What’s been going on for the past few days?

When I was younger – in my late teens and early twenties – I did a lot of stupid and embarrassing things. I wrote a lot of whiny posts about feeling lonely, having no self-confidence, and worrying that I’d never have a girlfriend. When I streamed video games, I would often yell at my viewers and throw temper tantrums at games. I was immature, cringey, and embarrassing in just about every way imaginable.

As I entered my mid-twenties, I realized that I wasn’t proud of any of my behavior, and did my best to change myself and turn my life around. I got a job at a video game company, I made friends, I stopped basing my self-worth on my relationship status, and I did my best to drop all of the habits that I was ashamed of. I became a much happier person. In 2013, I realized that I had acquired the skills necessary to independently develop video games, so I left my job to become an indie dev.

Around 2014, I pitched the idea for Yandere Simulator on 4chan’s “/v/”, a message board about video games. Everyone who posted in the thread loved the idea of the game, so I began working on it. For a few months, everything was wonderful – we were having fantastic threads and having a great time planning out every aspect of the game. But eventually, people realized that “YandereDev” was actually that cringey guy from back in 2009 who was always either whining or raging.

Slowly, the focus of the threads stopped being about my current project, and started being about my former self. Instead of discussing game design, game mechanics, and gameplay, the threads became exclusively about ridiculing me for who I was in the past. /v/ no longer wished to support me or my project, even though I had spent months building a game for them. It was incredibly disheartening, especially when I had put so much effort into improving and rebuilding myself.

Around that point in time, Yandere Simulator was discovered by big YouTubers like Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, and PewDiePie. The game got a new audience, and I got a fresh start. I continued developing Yandere Simulator, but the entire time, I was fearful that the past would repeat itself. I was worried that one day, my new audience would learn about all the stupid cringey things I did in my youth, and turn on me just as the 4chan audience had.

There are people in this world whose hobby is shaming and ridiculing other people. Digging for dirt in other peoples’ lives is their favorite past-time. Humiliating their victims is like a recreational activity for them. They’ll go as deep as they possibly can into your personal life and look for absolutely any quote, screenshot, or chat log that can be used against you. They’re not doing it for any noble reason; they just enjoy the cruelty of it.

These people heard about me, and decided that I seemed like the type of person who would provide them with lots of entertainment. They get amusement from shaming and ridiculing people, so they choose to perceive me as a shameful, ridiculous person. They judge me based on things that I said over a decade ago, and use ancient chat logs and out-of-context screenshots to convince themselves that I’m a cartoonish caricature of who I actually am.

I’m a human being with emotions, I’m frequently put into very unpleasant and stressful situations, and sometimes my judgement is clouded by frustration and anger. As a result, there have been times when I was be short-tempered and rude; these moments account for less than 1% of my interactions with other people. These people judge me exclusively on those 1% of regretful moments; it validates what they want to believe. They’re not interested in truth or reality; just shame and ridicule.

They want to maintain a mental image of me as a pathetic, whiny, cringey loser, because it facilitates their hobby of mocking and humiliating other people. They want to cling to a warped and twisted perception of me, because an exaggerated caricature is much more fun than a boring person with normal flaws. They grasp at straws, make mountains out of molehills, jump to conclusions, believe people without evidence, and convince themselves of things that never happened.

Imagine that there was a time in your life when you weighed 500 pounds, but then you went on a diet and achieved a reasonable weight. Now, you only eat a candy bar once a month. However, some weird people stalk you and take photos of you whenever you eat a candy bar, and try to spread a narrative that you’re a fat pig who is constantly stuffing your face with junk food. That’s the situation that I’m in, except instead of portraying me eating candy, they portray me as my old self from the past.

It wouldn’t be a big deal if some weirdos wanted to gossip about me quietly in their little corner of the Internet…but instead, they sought to colonize as many sites as possible. They created blogs about me on Tumblr, threads about me on Reddit, videos about me on YouTube, etc. They’re committed to spreading Anti-YandereDev propaganda as far as possible, and convincing my fans that I’m a lazy slacker, or a scam artist, or a pedophile, or whatever other fantasies they believe in.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been constantly worried that one day, their propaganda would spill out into the mainstream and begin to change the hearts and minds of my followers. I knew that some of my fans were aware of the propaganda, but I didn’t know how many, or if it was the sort of thing that people actually cared about. I didn’t know if the propaganda was going to spread slowly over time, or if it was going to spread rapidly as the result of some controversial event.

