Next Update Preview

Hi! I’ve made a lot of progress towards the game’s next update, but there are still some more things I want to do before I release a new build, so I’m going to work on it for a little while longer. I don’t have an estimate for when I expect the next build to be ready, but I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made so far, and I’m really enjoying working on the upcoming features!

I’d like to surprise you with the next update, so I won’t tell you exactly what the next build will contain…but I’ll show you a few screenshots of some of the things that you can expect to see!

I hope you’ll look forward to the next build!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

808 thoughts on “Next Update Preview

    1 If yandere chan was regularly seen in a swim suit whould some of the male students get attracted to her and start following her and trying to sneak pictures
    2 if you befriend a brave student and they see you fighting a delinquent whould the fight them
    3 whould there ever be a possibility for your rival to break up with her lover if u damage either of there reputation
    4, did u ever envision the game to be this big

    • 1) That probably wouldn’t be a factor in determining whether or not other characters get a crush on her.

      2) Logically, Heroic students really should try to break up fights. I can consider implementing this in the future.

      3) Maybe, but I might decide that lovers don’t care about the reputation of their loved one.

      4) Nope.

      • Love your final answer “nope”.😂😂😂 btw ilysm you make me really happy and I’m so excited for the game to be released! (In the few years or so). Btw I don’t say any comments with questions to you because that may get in your way instead of developing the game, so I don’t wanna get in your way😊

  2. I Have 4 Questions :
    1. Are You Going To Release A New Build Every 15th Day Of The A Month?
    2. How Much Time Is Needed To Release The Next Build? Describe It As A Percentage.
    3. Will Osana Be Implemented Before The End Of 2018?
    4. Will It Be Possible To Customize The Layout Of The School In The Full Game?

    • 1) I’ll aim for the 1st and 15th, but it might not always be possible.

      2) ABC%.

      3) That’s my goal, but it may not be possible.

      4) That’s my intention, but it’s too early to make promises.

  3. Hey so I like the game and am excited about development. I’m going to start with that. It has a lot of potential.

    I just would like to know if characters will be given more depth?

    I don’t mean rivals exactly. I mean characters like Shin. It says that he’s essentially second in command, so if Oka were to be killed that would make him the leader correct? It’s characters like him that I wonder… will they ever be more than paper thin? Especially because, you know, they could be important in easily obtainable circumstances?

    (One of the first things I notice about a game are the characters, so the fact that they are all as transparent as a recently washed window bothers me a bit. Sorry if I sound redundant or whiney)

    • This is an indie game made by a single developer and some volunteers; you have to keep your expectations reasonable. Not every character can have extensive depth.

      I have a lot of work ahead of me, and I’d prefer not to add further work by committing to making every character deep. Characters will have whatever depth I can afford to give them without delaying development further.

  4. Yandere dev,Have you been thingking that when yandere chan studies in school there should be like a minigame for her doing realted stuff from the subject she choose so she can only choose 1 subject if she did the minigame average she gets normal points,if she did bad shell get loew study points,if she did good she automatically ranked up to the next rank of that subject.

    • I’ve considered it. However, I think it would break the flow of gameplay too much; I want the player to be able to rush in and out of class, instead of be obligated to spend a bunch of time in class playing a minigame.

  5. I suggest a lot of people checking the FAQ before asking questions… this really peeves me to be honest. Let’s give Yan Dev more time to develope the game!
    And let’s be patient for the next update too!

  6. I wonder when this update will be out it seems to be a huge one if its taking more than a week. IVE LITTERALY WENT INSANE OVER THIS UPDATE WHEN I CHECK THE BLOG! Thats me done

  7. Once Osana is implemented, while there be an ability that is gained once you raise your Psychology skill? If it doesn’t make sense: You know when you reach rank 1 with your biology skill you gain the ability to tranquilize students in the storage room? Well what does the player gain the ability to after they reach rank 1 in the Psychology skill?

    Sorry if it is confusing! But thank you for reading this if you do! Also, You are doing an amazing job with the game! Keep it up!

  8. 1) when designing the rivals did you have the current character models in mind? If so, will they end up looking different with the new models?
    2) will there be plants in the gardens hreen house?
    3) will the drama club will leave the club to the sewing room to sew together materials for their costumes?

  9. This is for Yandere dev
    1. Will you make Yandere simulator mobile
    2. Are you planning to make people have crushes on Ayon.
    3. Can you use matchmaking for all of your rivals?
    Thank you for working so hard on Yandere Simulator!

  10. I’m glad to see the drama club, but do you keep the idea of the hair drills for the female members as you said in a past video or do you have another idea for the members. If you can, why? I’m so curious to know!

  11. Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev! How much space does the debug take up on a computer so I know if I can download it?

  12. Yandere dev yandere dev I was thinking that the gardening club could water plants outside the school along the walkways so more people are outside and can witness yandere chan’s suspicious behavior. It might be a bad idea but I don’t know you judge it.

