August 22nd Bug-Fixing Build

It’s the same story as yesterday; there were no huge critical issues in the previous build, but I fixed some bugs and made some improvements, so I’ve decided to update the game.

To read a list of everything that changed between the previous build and the current one, scroll down beneath this absolutely adorable artwork of Ayano holding the mascot of Tiny Wars in her hands, drawn by LaDollBlanche!

Fixes and Changes

  • Restored the “Custom Portrait” feature that had been missing from the game for a while. Read the text file named “How To Add Custom Textures.txt” in the StreamingAssets folder to learn how to use it.
  • Fixed bug that caused the incorrect student names to be displayed on the social media page accessible from Yandere-chan’s computer at home.
  • When the bullies are trying to spy on Gema, they will manually open the door to the Gaming Club if it’s closed when they are trying to spy.
  • When the bullies are trying to spy on Gema, they will no longer perform the “spying” animation unless he’s actually in the room.
  • The accessory that appears on Yandere-chan’s body after joining the Drama Club is now a rose instead of the “cravat” from before.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Cooking Club members to attempt to feed characters that were being posed with Pose Mode.
  • Changed the way that students spawn at the beginning of the day so that they are all in distinct groups.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Riku from changing his appearance as a part of the Matchmaking process.
  • Fixed bug that would make the camera twitch violently at the very beginning of the day.
  • Restored Kokona and Saki’s friendship bracelets.

215 thoughts on “August 22nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hi Yandev, since you are finishing all the clubs, will Martial Arts and the occult club do their activities at 5:00? I think that for the MA to go to a place and make an animation is something simple, but that the occult club would be more complicated since you would have to add a changer i think

  2. Hello yandere Dev! It’s always fantastic to see all your improvements. Only a question: are you gonna put some events in the school(for example festival or shows etc. to elimanate the current rival apart Kizana) that alterate completely the normal routine of students in the final game? I’m so curious. Thanks to have read my comment!

  3. I have two questions.
    1. Are you gonna add some sort of easter egg because of Robbie Rotten’s death?
    2. Are the “Rainbow Six” going to return as clubless students or something?

  4. who is Kizana’s suitor? i hope its Tsuruzo but his profile says he has a crush on no one.. 😦
    Also, will the light music club be implemented before october? Will the light music club be an all female club or all male club or both genders club? Please answer this..

  5. Yanderedev
    Usually, in japanese schools, archery clubs are common and they do their activities in old buildings of the older periods that look cool, also their uniforms are nice too. Wouldnt it be nice for akademi high to have something historic like that. Also a new weapon could be added in the game, a japanese bow which accuracy will depend on sanity.
    A kendo club would do too, so the katana can be used. Also shinai and stuff. And their members would have a fight system simular like the delinquents, since they are armed.
    Greetings from Colombia.

  6. Hi Yanderedev,
    I have this weird bug that wont let me update the game on the launcher, and if I try, it says that iit’s blocked for some reason and even if i put the launcher is the folder it tells me to, it doesnt work at all.
    I don’t know how to sceenshot on my cpu, so I’m leaving this here.
    Also, thanks for making this very amazing game!

  7. i had a par of questions:

    1-In the future we have more of 90 students in the school?
    2-I have thought of a method of elimination that is that you hang your target and put a false suicide note as in the method of elimination ‘false suicide’ the way to do it would be in the room of the kidnapping where you will sleep to your goal, but before you take a rope that would be in the gymnasium rooms where the weights are now then you would make a minigame by making the knot for the neck you would get a glued chair from the same room where you killed the target then you would tie the knot in the neck of the objective you raise it in the chair and you pull and see a very painful macabre scene and you would put the note and go and leave when they discovered the body something that closed those rooms for the students and the science club would have another routine

    3- The five students with no club that you add , one of them can be a raimbow boy or girl that be eliminate ? (if can possible that the student be Sora the cyan hair boy)

    these are my questions

  8. I just have a quick question: what website/app did you use to make those anime characters and move them and add features n stuff? im just curious to know since I love those kinds of games. btw thanks for making this amazing game!!

