Yandere Simulator Live-Action Trailer

About two years ago, I envisioned a trailer for a horror film based on Yandere Simulator. I really enjoyed the idea that I came up with, and it stayed in my mind for a long time. Last year, I discovered a group of cosplayers who did an outstanding job of dressing up as Yandere Sim characters. I asked them if they would be willing to help me create the trailer that I had envisioned – and to my delight, they agreed! The video below is the result of our collaboration! I hope you enjoy it!

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194 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator Live-Action Trailer

  1. Heya, Yandev! I have a question.
    Will you ever implement a flowchart? Like in Detroit: Become Human. I think it would make things easier for people to know if they missed anything if they want to get every achievement. Would that be too time-consuming or would it be easy to put something like that into the game?

  2. Hi YANDERE DEV ! This has no relation but I have some questions about the occult club members :

    Personna – In the final game they will go to an empty room if they see a death body right ? It is nice !

    Hairstyle – And with this, why not remake their hairstyle like Kuu Dere ?(I think that Kokuma Jutsu has Rei Ayanami’s hairstyle)

    Routine – And their futur routine will be great ! I hope you will add this to the game one day…

    The occult club can be a really good club with these 3 features.

  3. Yandere Dev Yandere Dev! I have 2 things to tell you! (Sorry if im bothering you) If you don’t understand me, sorry! Im from Spain, How ever, i LOVE your game! (Also, my first build was the January 2015!)
    1) I want to ask you something. Now that the first rival is gonna be in the game soon, the game is supposted to be a true demo, right? And you say that the game is gonna be for Xbox! So when is gonna be a demo maybe is be able to download the demo on the xbox 360 store/games searcher?
    2) I have a REALLY BAD problem with the game! When I start the game (when appears the sponsors), i can’t see anithing! I only see a Pink/Magenta screen. How ever, the sounds and the music works! But the build with bugs of the recent addition of the game work.

  4. Hello Yanderedev, I just wanted to tell you that I support you and that you shouldn’t listen to haters. Whatever you do, whatever you say, they’ll always find something wrong with you. I hope you are fine and that you don’t overwork yourself.
    I also wanted to share a video with you, that’s a french fan of yandere simulator, she made a video “Yandere Diary” about Musume with English subtitle: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9qFL99BtSA
    You should really check out!

      • (This a REPITIVE REPLY if you don´t reply I wil reply many times as posible until you reply me) (NOTE: This is a spaces as a reply please understand that what I mean) No, I mean for example if Hanako is on the 9th week, doesn´t mean is going to add 1 rival once for week or they will add as actual NPCs on those spaces (students that doesn´t have a crush on Senpai or somene else)?

  5. Yandev I have a question?

    I’m some of the characters pages on the website it says they will appear on week 52 or something like that.
    But there is only 10 weeks for each rival so how does that work? Will the endless summer idea be a thing?

    • I’d definitely like to do this in the future, but I won’t really plan on it or promise it until I’m implementing Osana, and know exactly where I should have students standing to create the best challenge for the player (while keeping things interesting and fair).

  6. Y’all I’ve been a fan for a while, love everything you’ve done so far.
    But also earlier in August I noticed how close the Photography Club has gotten to a certain crime fighting gang, would hate to see you get into any trouble over it but you seem to be within your rights ;))))))))))))

  7. 1.) YandereDev I was wondering something in September 1st are we going to get a preview, a new build, or both. I’ve seen you in the comments on both here and reddit where you said both answers. Which of the two is going to happen or are both coming.

    2.) I saw in your comments when someone asked about restoring Saki’s and Kokona’s stockings and you “No I am sorry…” I was wondering why. Do you not like how they look on them or is it a programming side that none of us know about (weird glitch or something)

    2.5) While talking about stockings, will the Music Club Members stockings look similar to what Miyuji’s stockings look like. Also will they have unique panties and will you get more points for taking a picture of them like the bullies, student council, and the nurse. (Will this also apply to rivals)

    3.) Do you know how the 5 clubless students (mysterious obstacle and 4 suitors) that are left to implement on how they will look like. Will the mysterious obstacle have special stockings and panties or just the normal white ones.