On June 1st, I uploaded a video about the Photography Club. I saw the usual comments – jokes, memes, constructive criticism, etc – but I also observed that a significant number of the comments were insults coming from people who had been brainwashed by Anti-YandereDev propaganda. I realized that this nonsense was starting to poison peoples’ minds, and that I would have to start addressing the issue. I decided that my next video would be about Osana.

When I uploaded the Osana video, the comment section was invaded by the Anti-YandereDev crowd, determined to turn fans into haters by bashing me and describing me as a twisted caricature of who I actually am. There were also lots of people asking about tinyBuild and spreading ridiculous theories about why the partnership had ended. Every other comment was either an insult, ludicrous misinformation, or questions about tinyBuild that I was afraid to answer for legal reasons.

I didn’t want the Yandere Sim fanbase to see all of that nonsense, so I started deleting abusive comments, and removing comments about tinyBuild. When fans noticed that comments were vanishing, they accused me of “censorship” and “not being able to handle criticism” – even though I was only deleting insults and misinformation. I realized that I was in a lose-lose situation; I didn’t want propaganda and misinformation to poison anyone’s mind, so I simply disabled the comments altogether.


This turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made. A lot of fans were absolutely pissed about comments being disabled; it was interpreted as an attempt to “silence criticism”, rather than shut down abuse and misinformation. Rather than protecting my audience from propaganda designed to make them doubt me, I unintentionally gave my audience a good reason to doubt me. I’d never been in such a situation before, and I was at a complete loss for what to do.

When YouTube comments were no longer available, the conversation continued on my blog, now with more accusations of censorship. I panicked and closed comments on my blog. This left the fanbase with two choices for where to discuss Yandere Simulator: in the comment sections of videos that are bashing me, or in subreddits/Discord channels operated by people who explicitly dislike me and are delighted to see people talking trash about me.

As a result, a huge portion of my audience has now been exposed to content from people who think I’m a villain, who are trying their best to convert fans into haters. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, it’s probably the worst thing that possibly could have happened. I’ve had a few days to think everything over, but the next course of action still isn’t clear. This is primarily because…there’s no easy way to confirm how many people actually care about any of this.

My most recent video has 68k likes and 8.5k dislikes. If we attempt to use these numbers to determine how the Yandere Simulator fanbase feels right now, then approximately 12.5% of the audience has turned against me, and the remaining 87.5% of the fanbase is still on my side. (We also have to consider the fact that many of the people leaving dislikes on the video were never fans to begin with; those dislikes are just coming from the crowd of people that ridicule others for fun.)

Over the past few days, I’ve received a countless number of supportive and encouraging messages from fans, assuring me that they don’t care about any of this dumb drama and that they’re still on my side. (I’m extremely grateful to everyone who e-mailed me with kind words!) The ratio of fanmail to hatemail has been 95% / 5%. Perhaps this means that all of the hate and ridicule is only coming from a very vocal minority; perhaps only 5% of fans are susceptible to being converted by propaganda.

Of course, if you check subreddits or Discord servers operated by people who strongly dislike me, then you will see a lot of people shredding me to pieces, because the people operating the subreddits/servers love seeing it. However, that wouldn’t be a very accurate way to gauge the overall sentiment of the entire fanbase; it’s obvious that you’d see a lot of hate and ridicule in places that encourage it, operated by people who want to see me torn down.

Some people are immune to drama, gossip, and rumors; it bounces off of them like bullets bounce off Superman. They simply don’t care. There are fans who think it’s absolutely absurd to judge me based on cringey things I did a decade ago. There are fans who would never judge me based on an out-of-context screenshot from a previous phase of my life. There are fans who can be understanding and forgiving with me for losing my temper during times of intense stress. There are fans who don’t have any interest in stupid rumors and character assassination propaganda.


Let’s say that there are two types of fans: “Type A” and “Type B”. (This time, I’m staying away from biased terminology like “Chill” and Heated”.) Type A would be the crowd that doesn’t care about drama, doesn’t care about gossip, doesn’t care about rumors, doesn’t care about ANY of this, and just wants me to get back to work on the game. They simply want to see me make progress, and aren’t going to give a second thought to any stupid propaganda. Type B would be…the opposite.