  9. Hey, so I thought it would be funny to try and compliment the Placeholder music leader since they’re meant to be emotionless, soulless husks, and them getting happy about a compliment seemed funny, but after that my game just stopped, obviously since you arent meant to interact with them, so I don’t know if its a bug or not

  10. 1) Will all rivals (Except faculty members) be in first or second year classrooms?
    2) The mysterious obstacle will remain in the final game, where Osana is very easy to defeat?
    3) Will Mission Mode be in the demo?
    4) Will be another method to dispose of bloody clothing and weapons?
    5) Will be a different way to mop blood on grass?
    You are the best, Yandere Dev. I hope you have a great day.

    • 1) They will all be in 2nd year classrooms, I think.

      2) The Mysterious Obstacle is a necessary part of Osana’s week.

      3) Sure.

      4) I would like to add another method.

      5) Ah, I forgot about this. I can think of multiple ways to take care of this, but it won’t be easy…

  11. There is a bug: if you make the Gema’s task and you later low his reputation,the bullies will do him bulling and in the lunchtime they spy on him.It’s very strange

  12. I have a theory on who the investigator’s daughter is. Have we already seen her, or at least heard of her outside of the tapes?

      • I was asking if we were going to see her. I wasn’t stating what my theory was, GOSH!
        PS: I’m not actually mad, I just say GOSH to be funny
        2nd PS: the theory is that it’s
        Info-Chan, but that’s just a theory…
        A GAME THEORY!

  13. YandereDev YandereDev! I have idea! Can you make when is class time that the teacher will call the student and that one student will have animation that he talk about something. Pls can you make it like that its imporant thing in class when teacher call you.

  14. Yandere dev! You are going to put the game for android and mobile and also for table ets? I would like that you could also a mother not you ,you do! Case just because the girl plays that you have to put more restriction!? Please yandere dev not the you dooo case! Also you warned that it is for +18 !!!!!!!!! Just trust me I know that God is with you I am on your side😭😭😭😭 # YandereSimulatorForEver!

    Saludps cordiales from GATITO KAWAIII GAMER

  15. Hey Yandere dev, do you remember that luminetnt video you posted with yan Chan’s mom and such? Will that be a real feature to the game? Or is it just a teaser?

  16. If you were to collect panty shots/information all throughout the week, and then, on Friday, have Info-Chan send Osana home, would that prevent her from confessing to Senpai?

  17. Yay, another update! The sad thing is that the rainbow students are not in the game anymore. I really hope they come back ;-;. Aaaanyways, your updates are amazing as always. :3

    • He would have put years of his life into this game, hours of work every day, more work than a lot of paid jobs. He also must pay for all of the assets other people give, and he can’t live off of air. Just because you don’t want to pay doesn’t mean you should pester him to make it free.

    • Gatito Kawai Gamer, YandereDev is obliged to put one day or another the paid game! if you want Yandere Simulator to become great, you need a lot of money to create it, and if you say that because you can not according to you (or I do not know) buy the game, there are always let’s plays 🙂 ! (sorry for my english x)) (also YandereDev is playing while for the moment he does not get any money, it would be nice if he gets x)

    • I’d hate to be rude but you sound very ignorant. Yandere dev has put way too much time into this game (that will eventually have people hired to work on it), abd it isn’t cheap to make. Making a game isn’t totally free, and if he gives it away it’s basically him giving away all his time and money.

  18. Hello! First time commenting on wordpress! Great work on the game!
    I kind of have some questions about Budo (to know more about him and for fan art ideas):
    1. When is Budo’s birthday, or at least the approximate date?
    2. Does Budo have an idol (or at least someone) he looks up to? (Example: Bruce Lee)
    3. Will Budo have “reputation armor” since he’s (probably) the most popular boy in school? Or is that feature only reserved for rivals like Asu and Megami?
    4. How long has Budo been in love? (If it’s a spoiler, don’t answer.)
    5. Can Budo sing? If so, does he have a favorite song? (I know for a fact that his voice actor Pat can sing super well; I’m talking about Budo the character.)
    Thank you for your hard work!

