What’s Going On With Yandere Simulator’s Development?

I try my best to avoid making “defensive” videos. I really, really don’t like the idea of spending 10~15 minutes telling people, “No! You’re wrong!” The act of defending yourself also carries the unfortunate side-effect of inadvertently appearing oversensitive, or insecure, or whiny.

However, it has become extremely tiresome to see the same set of statements popping up in the comment section of every video:

  • “YandereDev doesn’t know how to write code!”
  • “The game has a low framerate because of bad code!”
  • “YandereDev is wasting his time on unnecessary features!”
  • “YandereDev should be focusing on Osana!”
  • “The game’s character models were stolen!”

Seeing these remarks strongly reduces my motivation to work on the game, causing my productivity to sharply decline. It’s impossible to feel enthusiastic about developing the game when this is the sort of feedback I’m getting.

After months of gritting my teeth and trying to ignore it, it has become painfully apparent that this crap will never go away unless I directly debunk it. So, here’s my attempt to do so:

There’s actually a lot more that I want to say in regards to clearing up misconceptions, but none of it has anything to do with the subject of game development, so I decided that it should be a separate video altogether. Ideally, that video will be out soon.

162 thoughts on “What’s Going On With Yandere Simulator’s Development?

  1. Yandere Dev, you are a good one and don’t worry anylonger of stupid comment about your code of anything else. Ok perhaps you don’t have good code but you don’t care ! The game framerate is 📈 Good really cool ! A really good game isn’t your game and I love it’s you the Dev of a so beautiful game, and about characters ok some characters have perhaps have stolen but anyway ? You are really the best and if I was you I did care about stupid one. For me you give me determination on the game !!!!!! You will grate up without complication ! I repeat but the game is so cool I’m crazy EVERYtime you post a Progress on the game and I love when I have wait so longer for something so longer instead of wait 3 days and see something bad like the past. Good luck, Bravo, Congralutalation and have a good continuation in your life and the game because the game is important for people like me.
    Perhaps working on code is tiredful so rest some hour. Just say that you have read this comments and say that you will be happy about the world you created !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  2. Don’t worry dev ! The game is so cool !! I don’t know if I’m right but I think you have to focus on the new characters models ! I think that osana must have one new design that you are making! They are really beautiful

  3. I’ve been staning yandere sim for so long,i”m willing to wait years if that means it holds up to your standarts of what you want this project to be. I aint planning on leaving yandere sim. AND OMG ThE MODEL OF YAN CHAN WAS SOOOOOOO COOOOOL I’m excited

  4. First of all, that character model is S+ adorable and I love it. It looks like it could be made to give each character a more unique appearance.

    Second of all, most people don’t understand how game development works. Most games of this magnitude take 5+ years to make, and that is with teams of hundreds of people. You are doing fine.

  5. What you said is exactly what I said to my friend, I was seriously pissed when he gave me the “his coding is bad” bullsh**, these vultures of youtubers with barely 10k subs who want to get famous by bashing someone who has actual talent and is working hard is annoying me to no end. I watched mostly all your videos and mostly all your blog posts and since I, unlike others, actually pay attention to what you say, I knew the models were bought and paid for, I knew they’re place holders and I knew your coding doesn’t matter because after the crowdfunding you’re going to hire professionals to do the work, unfortunately I had the displeasure of reading the comment section of the youtube video and it made me sick how gullible and ignorant people can be, these youtuers are exactly like Ayano going to a student and saying “I have something terrible to say about this student” and everyone goes like “oh that sounds terrible”, damn this game is realistic as hell. I’m afraid this is only going to be a waste of time, you’d need another youtuber to defend you in order for this to go away, you know the saying “everything can and will be used against you”. Don’t you know some famous youtuber who has a lot of views and is willing to risk it and say “Yanderedev is not bad and here’s why” I’d do it myself but my youtube channel is….basically dead.

