What’s been going on for the past few days?

When I was younger – in my late teens and early twenties – I did a lot of stupid and embarrassing things. I wrote a lot of whiny posts about feeling lonely, having no self-confidence, and worrying that I’d never have a girlfriend. When I streamed video games, I would often yell at my viewers and throw temper tantrums at games. I was immature, cringey, and embarrassing in just about every way imaginable.

As I entered my mid-twenties, I realized that I wasn’t proud of any of my behavior, and did my best to change myself and turn my life around. I got a job at a video game company, I made friends, I stopped basing my self-worth on my relationship status, and I did my best to drop all of the habits that I was ashamed of. I became a much happier person. In 2013, I realized that I had acquired the skills necessary to independently develop video games, so I left my job to become an indie dev.

Around 2014, I pitched the idea for Yandere Simulator on 4chan’s “/v/”, a message board about video games. Everyone who posted in the thread loved the idea of the game, so I began working on it. For a few months, everything was wonderful – we were having fantastic threads and having a great time planning out every aspect of the game. But eventually, people realized that “YandereDev” was actually that cringey guy from back in 2009 who was always either whining or raging.

Slowly, the focus of the threads stopped being about my current project, and started being about my former self. Instead of discussing game design, game mechanics, and gameplay, the threads became exclusively about ridiculing me for who I was in the past. /v/ no longer wished to support me or my project, even though I had spent months building a game for them. It was incredibly disheartening, especially when I had put so much effort into improving and rebuilding myself.

Around that point in time, Yandere Simulator was discovered by big YouTubers like Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, and PewDiePie. The game got a new audience, and I got a fresh start. I continued developing Yandere Simulator, but the entire time, I was fearful that the past would repeat itself. I was worried that one day, my new audience would learn about all the stupid cringey things I did in my youth, and turn on me just as the 4chan audience had.

There are people in this world whose hobby is shaming and ridiculing other people. Digging for dirt in other peoples’ lives is their favorite past-time. Humiliating their victims is like a recreational activity for them. They’ll go as deep as they possibly can into your personal life and look for absolutely any quote, screenshot, or chat log that can be used against you. They’re not doing it for any noble reason; they just enjoy the cruelty of it.

These people heard about me, and decided that I seemed like the type of person who would provide them with lots of entertainment. They get amusement from shaming and ridiculing people, so they choose to perceive me as a shameful, ridiculous person. They judge me based on things that I said over a decade ago, and use ancient chat logs and out-of-context screenshots to convince themselves that I’m a cartoonish caricature of who I actually am.

I’m a human being with emotions, I’m frequently put into very unpleasant and stressful situations, and sometimes my judgement is clouded by frustration and anger. As a result, there have been times when I was be short-tempered and rude; these moments account for less than 1% of my interactions with other people. These people judge me exclusively on those 1% of regretful moments; it validates what they want to believe. They’re not interested in truth or reality; just shame and ridicule.

They want to maintain a mental image of me as a pathetic, whiny, cringey loser, because it facilitates their hobby of mocking and humiliating other people. They want to cling to a warped and twisted perception of me, because an exaggerated caricature is much more fun than a boring person with normal flaws. They grasp at straws, make mountains out of molehills, jump to conclusions, believe people without evidence, and convince themselves of things that never happened.

Imagine that there was a time in your life when you weighed 500 pounds, but then you went on a diet and achieved a reasonable weight. Now, you only eat a candy bar once a month. However, some weird people stalk you and take photos of you whenever you eat a candy bar, and try to spread a narrative that you’re a fat pig who is constantly stuffing your face with junk food. That’s the situation that I’m in, except instead of portraying me eating candy, they portray me as my old self from the past.

It wouldn’t be a big deal if some weirdos wanted to gossip about me quietly in their little corner of the Internet…but instead, they sought to colonize as many sites as possible. They created blogs about me on Tumblr, threads about me on Reddit, videos about me on YouTube, etc. They’re committed to spreading Anti-YandereDev propaganda as far as possible, and convincing my fans that I’m a lazy slacker, or a scam artist, or a pedophile, or whatever other fantasies they believe in.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been constantly worried that one day, their propaganda would spill out into the mainstream and begin to change the hearts and minds of my followers. I knew that some of my fans were aware of the propaganda, but I didn’t know how many, or if it was the sort of thing that people actually cared about. I didn’t know if the propaganda was going to spread slowly over time, or if it was going to spread rapidly as the result of some controversial event.

On June 1st, I uploaded a video about the Photography Club. I saw the usual comments – jokes, memes, constructive criticism, etc – but I also observed that a significant number of the comments were insults coming from people who had been brainwashed by Anti-YandereDev propaganda. I realized that this nonsense was starting to poison peoples’ minds, and that I would have to start addressing the issue. I decided that my next video would be about Osana.

When I uploaded the Osana video, the comment section was invaded by the Anti-YandereDev crowd, determined to turn fans into haters by bashing me and describing me as a twisted caricature of who I actually am. There were also lots of people asking about tinyBuild and spreading ridiculous theories about why the partnership had ended. Every other comment was either an insult, ludicrous misinformation, or questions about tinyBuild that I was afraid to answer for legal reasons.

I didn’t want the Yandere Sim fanbase to see all of that nonsense, so I started deleting abusive comments, and removing comments about tinyBuild. When fans noticed that comments were vanishing, they accused me of “censorship” and “not being able to handle criticism” – even though I was only deleting insults and misinformation. I realized that I was in a lose-lose situation; I didn’t want propaganda and misinformation to poison anyone’s mind, so I simply disabled the comments altogether.


This turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made. A lot of fans were absolutely pissed about comments being disabled; it was interpreted as an attempt to “silence criticism”, rather than shut down abuse and misinformation. Rather than protecting my audience from propaganda designed to make them doubt me, I unintentionally gave my audience a good reason to doubt me. I’d never been in such a situation before, and I was at a complete loss for what to do.

When YouTube comments were no longer available, the conversation continued on my blog, now with more accusations of censorship. I panicked and closed comments on my blog. This left the fanbase with two choices for where to discuss Yandere Simulator: in the comment sections of videos that are bashing me, or in subreddits/Discord channels operated by people who explicitly dislike me and are delighted to see people talking trash about me.

As a result, a huge portion of my audience has now been exposed to content from people who think I’m a villain, who are trying their best to convert fans into haters. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, it’s probably the worst thing that possibly could have happened. I’ve had a few days to think everything over, but the next course of action still isn’t clear. This is primarily because…there’s no easy way to confirm how many people actually care about any of this.

My most recent video has 68k likes and 8.5k dislikes. If we attempt to use these numbers to determine how the Yandere Simulator fanbase feels right now, then approximately 12.5% of the audience has turned against me, and the remaining 87.5% of the fanbase is still on my side. (We also have to consider the fact that many of the people leaving dislikes on the video were never fans to begin with; those dislikes are just coming from the crowd of people that ridicule others for fun.)