“YandereDev streams video games for 3 hours a day!”

Type A: So? There are 24 hours in the day. Even if you play video games for 3 hours, there is still plenty of time to be productive and get lots of work done.

Type B: Wow, what a lazy piece of shit!

“Development is taking a long time!”

Type A: That’s to be expected. Most ambitious indie games made by small teams take around 5 years to be completed.

Type B: Wow, he must be a scam artist who is intentionally dragging development out for as long as possible because he’s trying to milk his Patreon!

The question is: what percentage of the population is Type A, and what percentage is Type B? Is it 95%? 87.5%? 50%? If the people who care about stupid rumors are the majority, then I may actually have to go through the trouble of publicly debunking every stupid accusation that has been leveled at me. But if they are actually just a very tiny minority, then I can simply ignore it all and get back to work on the game. Right now, I’m not actually sure about the best way to determine this.

Instead of focusing on what I don’t know, all I can do is focus on what I do know. First, I know that this entire situation could have been avoided if I had simply been more transparent about tinyBuild much sooner. So, the first lesson to be learned here is that I should do a better job of communicating important facts like this to the fanbase, to avoid situations where rumors and misinformation are flying around.

Second, it has become apparent that if there is not an official place to discuss the game, then people will go to unofficial subreddits and unofficial Discords that might be operated by spiteful people who hate me, where they will be unable to have meaningful or productive discussions. I need to create an official place to discuss the game; an environment where people can talk to one another with civility, respect, and dignity, instead of having drama and trash-talk dominate every thread.

With this blog post, I hope that I’ve clarified the situation for a lot of people – people within the fanbase, and people outside of the fanbase who are wondering what all the controversy is about. My next course of action will probably be to set up an official subreddit for the game, followed by getting back to work on Yandere Simulator. I apologize for everything I’ve done that made this situation turn out as badly as it has.

If you’re still interested in the game after everything that’s happened, then I’d like to thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator.

EDIT: I regret suggesting that there are only two categories of people, “A” or “B”. I acknowledge that there is an entire spectrum between the two opposite extremes. It wasn’t my goal to portray this as a purely black-and-white situation, but that’s definitely how it came off. Another mistake made, another lesson learned. I’m sorry.

563 thoughts on “What’s been going on for the past few days?

  1. We all have been there, but the people making drama is not worth to put effort in. Just keep on going with your work and prove them that they are wrong. I know that I make it sound so easy, even if it ain’t easy for everyone -that is life, it ain’t easy, but worth it.
    You’re an amazing developer of the game and I really enjoy to see how it is going forward, how new stuff is added and that we get closer annd closer to the SNAP-mode and the rivals.

    I may be nobody, but I wish you all of the best luck! Keep going with your amazing game!!

    • It’s okay Dev Senpai, you’re overworked. We understand you made a mistake, we all do. A friend of mine (well… We’re both still in high school… But she does know a thing or two about coding) is trying to become a game developer herself. She tells me how stressful it is to complete assignments, especially when the teachers expect major process in a short time span.
      He confident, Senpai!

  2. My closest friends and I have been following the game’s development for years, and we all know how challenging and stressing has been, and how sometimes that could be very harmful to one’s mental health. Everyone can explode under pressure and make mistakes.
    We understand how hard it is to change from an old self to a new better self, and how hard it can be when some people just don’t want to believe people change over time. So don’t worry, we believe the fanbase is still on your side because we care about the game and the developer himself. We don’t care about the drama and we are going to still be eager to hear more news about the game’s progress, but we appreciate you addressing the subject to be transparent about everything.
    Thank you for your amazing dedication and hard work!

  3. Hi, i’ve been following the development of yandere sim for like 3 years now, i’ve never posted a comment about it anywhere, i’m not actually playing the game, just waiting patiently for the game to be ready. I love seeing your progress though your videos, i love the explanation and the lore development you do, love when you talk about stuff you don’t even know if you’d actually put in the game. My point is, i love earing you talking about the things you imagine for the game, i feel sad because you seem very stressed and sad about all of that, don’t forget that a huge part of the people are part of the “silent team” which watch the vid or play the game, enjoy it but don’t say anything. I’m very surprised people call you lazy tho, it seem obvious to me that you put tons of efforts and time in the game.
    This comm is probably messy, as i said, i rarely comment.