    • 1) Interesting question, I’ve never thought about it! Probably the day he was first added to the game.

      2) The previous leader of the Martial Arts Club, and also Bruce Lee!

      3) Hmm…I haven’t thought about it! It’s possible!

      4) For about 1 year now.

      5) I never think about this, either! I don’t think he has much experience with singing.

  19. Hi yandere dev I have some questions I hope you can answer me

    1_You have already decided if miyuji shan will have crush or that some students are in love with miyuji shan

    2_In the next update you will add only the light music club or you will also add the students without club

    3_If in the first week we match osana with her suitor the mysterious obstacle will become a normal student

    4_Change to mai waifu for a boy and if you do mai waifu she will become a student without club

  20. Hi Yandere Dev , why did the rainbow guys disappear , they were kinda important to the game and its weird that nobody is there in that part of school

  21. Hmm… While I get the groups walking in together, they don;t look organic at all. Each group in the same position, with the groups making two clean lines down each side, looks a little silly. It looked better in he last build. May be good to spread them all out a bit again, keeping them in groups, but less like robots.

  22. Don’t you think that some students should lock there self in a room or hide behind a desk to call the police?

  23. Questions to Yandere Dev;
    1)Will you upload prewiew on 1st September?
    1,5)(İf your answer is yes) You said music club will be unique than other clubs,will you upload something similar to this –>

    2)Will layout of music club change?
    3)Will bullies say;
    Him?No way! I dont wanna go anywhere near him
    Whem we distact them to Gema Taku
    4)Will Miyuji be a senitor or 2nd class?
    5)Can Science club boosts Biology and Chemistry stat?
    You can add human body model (Hologram) to empty table

    Hope you can answer

  24. I have 2 ideas for Yandere Simulator.
    1. If we add a poison to Osana’s food, she will go to school nurse and then to the toilet.
    2. You will be able to push rival off the stairs.

  25. 1 In the future was possible kill Genka and
    Kocho with easter egg or mind-slaves?
    2 In the futur was possible kidnapping the student council?
    3 The Kokona hair was uptade
    4 Was possible change the uniform in the gaming club?

  26. So I came across this bug where if you close down the drama club, one of the student counsel members (the one with the red hair) will walk into the locked drama club door until class time and will be stuck there because they cannot get in.

  27. Hey YandereDev!
    I have heard this suggestion flying around for the past couple of weeks, and I have some ideas to add to it.
    People were thinking Yan-chan could be able to poison the octo dogs, but I was thinking that she would only be able to poison a few students, before people would start to recognize a pattern. The only way for Yan-chan to get away with such a murder, would be to swap her plate with another member of the cooking club’s plate.

    Just a quick idea, I am so impressed with all of the work you have put into this awesome game!!!

  28. Yandere Dev while I was doing Gema’s task, I found a bug. I went to class and skipped the day to Lunchtime and whenever the Musume and Kokoro go the school’s swimming pool to sunbathe with the rest of the Bullies, Their pathfinding breaks and they keep on walking into the bench where the Sports Club eats their lunch.

  29. Yandere Dev, I do have a IDEA for Oka.

    1. Convince her to sacrifice for her cult and yandere chan reports or photograph to a teacher. (This could also be used as blackmail.)

    2. Have her sacrifice herself for the cult

    You can convince her, trick her or change / Alter
    the occult books

  30. Hello Yandere Dev. I found a bug that when I put other students reputation down to -100 so they don’t come to school but I keep the drama club to improve my framerate. When the game starts, the drama club leader gets stuck in the shoe lockers and I try to help it but I can’t. Could you pleas fix this? Thank you

    • Probably not. If he and the bullies actually interacted for more than 30 seconds, they’d learn that they have nothing in common, and find one another to be insufferable.

  31. Hi yandere dev i love your game but
    Would it be possible to have students see the blood on the ground when yandere-chan is murdering and reacting?
    (sorry for my english i speak french xD)

  32. YandereDev, will it be possible if Yandere-Chan could trip over and splash water, blood and gasoline on other students instead of a only splashing water, blood and gasoline on Kokona.

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