August 20th Bug-Fixing Build and Performance Update

The game’s framerate has been an issue for several years now. Each new character added to the game had a negative impact on the framerate, so for a long time, I was hesitant to add new characters to the game. Now that I’ve shifted my focus to fully populating the school, a lot of characters are being dropped into the game all at once, so we’re beginning to see the framerate dipping lower. As a result, improving the game’s performance has shot upward in priority – and that’s partially what this new update is about!

You’re probably wondering what’s causing the low framerate. Is it the game’s code? Is it the Unity engine? What’s the big deal? There isn’t one answer, since there isn’t one primary problem; there are a bunch of tiny problems which all need to be addressed individually.

1 divided by 60 is .016667. In order for a game to run at 60 frames per second, each frame must be processed in 16.667 milliseconds or less. If we check the Unity Profiler, we can see how many milliseconds it takes for the game to perform individual operations:

  • Rendering – 28.05 ms
  • Physics – 24.94 ms
  • Animation – 16.16 ms
  • Pathfinding – 8.11 ms
  • User Interface – 3.72
  • Student Behavior Scripts – 2.76 ms

(These numbers are inflated because running the Profiler is taxing on the CPU, but this is a general overview of what’s going on.)

As we can see, the scripts governing student behavior are not a significant problem. The real problems here are rendering, physics, animation, and pathfinding. (The pathfinding plugin is actually very efficient, but causing a character to move is a very expensive operation, since it involves physics simulations and collision checks. So, you can really combine “Physics” and “Pathfinding” into the same category.)

Each new student added to the game is another object that involves rendering, animation, physics, etc. That’s why each new student added to the game was impacting the framerate. The scripts are having a negligible effect on the framerate. The FPS isn’t actually dropping because of scripts; it’s dropping because of everything else aside from the scripts.

Anyway, the solution here is to figure out what is causing the game to spend a whopping 28 milliseconds on rendering 3D models, how to reduce the impact of running physics simulations, how to reduce collision checks, and how to make animations way less expensive. None of these things are happening for one reason; they’re all happening for different reasons, and each will require a different investigation and solution.

Over the past few months, I’ve been receiving extremely valuable help from a programming volunteer. Yesterday, we made a breakthrough in making the game render 3D models much faster. If I told you “We fixed the problems that prevented us from switching to DX11, enabling GPU Instancing, and activating Graphics Jobs,” it would probably sound like I’m speaking an alien language, so I’ll put it this way: we got the framerate to go up! In places where the framerate was previously 15 FPS, it’s now 20 FPS! That’s a pretty significant jump! (20 FPS is still beneath the threshold of what’s acceptable in a modern-day title, but the important part is that we’re making forward progress! Woohoo!)

In short, I’m letting you know that we’re finally entering the stage of the game’s development where we investigate and fix the game’s performance issues, and that you should be able to notice a difference if you compare the current build to the previous one. Further optimizations and improvements are likely to arrive in the coming weeks and months!

In addition to the performance optimization described above, this new build also contains some bug fixes and general improvements. To see a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down beneath this video by Kleiner Pixel, who created an amazing Yandere-themed cosplay makeup tutorial!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause a bully to try to sunbathe inside of a locker if she was spoken to after changing into her swimsuit.
  • Fixed bug that caused two sparring martial artists to display a subtitle whenever they were given food by the Cooking Club.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a bully to remain in her swimsuit if the player attended class while a bully was in a swimsuit.
  • Fixed bug that caused an octo-dog to remain in a student’s hands even after it was supposed to have been eaten.
  • Fixed bug that made a character become frozen like a statue after accepting food offered by Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Martial Arts Club’s name to be “Music Club” during the End-of-Day sequence.
  • Adjusted layout of gym backstage area to try and prevent characters from becoming stuck on corners.
  • Fixed bug that prevented outlines from appearing on any of the new hair models in Yandere Vision.
  • Fixed bug that caused one of the Art Club members to sit floating in midair.
  • Restored the “ambient conversation” where two boys talk about anime.
  • Updated the hair models and textures of some of the new characters.
  • Made adjustments to the game’s rendering process that should help to achieve a higher framerate.

50 thoughts on “August 20th Bug-Fixing Build and Performance Update

  1. I have a idea
    Seiko (UK flagged cooking club boy) Should drink tea and ear cookies at 5:00 PM like british people it’ll be cool detail

  2. R.i.p Raindow six you shall always be missed

    See ya later oka Ruto you are my favorite character I’m sad to see you gone at least it’s temporary I promise I won’t kill you just lay back on the demon stuff k? Lol


    1) How come you avoided working on the Music club for so long? There was something unique added to ALL of them before you released them besides Music after you added the Student Counsel!
    2) Will the delinquents be afraid or intimidated by the bullies at some point?
    3) Don’t forget that Ayano counts as one of the 90 students!
    4) Have you already started work on the mysterious video? How far are you?
    According to my calculations, you need 12 more students. Remember! Two of the rivals aren’t students! Keep going YanDev! Finish the Music club (and the 90 students) strong!