    Anyway, YandereDev, i love your work, my sister love your work too, lot of love and courage from france. And take care of yourself !

  4. Hey dev!
    I will support you to the end.
    I love the game and what you do with it, I think it is amazing you have made this much progress in only around 4-5 years.
    Have been in game development myself I get where you are coming from. There is a lot of haters out there, but remember this. It is the extremist that yell the loudest, so is it them most people hear. Example: my boyfriend dos not follow you like I do. (Not in a stalking way, I can assure you), and he heard all the talk from the extremist, and he told me about it. I looked at him and just shook my head and laughed a little before I told him I don’t care. What you do is genius and I will follow it to the end.

    But the point is you have a lot of supporters who are not extremist, we may not be up front, but we are there and we support you with what we can.

    Also take your time with the game, then I can get more time to get lots of money for when you make a crowdfunding campaign!!

    Your doing great man, keep fighting!!

  5. I remember being on YouTube and seeing Yandere Simulator in development years ago, and since then, I’ve been so hooked and interested in seeing not only the game come to life, but by watching the process of how an indie game was constructed. I came to really love your personality and seeing your thinking process when making Yandere Simulator. I also remember being on Tumblr and seeing all the hate-blogs that found all these outdated and out-of-context screenshots of you saying terrible things, and for a while, I was convinced that you still were this person.

    After that, I came to three conclusions: I loved your game, so even despite all the horrible rumors I would still commit to following you, two, that it’s pretty dumb to rely on bad texts and what not from years ago to determine your personality now, and three, that it’s very wrong to shame and ridicule a person with things that they have done or said in the past, no matter how horrible those things may be.

    I genuinely enjoy your content, and I’m not going to stop following you because a bunch of other sad and small-minded people post anti-yandev propaganda to fill some sort of empty void in their hearts. I’ve seen all your videos since the very beginning, and I’ve how you’ve developed well as a person, and I trust you and your game for that! I will always look forward to seeing the game in its final form, no matter how long the wait will be :>

    Also, please take care of yourself, yandev, especially your health!❤️

    Sincerely, a long time fan

  6. Lately, I’ve witnessed an influx of videos solely dedicated to slandering you and Yandere Simulator itself on my “recommended” list on Youtube. I’ve not bothered to watch any of them because of the slander I’ve seen in passing on both Tumblr and Reddit, basically having a good idea about the content along with a mountain of conspiracy theories that I just didn’t care to hear. It really disheartens me to see people go through the effort of making lengthy videos with the sole purpose of attacking you, so it must be even worse for you by a hundredfold.

    When you mentioned your less-than-desirable past self, that made me figure that a great deal of the people making this toxic propaganda are As and Bs of another flavor: people who are currently in their youth, immature and needlessly savage… and the people who never grew out of that phase. The ones who will eventually grow out out of this might someday be burdened with the shame of making such inflammatory and destructive videos, much like you and me and the rest of the fanbase have been or done things that we aren’t proud of and would prefer it to be left buried.

    Anyway, I feel for you. I have no doubts of your work ethic or how hard you’ve worked to make it this far after 3+ years. I understand you’re also human, and to be this committed to a singular project at the cost of your social life, other interests, et cetera, it has to get tiring… especially as the inflammatory anti-you propaganda becomes more prominent. You’re stuck in a difficult position that seems nigh on impossible to escape from. I’m glad you’re taking the advice of your friends to ease down your work schedule. I would hate to see you end up in a situation like, for example, Chris Coffin, who was in a desperate rush to develop Sonic X-Treme within an impossible deadline back in 1996. He literally almost worked himself to death, even while plagued with pneumonia. That’s not a working environment I’d wish on anyone.

    While I don’t know you personally and have never directly contacted you, I’ve felt a kinship with you through your videos and blog posts here. I can see your struggle, as your concept ballooned into something much more complex than you anticipated when you started. I often think many days how I’ll ultimately play Yandere-chan whenever the final product is released. I’m much more keen on the social sabotage aspect you brought into this game, and as you referenced in a past video, I want to be a cunning yandere. As much as I love open world games, I actually wasn’t keen on the concept of you making a full town for YanSim due to the mountain of work required to make that happen and not knowing how much support you’ll get if you follow that ambition. It feels more like something better suited to a sequel, or an alternate universe retelling.