Over the past few days, I’ve received a countless number of supportive and encouraging messages from fans, assuring me that they don’t care about any of this dumb drama and that they’re still on my side. (I’m extremely grateful to everyone who e-mailed me with kind words!) The ratio of fanmail to hatemail has been 95% / 5%. Perhaps this means that all of the hate and ridicule is only coming from a very vocal minority; perhaps only 5% of fans are susceptible to being converted by propaganda.

Of course, if you check subreddits or Discord servers operated by people who strongly dislike me, then you will see a lot of people shredding me to pieces, because the people operating the subreddits/servers love seeing it. However, that wouldn’t be a very accurate way to gauge the overall sentiment of the entire fanbase; it’s obvious that you’d see a lot of hate and ridicule in places that encourage it, operated by people who want to see me torn down.

Some people are immune to drama, gossip, and rumors; it bounces off of them like bullets bounce off Superman. They simply don’t care. There are fans who think it’s absolutely absurd to judge me based on cringey things I did a decade ago. There are fans who would never judge me based on an out-of-context screenshot from a previous phase of my life. There are fans who can be understanding and forgiving with me for losing my temper during times of intense stress. There are fans who don’t have any interest in stupid rumors and character assassination propaganda.


Let’s say that there are two types of fans: “Type A” and “Type B”. (This time, I’m staying away from biased terminology like “Chill” and Heated”.) Type A would be the crowd that doesn’t care about drama, doesn’t care about gossip, doesn’t care about rumors, doesn’t care about ANY of this, and just wants me to get back to work on the game. They simply want to see me make progress, and aren’t going to give a second thought to any stupid propaganda. Type B would be…the opposite.

“YandereDev streams video games for 3 hours a day!”

Type A: So? There are 24 hours in the day. Even if you play video games for 3 hours, there is still plenty of time to be productive and get lots of work done.

Type B: Wow, what a lazy piece of shit!

“Development is taking a long time!”

Type A: That’s to be expected. Most ambitious indie games made by small teams take around 5 years to be completed.

Type B: Wow, he must be a scam artist who is intentionally dragging development out for as long as possible because he’s trying to milk his Patreon!

The question is: what percentage of the population is Type A, and what percentage is Type B? Is it 95%? 87.5%? 50%? If the people who care about stupid rumors are the majority, then I may actually have to go through the trouble of publicly debunking every stupid accusation that has been leveled at me. But if they are actually just a very tiny minority, then I can simply ignore it all and get back to work on the game. Right now, I’m not actually sure about the best way to determine this.

Instead of focusing on what I don’t know, all I can do is focus on what I do know. First, I know that this entire situation could have been avoided if I had simply been more transparent about tinyBuild much sooner. So, the first lesson to be learned here is that I should do a better job of communicating important facts like this to the fanbase, to avoid situations where rumors and misinformation are flying around.

Second, it has become apparent that if there is not an official place to discuss the game, then people will go to unofficial subreddits and unofficial Discords that might be operated by spiteful people who hate me, where they will be unable to have meaningful or productive discussions. I need to create an official place to discuss the game; an environment where people can talk to one another with civility, respect, and dignity, instead of having drama and trash-talk dominate every thread.

With this blog post, I hope that I’ve clarified the situation for a lot of people – people within the fanbase, and people outside of the fanbase who are wondering what all the controversy is about. My next course of action will probably be to set up an official subreddit for the game, followed by getting back to work on Yandere Simulator. I apologize for everything I’ve done that made this situation turn out as badly as it has.

If you’re still interested in the game after everything that’s happened, then I’d like to thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator.

EDIT: I regret suggesting that there are only two categories of people, “A” or “B”. I acknowledge that there is an entire spectrum between the two opposite extremes. It wasn’t my goal to portray this as a purely black-and-white situation, but that’s definitely how it came off. Another mistake made, another lesson learned. I’m sorry.

656 thoughts on “What’s been going on for the past few days?

  1. I’ve found a lot of anti-yanderedev stuff tends to be misinformed. Pulling stuff that you’ve already debunked or just complaining about the time it’s taking to make the game. As someone whose TRIED to make her own games??? It’s hard, REALLY hard. You have my support, and I get excited with each step of progress made.

    • A very common thing said is that Undertale was made in about 2 years by one person and Stardew Valley was made in 4 years by one person making everything. What can you say about that?

      • Both Undertale and Stardew Valley are 2d games with pixel graphics. Obviously those games would take less time to make simply because you’re not working with a third dimension. On top of that, both Undertale and Stardew Valley have relatively simple gameplay, there’s nothing too complex or difficult in those games Undertale is only difficult when the game throws lots of attacks at you at once, copying the same attack is literally just a copy-paste.
        Yandere dev is also a much bigger game, you can play a genocide, pacifist and neutral run in Undertale all in about 10-15 hours. In Stardew valley, there’s technically no end but once you’ve unlocked most of the games features (in the first year) there isn’t much more to see in terms of totally new content. But in the “full” version of Yandere simulator, you will have to play through 10 weeks and you’ll have to replay the week if you get caught too. Every week the rival’s movement patterns, the complications with killing them and the ways of eliminating them will change. Every week will feel completely new. On top of that, the branching storylines and multiple endings will encourage multiple play throughs and will make the players kill the rivals in different ways(or not kill them). This will also make the same game feel fresh and new as you figure out different ways of solving the puzzle.

        In conclusion, Yandere Simulator is a much bigger game than (possibly) any other game made by one person so obviously it will take longer to make. Also, at the beginning of the game’s development, Yandere Dev didn’t know how popular his game would be and didn’t work on it much, which lead to some very slow early development.

  2. Hi, Dev!
    I’m a brazillian fan of your game who follows you since you started the development of Yandere Simulator. I think the game is doing well, but I’ve seen you “stole” the Ayano Aishi game model from someone in a website of Unity, and I think you should do a new model for her.

    I hope this to end soon, because you don’t deserves the hate you’re receiving. You’re an awesome developer, don’t forget that. I don’t know if you cares with that, but I’ll be always at your side. You can try to talk with me if you need a friend, okay?

    Haha, I’m speaking so much… I think it’s it. Sorry if I said something ‘wrong’, english is not my native language, after all.

    Have a good day, Yandere Dev.

      • Dear YandereDev,
        While I had been suggested videos by people talking against you I ignored them because
        1. I doubted they had any actual proof
        2. You never deserved this hate, as you said, your only human.
        3. I believe in you
        While I dislike the panty shots and the nudity because I’m just a modest person in general, I still think you have the power to make an amazing game and I’m always looking forward to it’s completion, and loving any progress you make, big or small. One of the reasons I watch the games progress without being diluted (or perhaps a more fitting world) is because I learned about your game thanks to Markiplier’s Let’s play of the game (which I learned about from an animation of it by a youtuber named GrittySugar). To be honest your one of the reasons I want to be a game developer myself one day, and I know that as long as you keep going, your success will upset them more than anything they try to do.
        I look forward to the day when you publish Yandere Simulator so that I can say
        You’ve finally won
        Slán go fóill

      • This is mainly in response to Adi Wadi, it’s one thing to not watch the videos because you don’t care, but your reasons are completely about blind faith. That is a dangerous mentality to have. There are a lot of dumb videos out there only bashing on YanDev without support for their claims, but there are a couple out there that make strong cases with relatively up to date information. I recommend not being so quick to dismiss things that challenge your thoughts and instead dismiss them based on their individual lack of merit. Either way, have a pleasant day.

