A Childhood Lesson

This video was sitting in an incomplete state for a long time, because I couldn’t justify working on a non-essential video while there was still important work to be done. However, I didn’t want the artist’s work or actresses’ time to go to waste, so I decided to put the finishing touches on the video and release it.

This might be the last story-centric video for a while; I’ve stopped requesting artwork/voices for videos like this. I think that this type of video serves a purpose; they “fill in the blanks” and provide the player with information that you won’t learn in-game. But, making these videos can take time away from development, and the costs may outweigh the benefits. So, to maximize the amount of time I’m spending on development, you probably won’t see more story-centric videos anytime soon.

I’ve got a new build of the game ready, but I want to add more stuff to it before releasing it, so that it’s a “Wow, cool!” build instead of an “Oh, okay.” build. I hope it’ll be ready within the next few days, but please be patient in case I need to spend extra time on it.

119 thoughts on “A Childhood Lesson

  1. Damn, Ayono just seems so… innocent in that flashback. Like I know she was always screwed up, but she didn’t have to turn out as bad as she did. Dammit, Ryoba!

    In any case, I LOVED this video. The voice acting is superb. I’m pretty awful at actual gameplay (but slowly improving… LOL), but the story and characters of YanSim make it all worth it.

  2. This…that does fill in some blanks, now does it? I mean, even if you made Kokona the tutorial girl in your final game, It wouldn’t help explain how she knows how to clean up bodies. So this peace of lore is a nice touch.

    If I could make a recommendation (That I know will be vanquished by the waves of comments, but still…) How about using the audio file of this video as a record to be played in the final game? Like maybe Ryoba recorded these for her daughter to listen to and remember her lessons.

    I don’t know, it seems like an interesting touch in my head, and it’s a shame if this voice-over was forgotten one the main game arrives.

    • Kokona is not a tutorial. She is a guinea pig to test out the elimination methods while Osana is getting ready. She will be one of the background characters in the final product.

  3. Why do I feel like Ryoba is training her daughter, and showing her the many ways to use a meat cleaver.

  4. I liked how this vid was made and seems a lot of people are actually forgiving. I think its ironic that this vid was uploaded days before Father’s day when its Ayano’s mom Ryoba teaching her stuff 😂. Anyways amazing video explaining a story 👍👌

  5. Thanks, mom

    I wonder if this’ll be made into a real mechanic, where Yandere Chan has to use peroxide to fully clean up blood; if she doesn’t, it won’t be visible so no one will react to it, but the police can find it immediately. Plus, wouldn’t it be strange to be carrying around peroxide the entire time?

  6. So bleach for initial clean up. Then going back and using peroxide at a later time? Maybe stolen from the nurse’s office? The police wouldn’t douse the school in luminol willy-nilly. Will the dogs notice? Maybe it need to be done if the police get called at a later date and discover older blood stains when there have been previous missing students? Chlorine bleach doesn’t stop luminol. Oxygen Bleach will, but that’s laundry detergent powder and when used to house clean you need to let it soak for 10-15 mins. And mixing the two types is almost as bad as chlorine bleach and ammonia.

  7. My first comment here, yay! (I appologize in advance for my bad English)
    This video is “cute” and also enlightening lol, very practical
    YandereDev-san, you’re doing such an amazing work! I follow your game development for only 2 years, maybe?.. But during that time I fell in love with your game sooo much, I love your ideas for it! They are rather detailed and gradually become more improved by your hard work! >_< I wait for every build almost every day!
    When I've seen recent posts, I was a bit shocked. I've never seen this part of your life. And It's so frustrating! Everyone make mistakes and learn from it. But still there are people with not good intentions. I hope you're feeling better now! Aand I hope you'll handle all that hard time. Keep up your work! Thank you for developing Yandere Simulator! ^O^

  8. I have an idea about the function of the art club, and if the members of the club leave the school to paint canvases, they could be anywhere outside the school, so when we are with a corpse outside they can see us and call to the police, it’s worth mentioning that they will be very far from where we are, I do not know, that’s my idea, sorry for the bad English

  9. Devpai!!! You should put this in the actual game, that would be a nice touch maybe as an option.
    But if you can’t, I understand. I’m learning html and it’s pretty hard just to make a simple site! ,’-‘,
    So… Just a possible suggestion. If you see this… I completely support you and your work. There is no way that those stupid haters will ever get me on their side. When I find a game I like, I stay with it.
    ~From, Creeper~chan

    • Agreed! Everyone has done things they might regret, but I didn’t even know about any of this until YandereDev told us about it in that looooooong post! I don’t care what he has done, I only care what he is doing!