    With the number of side-stories you have in the works for Academi High alone, I think you can make this game interesting enough to warrant replays. With so many elimination methods, going with just one means you’re very likely to lose a piece of the story, and I think it’s cool to gradually pick up more and more of the lore in subsequent playthroughs. I believe you’ve articulated well enough how Osana isn’t so much the “next big feature to look forward to” in debugging as she is a marker; a statement, for Yandere Simulator to finally ascend from its current state as a debug sandbox.

    I suppose I’m just rambling, and you’ve probably heard a lot of this thousands of times over, but I felt the need as a follower of your project since late 2015 to contribute some form of support when life gets especially rough for you (and for no good reason). I feel for you every time I come across something that slanders you or your game. At the very least it looks like you have a stable support net. And sometimes, you just need to vent out that negative frustration. Keeping it bottled in is only going to make a very nasty explosion down the road, and likely at the worst possible time. It must’ve been hell for you to open up in public like this, and I can’t expect anyone to handle a situation where you’re attacked with slews of hurtful, negative comments and propaganda perfectly. There’s ultimately no single right solution to the matter… all you can do is endure it, become stronger for it, with the knowledge that you’ve got the means to prove them wrong – not immediately, of course, but your dedication holding out this long in spite of the hatedom’s bizarre need to attack you shows me you can pull through this. You’ll make mistakes, as humans do. You might not make the optimal choices in how to handle a situation… but at the end of the day, you’re doing all one man can.

    Whenever your game does come out, and I’m not even concerned with the specific date anymore, I look forward to playing it.

    (On the bright side, your birthday is soon, isn’t it? I think that’ll do wonders for cheering you up, if last year’s celebration is anything to go by…)

    • My own opinion about drama such as this is that i don’t care about the fact if yanderedev is a d*ck or a great game developer in manners. Fact stays that i do care if the game will be finished and i think it will, as long yanderedev will be supported by his fanbase and himself. And a true fan never goes hating him/her just because of a few mistakes if/or/and big mistakes at one point in his time. I also think that working all the time will break a person. So he should be able to have fun watching anime or gaming, after all its his project and he could have chosen to first complete it (only letting a select few to help him testing it and building it) and after that giving out the product of his work. instead he gave us the early alpha the first time after it was ready. I personally think its a matter of giving himself a good feeling of the great (or bad if made to check the bugs and such) thing he just added/created with help. the fact it takes so long also says something of the quality. So i also have a message for the haters out there, Place yourself in his shoes, do you think you can do better? Think again creating something takes time. I don’t know if the engine on which the game is being build was premade or made from scratch if made from scratch it can take almost the same ammount of time as using unity engine for example. (as far as i know its made in unity) If you make a game with a premade engine it has certain walls that can or cannot be overcome and most of the time to overcome a wall that you can’t overcome the dev needs to find another way around it.

  7. Thank you for making this post, YandereDev. I was almost converted to hating you and your work by new videos sprouting up about controversy about you and your game. Thank god I don’t hate you. I think it’s nice owning up to your actions and trying to change yourself for the better.

  8. I think a large portion of the people complaining about how long the project is taking, or that you stream video games for a few hours each day, are likely far too young to ever have been a working adult and certainly never been a self-employed working adult. Projects always take longer than anticipated, and you can’t just slog through 8 hours a day with nothing breaking up the work (especially for something like coding) or your productivity suffers. A set time to do something else, like stream, can actually be super beneficial to your productivity: it gives you a schedule, it’s a natural break, and you can come back to your main project refreshed. Most think pieces about productivity recommend breaking things up like this to keep yourself sharp. But to an younger, immature audience who’s never really worked outside of part time student jobs, this doesn’t make any sense.

  9. Word of advice YanDev.
    If people still keep nagging, work the game in secret and just stress test with a few until at least a demo is finished. Just like big companies does. That way you can work with ease without Idiots, who things are the king of Rome, demand absurdness.
    Because those who dont know how a game development works are the ones who mostly speak out of place.