  13. Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev!

    Is Amai possibly a “Yandere” or will there’s be someone else that’s gonna be a yandere besides Ayano?

  14. Hey Yanderedev. I’m glad to see you taking the initiative to answering questions on here for people. Thanks for working so hard and making lots of progress! Go Yanderedev!

  15. Si YandereDev, you think it would be possible if we can know the kind of person each character is just by the way they act. For example, we know that Enpitsu is narcissist because we read his profile, but wouldn’t it be cool if he like looked at himself in the mirror sometimes or something like that…
    (sorry if you dont get what I said, bad English)

  16. I have a few questions regarding updates and video progress
    1.) When you make the video for the update are you done with working on the update
    2.) How long does it take to make a video
    3.) If you release the preview will it be like this one, 5 pictures
    4.) Are you going to announce when you start working on the video?

  17. 1) will we ever be able to see/interact with the police? If so, will they be similar to the guidance counselor where you have to explain your actions?
    2) once yandere simulator is a demo, when will the full game come out?
    3) are you getting enough sleep? Sleep is important and so is mental health, the game is important but you’re even more important

    • 1) Probably not. If the police are suspicious of you, they already have some damning evidence against you.

      2) The success (or failure) of the demo will determine how long you’ll have to wait for the full game.

      3) No…

  18. YandereDev!
    I have a question !
    What is the club you are most proud of having currently implemented? (the delinquent and the student council account) (Also, sorry for my English, I use google translation x))
    Also, thank you for spending so much time responding to your community and good luck in general, Aurevoir!

  19. hi yan dev,
    1-A day you think it said that in the game there will be 2 routes one that is peaceful and another that is comy that killing the rivals so if we make Senpai reject Osana is to appear in the 2 week next to Senpai or Will he be with the other girls?

    2-Will there be interactions every week between Senpai and Yan chan?

    3-Fun girl will have to see in the story in the final game?

    4-The Yandere simulator tutorial as it will be in pnan will be images that tell you how to eliminate the rivals, the mother of ayano will say how to sabotage the rivals or will be mini videos explaining what to do?

    5-Will you go to the “save game / load game” mode when Osana is ready?

    6-The obstacle the amulet of osana will be in the final game?

    7-What is the SNAP

    • 1) There are more than 2 routes.

      2) It’s too early to say.

      3) Who? I don’t know anyone named “fun girl”, I don’t think there is a “fun girl” in the game…

      4) It won’t be images.

      5) Hopefully before Osana is ready.

      6) I don’t understand.

      7) You’ll have to wait and see.

  20. 1. First, do you want to implement new sanity animations? Such as ultra sanity?
    2. Secondly, what person gave you the idea to remove oka when she was already in the game? Do you want to make changes on her?

  21. Yandere Dev I have a few questions
    1. Is Yandere-Chan Sexuality influenced by when she meets senpai or will she be naturally Straight or Lesbian
    2. Would you ever consider replacing the current school subject system with a new system where at class time there will be 5 different classes that you can attend which will boost your subject.(such as going to the science lab to boost chemistry, and going to the gym to boost physical education) this will also help giving those areas and the gym teacher a purpose!
    3. Will you ever make Yandere Chan get tired after running for to long. This could add difficulty to chaceing students.
    4. Can you make it possible to give Kokona leathal posion to give it a use before osana gets added?

    • 1) It’s impossible to explain without spoilers.

      2) It’s an interesting concept. I can think about it.

      3) I’ve considered it, but I hate stamina systems in games, so I may never decide to add this.

      4) I don’t understand.

  22. Yandere Dev, I’m from Russia so my English is horrible. I have a question: Will Ayana interact with senpai? Notes? Gifts?
    It’s strange after all if the senpai agrees with the stranger to meet?

  23. Here are a few questions for you YandereDev
    1. Will the music club be implemented soon because the assets and models for Miyuji Shan are in the game files?
    2. Will you ever implement a Demon Power for the succubus in the Demon Realm?
    3. Will students be in the locker rooms so it would not be easier for Yandere Chan to eliminate her rival?
    4. As you can see around the school there are complete empty areas outside like in the corners what would happen with them?
    5. Would you add LGBTQ characters in the future?

    • 1) After the next build has been released, the Music Club will be the only remaining club for me to implement.

      2) I have ideas for it, but I feel like it’s too low-priority to work on right now.

      3) Yes; there should never be a circumstance where the rival is alone with no witnesses around her.

      4) Empty areas won’t exist in the final game.


  24. I have a few questions…
    Yandere dev, in a video of yours you said that after osana is in the game, you will be able to work on other rivals easily, can you describe how much it would take to implement another rival?
    also, I got confused, is Oka a rival or is she not?
    will you be making videos explaining mysterious characters like nemises, ghost chan, and information chan? (aka info chan)

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