Another Update Preview

The next build is almost ready! I’ll provide some information about it:

  • Eight new characters have been added to the game.
  • Three of the new characters are club leaders.
  • One of the game’s previous characters has been turned into a club leader.
  • All four of these club leaders have a full set of voiced lines for all of their club-related dialogue.
  • Three clubs which previously existed in an empty/incomplete state are now fully implemented.
  • Each of the characters in these clubs have unique routines that make them different from other students that have been in the game up until this point.
  • One of the new characters has a Task – it’s the first time I’ve added a new Task to the game since September of 2016.
  • After this build, only one club will remain to be implemented!

All of the programming work is done, but I still need to implement a few 3D models before the build is 100% ready. Then I’ll make a video and upload the new build! The next video might be more elaborate than usual, so you may have to wait a few days for it to come out. It’s currently too early for me to predict how long it’s going to take.

Here are some screenshots of the things I’ve been working on recently:

Hmm…the Gaming Club’s routine involves them staring at a wall, tapping on their phones? What could they be doing?

A kind young man is giving Kokona some food! How nice! But how do you think this will factor into gameplay?

The backstage area of the gym has been populated with props! But, what types of items could you find backstage in a gym that could be useful for getting away with murder?

It’s the bullies! They’re peeking into one of the rooms at school. They certainly appear to be transfixed by something…but what exactly are they staring at?

It’s the bullies again! This time, they’re sunbathing…but how could this possibly be related to Osana?

I’m proud of the work I’ve done on this build, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you in the near future! Sorry for the wait, thanks for your patience, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

233 thoughts on “Another Update Preview

  1. Hi I’m a big fan of yours and the last thing I want to do is be annoying but I have some ideas for the gameplay of yandere simulator that I wanted to share with you. I was thinking that if you’re reputation is below average Yandere Chan will get bullied and the bullies will spread rumours about her lowering her reputation and the only way to stop you’re reputation from hitting zero is to find a way to stop getting bullied or kill the bully. I also have a small favor to ask you, can you make it so a female character can have the female senpei? Thanks for taking the time to read this and keep up the good work.

  2. Hello Again Dev!.

    I have another question…
    What if yandere-chan kills all the club members of all the clubs available at school, causing all these clubs to shut down?, will it cause a ending due to all the clubs at akademi shutting down or the gameplay will be the same but without clubs?

    PS: Nice progress, Good Luck.

    • Technically, you could shut down every club by simply killing *1* member of every club.

      If you kill over 50% of the school’s population, I think you get a “bad end”.

  3. Hi Yandere Dev! I love your game! Just a quick idea. Someone suggested that Sakura should have a heart attack whenever she sees Yandere Chan doing something suspicious, therefore alerting all the other students. Just a suggestion. Keep up the great work!

  4. hi YandereDev! We all love the progress you’ve made for the game so far, I just have to report a bug though
    if you bump into a delinquent or a student council while using Yandere Vision, the graphics look weird thats all i have to say keep doing what you do!

  5. Is the gaming club playing pokemon go? or is related to the previous preview with the magical girl

  6. Not trying to be rude, but perhaps DON’T show Osana? You said yourself that it only causes problems with people shrieking “ADD HER 2 THE GAME ALREADY STOP TEASING US!!!11!!!11!!!!”…

  7. So a new task coming from someone we probably know and people on their phones near a event from someone that be in the game soon? I totally dont know whats gonna be in the new build l….. TOTALLY dont know at all

  8. I have a few questions
    1.) How is the voice acting for these characters going from what you said above it looks like you found the right actors.
    2.) Why did you decide to remove Kokona’s and Saki’s (most likely) friendship bracelet and stockings? I feel like it made them look a little different
    3.) Can you share anything else about the update that has not been show?

  9. The progress you have made on this game is extraordinary. The school is so much more alive than in previous years! Your game has made excellent progress, and I’m sure the final game is going to be amazing. Keep up the good work, and don’t late the haters drag you down!

  10. I have a question
    Wen will you add the “custom” mode
    Wen you can make a custom school and chareters i think it will be cool wile we whait until the game is done
    Sorry for my bad english
    Plz respond

  11. Amazing.
    1: If you were to spread rumors about Osama being a bully, that could be a way to break her relationship with senpai

  12. Yandere dev,
    1. How long does it take to implement the
    guidance counselor after you’re done
    implementing all the students?
    2. If you release the demo with Osana in it,
    will yandere-chan be able to explore
    the single Street to earn money to buy
    3. If a student notice a pool of blood, are
    they going to follow the trails?
    4. Are you going to add background
    chatter in the game? Like if Yan-chan
    walks by a group of people, you can hear
    them talking random things. Kubz scouts
    also suggest this in his yan-sim video

    • 1) It’s too early to know this. I predict 2 weeks minimum and 1 month maximum, but the real answer is “When it’s ready”.

      2) Probably not, unless someone volunteers to model it for me.

      3) Possibly. Maybe only teachers will do this.

      4) I first began considering this idea a long time ago. The problem is that it would require a lot of voice acting.

  13. These screenshots get me hyped for the next build. I have a few predictions for what they could be:
    1.) The gaming club is playing some sort of Pokemon Go type game, and I guess they found a Pokemon near the bathrooms. That spot looks like the spot where Osana answers her phone call. I bet the gaming club are walking around the school looking for Pokemon while making it harder for the player to get away with murder, kill rivals, etc.
    2.) That person who’s giving Kokona the octodogs must be the sub-leader of the cooking club (since Amai will be gone for the first week). He and the other club members must be walking around the school handing out food to other students, making it difficult to get away with murder.
    3.) Oh my gosh it’s the drama club! Ooohh! And I can imagine thousands of things in a backstage room that can be used as a weapon. Fake play swords, wands, ropes, hair straighteners, hammers, soda cans. So many possibilities!
    4.) There are hearts eminating from the bullies. They’re positioned in a way that makes it look like they’re spying or even stalking someone. Possibly their crush? Maybe Senpai or another boy? It definitely can’t be the mysterious obstacle. But I guess they must be stalking a boy or something. Maybe they’re looking at Senpai and the rival being together. I don’t know.
    5.) Osana and the Bullies sunbathing at the pool. This might be simply a part of their schedules so that Osana is always near several other students. Maybe the pool is where Osana’s unique elimination method will take place. But, wait, where is Musume? Why isn’t she with her fellow bullies? Maybe this takes place during lunch time and Musume is instead hanging out near the incinerator.

    Anyways, great work Yandev!

  14. I’m sorry Yandere Dev I do not speak English very well, I’m French.
    I wondered with friends why I had to remove Yui and all the girls and boys from her groups.
    Also no we appreciate your work but the girls (Yui and company) we miss …
    Good luck and we are looking forward to the next update.

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