  10. I don’t have much to say about this, let’s just leave the past where it belongs, and move forward. All is ok if a person changes for good, even more if it’s for oneself. If you change, the world changes.

  11. I’ll have to make this short because I have to go in a bit but I just wanted to let you know that you can look at the hate,but don’t take it to heart. Just make sure that it doesn’t get out of hand.Ive been watching your development updates for years now.I know at least 2 years.You’ve gone far especially considering the little amount of help that you’ve recieved.Also,you’re human.In my eyes,almost every human on this cruel yet wonderful planet of ours is lazy.Its just natural.So when I say you’re lazy,I don’t mean it as an insult, I mean it as in you’re just like everyone else.But one thing that I can surely say is that you’re a dedicated,passionate, and a hard working man.All of your haters are people who only have dedication and a passion for making people’s lives that are actually making a positive difference in the world worse.Dont let worthless opinions affect your life.Take the positive things into consideration.Your fans severely outnumber your haters.You’ve made a significant amount of progress considering your situation over the past few years.And more people appreciate you than hate you.If anything,I’d say you should make a discord server with your haters and your fans.I can assure you that your fans will be able to beat their asses with knowledge.But remember,some of the unsure people could become haters as well.But I wouldn’t worry about it too much.Up to you though.But anyways,I wish I could’ve wrote more but sadly I can’t.I’ll be waiting to see the next progress report! Or just any video you publish really.

  12. I’m not really good with words but a lot of fans and i myself aren’t affected by rumours and misinformation. We just hope progress is happening and i’m sure it is. We all hope you’ll feel better after sharing this with your fans. Stay strong and persevere, we’ve got your back! With love, a type A fan 😉

  13. There are a lot of great comments that I said things I want to tell you, so I’m not going to say too much.
    Haters’ words are really mean and devastating, although it’s hard not to be bothered, I do hope you feel better, I’ve seen too much drama that hurt my idols and friends. Just sad and frustrating. It’s good you have a nice attitude towards this, and I hope this dies down quickly. Love from Frostina.

  14. Hey YandereDev!
    I want to say that I am so sorry for the way that people have been treating you. I’ve been following your work since 2014, and it disgusts me that people are abusive towards you for past mistakes and that you trying to silence them is apparently silencing criticism. I just want to leave this message to let you know that you have had my support for four years, and will continue to, because it’s been fascinating, and fun to grow with you, as I’ve seen it happen to you. I’m very proud of the work you’ve done, and you continue to do. Don’t let a few pieces of malignant human garbage make you feel bad about yourself. Just keep doing what you’re doing! Know that you have a devoted fanbase, and we aren’t ready to leave you over despicably misinformed and laughably outdated rumors that people are spreading about you. You’ve grown as a person and developer over the last four years, and people are going to keep supporting you. The quality of your content and the game have vastly improved, and I look forward to the future. Don’t let these kinds of people stop you from doing what you love, for the people who you love. ILYSM
    ~Your number one fan

  15. Honestly, I watched the beginning of one of those video that tries to paint you in a negative light (the title was so vague I thought it was a video about defending you), and it started of with that whole “YandereDev spends time playing video games, instead of using every hour of the day working on this game!” and I clicked away from it.

    Personally, I think you’re doing a great job! I don’t care if this game takes another 4 years to make, or even longer than that. You want to make this game, you’re keeping us updated, and the fact that you’re still adding to and updating the game should be proof enough that this isn’t some kind of scam.

    I wish this whole controversy thing would die down, but that is unfortunately unrealistic; as you aknowledged, there are people out there who just want to make fun of and hate others. But I can promise that no matter what, you will still have a fanbase that supports you:3

  16. Yandere-Dev YANDERE-Dev!!! ( : 3 )

    Thank You very much for this neat Explanation. Funfact -> as i read every Line of Your’s, i could clearly “hear” (imagine) Your Voice saying every Word x’D i have realised i have grown a bit addicted to Your Voice and Way of talking.

    Please know that Fan’s like me will “NEVER” forsake You! We will stay at Your Side until the very Day where we should lastly lay our Eyes on You. For us You are simply a positive Person. A Creator. A Producer. Someone who enjoys creating a Game – that others will enjoy – the Day it shall finally be finished. 😉

    Fxxx the Haters, though. These salty, eternally immature Losers of Social Ability, Civility and common Respect towars others, are just below You “AND” every Reason You should give them such big Attention.
    You recognised the Threat these Losers might pose – and wrote this important Text here to give Your best fighting back the Threat.