  6. I do understand how hard it is to make a game. I didn’t made a game, but I understand. One thing that I don’t understand are people that say things like “YandereDev again made useless thing for the game” and etc. I was watching you some months after you released YandereSimulator and I’m happy that I didn’t stop! You improved so much! Everything is good! I wait patiently for each update no matter if it’s fixing build or not 😀 I’m really angry when people say that things about you… I’m happy that you explained those things for bad people! and in the same time I’m angry because of that you made this video :’) Some people are just too stupid and wants everything on the snap of the finger
    YOU NEED A BREAK! I don’t know how much… BUT YOU NEED! I can wait years for updates/full game! Be happy and not tired! Take a break! Don’t pay attention of what people say!

    I screamed so hard when I saw new model of Yandere-chan! SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL AND CUTE (others will be too of course OwO )!!

  7. The problem I have with the people leaving criticism is they claim it’s constructive but it isn’t. They don’t try to be a little polite and they never offer a suggestion to fix the problem they’re criticizing you on. My hope is that you ignore the destructive criticism and focus on making the best game you can make. 🙂

  8. dont worry yandere dev.. its your game that means you can work however you want. im sure players yandere simulator will understand :3 ❤

  9. On the bright side, it seems like the hate bandwagon (it was a textbook bandwagon situation) has died down a bit. This game is really shaping up to be something great! Keep up the fantastic work! Also, the character model you introduced looks amazing!

  10. Por favor continúa con el juego sin importar los malos comentarios, te sigo un montón y me emociono mucho por el gran avance que estás logrando, sos el mejor sin dudas !
    Desde Argentina- Buenos Aires, SEGUí PARA ADELANTE YANDEREDEV ❤

  11. To be honest, I’m not even going to watch that video sweetie. And this is why. You don’t have to defend yourself to anyone! I know what it’s like trying to share something you love with everyone. Pouring your heart into it, only to have people who can’t or won’t do the same thing trash talk it. It hurts. I don’t know if they don’t get that, or they don’t care. Either way, I see the love you’ve put into this and I know others do as well. And those are the people that matter. So you keep being your awesome self and we look forward to everything you do!

  12. Hey Yan Dev, I just headed to your subreddit and read the comments below the post about your video. I was kinda surprised about the number of bricks thrown towards you (seriously there is this guy attacking your word use – real mature right there).
    I have been a lurker on your sites, and I logged in to say this: haters are gonna hate. You have explained, and that is enough. If you want to do something just do it, pay no mind to the haters. Keep explaining will make you more of a target for them. Instead, why don’t you attack back by simply showing your work?

    Just some thought from an outside watcher. I love your videos on game development and will keep watching them.

  13. YandereDev! Are you going to put the students that aren’t in clubs soon? Is a priority, or you’re focusing on something else? Are those students related with rivals? Thank you anyway!

  14. \o/ don’t pay attention to what people say ’bout it
    Ofc there are sometimes where we must listen to others but those pol are haters, they hate you and your work whatever you do
    Last time I was disgusted about how haters threat you…I talked and talked and talked with one of them, xD they were copying the same message
    Yandev-san ‘^’ take a break, and ignore them, x) they wish having more subscribers than you, and having your talent
    Keep going ! (And eat chocolate ! )

  15. The Game is going great. The amount of progress made has been immense and, even with it not completed, i love playing the game. Things have been well thought out so far and its nice to see a creator taking time to create a game rather than worrying about getting the full game out quicker.

  16. Yanderedev you are probably the most responsible and mature game developer i have ever seen. You shouldn’t have to worry about impressing millions of 5 year olds when you’re real fans realize that you’re doing the best you can. AND you’re doing it really well. No game developer i know or heard of would ACTUALLY properly inform its fans at all about what they were doing. Even if you did half of what you were doing now to inform us of the development of the game it would still be 10x better than other developers. Do NOT kill yourself with this game.

  17. this people,doesn’t know nothing about game development,i am a game developer,i’m working on a project for a very long time,and those people don’t know shit about it,and yandere dev,you know what?all of the people how make video about it,are KIDS,no even teens or truth adults,so ignore them,and continue with your amazing work!!!!!

