal you make yourself responsible for it, when your not. In the video you stated that these gremlins are picking up on stuff you stated when you were younger. Well let me ask you this, “Didn’t we all say stupid stuff on the internet when we were younger due to are naivety and us not realizing that everything one the internet stays forever?” I’m willing to bet these gremlins have their own skeletons in there own closet as well. Let me ask you this.

    Is this project the most important thing to you or is it this drama crap that these stupid idiots are spouting?

    I’m a betting man and will assume the earlier one. You want to finished this project, its the most important thing you want to do. Its by and large your swan song. Focus on the project. That the only thing I want you to do. I like your project, its interesting, and quite fun. Even it can at time be kind of morbid giving the setting. But I defiantly see a ton of effort and passion in this product. Do not forget that. Your passion to see this project finished. That’s… The only thing I want to see happen. Good luck…

  24. I made a post on the Subreddit asking why everyone on there hates YandereDev. Not one comment was from someone supporting him, and most of them amounted to, “he’s mean, sexist, racist, and has insulted fans before. I hate him and you should to. If you don’t hate him, then you’re in the wrong place.”

    My post was horrendously downvoted, and I just learned that other people got it tagged as “Out of the Loop”. I wanted to know the side of the story of those who hate YandereDev, and when I asked them to help me understand, I was told to go fuck myself repeatedly. The volume of insults I got when asking clarity was much larger than the amount of evidence they provided in support of their stance;
    it’s become quite clear to me that most everyone who degrades, harasses, and abuses YanDev is not in the camp of debating, or convincing, but simply one where they can hate. There doesn’t need to be reason for it, just as long as they get to destroy someone, they’re satisfied- it just so happened that in this situation, the best way to tear a man down was to instill doubt in his audience.

    YandereDev: What’s been happening to you is wrong. There are a few things you’ve done that probably warrant shame, but not at all does it excuse the harassment and punishment you’ve received. Where you are right now is a terrifying place to be in, and I feel confident saying that the only way out of it is truth.

    Step back and take a long, serious look at the reasons things have ended up how they have, and the reasons many people have doubts. Respond to them with truth; not with a rebuttal, blame, accusations, or metaphors, but simply with the facts about a situation. As you said, there are a number of people who want to see you fail, and they will likely never change that stance; that means they’re people that you don’t ever have to worry about bringing to your side, but there is a much larger group who are unsure because of what they’ve heard, and all they want is to hear truth from you.

    If you’ve done something you feel bad about, tell people directly that you’re sorry or ashamed about it, and simply that- no additional justification needed.
    If you’ve done something that doesn’t make sense to the audience, explain why you did what you did, and respond with your honest feelings before it harms your relationship with them.

    If you truly, and sincerely want to climb out of this downward spiral, then speak truth to the people who you want to trust you. Accept that there are people’s minds that you can’t change, and instead focus on giving everyone else every reason to believe that you’re an honorable man. Things should work themselves out from there.

  25. After looking over all the criticisms I could find to try to get the root of the problem, I feel like there’s not much that your criticizers can really pull up on you that’s all that controversial. The stolen artwork thing has been addressed, any business of pedophilia seem a bit exaggerated, and the remaining issues that you’re bad at coding or game development seem to come from people who don’t know much about building a game. As a general rule, it’s probably safe to ignore any criticism from people who uses caps lock to emphasize their emotions or forget to use apostrophes in their writing.

  26. I’m a little bit shocked of what I saw. I know there were some rumors in the last year, adressing these topics you shown in the video. However I wouldn’t have thought that those people went that far. Completly destroying ones personality, ones dignity, ones psyche just for their own amusement, is the worst thing the internet has brought up. I don’t give a shit about what cringy, or stupid things you might have said in the past, I judge you for what you have created so far. And it’s a fun game with a high ambition. I’ve followed nearly all your releases in the past, paused for a year just to find out that you’ve been harassed and devestated by a bunch of complete idiots and loser, who take pleasure in those stupid things. How very adult.

    I however will stick to your work, no matter what. Those people are just couch warriors who open up their trap because of the anonymity of the internet. I’m pretty sure 90% won’t harass you, if their real name is know. Because they could be sued. Those guys are the ones to be pitied for their twisted way of thinking.

    Seeing you questioning everything you’ve done in the past just tears me apart. Continue the great work. You have my support, even if it’s just mental support or warm words.

  27. I absolutely hate that you’re having to go through this, Yandev. I have been here from the beginning and I have fought depression and I understand that getting harassed can cause what has happened. I’ll always be on your side! I don’t care about these tabloids. I just care about the game and your hard work getting published. If wcs happens, I will do all I can to help!

  28. I’ve been in a similar situation and I know it has a big impact on your life. I think you are doing a good job and should keep at it. I know it feels like everyone is against you but just like like the “gremlins” don’t only listen to the hate and hear the people saying you are doing a good job without twisting it into something it is not.

  29. O.O! I honestly shocked that your going through all this. I personally don’t pay attention to drama,gossip,etc so I had no idea. While I would love for the game to come out, it might be time to focus on yourself and your mental health. Perhaps take a hiatus and do other things that make you happy. Us supporters/fan will still be here when you get back.

