Hate and Shame

In January of this year, I realized that this video would eventually become necessary. I should have begun preparing it sooner, so I could have released it when I needed it the most. I wish this video had been ready back in June, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete it until today.

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The artist who created the illustrations for this video is Hikari-NJ: https://www.deviantart.com/hikari-nj

315 thoughts on “Hate and Shame

  1. You have my full support, I was hoping this was a new elimination but now am heartbroken to hear that it’s really about you. It’s stupid and ridiculous your going through this. Your a hero to keep going and I still say you should keep pushing forward. Making a game is hard and doing it on your own is even more difficult but I believe in you! Keep going Yandere dev, the people who talk trash and refuse to listen to reason and logic are foolish and should be left in the dust. I believe in your game and you!

  2. Please. Stop. You said it yourself; the “gremlins” aren’t interested in changing their minds, so you’re not going to change their minds. I really hope this is the last video on this topic. It’s the complaining and off-topic videos that make the wait so frustrating. You’re having your artists draw graphics for these videos that have zero impact on the game itself? No wonder you’re losing volunteers. I personally don’t care about the rumors; I dropped your patreon because of these complaint videos. Either drop the project or commit to it.

    • Yo, saying things like that doesn’t defuse the situation. It’s not a complaint it’s a real issue. It’s hard to find motivation when your mentally and emotionally just under stress and disrespecting and disregarding his feelings and mental health is not only disrespectful but repugnant of you. You dropped him because you believe what those trash talkers believe. It’s still needed to be addressed and he did it in a way he knows best. People deal with things like this differently. So don’t be a jerk, and don’t tell others to give up on something or commit because you are not them and you are not going through what they are going through.

  3. I don’t know why you get hate. You’re making a game for the people to enjoy. It shouldn’t matter if it takes too long in anyone’s standards; it’s your game and you make it how you want it. You don’t owe anyone anything. I’ve been following your development for three years and I still admire the work you’ve done, not that you should need that admiration. I hope you don’t give up on your dreams for expectations.

  4. I think that your health and well-being should come first. At this point, I think you may have to ask yourself, and ONLY yourself, if all of this stress and negativity is worth the project. It’s absolutely horrible that people have brought you to this point. It really is. But it’s the current situation that is being faced, and it is unlikely to change due to the nature of human beings. What I’m trying to say is that I think you should put your health first before any projects, any fans, etc., because I would imagine this situation has done a number on your mental health, and that’s not something that anyone should ever push aside or take lightly. Please, please, PLEASE don’t worry about Yandere Simulator if this is the case. At the very least, take time off and think about it. I have been rooting for you and this game for a while now, but when it comes down to it, I would NOT want you to suffer through this just to make progress on the game. You are, as a human being, more important than the game. If this is hurting you too much, then don’t hesitate to stop, even if only for a break.

  5. I haven’t kept up with any of this drama or heard any “exposé shining light on the HARD FACTS behind YandereDev” even though I’m sure many exist, and consist solely of tenuous connections drawn between data points that are either sketchy or nonexistent. But I think by far the most important thing you can do right now is nothing. That is to say: Take a break. Take a LONG break. Get the negativity out of your life. If you feel the need to officially announce that you’re taking a break, don’t specify a time limit, or at least give yourself more time than you think you need (if you think spending three months away from being YandereDev will help you get your life back together, plan on six months instead). That way, if you need more time you’ll have it, and if you return from your break a month early with significant progress made toward one or more items on your checklist, your fans will be thrilled, and the followers you lost to gremlins will have to re-evaluate their opinion of you.
    Your gremlins have created a problem where none existed. Their constant attacks have cost you supporters, sanity, and possibly your publisher if I inferred correctly from your video. The last thing your fans want is for these attacks to destroy your creativity. If you lose the ability to fulfill our expectations by finishing the unique game you’ve been working on for nearly five years now, the gremlins will win. Take a long break, and recover your sanity so you can get back to what you’re best at: creating a highly-anticipated immersive sim about a killer schoolgirl.

  6. Do not let people ruin your work for almost 5 years. Everyone here loves your beautiful game, that’s why we always look forward to a new update, we enjoy playing it, laughing at some bugs but we had a good time

  7. Yan-Dev……..




    The reason they were even put on this earth was to try and get in the way of you finishing this game!
    You are literally my FAVORITE! game developers! So, I’m gonna say this only one!

    *Puts on green wig*

    GAME EVER!!!!!!

    *Takes wig off*

    Ahem…..That’s all.

  8. Don’t worry YandereDev!!! You are great!!! You are not giving up on your dream!!! I understand what you’re going through so that’s why I will always support you!!!!

  9. please continue the game. A lot of us really like it and ur a really good game developer and whoever disagrees can go eat sh**. Ur supporters are always here for u and we hope ur ok!

  10. Yandere Dev, you are a very special man and you have a lot of people’s support! It doesn’t matter if others don’t like your content because so many others including myself love and care about you! It’s not just about what a person makes or does its about the person themself! We absolutely love your smarts, your creativity, and how much effort you put into things! So please, don’t worry and take care of yourself! Every youtuber has to deal with the same exact things you are going through in this certain situation they also have to deal through haters and maybe if it comes to it…..depression… But, we care about you! To those that say I DON’T CARE on the poll they need to learn that this is actually serious… Things like this can grow! So please don’t worry! Stuff like this happens! YOU ARE AMAZING! YOUR CARED FOR! And most of all……. WE LOVE YOU! ❤

  11. Yandere Dev you are amazing and an awesome game developer too.don’t let anyone change that. You have a lot of people’s support, so keep going…
    Love you as always

  12. Are you doing okay, YanDev? We haven’t heard from you in a few weeks. I just gotta say that I know how it feels to constantly be bombarded with accusations online, and I used to be a victim of that for a few months. The real fans are all rooting for you.

  13. yan-dev I feel bad for you about all of the negative comments you have received and I have to say that your strong for not giving up on your hopes and dreams and I’m here for you to happy as I can so stay strong yan-dev

  14. Yandere dev, I am very worried about you. There has been no news from you for so long … Even the smallest news from you, whether it was not, about the development or about your situation now. Please let know about myself, I am very worried!

  15. Dear YandeDEV
    I just do not understand why people are fanatics to you
    I mean, it ‘s just a game. You need time to finish. You do not have to do it. You do it because you love to do it.
    People who criticize you violently
    They do not deserve to take their opinion because you do not know what is inside them at the end. No one is perfect. You really have to do what you need in the game that you give to people. Stop downloading videos to explain to people. People will not understand it. In your love or the way you work and you have a Personal life that needs attention and I like how to develop and appreciate how you want to develop the game and of course everyone in the path of success will be in the mistakes not because You are a developer you do not have to do everything right it is human nature and this unfortunately is not seen by most people.
    Get up from that chair and develop your game that you dreamed of doing and break those people who are fanatic or harass you in all kinds (I’m sorry if there are language errors I’m Arab UuU)

  16. Yandere dev please release Android version. If shoujo city 3D who’s have yandere simulator content any android version. Why yandere simulator didn’t ?

  17. Dear yandere dev, you are a extraordinary person. never give up. WE BELIEVE IN YOU!! WE ALL BELIEVE IN YOU! no matter what. don’t let some stupid, freaky gremlin bring you down, because in real life there just doing this for attention, drama, and something to make them fell for filed because they fell empty inside.
    *she hugs you*
    *you hug back*
    oh, and also… *asks a lot of questions about game*
    *you kills her (AGAIN)*
    don’t stop! we love you yandere dev!

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