Another Update Preview

The next build is almost ready! I’ll provide some information about it:

  • Eight new characters have been added to the game.
  • Three of the new characters are club leaders.
  • One of the game’s previous characters has been turned into a club leader.
  • All four of these club leaders have a full set of voiced lines for all of their club-related dialogue.
  • Three clubs which previously existed in an empty/incomplete state are now fully implemented.
  • Each of the characters in these clubs have unique routines that make them different from other students that have been in the game up until this point.
  • One of the new characters has a Task – it’s the first time I’ve added a new Task to the game since September of 2016.
  • After this build, only one club will remain to be implemented!

All of the programming work is done, but I still need to implement a few 3D models before the build is 100% ready. Then I’ll make a video and upload the new build! The next video might be more elaborate than usual, so you may have to wait a few days for it to come out. It’s currently too early for me to predict how long it’s going to take.

Here are some screenshots of the things I’ve been working on recently:

Hmm…the Gaming Club’s routine involves them staring at a wall, tapping on their phones? What could they be doing?

A kind young man is giving Kokona some food! How nice! But how do you think this will factor into gameplay?

The backstage area of the gym has been populated with props! But, what types of items could you find backstage in a gym that could be useful for getting away with murder?

It’s the bullies! They’re peeking into one of the rooms at school. They certainly appear to be transfixed by something…but what exactly are they staring at?

It’s the bullies again! This time, they’re sunbathing…but how could this possibly be related to Osana?

I’m proud of the work I’ve done on this build, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you in the near future! Sorry for the wait, thanks for your patience, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

233 thoughts on “Another Update Preview

  1. Gaming club MUST be playing something like pokemon go but with a pixie and there will be a minigame for yan chan!

  2. Yandere dev this is a silly question, but, if you had to decide which world is yandere simulator would be in the world of horror movies, Ayano lives with typical movie killers like Jason or Freddy Krueger or in the anime world Where do other anime happen and at the same time the game? xD

  3. This is what I think the pics are:

    1: gaming and anime club trying to get service or playing some kind of Pokémon go game.

    2: cooking club leader giving kokona food (this could be a way to prevent the player for killing people easily by handing out food to students and club members.)

    3: the props could be gym equipment.

    4: the bullies looking at some attractive dude (explains the hearts).

    5: it could have to do with the pool murder. But I don’t have a clue about anything else in that picture.

    Did I do good yandev?!

  4. Great job Yandere Dev I want to play the new construction! I hope you can finish it fast so you can take a little break, I don’t want you to be like a slave working without resting
    I love you YandereDev :3

  5. Dear Yandere Dev: First I want to congratulate you for your amazing work and I have a question …
    -In the future, we can modify the muscular form of senpai

  6. 1. in the first the are playing pokemon go
    2. the president of cooking club is share food with kokona
    3. maybe we can stole things like weapons or kill studets crushing them or attacking with the scenography
    4.the bullies are cofirm a gossip about two students are dating maybe osana and senpai or they has a chush on a boys of sports and because they have a blush in her shecks
    5. the bullies are stay with osana because they are friends or they stay her with osana for get a tan in their bodies ( making a challenge kill osana eith her specific elimination metod)
    thanks for folling actualization of yandere simulator, yandere dev. I can’t wait for the final game. you inspire me ( I’m sorry if something is wrong write or if someting that don’t understand)

  7. Mr.Dev, I have a question,
    I feel like the bullies mech is they are spying on a boy, I may be wrong. But if that is/were the case, would lowering that students reputation cause him to be bullied or would they refuse to bully that boy.
    The same as if one of the bullies had a crush.

  8. I guess Osana is a bully, she’s rude with everyone. Maybe she’s a part of the bullies or is planning to, since she’s is just scared to show how she is, so she pretends she´s mean and call people BAKA with out reason

  9. Ok, here is what i think:
    1. The Gaming Club obviously is supposed to walk around the school as obstacles to the player and Ayano.
    2. This will make it easier to find your rival’s souitor (is that how you spell it?)
    3. You could drop sandbags on top of people, you could find makeup and wigs that the drama club uses so you look different, or you could use one of the drama club memebers as a mind slave.
    4. The bullies might be looking at someone they like ;).
    5. The bullies could be Osana’s mysterious obsactle.

