July 2018 Progress Report

I’ve prepared a new build! You can watch this video to learn what’s new:

There’s something cool I want to talk about, but I think I should make it a separate blog post, so I’ll announce it tomorrow. Check back tomorrow if you’re interested – especially if you’re going to be attending Anime Expo!

With the addition of all these new students, you might notice the framerate starting to drop lower. That’s a big reason why I added the “Void Goddess” debug tool to the game:

If you have a weak computer, but you still want to check out the new characters, you can summon this character (located to the left of where Yandere-chan spawns at the beginning of the day) and use her debug menu to selectively despawn all characters except for the ones that you want to see. This way, much fewer characters will be present at school, so the framerate will be much higher! (Of course, in the final game, the framerate problems will be resolved, and a debug workaround won’t be necessary!)

Actually, I have some cool things to announce regarding programmer assistance and framerate improvements, but I’ll save that for tomorrow’s blog post!

Anyway, for a list of everything that is new/fixed in the latest build – along with some other stuff that I’d like to share – please click “Continue Reading”!

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