    But that is all You should do, regarding them. Please don’t worry, Please don’t involve them into Your Thoughts to much,
    because the Poo You flush down in your Toilet every Day or once every few Days, is more valuable than these sad Existences.

    We love You, Yandere-Dev. You are awesome.
    Same as Your Game You made. Same as every single, cool Character You made.
    You are FAR above these Haters. You are not a negative Person. You are a positive One. You are a Creator of awesome things.

    Thank You Yandere-Dev, for keeping creating the Game – of Yandere-Simulator. 😉

  17. To YandereDev, I understand why you were scared about people being exposed to the cringey part of your past, but I wish you’d have a bit more faith in your fanbase. I personally don’t really care, and I trust that you’re a changed person. It sucks that people hold it against you, but next time don’t try to sweep things under the rug, it just makes people more suspicious. It’s better to try to explain it, and always be as clear as possible. I don’t really care about any of the slander videos, although I’ve watched a few out of curiosity, but it just comes across as bs and really outdated info. I’m here for the game, first and foremost, and as long as you keep working hard, I’ll keep supporting you. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself every once in a while and take a break.

  18. Hello yanderedev I’m usually just a lurker quietly reading your posts and watching your vids. All I really have to say is I like your game and i like you cause you’re pretty funny on streams. So you have my support. 🙂

  19. Huh. Apparently, doing hit pieces against independant creators is a thing now.

    …Well, that’s not exactly new. I’m a Brutal Doom player, I see the “community” treating Sgt_Mark_IV like trash, regardless of his accomplisments. That’s actually what made me go to his patreon.

    YD, I haven’t been on yours yet, but I’ll go there if I have funds to spare.

  20. I’ve seen some of the Anti-YandereDev videos, there were some things that were right and others that weren’t. For example, some of them said that you are spending some of your time on Easter Eggs, i think is right (not that much but i think is right) you were making some Easter Eggs that seemed to take a bit longer (like Bad Romance). Others like you were lazy, i think they weren’t right, however, there might have been some times where you were tired making the game and you wanted to take your time (in my opinion, it’s not something to complain about) i’ve heard some more things and the majority were about your past… i don’t think is something to complain about nowadays, everyone, and i mean EVERYONE did something bad or cringey in the past, why do i say that isn’t something to complain about nowadays? because we all can change and repair what we’ve done. That’s all i wanted to say.

  21. I remember first seeing the game years ago. I really liked the concept of the game. I’ve been following this game since, and have seen a lot of the drama and stuff that’s happened. Now, I don’t usually comment on stuff, but I just wanted to say that one of my favorite parts of the game is seeing the progress that’s been made and the development in progress. I look forward to every new update and video. This game is truly amazing, especially for an indie. I’ve seen a lot of the propaganda, and thb I just want to slap those people in the face. I personally don’t care how long it takes for this game to be completed, I’ll follow it to the end. I don’t know how hard it’s been on you, but don’t let the haters get you down. All the type a’s are the true fans that know that you have a life as well (and, what’s wrong with playing video games?). Your dedication to this game is amazing, and I know that this game will turn out to be a masterpiece.
    Take care of yourself! 🙂

  22. Jesus christ people! Stop bashing the poor guy! (though honestly all the comments I’ve seen have been pretty damn positive) I mean come on, it’s pointless to focus on how someone used to be if they improved themselves and work to be a better person. Not only that but Yandere Dev is working hard on a game that we can play for free! Bashing him and constantly reminding him of how he used to act is not fair for him and if you do that, you should be ashamed for yourselves! You’re no better than how he used to be!

    Yandere Dev, personally I don’t care about what kind of person you used to be. Not everyone is perfect. People make mistakes, they’ve done things or acted in a way they’re not proud of. I already have respect for you for all the work you put into Yandere Simulator and the fact you were able to acknowledge how you used to act and admit your behavior back then wasn’t ok, that just makes me respect you more. It takes a lot to acknowledge that. I enjoy playing your game and I’m going to continue to play your game and look forward to when you officially complete it. Don’t let the haters get to you. You have so many fans who are supportive of your work. Keep working hard! But don’t work too hard, you still have to take care of yourself!