    • I had no clue about this Drama until I saw a few videos called “Yandere Dev EXPOSED” and all that jazz first I thought all these things, they were saying were recent but now I know that they were 10 years ago honestly it’s pathetic that somebody will bring something up from the past. And I agree we are all human so that means we an all be angry cause there is not one human being that hasn’t been angry. so don’t worry they are just jealous ❤

  3. Hey Yandere Dev. Before seeing this, I honestly had NO clue what was even happening. I didn’t care about drama, nor do I care now.
    Assuming you have a 9 to 5 job, you ARE WORKING, despite what people say of your twitch and how you drag out the process. Thats like them saying an electrician or a teacher should work from the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep. Its bullshit.
    Stay strong. You still have a loyal and supportive fanbase despite the propaganda.
    Love, A Loyal Fan

  4. I’ve been following the development of YanSim for only 2 years now and I always like to see that there are people who also enjoy things such as this just. There is an Amino for yandere simulator fans and there are over 60k members! after a while about almost over 20% (actually a whole lot even though it doesn’t seem like it) of the active member have a poll on whether yandere simulator should be made by someone else or not. Also rants about how “lazy” and “unproductive” they think you are. I always look at the comments on those types of post and most of them aren’t people who are against you! After the growing amount of YanDev rants, polls, etc, The leaders of the amino decided to band all the post that are about being against the game’s developer and banning all of the members of that amino whose sole purpose is to ruin the game’s reputation. Now all of that has been cleared off of that part of the fanbase, Everyone that is apart of the amino is there for you and gives you their full support to get this amazing game another step closer to completion!

  5. I know this post is a few days old now, but please don’t worry. Every time I see those comments bashing you I just shake my head at the critical misunderstanding of your situation.
    The stuff like, “The game won’t come out in 2019, YanDev is a liar!”

    Except most of your fanbase does understand why it won’t come out at the tiem you projected, especially because you addressed that issue and already said 2019 is off the table and the game will come out when it’s ready.
    Everyone does bad things sometimes! Even me, and what’s important is we grow past it. You’re obviously more matured and like you said, you’re only human!
    You’re doing your best ❤

  6. YandereDev, I don’t think it’s fair for people to judge you for who you were in the past, especially when you’re working your hardest to create a new, fun game. Maybe if they could try programming a game almost from scratch, they’d think differently.

  7. I find it absolutely retarded, all of this drama. Just ignore it as best you can, YanDev, they’re jealous. ❤

    You're amazing, and you may not always have been, but you changed, you did what you could to be a better person, isn't that what counts? ❤ You've got us all my friend.

  8. Yandere Dev, I think people who talk all that crap about you based on you 10 years ago are idiots. I once made a mistake of posting some comments on a girl’s Facebook page, not knowing she was 14. Boy was I embarrassed and upset when a bunch of people, mostly women, started calling me bad names and such. They were angry at me and I decided to chat with one of them after deleting my posts to get myself out of the hole I was in. Long story short (maybe too late) I know the feeling of people judging you on some mistakes you made. However, I do think you made a mistake in revealing some things earlier than they should have (like everything with Osana), but your lost fans can still re-understand you if you make the right decisions. I think a public page or something like that would be good for the situation. Also, you said before the game is less than 50% complete, but I was thinking you keep coming up with new ideas and adding and implementing things to it, how could you know when 50% is? How big will this game be? People want to know when it’s half done and I don’t think knowing that is even possible. Correct me if I’m wrong about anything. Long post short (too late), I understand and support you. – pauljb336

    • For a long time now, I haven’t been considering the idea of adding new features to the game, unless it would involve currently-existing menus/features. For example, the Fragile Persona simply uses pre-existing features (such as bullying, photography, leaving notes, and mind-broken murder suicide). Whenever people suggest new features, I politely decline, unless it’s a feature that would be necessary to fix a game design flaw.

  9. Honestly, the more you mention it, the more people will talk about it. I have been following yandere sim update for years, and only recently I noticed there were heaps of shots going at yandere dev. The best response is to not respond, by making a post and videos will only make it worse. And you mentioned if you were 500 pound and people laugh at you now, would it make me feel bad, well honestly no. I would even laugh with them, because that is no longer who I am, and it is not something to be ashame of, the only person that can make you feel shameful nd embarass is yourself. If you admit and laugh with them, you beat them to the joke and it wont be funny to them to say it, its only funny to them if you react to them. Either way, I am not a big fan nor a hater, but i do like watching people play this game, keep it up and just be yourself.

    • Why do people leave these hateful “grow up and deal with it, I do” responses to bullying?

      YandereDev is the victim, stop victim shaming; NO ONE should tell a victim that what said victim is feeling is all the fault of the victim.

      You have no idea what it is like to be crushed by the weight of bullying, so do not comment on it. You’ve probably never actually been hardcore bullied in your life. It is absolutely devastating and makes you feel withdrawn and alone, the few voices of support echo weakly against the deluge of doubt and fear. Many people will take your “laughing back at them” as a sign of weakness… doing ANYTHING results in more bullying.

      So I say again, you would NOT tell a Rape victim “Grow up, it’s over, now laugh it off” so why are you saying the same thing to something that has documented statistics linking to suicide? Cyberbullying is a crime, treat it like one ( https://www.fbi.gov/audio-repository/news-podcasts-thisweek-cyber-bullying.mp3/view )

  10. Hey, Yandere-dev!

    I know people can say lots of disheartening things, but for a game with such ambition and optimism, you should take all of the time that you need. See, that’s the thing; people don’t seem to understand that the roses on the sides of the school, or the delinquent fight mini-game takes time unto itself to install. That, and having the main plot, side plots, characters, buildings, cut scenes, voice actors, and your normal daily activities all cut into the time of making this game. Go at whatever pace you need; and the people that truly do want to see the finished game will stick around until then.

    Take it slow, love!

  11. It seems right now it kinda turned into a bandwagon effect of hating you. Right now I think the best thing you can do is carry on, give out info where necessary, and overall just try to ride this effect out. Definitely not saying it’s easy, but I think at this rate you see that taking action upon this, only results in a stronger backlash. I personally haven’t mindlessly joined this hate bandwagon, you were teen, and teenagers aren’t exactly well known for being wise, or having great foresight.

  12. After looking through some of these videos, it’s clear that anything bashing or “criticizing” you is what cause them to have a small boost in popularity, but other than that, they’re still very small youtubers talking about other things as well as mentioning you a few times. If they were to succeed in bringing you down, then they would milk the success off that for a little while but then as time goes on, their channels would fall back into oblivion. People like that can only survive by stepping on the success of others and not their own work. They feed off of other’s works and either praise or bash it to stay a float. More often than not it’s the latter because it’s easier to hate. Now they can say they’ll be okay with losing their image as long as they bring you down but that would just show they need to crush others to raise themselves up, otherwise they can’t stand on their own. Personally, that’s the kind of content, if you can even call it that, is the kind I actively try to avoid. I have much more respect for guys like you who try to make content like Yandere Simulator for the public and actually give something you create rather than tear someone else’s work apart and give others the scraps as a way of making them seem mightier.

