Subreddit Announcement and Update Preview

Hello again!

Most games have an official forum where fans can gather to discuss the game. I’ve been developing Yandere Simulator for more than 50 months, but I never created an official message board or anything like that! Seeing people post fan art and lore theories is a lot of fun, and interacting with fans is my favorite part of development, so I’ve decided to create an official Yandere Simulator subreddit where fans can discuss the game!

I need to spend the majority of my time working on the game, but I’ll try to check on the subreddit a few times per day to answer questions and interact with fans!

Oh, by the way! It’s been a while since I made a post that actually shows off my latest progress, so I wanted to give you a quick preview of some of the things that you’ll see in the next build! Click “Continue Reading” to take a look!
I don’t want to give too much away, so I’m going to blur the screenshots a bit!

Do you recognize this location?

What’s happening here?

What’s this guy doing, and what’s on that table?

What do you make of this?

Do you recognize this character?

These screenshots don’t give away everything that will be in the next build, but some of the star attractions are featured here!

I estimate that the next build will be ready on July 1st! I hope you’ll look forward to it!

161 thoughts on “Subreddit Announcement and Update Preview

  1. 1: The gym with physics.
    2: The student council will not throw pepper on you to see you fight against a delinquent, if not talk [or intimidate you, depends on whether it is Aoi or Akane, or the others].
    3: Looks like a member of the Art club.
    4: A member of the gardening club.
    5: Robot-chan

    • It looks a lot like Akane interfering with a fight between Ayano and a Delinquent, my guess is the Student Councils will now have stuff added to their personalities, like in their introduction video! I vaguely remember something about how each member would react differently to a fight or high tension between students, like Akane’s presence would stop the fight because the boys don’t want to embarrass themselves before her, Shiromi probably started the fight herself, Kuroko would try to calm them down more professionally (?) and Aoi would intimidate them into not fighting to begin with, maybe he’s implementing that into the game! Can’t wait to find out!

  2. Censoring criticism is not only a bad look, but it’s only going to make things worse for your ‘image’. The Internet is seen as a place of free(est) speech so if you get rid of criticism, criticism is only going to get less constructive and more abusive, and greater in quantity.

  3. Yandere dev, I have a concern about bullying, what I mean is that bullying events are not according to the severity, is it possible to put dirty secrets and events according to the secret?

    For example Kokona would suffer bullying and instead of being attacked she would be humiliated with pictures all over the school telling her bitch

    Or maybe Shin is booed by his shy personality by physically attacking him, putting his foot in classes or simply mocking him

    Will all bullying events be varied according to severity and time?

  4. Yandere-dev,

    Have you hired all of the voice actors for ever character? Because I can do some sweet voice acting for alluring deep woman voices to cute and shy high voices. Hehehehe.

  5. 1. Quite possibly it is either an area where you can cut sandbag ropes to assassinate Kizana when she’s in the game, or it’s a new and fancier version of the rooftop.
    2. Akane Toriyasu quite possibly saying, “What’s going on here?”, then forcing Ayono and the delinquent apart.
    3. An art club member, quite possibly sculpting.
    4. A gardening club member watering a plant in the school.
    5. That is a Science Club member, he/she is probab;y testing out an experiment.

  6. 1 bug correction from the newest gym method of killing kizana in a show
    The girls from the stupendous county ccomprindo the tarafas of the video in which yandere dev spoke
    3add arts club and its members and new decoration
    4 gardening area now interconnected and with its actions
    5 robot chan

  7. As far as what I can tell the first pic wouldn’t be in the next build right away, since it’s a kizana elimination method.
    The second pic shows one of the student council doing what they’re expected to do.
    The third pic shows one of the art club members doing a club activity.
    The fourth pic shows one of the gardening club members probably doing a routine… which also means that they’re going to be “real students soon.”
    The fifth pic shows a science club member trying to trap a mice in the game for a test subject.

  8. I’m 90% percent sure he blurred photo of the fight and Akane shows her breaking up the fight,if so I believe that every student council member will break up a fight in their own way as said in either of the videos about them(I forgot which one).