    • 1) Sept 1st will be a new build and potentially a preview of upcoming content as well.

      2) It should be a special feature reserved only for the rivals (and the Light Music Club as the one and only other exception).

      2.5) Sure, they will have unique panties, but you won’t get more points for photographing them. (Unless the game is updated to have a system where a student’s popularity affects their panty reward)

      3) I have ideas for some of them, but not all of them. Just be patient and wait, please.

  8. Hi YandereDev, I have some questions for you:
    1. If Yandere-chan use the “send student to home” service on a rival on Friday, Will the rival be able to confess her love to Senpai?
    2. How would be the idea of add a “Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki” videogame to Yandere-chan’s console?
    3.What happens if Yandere-chan kidnap a student but doesn’t torture them and just leave that student in the basement?
    4. What will happen if Yandere-chan kills the majority of school population? Will the school close?

  9. So I started thinking of a way that Study Kun A/B could stay in game: Since they’re much taller than any student, they could be a training-teacher of sorts. They would stand near the back of classrooms at class time, or near the teacher they train with, and sit with them in the faculty room so they learn what to do, and they could also be potential suitors for Muja/Mida (Since they’d be around 20/21). Or they could patrol the halls, looking for misbehaving students, and they could report you to Genka.
    Also I thought of a new task that could change a routine: Sho Kunin of the martial arts club was practicing kicks outside of school, and ripped his pants. He’s had to pretend to fall into the pool just so he can wear his Gym uniform. If you could buy a pair of pants from Info-Chan, and alter them to give, he would be grateful, and have to try them on at lunchtime, wear he would spend 10 minutes in the changing room, meaning that the club cant practice Sparring (which would be in front of a rival), so it would be easier to eliminate her.
    Sorry if it was long, I didn’t want it to drag out…

  10. YandereDev I’ve found a glitch which is when you talk to the npc for the light music club, you can “discuss other topics” and when trying to complement ‘it’ the gmae softlocks. Just trying to let you know :/ I also can’t wait for the new music club though and hopefully other tasks!

  11. YD you haven’t uploaded a bug fixing build for days. Are you finally working on the Light Music Club? Wow you’re so fast

  12. This isn’t long
    I have three questions:
    1) If there is a 1980’s mode, will we see Muja or Mida as ordinary students and not rivals or will they go to different schools?
    2) Will the delinquents be in 1980’s mode? You said the school was much more stricter, so it doesn’t really make sense for the delinquents to be in that mode
    3) And will Genka’s mother be in it? (She was the guidance counselor at the time)

    • 1) I don’t think they attended Akademi.

      2) Yes, 1980s Mode will have delinquents. There will be an in-universe reason why the delinquents have not yet been disciplined / punished / expelled yet, but it’s too early to give details about this.

      3) Yes!

  13. Yandev! Yandev!

    Is the outside part of the school (with the gym, locker rooms, pool and maze) have more buildings and things to do? It feels so empty on the sides of the school.

    Thank you for responding!

    P.S. the music club is going to be so awesome! I’m such a big fan of music!
    I hope you add really cool things to it!!!

  14. Yo Yandere-Dev! I’m just wondering: What ever happened to Info-chans paper? Do you have plan to use it Hitman Blood Money style where after every day (or week after a rival) if you commit a murder she sensatioanlizes a story and if nothing happens she writes about menial things? I mean she talks about it in the intro (Now that I think about it that was a long time ago… wow) and I was wondering if you ever planned somehting like that?

  15. Yandere Devvie! Yandere Devpai! So I read in the comments and you said that the 5 clubless students are all males am I correct? If so, are the clubless students the rival’s suitors? (probably). Also does Megami actually have a crush on senpai? Or is she just protective towards him and Ayano chan needs to kill her so she can stalk senpai again or something? Oh and will the turtles still be in the game? If so, will you move it somewhere else? Or will you leave it there in the Light Music Club?