  30. Don’t give up Yandere Dev we belive in you the gremlins are jealos of your best work we love you. message for all gremlins: KILL YOURSELF RETARDED GREMLINS !!!!!!!! we belive in you dont stop working on the game we love Yandere Dev WE LOVE YANDERE DEV WE LOVE YANDERE DEV

  31. imagine if i’m in a situation like that?
    the nasty way is:can’t say what’s in my angry mind is thinking because scared of gremlins target me next.
    the positive way, i think? is:ignore it, and don’t let it bother you yandev because i believe in your dream and i want to see how the game will finish. i believe in you yandev you’re not alone and thank you. because of you i couldn’t been this happy. i hope you read this comment. GO YANDERE DEV.

  32. I understand, Maybe not me, but my mother does. I cant imagine how i would feel. Well i can but, it doesnt necessarily happen to me. I Understand your story but, ours doesnt go to stalking. You can do this. I know that that wont help but, you have to believe in yourself- which means you are the one that has to believe you know who you are and not let the ugly and untruthful gremlins lies- but not technically lies like you said, get inside of your head and you believe thats what you are– cause its not.

    So, basically when i say i – my mom, understands, its basically two WAY different stories. My mom had met my dad- 15 years ago.- she had gotten mentally abused by him and – like you said, he took everything postive- or negative that she had said and made it over-exaggerated and sound horrible. He went on spreading lies to his family about her and now she doesnt have the best reputation. They got divorced in january 2014. Like you said, anytime you try to explain they laugh- in ours he scoffed.- Ever since 15 years ago, my dad wont stop harrasing my mom. She has had a restraining order, no contact order, and a few times sent him to jail for leaving a mark on her. They have been on and off because he keeps manipulating her he changed. After a period of time, like you said, your personality starts to fade. It turns into a depressed, bitter, and angry person. Therefore, that same thing happened to my mom. She has 4 kids with my dad, me, my older sister, younger brother, and my youngest sister. today he and mom and all of us have been hanging out. Its just the same thing over and over. My mom has been to a psychologist and was perscribed medicine for her depression. She has been better and trying to gain weight because the depression made her never eat. It has helped her stay free of him for the most part and is getting over the drama and is doing so much beter maintaining herself and keeping a positive note.

    If my mom can handle that for 15 years, and is doing better, im sure YOU or anyone in this situation can do it. Now, IM NOT trying to say my moms better than others, because i know some people can take it that way. I know other people have different mental strengths, and your situation is worse than my mothers, but you can do this. I know you have the strength and what it takes to prove them wrong- or to get away from it all. just keep believing. Drown it out and Work hard on your project.

    Oh! remember when you said it could make you want to leave your project? My moms project is us. She once- almost left us because of it. Now she didnt, cause it was too heartbreaking. Shes still working on us, her lifetime project.

  33. Hey I dont think you should stop doing your updates and such because of those gremlins. You started this game because you wanted to and thought it would be cool and im sure that there are people who enjoy your game a lot and those of course who dont but that shouldnt matter because you have the support of those who do like your game. Dont dwell on those who dont it will just make you more depressed and stressed out. Take your time in what your doing. Your fans have already waited plenty of times for updates and its nothing new, a lot of games are like that. I enjoy yandere simulater it has depth and great potential don’t let it all go to waste because of those gremlins, you have all your fans that will watch your back for you. Good luck,best of wishes.

  34. i absolutely refuse to give up on this game until i see it finished and beautiful with all 10 rivals and 90 students and easter eggs and the demon realm and the backstory to megami saikou and why senpai makes ayano feel so special. I point blank refuse to give up on devpai until i see those things finished. Heck ive been here since there was a total of at least 10 students and the school was black and white (or black and gray). it has been such a pleasure watching this game evolve into something amazing and id be damned if im gonna let a few ppl talking crap abt devpai get in my way of watching this game thrive. you have made something incredible and yeah maybe it is “just a game” but this game was made for 4 years by a single programmer and developer AND LOOK AT IT NOW. these gremlins are probably just kids who wanted to make their own game but couldnt handle the responsibility that you,devpai, could handle all on your own. Please you are so much better than them dont let it get to you. Even if all of your fans have gone please remember i will always be here. Your doing great!!

  35. Yandere Dev, please don’t give up. You’re doing a wonderful job and there will always be so many of us supporting you. I love what you’ve created and I’m sure I will love what you will create in the future. And just so you know, my mom (who is 51 y/o) is waiting for Yandere Simulator to come out too. I show her all your videos on YouTube, and she loves them. We’re both sending positive vibes your way. Stay strong!

  36. Yandere Dev, you’re really cool. I wish I could help out, but my voice acting isn’t great or professional, I wanted to try to learn unity, and maybe help with doing minor things, but it was another failure on me (I’m not really good at 3d modeling and scripting… but I hope… you continue making the game because the game is really great! I’ve seen mods of it, but it doesn’t have the same type of implementation you bring to the game, like the added challenge of defeating a rival, in the mods it’s usually really easy, but you’re giving the game great dimension, with making it a difficult task, and I check the blog daily, usually… [strike]will there be a female senpai version for sure? Or will it be to difficult to implement?[/strike] if that’s one of those annoying questions you get asked all the time, just ignore it…

    • Besides, you’re a programmer above all, not a Youtuber: ignore what you deem as stupid and go on, because the game is becoming better by the day. On the web, you’ll even find hate comments under Mandela videos: there’s useful criticism, and then there’s foul criticism. You don’t have to deal with everything, just like a politican couldn’t possibly spend his time worrying about every single thing opponents write and say. So, please go on, this is one of the very few games I’m willing to pay for.

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