  13. Any time a person opens their mouth to speak a shit load of people will hate what has been said and others who like it regardless how how clever or stupid the words were. Everything is subjective and the bigger the audience the more people will love and hate what was said.

    The WORST thing you can do is piss about worrying about it. The act of trying to fix it will mean another split in the people hearing you try to fix it with some liking that and some disliking it. Clearly doing nothing does not feel like an option because positive public perception of this project is the very force funding it.

    But you’ll never stop people making up the lies and every fire you put out will see different fires created. Also being so personally attached to the project will mean all criticism feels personal and the very fact that people are going out of their way to lie about things will have a major effect on drive to finish the game.

    Maybe what’s needed is a trusted friend or volunteer to act as a community manager. Get someone you trust to address these issues with the community but who will take no personal hit from the comments. Have a meeting with this person on a regular basis for a summary of how people are feeling and how you’d like to respond to certain criticisms.

    Any time focusing on trying to please everyone is time thrown away and it only serves to create self doubt. Fuck that shit dude!

  14. Yandere Dev, I feel as though the people who’ve been bothering you really have no reason to. Really, we all make mistakes and it’s just a simple fact of life that we all had that one phase in our lives we wish we could forget. However, it wouldn’t do us any good, since we can use it to learn and become better people. You learned from it and look at you now! You made a truly wonderful game with a lot of love clearly put into it. I’m a big fan of your game and I love your videos, which I like to watch when coming up with ideas while writing. Funny story, you gave me the idea of Musume being a bully and having a group of friends around her before you made it into a part of the game. When I saw that video, I couldn’t help but smile and show my writing partner, who does some stories on the game with me, the bullies video. I think you’re going through your own Musume right now, but I admire that you handled the situation with class and didn’t rise to the bait. Oh, listen to me rambling on here! The point is, I love your game and the concept you’ve given us. You know you’re not in the wrong here, the people who don’t know more than to hurt others will get what’s coming to them. You can’t be that mean and nasty without it coming back to bite you. Maybe you can use your experience in a future update, add it to the lowering reputation through computer option, perhaps? Just to stick it to them in a rather clever and fitting way. Also, I know you don’t take many ideas from the audience, but you gave me a cool elimination idea when it comes to the cooking club and sabotaging the rival Amai. The use of covered silver platters; swap her dish for something disgusting for senpai, lowering her reputation with cooking, or frame her for murder by placing a severed head under the cover and watch her unveil it to the cooking club. Another strange idea was the use of a rain poncho, in case weather was implemented, which can be not only used to make sure your uniform could be blood free, but also another element you can dispose of. Could maybe be purchased through Info-Chan at the same rate as a new school uniform. If you don’t wish to use these ideas, I understand. But we’re rooting for you, Yandere Dev!

  15. I really don’t understand these people. Okay fine, you’ve made mistakes in the past, but the fact that you’re taking responsibility and owning up to it is better. You’re not the same person you were a few years ago, and thats fine. You are in control of your emotions and actions and from my perspective you’re doing great. You have an amazing idea with an amazing following, so keep your eyes on the road and don’t let the hate get to you. I know its harder than it sounds, but you still have 85% of your following that hasn’t turned against you and don’t plan to.

  16. Yandere dev,don’t let the hate get to you,your game is my favorite game and it has progressed very much,don’t care about the youtubers that “expose” you with stupid facts,your game is good and thats all.People who hate on you don’t know how hard it is to make a video game,keep the great work up and don’t give up,eventually they will get bored and leave you alone.

  17. I don’t care if you’re a bad person or not , I’m not supposed to hate you or like you , all I care about is the game , it is what I’m supposed to have an opinion about. The idea of the game is interesting and it reached a very good point so far , all you have to do is just work on the game and don’t care about all that drama that’s going around. I don’t know about other people but my opinion about a project ( a book , a movie , a game etc ) is never effected by the maker’s reputation ( similar to the idea of separate the art from the artist ). Good luck with the game development.

  18. YandereDev, I’ve known about your past for over a year now, well aware of all the slander and even some of the really extreme accusations about your personal life (that I will not specify out of respect for your privacy) and I really don’t care. I see your humanity, and I understand that it must be very stressful to tackle such a large project by yourself. I’ve been following the development of your game for, I don’t know, roughly 2 years, and some assholes (pardon my language) trying to pick at scars that should just be left alone to heal aren’t going to stop me from supporting you. Stay strong, I can’t wait to see what you make of this game.

  19. Yo yanderedev, I know it probably doesn’t mean much, but i don’t care what people say about you. I’ve never seen any of it come to fruition in the modern day so all those propaganda peeps can go dig a hole or something. And like… games don’t just burst into existence. They take time. Idk, just my two cents.

    Have a nice day yandev.

  20. Believe me or not i’ve been here watching for so long since 2014. i believe its september-ish because i was super hype about a game with being a yandere. i never know about your past ( well aren’t we all have something shame in the past ) and i don’t care. i just wish you can have more support technically and mentally for sometimes the past is really hard when you’re alone. Stay strong dev.

  21. Are people complaining? Why is anybody complaining about the years of free updates and demo/sandboxes you’ve steadily provided? Do they realize many indie games won’t let you play their latest version without a Patreon donation? I’ve glanced over some of the posts of your detractors and found them completely uninteresting – there is no dark secret, no scandal, nothing but a few petty jerks being petty.

    In the end, it what’s you do that matters. Not what people speculate about, not even what you may claim but about what you do. And what you do is Yandere Simulator. And it is good. Actions and results matter – 4chan gossip does not. And above all, these haters would not exist if Yandere Simulator was not the successful phenomenon (even uncompleted!) that it is! The haters exist for the same reason all those awful Android knockoffs of your game exist – to leech off your originality, your creativity and your hard work. The Androids clones want to sell ad space on their wretched copies; the haters want to use your success to make themselves feel important; since none of them ever have or ever could do what you’ve done, and they resent anyone who doesn’t live down to their standards, they try instead to tear you down.

    Normal people don’t care what message-board defectives have to say, and I think you’ll find that the positive reaction to what you are doing vastly overshadows a few creeps being creepy about obscure matters. And percentages of negative comments on YouTube mean nothing at all; it’s the creeps who are motivated to write creepy shit, at length. Let me -point out that there are people on YouTube who get a major part of their income because many, many other people want to see episode after episode of them commenting on Yandere Simulator. This shows the true reaction of the public to your game. The creeps do not matter, because nothing they write changes the simple fact that your game excites great interest and enthusiasm, and has done so for some time now.

    That’s all that matters. The creepy haters are a sign of success, not failure.

    Thank you for your work, and for the hilarious, terrifying,and beautiful thing that is Yandere Simulator.

