Light Music Club and Guidance Counselor in Yandere Simulator

EDIT: Oops! I accidentally uploaded a build with the Light Music Club disabled…but I’ve uploaded a new build where that bug is fixed. If you don’t see the Light Music Club, please re-download the game. I apologize for the inconvenience!

It took much longer than expected to acquire all of the assets necessary to implement the Light Music Club. I didn’t want to let any time go to waste, so while waiting for LMC assets, I implemented the next item on my checklist of core features. The result is that today’s build contains two new features – the LMC and the guidance counselor!

To see a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, click “Continue Reading”!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Changed render settings that should drastically improve the framerate. In the previous build, the lowest framerate I was able to get was 20, but in the current build, the lowest I can get is 27!
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to look away from Yandere-chan if she aimed a camera at them while bloody and wearing an Art Club apron.
  • Changed shader for the pool’s water so that it shouldn’t flicker in strange ways when the player adjusts the camera angle.
  • Updated facial expression on walk animation for female students so that they don’t all have “resting bitchface”.
  • There is now a bucket of red paint in the Art Club. The player can use this bucket to splatter themselves with red paint to give themselves the appearance of being splattered with blood. There is a reason to do this, but instead of describing it, I’d like to see who can figure it out.
  • ?


  • If a teacher catches the player misbehaving, they are sent to the guidance counselor.
  • In the guidance counselor’s office, the player is given several dialogue options, and must figure out which one will get them out of trouble (or result in the least-harsh punishment).
  • After hearing the player speak, the guidance counselor will either let you go, suspend you for a number of days, or expel you outright.
  • The guidance counselor has around 80 different voiced lines that can be heard while the player is in her office!
  • One of the player’s potential dialogue options is locked at the beginning of the game, and must be unlocked before it can be used.
  • The player can no longer freely walk around inside of the Guidance Counselor’s office. Accessing the door to the counselor’s office will now put the player into a chair inside the counselor’s office, and ending the conversation with the counselor will teleport the player outside of the office.
  • You can tap the E key (or the A button on Xbox controller) to speed up the teacher / counselor dialogue and rush through the counselor sequence. You can get caught, get sent to the counselor’s office, and get released within 10 seconds if you mash fast enough.
  • Unlike everyone else in the game, the counselor’s mouth moves when she talks!

Light Music Club

  • The Light Music Club members walk around with instruments, and practice playing their instruments in secluded spots so that they don’t pester anyone.
  • Joining the Light Music Club enables Yandere-chan to play a rhythm minigame. Depending on your performance, you can earn lots of reputation points through this minigame.
  • The Light Music Club practices performing in their clubroom after 4:00 PM.

What’s Next?

It’ll be one of the items from the checklist featured in the video at 10:15. All of those features are important things I’ve wanted to take care of for years, so I’m very eager to get back to work!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

83 thoughts on “Light Music Club and Guidance Counselor in Yandere Simulator

    • No! You are also able to easily wield knives in the cooking club room currently. In the future, it may be possible to walk around at certain times of day with a knife and be considered LESS suspicious.
      If you don’t want access to certain things (e.g., the cello case) in the LMC, then you can use the reputation boost in the Cooking Club that you can currently get.
      Not to mention, one of the future rivals, Amai, will be the leader of the cooking club. Joining the cooking club can definitely get you close to Amai, in one way or another….

  1. It was so good to see the game making so much progress, for two years it sounded like no progess had been made, now it looks like the game is progressing 100 times faster 😀

  2. Yan Dev,I have got an idea for the game.If the player joins Drama/Occult/Music/Sience Club the player can go to the backstage of the gym and change the hair colour like the rest of the members of the respective club(and have ine drill if the player has joined to the Drama Club)

  3. for the red paint it looks like you could paint injuries and blood all over yourself and use a weapon with another students finger prints on it to report that you were attacked.

    • And it would most likely succeed if you have a high reputation. Succeed but the guidence counsler would be suspicious of you if you reported getting attacked again. Or fail and you’d get expelled if you attempted this if you have a low reputation.

      • No, I think it’s like “the boy who cried wolf”. If Yandere-Chan is noticed by others too often about being covered in blood but actually being covered in paint, they’ll eventually not be startled by the sight of red splattered on her and she’d be able to get away with having blood on herself.

  4. YandereDev a question, in the list of pending things to add in the game, says 90 students in the school, you mean you are also the 4 students without a club in the game?

    • Yes, there will be other clubless students like the Basu sisters Kuu Dere, Horuda Puresu and the Mysterious Obstacle

    • He was also talking, before, of adding the rainbow-haired students back into the game at some point. They would likely not necessarily be associated with any particular club. They would help give the game a more lively atmosphere because of the increased population.
      ALSO, keep in mind that there will only be 1 rival per week to defeat in the final game. So, depending on how you eliminate them can affect school population.
      (I’m assuming that if you eliminate the rival in a way that she is still alive, especially if they still have a decent standing with Senpai, they will still be a student in the school).