  10. I’m really happy that the development started getting a quicker pace and is already on this stage. I was skeptical towards it for some time. And further following the development seemed not so funny anymore, because of the issues that were going around. But this post made me somehow feel the same as it did back in 2014, when I started following it. I wanted to quit it, but it seems like I won’t till the end. Good luck and thanks for being my little personal inspiration towards the gamedeving.

  11. i think the first picture is related to pokemon go. In the previous update preview, we see a little magic girl fighting a cat like thingy. This is like pokemon go where the club members are fighting this weird cat like creature. that’s why they’re staring at their phones while facing a wall

  12. also the bullies might be planning to steal the drama club’s makeup supplies since they’re so into fashion and they might sunbathe to “preserve” their tan. Osana might be joining them to become like them

  13. also the bullies might be touched by watching the drama club perform romantic skits and they might sunbathe to “preserve” their tan. Osana might be joining them to become like them

  14. the update has not come out and I feel that it is like a real institute I wish so much that the new update will come out, great job yanderedev!

  15. Yandere dev! I didn’t find this question in the FaQ but maybe I missed it.
    Will some characters have different heights, body types (except for bust size),
    Etc? If you answer thank you for taking the time to red this. Keep up the good work 👍!

  16. Oh by the way yandere dev, I think Gema Taku should be fragile to replace Horuda, I think he’s going to be the student with a bad reputation and the first one bullies bother with during the first week until they get another person with a bad reputation

  17. My ideas for the pictures:
    1. Pokemon Go? Maybe something like that.
    2.Either, Cooking Club gives students food at random times OR let’s say Kokana likes that food and since that could be Riku, if your matchmaking, you can get Riku to join the Cooking Club and give the food to Kokana to get her to like him? Idk..
    3.Chairs? Saws(because they make props)? Paint? Masks and costumes(not to murder, to disguise.)?
    4.I think they are watching the Sports Club. Or maybe the Delinquents..
    5.Osana is friends with the bullies? Hmm.. Maybe they are trying to get tanner and don’t wanna be out for long so they have alarms on their phones but, they fall asleep and you sneak over and shut their alarms to go inside and stop sunbathing and they get sunburned or something like that. And maybe Senpai is like “Haha! Osana, you look terrible!” And she gets pissed and their relationship goes down hill and what not.

    Well, those are my thoughts. Anyway, I can’t wait for the next build, Yandere Dev!

  18. First image: Well, being the videogame club, you are probably playing some virtual reality game 👌

    Second Image: Maybe it’s part of the new task we have

    Third Image: it could be that there are masks, gloves or something that we can throw from the top of the ecenario🤔

    Fourth Image: To the criminals? 7u7r😏

    Fifth Image: Well between Osana and the Bullies seems to have good relationship but that has to do with the plot because no idea, perhaps that the more we lower the reputation to Osana Bullies will go sabotage for example in that season instead of being sunbathing they would push her to the pool or something like that

    Great update YandereDev ^^ /, keep up the good work, do not strain yourself too much and please tell me if it’s right, even if it’s one😂

    I love you❤❤❤

  19. Wow, this looks amazing! Thank you Yandere Dev for another big update and for a much more dynamic game. Can’t wait to do a live stream of it and get more inspiration for the comics, lol XD

  20. estará super estoy segura sigan asi me encanta su trabajo! ❤
    no se rindan los admiro mucho! :3
    By: ROUS

  21. 1 – Mini Game/Club activity

    2 – Club leader gives kokona food ( possibly the other members too.. )

    3 – stuff might be moved from the other club in the school?

    4 – It looks like their looking at the sports club members or martial arts memebers

    5 – To make it harder to drown Osana

  22. I have a few things i want to ask
    Will Mai’s name ever be changed to a more realistic name
    and will these new club leaders have school routines or only in their club area

    Will there be times where osana or a rival meets up with other people in order to suntan, eat, or other things like that?

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