  22. Wish I could post a thread in the drama reddit basically saying fuck he’s a human being so treat him like one without being ruthlessly attacked. Any chance you can make Reddit delete it (yeah right lol)

  23. Akon passed the weekend of June 10th, which is my birthday. And of course I attended. But while I was there, I saw a lady cosplaying Midori! She looked amazing and could even mimic the voice so perfectly that I thought for a moment that she was your actress! She even wore fake blood around her neck, making it look like her throat had been slit. I took a picture if you’re interested.

    I do hope you see my post, because I have a message to deliver. At that time, I had no idea about the drama. I simply had noticed after the con that there were many videos being recommended to me that clearly disliked you. I figured they were just whiny assholes and told YouTube to stop sending me such things. Not that I’ve looked into the matter, I’m glad I never watched those videos. I say all this because I now understand why that woman said what she did. Are you ready for the message?

    “I’m SOO proud of YandereDev! He’s trying SOO hard!”

    And she said it in the voice- you know the one. This woman loves you, and wants to see you succeed. And so do I. So you keep it up honey. No matter what, you will always have real fans. And these fans will know how to deal with “competition” when the time is right. I’m kidding of course, I doubt we’d actually resort to violence to silence the brainwashed masses.

    We’ll just have to prove them wrong when the game comes out ^^ After all, a true Yandere understands the merits of waiting for the perfect moment.

    Thank you for all that you do. I promise to continue following the development of Yandere Simulator,

    -Azura Izolli

  24. Hey dude, I just wanted to say that I am soooo incredibly sorry that all of this bs has come up. I actually downloaded your demo after I watched Markiplier’s videos on YouTube, which wasn’t until late 2017. Also I have a soft spot for passion projects like this one. If I were to compare Yandere Simulator to any project that I have backed, which is an extremely small list. I would compare it to Angry Joe’s Street Fighter The Miniatures Game, which though it was a board game, it also had a lot of love put into it much like Yandere Simulator. Keep being awesome, and ignore the jerks that are bullying/trolling you. I will continue to support the development of Yandere Simulator. Also I’m so glad that Azura and I went to A-Kon this year. Hope the rest of the year is better for you. Please take care of yourself my dude.

  25. Hi, Dev! greetings from Brazil.

    I’ve follow your work for a long time, i love the way the game is going. Also i watch your stream whenever i can, i’ts hard for me cause stream time is too late (around 00:00 – 03:00 here) and i have to work early. YanSim have a HUGE brazilian fanbase that love the game, also i really loved when you made a hat some time ago for a brazilian youtuber that i follow, so I would like to thank you for the recognition of his work.

    About all this situation that came up, sincerely i don`t give a shit, everyone do stupid things in the past, but past is past, and no one should be judged for that. This minority who is attacking you is just some helpless jealous people, don`t let this dishearten you.

    Again thank you very much for all the hard work you is giving to the fans, i hope all the sucess for you!

  26. I am actually so happy to see things have been finally cleared up! I read about this drama recently and was like ‘whats going on??’ I didn’t want to believe in any of it! I really didn’t but thought to myself, ‘I want to see how this game goes because I’ve been following it for such a long time!’
    I feel awful for listening to the BS and ever thinking it could have been true. And I sincerely think people need to grow up and stop this anti- yandere dev shit. Keep up the amazing work! ^^

  27. Hey YandereDev!!
    I just want to say, The Past Is The Past, Focus On The Future!

    I have seen those videos in my recommendations, but I don’t want to watch them. Even though I know that I will still think that you’re awesome, I don’t want to watch them.
    You’re awesome, Ayano is awesome (all the others too), Yandere Simulator is awesome…
    I just try to say that everything about you is awesome, and that you don’t have to think about the past.
    Things that have already happened can’t be undone, ya’know?

    I don’t know anything about your past, and I really don’t care. I believe that you’re a really good guy, and as I said, I think you’re awesome!

    Don’t worry about those stupid assholes that are confronting you with your past. (Sorry for my language)

    I just wanted to let you know…
    Love, Ayano Aishi
    (yes, I named my account after Yandere)

  28. I’ve heard of these people. They stalk, harass, and terrorise their targets on the internet and in real life. One of their victims committed suicide. They’re the absolute worst of the worst.

    I’m glad you’re out of that culture and are a better person now. I’m sorry that vile, hateful people have decided to bring up your past as some cruel game. Don’t worry, though, the vast majority of us are behind you 100%! Keep on trucking, YandereDev!

  29. I literally want to cry….

    Poor YandereDev!

    I feel so bad!

    I haven’t been doing anything other than watching YanSim videos, so I was completely thrown off-guard when my boyfriend told me that these awful rumours and such were discussed on the blog post! I wish I could have come here with words of kindness sooner!

    I don’t care what anyone is saying! I still love you YandereDev, despite all this nonsense! I’ve been defending you left and right on Discord and Amino because I know that you only have the best intentions for the game!

    Also, happy belated birthday! I don’t have anything special to send you right yet, but just know that you are loved and appreciated!

    And yes, I’ve changed my profile to my favorite YanSim character, because I want to help support you, and the game, in any way possible! I used to be Kayo-Chan Kayotime, and I’ve sent you things in the past, but this time, all I want to send you is a BIG HUG to let you know I’m on your side and always will be! Keep up the great work, and I’ll keep following the development of Yandere Simulator!

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  30. “Whatever. Yanderedev is stupid”
    Me:Shut up and let the man work. I’d like to see YOU make Yandere simulator as good as he does!
    Seriously?People who hate you for what you did like a DECADE ago are just jerks.They ridicule for no reason, yet when someone hates on them, they get whiny and mad. Just ignore the hate.
    If I could round up every Yandere simulator fan in the world and we jumped through the screen so we could hug you, I would.
    I’m also very sorry to say that if I heard that you apparently stream for 3 hours a day, I would have been a type B. Sorry.
    People say that you’re a failure. This is what I say:
    “You learn more from failure than from success. Don’t let it stop you. Failure builds character.-Unknown
    You have more character and perseverance in an inch of you then they have all together!
    I fully support you.So does my sister. Keep up the good work, Devpie!
    More inspirational quotes:
    “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” – Inspirational Quote by Vince Lombardi
    “If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” – Steve Jobs
    “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” – Og Mandino
    “We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” – Maya Angelou
    “The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence of others.” – Hasidic Proverb
    “Do what you can with all you have, wherever you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt
    “Fake it until you make it! Act as if you had all the confidence you require until it becomes your reality.” – Brian Tracy
    “Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” – Positive Quote by John Wooden

    • I mean, it’s not that hard. Yandere Simulator is currently taking so long because YanDev bloated the game and dragged out the process. He’s worrying about things that don’t really matter instead of focusing on the core details of the game and finishing the basics. He keeps accreting new features, but hasn’t even finished polishing what he started with. The fact you can’t actually “beat” what exists after 4 years is more than enough proof of that. Personally, if I wasn’t guilty of the same game design sins as he is, I’d actually accept that challenge and make my own YanSim, but I too can’t keep my focus when working on a game and it’d be the same thing as with YanDev in the end. But for an actual professional? For somebody who can focus and do what needs to be done? It’s not like finishing this game is that hard. At it’s core, YanSim is about as sophisticated as 5 Nights At Freddy’s, which in the same time as YanSim has had 8 games, 7 if we ignore the first game’s release as being the start of development for the ones that follow. Of course, comparing yourself to others is a bad thing to do as an artist, but YanDev hasn’t even finished a winnable release. We’re now (at the time of my reply to you) in the 5th year. If by 31 December we don’t see a winnable game, then there really is nothing to think other than YanDev is either scamming or incompetent, neither of which are good things. I don’t want to see YanSim fail because of a Developer who lacks the ability, but at the same time YanDev hasn’t done himself any favors either. Even if we get a winnable release, there’s no guarantee people will see his progress in a much better light. To be honest, at this point, YanSim will probably suffer no matter what happens.