  9. Hi, it’s me again.

    I’m thinking:

    1: Auditorium/Gymnasium is now complete.
    2: Council members can now stop fights between Ayano and delinquents and lower reputation.
    3: Art Club member will now sketch outside of classrooms making it harder to commit murder.
    4: Garden Club members will now roam around the school watering plants making it harder to commit murder.
    5: Robot can be completely built and will access the storage room for…reasons.

    Am I close? The 5th one is a bit hard to predict.

    See you next time.

    • In my opinion, your 1st guess isn’t right. Because in order for the gym to be completed, Kizana will also be implemented. And number 5 isn’t robot chan .

  10. 1 Photo: Walk space above gym that could be used as a murder method.
    2 photo: Student council member stoping a fight between student and player.
    3 photo: Thing on table might be a murder weapon person on bench is scetching which means they might be an obstacle??
    4: Gardening club members who go around watering plants throughout school making it harder for you to kill without being caught.
    5: Easter egg or robot from science club.

  11. 1th Picture: Ayano in the Gym Hall

    2th Picture: A student council member witnessing a fight and trying to stop it. Like you explained in your video about the student council. Every member will solve the problem individually.

    3th Picture: One of the art club member, trying to draw something that’s on the table.

    4th Picture: A gardening club member. I guess they want to make the school more beautiful. In the picture a gardening member is depicted taking care of a plant, in the school hallways.

    5th Picture: Robo Chan trying to find something that the science club needs for future experiments.

  12. 1. The gym or auditorium
    2. The student council member stopping a delinquent fight
    3. An art club member drawing a sculpt
    4. Gardening club member watering a plant
    5. Science club member(was gonna say president but it didn’t have the red arm thing) experimenting

  13. 1. The gym

    2. What you talked about with the student concil backstory video

    3. I have no idea

    4. Gardening club members functunal, watering plants inside the school

    5. Robot chan (Science club member)

  14. Im from the Philippines so this update will probably come out in July 2 (Monday). I cant wait sadly i cannot play immediately i have school already 😢

  15. The only one I can’t recognise is the one with the guy and the table. XD Rest of them I can get a good idea of, I’m glad to see some new stuff. I hope you’re feeling better.

  16. Seems a real lot of stuff is coming!
    Regarding the waiting, I think that YandereDev needs to take his time.

  17. I am extremely excited for the new update, but I’ve got a question: .
    Will you be adding the rival club leaders and having them appear earlier in the game? I know that Oka is currently in- game and maybe the others(not Megami) would appear earlier, too and make a move later?

  18. My ideas of the screenshots: (I theorized a bit)
    1) Is it the gym? Is it finally playable?
    2) In your video about the story focus of the student council you explained how, hypothetically, each one would difuse the situation. I’m guessing you have decided to actually implement those features. If that’s the case, Akane was tryinf to stop you fight with her presence alone
    3) I’m guessing he/she is in the art club. If so, her/his placement would be a great idea for game design, since he/she would act as a camera and always stay there, instead of the student council, for example, who are always moving. If that’s the case, something tells me the placement of the study is in a very strategical place, maybe even close to the hallway where Osana takes her call?
    4) Oh, that’s easy! The gardening club! And something tells me they’ll be ANOTHER obstacle, since we would have to make sure that wherever he makes their crime, there’s no flowers or plants anywhere close, since a gardening member could easily catch you. Maybe we would even have to analize which plants and flowers have been watered, and which ones haven’t, or who waters which one.
    5) Robo-chan?

  19. Le premier est le club de théatre
    Le deuxieme est une membre du conseil qui arrete la bagarre
    Le troisiéme et un membre du club photographique
    Le quatrieme est une fille du club de jardinage
    5 Club de science
    The first is the theater club
    The second is a board member who stops the fight
    The third and a member of the photographic club
    The fourth is a girl from the gardening club
    5 Science Club

  20. Yandere dev, Yandere dev! I’ve always wondered this and I wanted you to answer. Once you eliminate a rival in a NON LETHAL way, in which they survive, will you see them at school the next week? Like, will they just be a normal student after that?

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