    • “I keep asking this, but you won’t answer.” That’s because he doesn’t want to answer. Take the hint and stop asking him. He’s said multiple times before that he doesn’t want to disclose what games or game companies he has worked on.

    • 1) Because I knew it would take longer than every other club, I wanted to save it for last, or else it would delay all the other clubs.

      2) The delinquents are no longer afraid of the bullies. It’s the other way around now.

      3) I know. In the final game, Info-chan won’t count as one of the 90 students, so Yandere-chan can take up that spot.

      4) It’s 90% done, I just don’t feel satisfied with some of the music / want to get alternate takes for some of the voiced lines.

      5) The two faculty rivals still go into the student slots.

  4. 1) if you gossip to a student about their friend, shouldn’t their friends reputation not lower as much?
    2) will the gaming club ever be seen using the props in the clubroom?
    3) in the future, will we be able to collect things for our senpai shrine?

  5. Since the Basu sisters are most likely going to stay are they going to finally have an update with their hair models to not copy from the Unity Assets store that they were purchased from? Also what benefits and roles would they have and provide in the final game? Are they just ‘The Gossip Girls’ or will that not be the only thing about them? Also I am curious to see the students that will not be in any clubs after the rainbow haired groups were removed minus the three that stayed.

    • I like their current hair a lot; I don’t want to replace them. Those hair models will only get replaced if the game gets new character models and requires new hair models with a new art style in order to match the art style of the new hair models.

      They have a purpose beyond being gossiping girls.

  6. I have a question (thank you for taking the time to look at questions)
    1. In the future, will Midori have tips and information for the player on what to do in the game? Ex. How to join a club
    2. Who’s your favorite club leader?
    3. Thanks for your hard work! 🙂

  7. Can you tell some activities that the light music club will perform, or any unique traits about them? Or do you want to keep these secret until they are implemented in the game?

    Huge Fan of the game AND of you, thank you sooooo much for creating such an amazing game! I don’t understand that people that call you lazy, because I know you spend almost every second of your life in Yandere Simulator, without taking any vacation.

    Thank you for everything,
    loyal fan from USA 🇺🇸

  8. will the students gossip and talk about something differents everyday ? Because if they talk about the same things every week it will be a bit boring…. And will you add more things on the wall to make it more lively like in persona ?

  9. I enjoy reading this a lot, but I haven’t been able to update to these past three builds. I’m still in the July 27th build and it says the game is up to date. I very much want to play these builds. What should I do?!

  10. Okay,so you said that there should be around 100 students in the game (including the rivals)
    Some questions about those topics:

    1) Does the faculty count in these 100 students?
    2) So, in your newest vid, there were a hundred of slots. Ten of them were faculty,nurse,guidance counselor,etc.
    80 of those slots were for normal students that appear every week, and ten of them, were rivals… I thought 90 normal students would be in the game, and ten OTHER student students would be rivals, so that would be 100 students. I’m sorry if you don’t understand, I’m not understanding me neither!😥

  11. Hey Yandere Dev! I hope you don’t forget about the static characters in the library! I haven’t been able to play due to computer problems, so I’m unsure if they’re still there, but I’m excited for the library to be finished, and those characters might end up being my favorites! (I know they’re not a priority.)

    Keep doing great things!

  12. I’m glad the frame rate is improving! Right now my computer isn’t very good so whenever I try to run the game it’s like one frame per 2 seconds, so hopefully this will help that a bit. If you don’t mind me asking, how much of a priority is it to add custom character models to replace the Unity store assets. I’m sure the game play is more important, but after game play is that the next priority or is it something else?

  13. hi Yandere Dev,
    the cooking club members could cook the cuisines they prefer like Saki could put muffins in muffin cups

  14. YandereDev! I need to inquire something… When the game is fully developed, in which app will it be sold? (Steam, Xbox etc.)

  15. hey yandere dev great work ,but I have a few questions :
    1- in the final game ,will we be able to matchmake the whole school or just the rivals ? (ex. pipi and ryuto )
    2- in the final game ,will the (delinquent backstory )recording be a mysterious tap ? since genka said she’s going to start all over .
    3- will nemesis be ever involved in one of the game’s ending ?
    Great Great Great job yandere dev
    Loyal fan from Syria

  16. Hello! I definitely notice the difference! Thank you for making performance a top priority. Along with many other people, I have quite an old desktop to work with, so the FPS is always down to about 2-5 frames per second, so I’m really excited that it will be getting better!

  17. hey!
    1] if we killed all the rivals will the game end or we will still get to play but in an open world (if you added a city/street)
    2] will some students have different reputations ….ex the leader of the gaming club have high reputation after completing his task
    3] I have an idea… if we asked I discussed a students favorite topic , then I started talking to him evert day will they be my friend
    4] in the future will there be students that help yandere-chan kill the rival, ex one of the students hate the rivals and can provide me with weapons or poison or can help murder the rival ????

    • 1) I’ve always imagined that if the player beats the game, they unlock a mode called “Endless Summer” where they can keep playing infinitely, without ever advancing past the week where they confessed to Senpai.

      2) Probably yes.

      3) Maybe.

      4) Nobody will be a willing accessory to murder.

      *Unwilling* is a different story.

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