A Childhood Lesson

This video was sitting in an incomplete state for a long time, because I couldn’t justify working on a non-essential video while there was still important work to be done. However, I didn’t want the artist’s work or actresses’ time to go to waste, so I decided to put the finishing touches on the video and release it.

This might be the last story-centric video for a while; I’ve stopped requesting artwork/voices for videos like this. I think that this type of video serves a purpose; they “fill in the blanks” and provide the player with information that you won’t learn in-game. But, making these videos can take time away from development, and the costs may outweigh the benefits. So, to maximize the amount of time I’m spending on development, you probably won’t see more story-centric videos anytime soon.

I’ve got a new build of the game ready, but I want to add more stuff to it before releasing it, so that it’s a “Wow, cool!” build instead of an “Oh, okay.” build. I hope it’ll be ready within the next few days, but please be patient in case I need to spend extra time on it.

119 thoughts on “A Childhood Lesson

  1. Cute video! Well, I’m not sure if β€œcute” is the proper word for it haha, but I loved it!

  2. I actually love the lore of yandere simulator. I always anticipate new tapes or other pieces of information. I think it is amazing for you to be able to create an actually challenging stealth game with such amazing story around it.

  3. (I put this comment in here since I don’t know why it wasn’t working days ago)

    Now those things had calmed down, and people had calmed down, I think it was good to explain things and start to open comments. It was a grave mistake to close them since it opened several windows for trouble. More because the “negative” stuff was the only information we had and the “good information” was being shut away form us. So people have no reasons to “sympathize” with someone if that person doesn’t explain his respective side of the story to us. A similar situation happened to me years ago with one of my DA friends; we had a rocky start, because in that time she has a problem with another user. So I wanted to hear both sides of the story, but because she didn’t wanted to talk and clarify things I really distrusted her since I thought she has something shady behind. But when she finally realizes it was better to talk, she told me her side of the story so we could clarify and fix things between us and we are still friends. Is something similar to what just happened to you Dev, I think sometimes is dangerous to stay silent and not clarity things like it can be interpreted in a wrong way.

    And the lilac-haired golden-eyed girl in the previous post, I have the feeling she’s not a Type A nor Type B, I think she’s somewhere in the middle. She looks more confused and concerned with what is happening around her. I think that several people like me was feelings that way in these past days, in the way she’s not a hater nor a bully nor want to be toxic. But is more in the middle of all the madness and don’t know exactly what to believe of what to think about all of the situation. So yeah, never doubt is better to be honest, it really save you a lot of trouble, the time spent in clarifies things and being honest is never wasted time.

  4. I wonder, why don’t you implement those super-cool videos INTO the game, as some kind of tutorial, or a cool way to tell Ayano’s backstory ? So much effort is put into it, put in into the game ! At least as an “Extra” menu, a bit like in Portal 2 !

    • This! I agree. Lots of games put concept art in extras, & this is way more polished than most concept art.
      So even if you don’t think they’re the right fit for the actual game, please consider putting them in a sub menu, I think they’d be excellent extras! ^___^

  5. I love seeing story content like this. I get the sense that there’s loads of intricate ideas like this just beneath the hood – stowed away in spoiler territory where we won’t see it until the game is finished – so it’s always tantalizing to get a whiff of that goodness.

    That said, I completely agree with your reasoning about prioritizing game development over lore videos, and I’ll have no problem waiting for the final game before I taste the feast of a story you’ve been preparing for so long.

  6. Can you make an β€œExtras” gallery that is unlocked once someone completes the game?

    It just feels like a waste to leave these videos buried under development videos that someone playing the complete game won’t even think about watching…

  7. **Chop chop chop chop.**

    I was expecting the mother to start getting violent near the end by chopping a bit faster and subtly erratic.

    Maybe it’s just me and my imagination.

  8. Oml I watched this video this morning and was like “when did this come out?” and then I check the page and be like “oh shit”

  9. Hey Dev, i hope you’re doing great. ignore all the bad comments from haters.. i’ve followed the development from very long and i know you put your heart into it. I’m not the greatest with words but i admire you a lot.. and wish you the best, to feel better and less stressed. We love you dev, you put smiles in our faces be it the smallest bug fix build update to an amazing huge one. I suffer from mental disorders that cause a lot of distress in my life to the point it’s hard to even take a step, for said reason i can’t and won’t judge someone else feelings or problems, people keep judging you for being human and making mistakes, they don’t realize they’re doing so much bad with the hate they could get an amazing person to kill themselves, and then, how will they feel? Guilty. I believe people should stay more fixated on their lives, they judge you when they could be doing greater for themselves. I’m saddened our community became full of hatred, for the simple reason of someone else acting like a human.

    Full love and lots of supports for you dev, from Venezuela.

  10. You’re doing so well, Yandev. I’m proud of you. I take so much joy in watching this game take form. The little pieces over time keep the anticipation up. Thank you for all your hard work!

  11. I love how ryoba is so well thought of chemicals that can remove blood! lol Anyway I love the video and I can’t wait for the next build! Good luck Yandere dev!

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