  16. I liked the trailer, it shows many things in the game and it’s great to show someone who wants to know what it’s about :D, Yandev I have three questions
    1: Will Budo and Geiju have a special way of walking? Because all the leaders have that
    2: Will Shin Higaku have another way to walk? As it is strange to see him walking “intimidated”, I can think of something like Horuda walks
    3: Why do Rojasu, Dafuni, Sukubi, Beruma and Horuda walk differently? Will they eventually walk like all students or will all students have a way to walk?

  17. sorry YandereDev I can not show a photo it does not work, but the picture showed a screenshot of one of your videos, or one of the pictures we saw a mini game on Miyuki, the anime of yandere simulator.
    And a second screenshot where we saw Yandere Chan surrounded by red threads, one of them around his finger. So can we have information without wanting to force you to spoiler.

  18. Hello, I have a quick question. I know I’m late and this probably is silly but will you ever have students talk to you, you know, as distractions. Right now only Yandere Chan can talk but I thought the idea of other students interacting with you was kind of cool.

  19. Questions;
    1)Will you implement torture mini game?
    2)Will photograpy club have book shelf? You can put all manga’s to here.
    3)What about ”Bukiyona-chan’s clumsy life” manga? İs this scrapped? https://youtu.be/WW_O4BJJAcM?t=2m53s
    4)Will Miyuji react bullying?
    5)Will miyuji have a task?
    6)Will you update all students profiles (Just their photos) in the next build?

    • 1) Most likely not.

      2) I’ve considered it, but I don’t have a model for it.

      3) Right now, there aren’t enough gameplay-related reasons to implement another manga.

      4) Probably not.

      5) Not in the first build that contians her.

      6) Probably not.

  20. I do not know if I’m correct, but aren’t some the current club learders the founders of their club? Wouldn’t that mean in 1980’s mode their club wouldn’t exist?

  21. Hello, YandereDev! I have 2 questions. I couldn’t found anything similiar to this anywhere, but pleas tell me:

    1)What does Megami thinks about bullies?
    2) And vice versa: what does bullies thinks about Megami?
    Btw, I love this video, it’s really cool :3

  22. YandereDev, three questions:
    1) How’s the update coming, did you put most of the features?
    2) How many characters did you put in the game so far?
    3) Will you put the rest of the clubless students after the Light Music Club or will the Guidance Counselor be next? (of course, after fixing bugs, if there even are, in this update)

  23. These are question about Study-Kun A & B.
    1.) Whether you decide to make them fully implemented students (interactable, has a schedule, killable) or remove them completely. Will you do that when the no club students are added or will it be when Osana is added.
    2.) Another question do you know what you are going to do with these students (being fully implemented student or removed or another option)
    3.) Do you have names for them if you ever thought of names?

    • 1) I’d only do it if it became possible to add more than 90 students to the game without problems.

      2) I don’t have a firm plan in mind for them.

      3) I have a process for creating names, so I know that if I had to name them, I would have their names within a few minutes.

  24. Hey YanDev… I have a question..
    Is the Sports Teacher ever going to teach sports to the students, or is she going to have her current routine in the final game?

    • Good question. I was planning on making Asu Rito fulfill the role of “coach”; she would walk alongside her clubmates while they were running / swimming and shout advice to them. However, maybe the coach should fulfill this role instead.

  25. 1.) I know that you want to change up the light music club room. Do you plan to change any other club rooms.
    2.) When the Light Music Club update comes out, will any other rooms be decorated or implemented (classrooms. and other rooms)
    3.) Do you still plan to update Martial Arts and Occult club routines?
    4.) I remember once you said you want to update the appearance of the Martial Arts is that planned for this update. (Also adding more info to their bio).
    4.5) Also the appearance of the teachers (since they all kind of look similar).

    • 1) I want to give a major update to the Drama Club, but I’m okay with most of the other clubs.

      2) Not currently planned, but possibly in the near future after the LMC update.

      3, 4) Yep, I still want to update them.

      4.5) I’ve been considering it for a long time.

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