      • Game development is super hard, especially when there is still so much to be done. Yandere Dev is putting a lot of work and effort into the game. Details that may seem small to you may be what makes people love or hate the game. Yandere Simulator is much more complicated than FNAF, so it will take longer to release. If the game is great when it comes out, I’m willing to wait and not criticize Yandere Dev during the game’s development. Also, Yandere Dev keeps us posted on how the game is evolving. He makes videos and has this blog. My advice: stop hating on him, and if you don’t like it, leave.

  31. I was honestly so so confused when I heard about all of this drama. There are people who stretch the truth waaayyy too far. There were people saying you spend literally all of your time on games and never working on your project, you were rude, you were a coward and I had no idea this was so long ago, these people were talking about it as if it happened just yesterday and I’m so happy I took the time to read this and understand everything. You’re the best YanDev, keep doing all that you can. You are such a creative and smart person, I knew all of that was just stretched out lies or just past mistakes. Some people even went so far to say there’s something wrong with your mental state, which pissed me off to the max. You’re human. You have human emotions. You get frustrated and annoyed, and maybe you just don’t know how to control it sometimes. Some people can just get blinded by anger and don’t know what you’re saying or doing, I feel that. You’re so creative, I can see so so much potential for this game and I can’t wait to see how you make it. You got this.

    • You’re right, a lot of people do stretch the truth, but there were a lot of things that he did that were recent. I recommend looking into it further instead of just listening to one side or the other. To be fair, I think he gets demonized more than he deserves, but YanDev is no victim either. Just… research more before taking his side.

  32. Yandere Dev, I am very grateful for your explanation of the controversy that has been going on about you, as a lot of this propaganda has almost sucked me into the brainwashing as well and has also slightly confused me. I want you to know that my side in this situation is neutral, as I don’t really care about mistakes you’ve made in the past. My pure focus is just on the game having progress done and being finished at some point in time, and I hope that none of this controversy will greatly affect that (e.g. making you put an end to the development of the game.) I guess you could say I’m just here for what you thank us for at the end of every YouTube video, for following the development of Yandere Simulator. Please know that none of this controversy will affect my support of the game and that a large amount of the fan base can agree with me when I say that. Keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t let the negative things said distract you.

    Thank you,
    -Emily Dickinson

  33. I honestly didn’t know there was any drama, though you have to remember that some people make a living off of bringing other people down (which effectively makes them sociopathic business people). This will eventually blow over, so don’t let it dishearten you as you go forward. There will always be people trying to bring you down and being able to pick out the constructive criticism from the destructive criticism is a good skill to have as an artist.

  34. I have to say, as a society… we are really heading down a dark hole. This happens far too often,


    You might not remember this; a woman told a story on her blog about her son having his headband ripped off by a stranger. She was attacked because of it, a truly horrible thing… the lack of compassion our society has for others in pain is astonishing. I have been bullied many times myself, and I understand your pain.

    There is no magical “turn it off” switch and once you become the subject of attack people are unwilling to find something better to do. No one deserves to be treated this way, yet it is far too common and far too widespread.

  35. I’ve seen alot of these twisted videos, but I’ve never believed them. You seem like such a down-to-Earth, kind and hilarious guy. The real fans will stay here, and don’t let the others dull your sparkle. Eventually, the haters will tire and back off. It will be awesome seeing how the game goes forward, and I’m looking forward for more streams, builds and awesome blog posts. Sending lots of love and support through this rough times.

  36. I don’t really know much about the game and only keep up with it by watching other’s videos but I really think this entire spew about someone you were TEN YEARS AGO, is just the fucking dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Words really can’t express how pissed I am that someone as kind as you makes a piece of art so amazing and fun to watch others play, yet THIS is how people thank you. No matter how many times you explain it or anyone else explains it, I will never EVER understand how someone can be so easily inclined to want to ruin someone’s reputation in such a pathetic, conniving, ridiculous way, and want to do so for their own entertainment. Please don’t ever apologize again. You’ve done absolutely nothing wrong and you deserve all the love and support in the world for having to go through this utter bullshit…

  37. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to deal with all of this for a while. People don’t often acknowledge hate in the cyber world and I’m glad you fought through that and will continue to fight through that. Unfortunately, people will waste their time to find dirt on you and get everyone to turn against you. I got real pissed hearing about the rude people that put you down constantly for your hard work. I never knew about any of this drama, and honestly I don’t care about the past. You owned up to your behaviour and you tried your best to see past the hate. Do not blame any of this on yourself. Now you know who your real fans are and who will support you and your efforts in your game. Do not apologise for what you did either. I wish that I and every YandereSim fan can give you the biggest hug right now!! Now, if you may excuse me, I’m going to continue playing YandereSim ;D

  38. Hi yandere dev
    I just noticed this… Drama on YouTube. I was like no way yandere dev could do this? So I went here. After reading this, I see that you are truthful. I wish this drama doesn’t affect you development, and remember that many people will support you. I will, and I won’t believe those people for criticizing you as your cringy, past self. Thanks for the post, yandere dev! It really helped

  39. I believe playing other video games and streaming during your work, would only give you more inspiration and motivation plus some extra online social interactions. It’s the only method to charge your batteries and feel passionate about doing anything…

  40. Hear me out. I was actually just passing by because I was curious about the state the game was in. I’m not a hardcore supporter or hater… but I did take the time to read this blog. It interested me and saddened me, but there was one thing I really felt I needed to chime in about.

    ”Some people are immune to drama, gossip, and rumors; it bounces off of them like bullets bounce off Superman. They simply don’t care.”

    I would argue that this is not strictly true and I say this hopefully for your benefit as a fellow human being who finds himself in a hard position. I know this as someone who, like you, finds themselves wishing they could be stronger, calmer, more controlled… the way society expects men to be. The best of us place high standards upon ourselves and feel extremely disheartened when something suggests we do not meet those standards.

    I will tell you now… Nobody… not a single person… is immune to the effects of meaningful hurt (key word is meaningful). The difference between you and others is that, quite simply, this stuff affects you directly. Your life is highly dependent on the opinions of your supporters. Your livelihood is dependent on people choosing to support you. For every person that gets converted to mindless hate by the online community, you lose one small piece of your ability to support yourself in this world. The hate DIRECTLY affects you.