  18. Don’t you worry YanDev! People simply don’t understand that this is not easy at all. 😠 I would like to see those who say you’re lazy make something like this! 😠😠😠

  19. I find the models pretty neat and cool… although it’s gonna give me a weird vibe.. it’s like taking a roblox model in a Minecraft world or whatever
    ( barely play roblox so how would I know what the models are in roblox 🌝 )

  20. In regards to the next video, I assume you’ll be responding to criticism about you and things you’ve done as an actual person, and honestly I think that’s the most important thing to address.
    It would be wise, in that time, to apologize for any harm done in the past:
    EVEN IF it was ancient past
    EVEN IF you’ve changed
    EVEN IF the claims weren’t 100% accurate
    Humility goes a LONG way and gains you respect as a person. AND if there is truth to areas you’ve harmed people they deserve to be treated fairly.
    I want to clarify, I’m not pointing fingers.
    But I know how drama goes and there is no way to snake your way out of it. If you’re going to face it, face it headon, properly, or it will never die.
    It may not go away after you’ve made your response, but at least after you make it you can consciously put it to rest and keep your focus on the game.

  21. Do what you want: you makes video games, we play your video games
    You can listen who you want, you can listen people or not, you can worrying about players or not, you can stop the game or not…

    You are free to take any characters on the web, to write code like a boss or like a shit, to take long time to do something maybe useless….

    To choose what is useless…

    Players can not order

  22. I not only like the way this was worded and said, It helped explain and teach me a lot of what is actually going on behind the closed doors of game development. This helped me understand things I should actually expect, and actually made me more excited for the release of this game, whether the game is perfect or not doesn’t matter.

    At this point I am following this game during development to SEE what it becomes I want to know fully of what it actually turns into, that’s what I can’t wait for.

    Take your time, and do everything the way you want. It is YOUR game after all.

  23. I feel like the models should change before the crowdfunding campaign, maybe in the build that contains Osana. I feel like people should have time to get used to the prototype models. Plus with new polished models the game would get more peoples attention.

  24. Mr Yandev
    With all the comments on here about how you are giving the haters more ammunition to shoot at you with, I doubt I need to say anything. Even so, I wanna say my bit.
    This honestly reminds me of school, you know? You see, I’m in choir, and we have an event that soloists can sing whatever song they want! They are talented, amazing people with a good heart. Even so, when I’m listening to them in the audience, I hear whispers from my peers that AREN’T going up there: “God, she’s awful.” “She gasps too much.” “I can’t wait for his solo to be done. He’s really bad.” THOSE people had the ovaries and testicles to go up there, and show off what they’ve got! But THEM? Small-minded, shallow, and/or jealous human beings. (On a side-note, I’m going to FINALLY go up there and sing. People are going to judge me, but who cares? I’m braver, stronger, and louder than all of them! I’ll drown them out with what I’ve got!)
    Mr. Yandev, you just got up there to sing your heart out, you are single-handedly already better than those haters just for going public with your game. But you aren’t JUST confident, you are smart enough to make a decent skeleton of a build! You have the imagination to come up with a YANDERE SIMULATOR. YANDERE, Mr Alex. YOU did that. Did THEY come up with that idea? No! Are they coding it BY THEM SELF? No! Did they even publish a debug build? No!
    Mr. Alex, you are imaginative, talented, and smart. Don’t you let those people get you down!

  25. people are hating because they can’t hate on out-dated games because no one will se the hating. it’s okay, haters gonna hate

  26. One guy making a game versus an entire team which takes 5 years. Yeah, give it patience, people. Sure there are contributors, but there’s a limit to what they actually contribute.

  27. I have a question, would not it be a good idea to change the teacher’s model for the counselor’s? That would make the teachers look more adult, I hope your answer = 3

  28. I absolutely love the concept of this game as well as what you’ve given us so far. I’m looking forward to seeing you complete the game, but I agree with the others – don’t overwork yourself and make sure that your happiness comes first. I always find myself thinking of this game, and I get really excited about it every time! No matter what happens, I’ll wait for it to be finished because I know it’ll be worth it.

  29. Chances are those people complaining about the code don’t know anything about game development themselves. Especially when this is the first solo indie game you’ve ever made, of course you will make some mistakes here and there.
    Just ignore the idiots and focus on everyone else who has faith in you. They’re not worth your time.

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