    • The last slots are for the clubless students (including the mysterious obstacle) and the rivals, if YandereDev improves the framerate the Rainbow 12 could come back

  5. ahhh! YanrteDev already said that I felt sad because I was not light music but I just tried not the new compilation where the music is but the counselor if it scared me because I was with the saw and enter the empower and send me to the address and I chose it seems wrong that I do not understand English I speak Spanish but it does not matter always the translator helps me thanks for letting us know

  6. How do you exit the LMC minigame?
    I tried Esc and it just reset the song with Miyuji saying the line when you fail

  7. ahhh! que susto me diste YandereDev ya decia que me sentia triste por que no estaba el music ligera pero acabo de probar no la nueva copilacion donde estan la de musica pero lo de la consejera si que me asusto por que estaba con la sierra y entre a la faculta y me mandaro para la direcion y elegi parece uno incorrecto es que no entiendo ingles hablo español pero no importa siempre el traductor me ayuda gracias por avisarnos:
    use the translator to understand what I meant to say please

  8. Awesome new content! I really don’t think most clubs would need a minigame at least not from the start certainly making things you can try out in the clubs a tutorials or ways to add stats like the light music club is an excellent idea and absolutely something to keep in the game, but there’s not neccessarily going to be something like that that fits every club, at least not from the get go. I think just adding things where they may fit and then maybe coming back to other clubs with something if and when something might be useful is a better option than just forcing things in just so every club has something.

    Even if it would be fun to see a minigame in the cooking club that lets you make better bentos for Senpai that’s hardly something that would make or break the game. It’d still be just as cool playing the game without extra minigames pushed in just to have something in every club. The rivals will just get tougher so leaving some slots open for future tutorials (if anything is ever implemented) would be just as good if not better *shrug*

    Do love what we have to play with now though!

  9. If I remember correctly, earlier in the kokona video you said that before the first week that kokona would “show” you the killing mechanics as a sort of tutorial for them
    Perhaps, the club leaders would also be there to show any students what their club is about
    Maybe some of the practice mechanics like the martial arts club spar minigame(as a tutorial for the delinquent fight mechanic) can be optionally done there if the player wanted?

  10. I think that gaining 100+ reputation points for a good performance is very op… like you could misbehave and get -90 reputation, do 1 minigame and essentially reverse the problem completely :/


  11. Awesome set of updates! Super excited! Just some thoughts-

    -Does going to the guidance counselor effect reputation? I think being sent there should dip your reputation just a little bit, and being sent home or suspended should dip your reputation quite a lot. Itd be a good way to discourage players from doing outlandish things without thinking them through

    -I love the light music club mini game idea. There should be a way to practice the minigame at home so players can get good at it before going to school and playing it for students

    -The shooty bullet hell game you play at home should be available to play for no reason at the gaming club haha

    Anyways loving these updates!! Excited for whats being added next

  12. literally can’t wait to play, I’m downloading this build right now! I’m truly excited to play another amazing build of yandere sim. I’ve been following the development of this game since 2015, and every time a new build releases i just feel a little proud, even though i did nothing to help. I cannot wait for Osana to be finished, and I’m looking forward to it!

  13. there dosent seem to be a way to end the lmc minigame, if you lose it starts over and if you win it with full bar or not, still starts over

  14. Info Chan has info about genka. Check it out! its the secret method on how to use the blood (probably) and is how you unlock the secret option. Have fun!

  15. Hey i am having problems with the launcher. So basically whenever i went on the launcher it kept on saying ‘Game is up-to-date’ because i know there is a new build that came out and ireally want to update the game.

  16. This Is Getting Better, Now, There Are Just Some Features Missing To Finally Have A Demo Of This Amazing Game.

    It Would Be Really Great To Have A Minigame In Every Club And Get A Benefict, But, Of Course, That Might Delay The Game, And It’s Not Really Necessary.

    I’m Really Excited Yo Know What’s Going To Be The New Feature That Is Will Be Implemented In The Game!

    Oh Mah God.. The Empty Husks Want Revenge, Yandere Dev..What Have You Done!

  17. Hey Yan dev, I found a bug.
    I picked up a mop and walked to the faculty room to get sent to the guidance counselor. Almost immediately, a teacher stood up to scold me, but she didn’t say anything. Yan chan gave the annoyed look and I was sent to the guidance counselor. Genka says “it should be obvious why you’re here” twice, and then the options show up. I picked excuse, and yan chan didn”t say anything, and neither did Genka. They just stared at each other. I couldn’t exit it out of it and had to quit the game. Not sure if this is a bug or just no voiced lines for the scenario.
    Also, when doing the light music club minigame, there doesn’t seem to be a way to quit. When you pass, it just repeats, and it repeats when you fail too. I tried pressing escape, but it just takes me to the screen where Miyuji tells yan chan to get it together, and then repeats the minigame. I again had to close the game and restart to get out of it.
    Please tell me if anyone else encountered these bugs.

    • I was having the same problem with the rhythm mini-game. I completed the very easy song to the end, got +100 reputation, and the game took me back to the start of the song.

      I haven’t checked out the counselor yet so I can’t say I experienced that counselor bug.

  18. The launcher said that the game is up-to-date but it just said Re-download I don’t know what wrong with it tho also I Re-downland it 3 times and nothing work

  19. so i figured out what the paint was for and after i got sent to the guidance councilor the cooking club walk animation didnt work and they were just sliding around but after i change adn visited the guidance councilor they went back to normal i was sad it looked so funny ( no i will not tell you what the paint is for thats no fun)

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