Next Update Preview

Hi! I’ve made a lot of progress towards the game’s next update, but there are still some more things I want to do before I release a new build, so I’m going to work on it for a little while longer. I don’t have an estimate for when I expect the next build to be ready, but I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made so far, and I’m really enjoying working on the upcoming features!

I’d like to surprise you with the next update, so I won’t tell you exactly what the next build will contain…but I’ll show you a few screenshots of some of the things that you can expect to see!

I hope you’ll look forward to the next build!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

808 thoughts on “Next Update Preview

  1. This update looks awesome!!! is the Anime and Gaming club canon now? And is Mai Waifu the Leader?

    Are the Anime and Gaming club in this build or the next one?

    Will the Photography Club still exist or will those characters be completely removed?

    Will Midori, Ryoto, and Pippi still exist?

    Will Kokona’s appearance be updated?

    Are we now able to wear costumes?

    Are we able to play mini games at the school now?

    I much prefer this gaming room

    These boy gym uniforms look much better than the tracksuits

    I can’t wait for the release!

    • 1) The “Gaming” club will be renamed to the “Anime & Gaming” club and will be an official club. The leader’s profile is on the Characters page of the official website.

      2) The next build I upload will probably contain the “Anime & Gaming” club

      3) The Photo club will still exist.

      4) Yes.

      5) Only very slightly.

      6) No, but I want to implement it in the near future.

      7) You’ll see.

  2. The progress looks great! Maybe the play could be Twelfth Night rather than the typical Romeo and Juliet since it involves disguise and deceit haha. I did have a question, will the game start out with all of the clubs in full operation at the start of the game? If so how will the difficulties rise/ the stakes get higher for elimination?

  3. The update will come with the members of the videogame club or just its renewal?

    Great job I love you so much ^^ /❤

  4. yandere dev if i haveunderstood these images it mean there are two new clubs being added to the game, that mean a total of 7 new clubs in just over a month you are doing a great job and dont deserve all the hate you are currently recieving

    although this is the end of oka which i understand as she seems like a background character and not a rival and possiby the end for most of the rainbow 12 i still will love the game and love the progress being made it seems unreal

    just one question. is that kokona on the satage with the substitute president or is it kizana as that looks like one of the hair models you showed off in the video about them having pretty similar hair

  5. correct in the next update of the yandere the bug of going to school, that when I play in my notebook multlaser win10, I click to go to school and close, until I change the settings it does not help, so correct this error please.

  6. I have two questions, wouldn’t Shin Higaku be the club leader? Also, will we see rivals in the game as if they were regular student during the development of the debug sandbox like Oka?

    I can’t wait for the new build to come out!
    Thank you so much for the last four year! You are directly contributing to the best gaming experience of my life.

  7. this might be a suggestion but maybe there could be a task where the music & drama club need the stage but cant share it so you find a solution which could also be a benefit

  8. A moment. If Oka spies on the Basu sisters in the future, will they have something to do with their background story? I leave that doubt when seeing Shin with the leader’s bracelet

    Will you update the appearance of both sisters?

  9. These seek peaks are really cool! I hope Kokona is the substitute leader so that we can hear her voice actor in the final game!

    One question about something that has always bugged me. Do japanese indoor shoes really look like that? I think that black shoes really look more visually appealing than those clown-like indoor shoes. Is it supposed to be the other way around? or the outdoor shoes are indeed the black ones and the indoor shoes are the blue/white ones?

      • That’s a shame… Well, even if in reality indoor shoes really look like that, you can still change it to your liking. It’s your game, right. Why not? XD
        Even if you will keep those shoes, hopefully they will look better once you get to implement the new uniform model you showed a while ago. Although, it’s kinda hard to imagine Yandere Sim with a different default uniform. There is so many artwork that have the current one… But it’s more like a fan favorite. Are you still going to change it anyway? Or have you changed your mind?

  10. (Soz bad english)

    Yandere Dev Yandere Dev! Can you please answer these questions?

    Will there be 2 separated rooms? (Computer Room and then Anime & Gaming Club)

    Are you going to put a description too to students like the rainbow 12 (except Riku,Kokona and Saki) and the martial arts club members?

    Will the cooking club get a new look to match Amai scheme color?

    There are still 18 empty seats at school.
    (considering that the mysterious obstacle will replace Horuda)
    5 for the music club members
    3 for the drama club members (Kizana,Kokona,Riku not included)
    5 for the cooking club members (Amai not included)
    1 for Osana
    4 for other rivals

    Osana+4 other rivals+Oka (she already have a seat) +Mida and Muja (they don’t need a seat) = 8 rivals

    What are you going to do to fix this problem?
    are you going to remove 2 of the rainbow 12?
    are you going to put some of the rainbow 12 in the remaining clubs?
    are you going to add more seats?