    Take Felix (PewdiePie) as an extreme example. He seems invulnerable. The hate makes him laugh and he even uses it to get more publicity, all while remaining calm and taking it in his stride. His income is probably beyond what any of us could imagine, and the ebb and flow of mindless hate and support will not impact him as hard as it impacts you. While I’m sure he has his hard times, the hate is just not meaningful to him… not the way it is to you. Even if he lost 80% of his viewers, he could probably still live comfortably with his lady and not have to worry as much as you. If Felix was put in your position, it would affect him. 100%. He would be just as stressed and disheartened as you. Frankly, I’m not sure many people would still be going in your position. You have incredible tenacity.

    As for people giving in to the propaganda… that is the unfortunate truth of humanity in it’s current state. People are lightning fast to form opinions and lay down judgement. It takes barely anything to inspire people into hateful opinions online. Youtube has taught us that alone. Very few people seem to be critical and try to look at things from both sides objectively. That is the way humanity is until further notice… that is also the group of people you have chosen to make your life dependent on. I would not advise being surprised when huge groups of people start forming absurd opinions based on little to no evidence. People seem to just enjoy finding things to form hateful opinions about.

    If you’re determined to press on despite knowing what sort of people you are depending on in your life, the best you can do is what you have done here… combat it with truth and transparency. Tell them how it really is. Tell them how people change. Most of the haters will be young people probably not into their 30’s yet. They have not had time to see how much a person can mature and change over the years. They think you are just the same as you were in the past. Just keep telling them that it is different. Anyone who continues to hate after you give them your side of the argument will hate no matter what you do.

    And above all? A finished and complete product speaks louder than all the voices in the world. Look at all the brainless hate the titan games get… World of warcraft, League of legends… they have hate communities probably in the hundreds of thousands, but they are still raking in more money than you can imagine… because their product is absolute. People want to play their games, as much as the hate communities do not like it. Finish your product. Finish it well and exact your vision for it. If you make something you enjoy, there will be other people that enjoy it too.

  41. *Sigh* The drama needs to stop. Yandere Dev, if you do see this, highly doubt you will but, these things people are saying about you, the game, and your work are crazy to think about. I’ve watched your videos and followed the development of the game since the beginning, you’ve worked so much in the past few years and have made so much progress. The people who are making rumors are just trying to stop this progress and break you down. You have been through so much and don’t deserve the hate and ridicule people or gremlins, as you like to call them, which is quite funny, but they aren’t going to stop. You have been going through all of this for a very long time and you shouldn’t go through this alone. Address the problem when your ready, your fans and the people that support you won’t listen to them, and the ones that will don’t know what you’re going through and don’t understand. You explained a lot in your previous video and me saying what you probably already know isn’t helping but I do believe that most of your fanbase is kind and doesn’t care about the rumors that are happing at the moment. They will support you no matter what. Yandere Dev, you should adress the problems but do it in your own time, you don’t have to state it right away though. Try to find a way to help your mental state and take a break. Yes, you will get called lazy but there will be a few gems that will still support you when you get back. I should probally stop since this is really long….I hope you read this and take some of it to heart. Thank you for listening to me on this and I hope this all works out sooner or later. Have a good day Yandere Dev. 🙂

  42. Yandere Dev,

    While I doubt you’ll see this or care too much about it, I’m more or less here for a few reasons.

    Though I don’t care about drama, considering it was something that happened far too frequently in school, and I’m capable of seeing multiple points of view and figuring out for myself whether it’s worth sticking around or not, I’m here for another reason.

    I had already watched a video you had made about this whole situation, I read a good portion of the blog post in detail before skimming through the rest to confirm any questions I had mentally asked myself. And in the end, what did I learn? We’re far from evolving as a species.

    We all make mistakes, we all do stupid things in life. Most people won’t admit to those things because the brain blocks out the worst moments of your life to maintain the image that keeps you sane. Even though people won’t admit to the dark secrets of their life because they want to keep their ‘beautiful’ and ‘pristine’ image, we all have that nagging voice in the back of our skulls scratching an endless hole of self-hatred and depression.

    Even though I’m here to make an attempt to shine a light upon your image, I’m also here to rip away the image people create just because they think they are a perfect incarnation of themselves, that they are some deity in this idiocy that they helped fuel.

    I’m also here to share some mental experiences.

    As someone who goes through constant pain and suffering on a daily basis, both mentally and physically, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Even if the stupidity that haunts your life is coming back to you, fear isn’t an option. When you’re young, naive, and desperate, you’re bound to create irreversible scenarios that will come and kick your ass in the future. But guess what, we’ve all been in that pit before. We’ve all been to the point where our mind only held sinful thoughts, where we wish that the people we love and cherish would die a gruesome death, where we conjured, even acted upon thoughts that make your stomach churn just to think of.

    I’m here to tell you, it’s okay. Because I’ve made my mistakes. I used to be afraid of them, I used to drown in the mistakes I made because they kept coming back around to beat me until I would lie in my bed, as a lifeless husk, and cry just because it was the only feeling I had left.

    But this isn’t about me, this is about you. A man with flaws. And even if the community you tried so hard to build up decides to turn against you, I’ll be here. Because I can understand the mistakes you’ve made, I can understand it all. I still make mistakes. And what do I do now? I learn from them and embrace them.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, stop being afraid of your past. Don’t let the darkness suffocate you, use it as a tool to build a better empire of your own image.

    And even if the image those ‘Gremlins’ have created is who you truly are even in your adulthood, I’d still be fucking impressed that you were able to build such an image for the rest of the world.

    And one last message to the Gremlins of the world. You aren’t innocent, you aren’t anything. You drive people to suicide through the hateful shit you say. And I know, that’s what your pathetic existence is supposed to be. But even if you don’t believe in a god. I believe that there’s a corner of the Universe for people such as you were you’re stuck in an endless loop of torment. I’m sure Gremlins have feelings too, I’m sure a simple life incident would destroy your life too and cause you to become depressed and even drive you to end it all.

    So Yandere Dev. Let me tell you one last thing. We’re on a planet that’s surrounded by a void. This moment to everything else is insignificant, everything that happens on this planet is insignificant until someone unburies it. But you can change that. Anyone can change that. Even if you’re creating a game, the game could become famous. It COULD become a globally popular game. The game COULD be played well past your death and people COULD remember it. YOUR game COULD make millions, it COULD make people feel some sort of worth in their existence.

    But it won’t happen if you let people cloud your judgement.

    My mom has taught me a great lesson through the art she has created. Take your self-hatred and the others people have created and paint over it. Create something beautiful over the carcasses of pain and suffering. Because in the end, you CAN make a game worthwhile. You CAN make your life successful and happy.

    You can do anything, don’t let people turn you into the monster they’ve painted.

    This is coming from a 15-year-old girl who is still experiencing life. I have plenty of petals to grow and so do you.

    Don’t let your past haunt you, I didn’t let mine.

