What’s Going On With Yandere Simulator’s Development?

I try my best to avoid making “defensive” videos. I really, really don’t like the idea of spending 10~15 minutes telling people, “No! You’re wrong!” The act of defending yourself also carries the unfortunate side-effect of inadvertently appearing oversensitive, or insecure, or whiny.

However, it has become extremely tiresome to see the same set of statements popping up in the comment section of every video:

  • “YandereDev doesn’t know how to write code!”
  • “The game has a low framerate because of bad code!”
  • “YandereDev is wasting his time on unnecessary features!”
  • “YandereDev should be focusing on Osana!”
  • “The game’s character models were stolen!”

Seeing these remarks strongly reduces my motivation to work on the game, causing my productivity to sharply decline. It’s impossible to feel enthusiastic about developing the game when this is the sort of feedback I’m getting.

After months of gritting my teeth and trying to ignore it, it has become painfully apparent that this crap will never go away unless I directly debunk it. So, here’s my attempt to do so:

There’s actually a lot more that I want to say in regards to clearing up misconceptions, but none of it has anything to do with the subject of game development, so I decided that it should be a separate video altogether. Ideally, that video will be out soon.

162 thoughts on “What’s Going On With Yandere Simulator’s Development?

  1. I looked at the checklist in the previous few videos, and out of all those things is improving frame rate, having students react to murder, and the mysterious obstacle are the main 3 thing. Which are you planning to work on or are working on now?

  2. I don’t care what the others say, I think you are doing great with the game’s progress so far, and you should take your time! All good things come to those who wait, and this game so far looks great. Something interesting to do in the future, or right now if I want to be one of the many “beta-testers” who play the debug version. Gossip is not a recommended activity for me, and it should be the case for everyone else.

  3. I’m so sorry all this garbage is happening to you, it’s so stupid. Why can’t people just let other people get on with their lives? I hope you’re able to reach your goal of finishing Yandere Sim! I’ve felt this, but not because of gremlins, because of my own view of myself. I hope you can keep going! I don’t listen to rumours. I think everyone should allow themselves to with-hold judgement until they have the product. Like Fallout 76 is getting so much hate and it’s not out yet, Yandere Sim is the same and it doesn’t deserve it! I wish I had the skills to volunteer to help, because I really want to help your finish your goal! I hope you’re able to get emotional support in these trying times Yandere Dev!!! ❤

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