    • 1) I want to replace the current computer room; I don’t like how it looks. I think that the A/V room can be the computer room.

      2) Eventually, if they stay in the game.

      3) Maybe, but probably not.

      4) I know what to do about the seats, just wait and see, please.

  11. 1) Why is there a blonde hair boy and a green hair boy in the library?
    2) WIll you add a cafeteria in the game? You know.. where they get their bento for lunch…
    3) In the description of Gema Taku, it says that the school faculty does not allow any “gaming” club… and now the gaming club is an official club.. what happened?
    4) Is the Light Music club about only rock music? Or any kinds of music? If so, I can give you ideas for the members and yeah! By The Way, had you seen my club ideas I sent you on tweeter? And if so, were they helpful?
    Sorry if I am being annoying with the questions its just that I love this game so much I just wanna know more about it.. and maybe help you with the game with some of my ideas….

    • 1) They were added to the game so that Kokona would be able to blush around a boy with blonde hair and blush around a boy who was studying, so that the player could deduce that Kokona is attracted to blondes and smart boys.

      2) No, I don’t see these in Japanese anime. In most anime I’ve watched, students bring their own lunch to school.

      3) I might re-write his profile.

      4) Please wait and find out.

  12. Keep on trucking along. The strain you put yourself through shows your determination.

    On an alternate note, I was curious about something. I know that gameplay wise, the fates of all the characters in the game are player influenced. However, something I have been curious is if there specific outcomes that would be considered the canon ones. Would there even be a set canon? You don’t really need to answer this if you don’t want to.

  13. Will the r6 be in the final game because I like to annoy my friends if making dumb vocoloid ear rapes with saki and kokona

  14. Oh I almost forgot will there still be only 90 students at school or will it be more because right now it looks like ur gonna sacrifice a lot of students (goodbye annoying ear apes to friends) or are you gonna do more

  15. Yandere Dev I do have one question. You probably get this question a bit but I was wondering, will we ever find out about Ayanos father? I don’t recall ever hearing his name, seeing his face, or knowing anything about him. We know about Ryoba but almost nothing about him. I have been so curious about it. I’m sorry if you get this question a lot and I’m annoying you with it.

  16. Yandere Dev I encountered a strange bug, I was playing Mission mode and Nemesis dressed up like Ayano twice

    Also In the future I think it would be cool if Nemesis Ran after you when she she’s you kill someone or pick up a weapon (depending on difficulty)

  17. Yandere Dev! I got some questions

    1 – Will Yandere-Chan be able to steal items from NPCs in the future? Ex: Their phones, yen, personal items etc..
    2 – When do you estimate Osana will be released?
    3 – Who’s your favorite rival? Why?
    4 – Are you ever going to consider redesigning the school?
    5 – Muja and Mida are adults, why do they have a crush on a high school boy?
    6 – Since there’s a line of text in Budo’s profile related to Osana, will he be Osana’s suitor?
    7 – Will Yandere-Chan be able to bribe people with items in the future?

    Hope you reply! Thanks!

    • 1) I’ve considered it for a long time, but each feature added to the game delays the game further, so at this point, I am extremely hesitant to plan any further features.

      2) Early 2019.

      3) Megami, because it’s fun to imagine unique challenges she will pose for the player.

      4) I will consider it, but not anytime very soon.

      5) You’ll have to wait until their weeks to find out.

      6) I don’t think you’re aware of who that line of text is about.

      7) It’s a cool idea, but see my reply to question 1.

  18. Hello Yandere Dev! I got some questions

    1 – How do you think The Kubz Scoutz will react to Oka going away?
    2 – Will the ”Meme Closet” be in the final game?
    3 – What happened to Kokona?! Is her hairstyle changed or something?
    4 – If you could remove one rival, who would it be?
    5 – Why do you like teasing us so much? It makes me anxious when you say ”You’ll see”
    6 – When a rival falls in love with someone else, will the ”Crush” section on their profile change to the name of the person she fell in love with?

    Thanks you!

    • 1) Interesting question, I don’t know.

      2) Yes, but it’ll be locked unless you activate a cheat code that makes it possible to see memes in the game.

      3) You’ll see.

      4) Good question. I guess I’d poll the fanbase, then remove the least popular girl.

      5) Usually, I type “You’ll see” when a proper answer would be really long and time-consuming to write, and I want to quickly move onwards (or when the answer is a spoiler for the game’s story.)

      6) That’s a good idea. I think that should happen.

  19. 1) Why are you changing Mai Waifu’s name?
    2) Since A&G is a real club now, when will you update the info?
    3) What will be completed in the next update and when?

  20. Yandere Dev Yandere Dev!!!

    In the final game with we get to hear Michaela’s singing voice if Ayano Joins Light Music? That would be amazing it would also be awesome to hear MOM0KI, they both have amazing singing voices.