  43. Look at the comments: as you can see you’re quite the hero. look at Reddit or quora or whatever: it sucks. You have a great fan base, and I don’t think you should try to look like your the victim: that’s an easy way for “gremlins” to call you out as an attention seeking crybaby. Just make an unanimated video addressing all the hate and saying “Yes, this was me,” and “That was the past” or “I’m trying to change,” or “no this is all crap.” I don’t know if the Mike Z criticism thing is real if it is, I hoped you changed, If it isn’t, shame on them.

  44. “He streams games 3 hours a day!!!”

    So apparently if you’re working on a huge project and use most of the day to work on it, you are allowed NO REST, NO BREAKS, AND NO FUN. As soon as you start working on a project you are expected to work full time without any breaks for personal pleasure??? what????

    Also, some people were saying, “soME oF HiS oThEr yOutuBe cHaNneLS SHow tHAt HE liKeD LEWd tHInGs!!”

    Dude, like 90% of people like some sort of lewd shit (or whatever you want to call it), its NORMAL, ALMOST EVERYONE DOES IT, WHO CARES?!?!

  45. i didn’t know about any of the drama until after seeing your “hate and shame” video, and even after going online and reading up about it, i still vehemently support you and your project. all the claims the antis have made, besides making me wanna rip my hair out, were all things you did in the past, literally forever ago. people do dumb shit in their past. everyone does. we grow and learn from it and learn to become better people, which is exactly what you did. if people had any common sense they’d read this post you’ve made addressing the rumors. fuck the haters yanderedev lmao

    • Actually, not all of it was forever ago. A lot of it was recent, like the past couple years recent. Since he was working on this project. And you can see more reason not to take his side with his constant “Feel sorry for me” attitude instead of taking the criticisms he is given in stride and using it to better both himself and his game. I will admit there are people who bash him because it’s “cool”, “fun”, or “he’s an easy target,” but there are just as many people who are former fans and supporters who have seen how he treats people and have turned not because of others brainwashing them, but because of YanDev’s own toxic personality and actions.

      I will admit, I dislike YanDev, but I’m not saying you should dislike him though. I am just saying you should not trust everything he says as truth without doubt. Take a look at what he had done recently, such as the hyper-moderation of his Discord and Reddit despite having said explicitly that he wasn’t doing that and implying he was acting as a Discord and Reddit owner by name alone, the fact he ripped a volunteer artist’s work to shreds (figuratively) without giving constructive criticism, that he is disrespectful and rude to people who offer help just because he gets too many requests from people who don’t know what they’re doing (which is to be expected for volunteer work with no expectation of being paid), and that he has an artist working under him who has been constantly caught and proven to be tracing the art she contributes for YanSim (which by this point is not news to him, but she’s still a part of the team despite her scummy practices). (Note: Tracing can be a legitimate way of creating art, but what she does is simply a pallet swap. That is why I call her method scummy. Yuu Kamiya was guilty of tracing too, but it wasn’t scummy because his was only tracing a pose and superimposing his characters onto the form with his style and designs being used, not somebody else’s. Tracing a pose is a normal, common thing and it isn’t bad. Tracing the entire work, changing hair and eye color, then calling it a day like MulberryArt does, though? That’s disgusting and yet YanDev seems to have yet to kick her off the team. I can’t respect her or YanDev as a result.)

      YanDev is not a villain, but he’s not a victim either. Everything that has happened to him has been a reflection of how he acts and treats others. I don’t care that he buys assets off the Unity store. That’s a common practice. I care about how he treats people, but then is upset when he isn’t treated like a delicate flower. I care about the fact the game isn’t even close to being done despite him having saved so much time developing the game thanks to that corner-cutting. I care about the fact he compares his work to games like Cuphead with almost completely original assets that took the same length of time to make, but his work that has a lot of corners cut in development is still barely progressed from the first release. I care about the fact he makes 3500 a month out of pocket but doesn’t show work progress fitting of that salary, but he expects people to just trust him when he says the game is getting produced as best as it could. He is transparent with his money, I get and respect that. At the same time, he isn’t as transparent with his work schedule and development process which create issues in trusting that he’s actually earning the money given to him. And that is all from a purely business perspective. In a way, Patreon patrons are investors. They are putting money in expecting a future payout, in this case the payout is a game and not money. It’s a bad investment, though. It’s like buying a bond from your government knowing full-well that they haven’t paid back others who have done the same. I care about how he has little consideration for others, and so I (and many others) have little consideration for him. That said, despite my dislike for him, if I see somebody insulting him just to insult him, I’ll just as readily tell them to kiss off. It’s just a shame that a good idea is being wasted on somebody who isn’t giving it their all or trying to work with people who have actual experience in game design despite a more-than-capable company having let him borrow one of their programmers to make things easier on him. YanDev acts like a petulant child and I (and MANY others) just want him to grow up so that we can see this game completed in our lifetime.

  46. Look, I like Yandere Simulator. It’s an interesting concept, but the game has been in production for an unreasonable amount of time for what it is at its core due to your mismanagement of priorities in the game design. I do not say this as an insult. I have worked on my own games and realized with each of them that I was guilty of doing the exact same thing. What should be a project that lasts only a couple months would stretch into being a year-long endeavor before giving up half-way because “My eyes were bigger than my stomach.” It’s obvious the same thing has happened with you by how bloated the game is without there actually being significant core content. Before even releasing your first version, you should have had a basic design that met the following conditions:

    1. You can move around.
    2. You can kill your rival.
    3. You receive an ending, not a notice that there is no ending for success.

    What you released and had out for the longest time was not a game (you admit to this in the release), a demo (again you openly admit to in the release), nor was it even the basis of a game. You claim you worked for a game developer, yet you seemed to not know the first thing you are supposed to do is make a Minimum Viable Product where you test out the most basic of features of the game to see if they can be engaging in their own right. In the case of Mario, all you need is just a flat area, an icon for the player to control, the ability to move, the ability to jump, and a hole in the ground to jump over, with a flag at the end to say “You win!”. After that, then you start to build upon the game. If you want more win conditions, you work on those conditions one at a time. You don’t start it then stop halfway. You go full-in and don’t release the update until you have finished the win condition with an actual recognition at the end of success for the sake of knowing your code is working right to get to that point. If you want to add mechanics, you need to make sure they work right too. The problem is, you’re clearly an idea guy, but not a person who should be responsible for the actual development. That’s not a bad thing. I am the same way, hence why I don’t announce games I try working on. The fact of the matter is, though, Yandere Simulator is suffering due to your tendencies to go for accretion over completion, and it’s not going to ever get finished at this rate.

    I’m not saying this to be mean. I’m not saying this to be rude. I do have a negative opinion of you as a person from what I have seen from you yourself (regardless of what others have said), and I despise your “Woe is me” propaganda, but at the same time I don’t have anything against your game just because of my view of you. I do like Yandere Simulator and want it to be the best that it can be, but unless you change your game design habits, it won’t ever be finished at this rate and I find that to be quite a shame.

    • are you serious?
      did you saw super mario unimaker or megaman x corruption
      both games have simple ideas of fangames yet BOTH GAMES ARE BEING WORKED FOR YEARS
      besides each day we see yandere sim is evolving sure is evolving slow but is still evolving so is not like the game will never be finished
      patience is good and we should wait for it

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