  10. Hey I was wondering why PrincessRizu was voicing Ryoba. I thought Micheala Laws was here voice actor. Is PrincessRizu just voicing her for this video, or is she the new voice actress in general?

      • Oh okay, that’s what I thought anyway! Thanks for responding and keep up the good work!

  11. I love all of the videos like this there so beautiful, and I love the game in general…

    I just hate that people are attacking both the game and Yandere Dev, and how some people are complaining that they’ve been following the game since the beginning and that no progress has been made, compare the original school to the school now, and look at the original students, the game has gone a good distance, ya just gotta accept this will take time.

    • Exactly! I don’t understand how can they say that no progress is being made when OBVIOUSLY there is a lot being done. But apparently, some people don’t consider bug-fixing as important, so they will openly say that no progress has been made, or that the game core mechanic is still the same after the years (like someone said: “Running around in school without any objective.”) – the “make-up” of the game is also an important detail before the first official rival arrives. Honestly at this point they are just hate-following YandereDev and making hate videos for the views because people search for this crap. Why would someone waste their oh so precious time on digging up dirt on someone they hate? Heck, I would never do that to the person I hate and I am really starting to despite this anti-yanderedev agenda. If they have so much free time, then they could use it for something more beneficial for their lives than spread hate on the internet. Like maybe, saving the Internet from that guy that is trying to turn the Internet into another money mine?

      • I have watched some of these “hate” videos and literally all of them are stupid because they have clearly not played the game or researched the game at all.
        And for people to say that but fixes aren’t important has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard XD
        Even games like GTAV still get bug fixes that are vital to the game so how can they think bug fixes for a game in development isn’t progress.
        That reminds me one of the videos I saw, literally had a section on the bugs with the game, and they were outdated bugs that have been fixed for months.

        Like Rome, games aren’t built in a day.

  12. Excuse me, I saw there is a short visual novel game called Crimson Gray that has the same kind of yandere girl character as Ayano, will you check the game out? I watched the gameplay on channel ManlyBadassHero and thought the main character was quite interesting in dealing with a yandere girl, and the yandere girl looks like she is a lot smarter and sharper than Ayano, although the game is not out fully so I can’t compare them together properly. But I think you should check that game out?

  13. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched this video. Yandere-chan’s mom sounds so *inser Mermaid Man voice here* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil but also SO… DAMN… HOT at the same time. More PrincessRizu in the gme please oh and as ususal keep up the good work ^_^

  14. Hey, this may be off topic, but I notice you were talking about ideas for a Yandere Simulator sequel in the future. And I was wondering: Wouldn’t 1980’s mode be better as a sequel then an actually mode in this game? That way you don’t have to worry about it lengthening the development of the game, and it would include more story elements. It’s just a thought. Im looking forward to the update, Yandere Dev!

  15. i just thought of this but what if there was a yandere simulator multiplayer mode (note i am bad at creating good ideas)either a mode where you are either a yandere or a rival an possibly even anothe person or a cool idea bringing back the 1980’s mode where you are the jornalist or ryoba.i think it would be very cool but i dont know how it could work but i think it could be a cool mode for yandere simulato but if not a fan game or a mod!you should think of something like this yandere dev (or not its bad so i can see why it would not work or the characters could be brand new characters and how about this…mission mode where there is nemisis as one player and yandere chan is the other how about that!

  16. This is gonna be weird but do you think you’d be able to add in the sports and swim uniforms for the guys, I was so happy when the guys could react to the camera. 😀

  17. Hello !
    There’s a little something I need clarification with but it didn’t seem important enough to send a mail about it so here I am…
    Regarding Kencho Saikou, his character description says he appears during the 52th week, are there really going to be that many weeks (or is that a typo ?) ?
    Thank you for all of your hard work ~

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