  21. I Have Questions About The Game, Devpai!!

    1. How Many Clubs Will Be In The Final Game?

    2. Since A New Club Which is “ANIME AND GAMING CLUB” Will Be Added , What Room Will It Replace?

    3. What Clubs Is Going To Be Implemented In The New Build?

    4. Will You Make A Video About Those Clubs?

    5. Will A New Weapon/Mechanic/Characters
    Be Added?

    6. How Do You Feel When You Work On The Game? Happy? Sad?

    7. Will There Will Be Posibilities That The School Layout Will Change Again?

    8. Do You Have All The Assets Needed For Drama And Gaming Club?

    9. Will You Remove Rooms Or Just decorate Them?

    And Number 10…
    • Once You Finished The Clubs, Will Start Working On Osana?

    • 1) I suppose the number is 11.

      2) I’m still deciding where it should go.

      3) Please wait and see.

      4) Probably.

      5) Technically yes. Please wait and see.

      6) It depends on factors outside of the game.

      7) It’s possible.

      8) I’m still waiting on a few animations.

      9) Some rooms may be removed so that other rooms can become larger. It’s too early to know at this point in time.

      10) No. Other things must come first.

  22. Don’t have any questions but I just want to say I and your loyal fan base truly appreciate the work you do on Yandere Simulator. Will be patiently awaiting the final outcome of the game, since my new laptop won’t support the game I’ll rely on Jay from the Kubscouts to show me what’s up 🙂 and Yandere Dev Of course.

    To a hardworking Senpai with wishes of good luck!

    -Yandere bros and girls

  23. This is some great progress! But i have questions.
    1. Will the Drama Club be the only club added in the next build?
    2. Will there be a video on this update when it is ready?
    3. Will the Gaming Club president be in the next build?
    Thats all! Thanks Dev!

  24. Questions:

    – Will you consider adding the feature of being unsuspicious when you carry a Bokken or Shinai around if you joined the Martial Arts Club? Student who practice Kendo at school usually carry their weapons around campus without attracting too much attention from others. Kendo is a Traditional Japanese Martial Art which uses bamboo/wooden swords to spar with your opponent.

    – Will you consider adding the feature that when a student sees you holding an equipment unrelated to your club, that particular student will report you to either the Counselor or the Club President depending on your reputation? Like for example, you are holding a Shinai while goofing around campus but you belong to the Gaming Club. Suddenly, one particular student saw you holding a Shinai which he/she thinks is unrelated to gaming and decided to report you to to the counselor (if your reputation is low) or to the club president (if your reputation is neutral or high) which in this case is Budo Masuta since a Shinai is an equipment of the Martial Arts Club.

    – Will you consider adding Year Representatives in the Student Council whose responsibility is to patrol their respective floors? For example, a First Year Representative whose routine is to patrol the First Floor, Second Year Representative for the Second Floor and Third Year Representative for the Third Floor. Implementing this feature would increase the look out on each floor since the Phone Addicts, Scientists and the others are not enough to monitor the player’s swift movements and actions. It would also further increase the difficulty of the game since killing these patrols would trigger heightened security measures arranged by the Student Council President, Megami Saikou. This would also prevent the player from being able to freely roam around on each floor.

  25. You said there probably won’t be any male teachers but will be any as match makers for the nurse and teacher? Or will they simply not have that option?

  26. If you had to give us a percentage 1.) how much did show us with the picture that is going to be in the update. 2.) how complete is the update so far. 3.) This is unrelated with the percentage, Oka is being removed in the next build, I keep seeing posts on reddit 9 out of the 12 rainbow students are being removed is this true?

  27. Awesome update! I can’t wait to see the new club!

    Guessing the drama club will be implemented, right?

    I have two questions, if I may ask;
    Will every student have a task (or maybe more) to do for in the future?

    Also, will there be more atmospheric conversations between students in the future?

    I am very glad you’re keeping a nice pace with updates, keep up the good job!

    • I think that, in the final game, every student should have a task.

      I would love to add more atmospheric conversations, but it’s kind of a low priority right now.

      Thanks for your kind words!

      • What’s the point of tasks if the player can simply raise Yandere chain’s seductive skills and have everyone to do her bidding? Letting the player read some manga and then be able to control any student’s behavior at any time it’s a very overpowered ability. I think that it would be a better idea to forget the seduction feature and let tasks be the only way to make NPCs do favors for the player.

      • In the final game, raising your seduction stat to maximum will take much longer; several weeks. Right now, it only takes a few days for testing purposes.

  28. Great work YandereDev! I have a few questions if you dont mind. 1) Why will you remove the rainbow six in the future? 2) What will you work on next when all the clubs will be implemented?

  29. I can’t wait more longer ❤❤😍 but i will try 🤗
    i love your hard work yan dev 💖
    does Midori will join the new club or not ?🤔

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