  23. I was curious and found a thread on an inconsequential site bashing Yan-dev.. What a completely asinine circle jerk that was.. I’m not gonna tell anyone to “just ignore the haterz lulz!!1” because that doesn’t work. If someone hits you, it hurts, whether you choose to walk away or fight it still hurts. Reading that tripe even had me depressed; I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be the one on the receiving end.

    Personally, I wouldn’t be the least surprised if Yan-dev chose to preserve what’s left of his mental health and just walk away at this point. Being drug through the mud by the hive mind of 12 year olds that is the internet.. Not something I’d personally be strong enough to deal with.. I don’t have an equal or greater amount of fans backing me either though. 😉

    You do what you need to Yan-dev; You have my full support either way! ❤

  24. I for one definitely look at the work progress you’ve made and it’s easy to tell that this thing is growing. Compared to giants such as EA and Activision where the development teams are on budget, time constraints and the mountains of data that one has to sift through to produce even one game within the 5-8 year time frame, the magnitude of this kind of project should be pretty obvious. I guess I tend to view the dissatisfied masses as faceless anonymity who are never happy with anything. I’ve found in a short time that it’s best to simply let them continue and not let anything they have to say bother you. In short, the work you and others have put into this so far speaks for itself.

    There is progress. To be able to hammer out bugs while at the same time developing content means you’re doing the work an entire development and maintenance team has to do, and in the speed that you reach these goals is actually very commendable. Most companies operate in such a way that the development team hardly cares about the old content as long as the new content is playable. This generates problems that the maintenance crew has to turn around and solve because they have to fight hard against the developers’ own monstrosity in order to maintain a decent working game. I’ve been watching this thing unfold in silence for about two years now. Getting this far with only a handful of friends and supporters alone, doing freelance work is actually quite amazing.

  25. [first, sorry for my english since it isn’t my first language]

    I actually feel sorry that you are always saying sorry. I don’t know, it feels wrong. You shouldn’t have to say sorry for everything you do or say, you’re human too and you can do mistakes just like everyone else, saying sorry all the time feels like you own something for us or like you aren’t allowed to be wrong and it just feels horrible to me as a fan, you know?

    Well, I actually came here on the blog and just got to know about all of this because I started using more actively Reddit recently so I decided to follow a subreddit to see discussions about the game and share love and ideas, etc. It’s been fun to use Reddit in other subreddits because there’s this nice communication among the fans of some subject etc, so I wanted to have something like that with Yandere Simulator. It didn’t happen as I thought it would. As soon as I got in the subreddit, I found tons of topics of full hate. At first I didn’t understand what was going on and decided to read it all. After reading everything those idiot people had to say, I couldn’t believe in any of that unless I saw something coming up from you yourself. So I came here on the blog and searched for something, anything you could have to say about it or something that could have gave to that people a reason to talk shit, but I saw nothing. And then I saw this post and felt terrible bad just knowing what kind of things you’ve been through.

    Honestly, I don’t give a fuck to this kind of drama and I’m totally by your side. You haven’t gave me any reason to do otherwise and your past is exactly that: PAST. I don’t care about what you did if you’re sorry and aren’t like that anymore, you know? So I can’t understand WHY does it matter and WHY there are people who lose their time by caring to such a thing and just being an ass. I feel awful that you have seen that kind of comments yourself, really. Like you said, you’re a human too and with emotions. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to read such things and I’d like you to know that those people are not your true fans. Seriously. We totally support you and understand that it IS difficult to create a videogame by yourself and that just like us you have hobby’s and tons of other things to do. It’s okay to have a break, to play videogame, to watch anime, to read manga, to do whatever you please. We can wait for YandereSim as long as possible. It will be done when it has to. It is totally comprehensible.So, honestly, I’m sorry that you are sorry for those things and for saying something “wrong”. (like this type A and B, for example. I felt horrible when I saw that, again, you were being sorry for such a little thing).

    So, even though this is just one comment in the middle of hundreds, I hope it has reached you and you have considered my words. And I hope it made you feel better, even if just a little. I’m really really sorry that you had to read horrible comments for so long. Just know that they aren’t true and you are a very wonderful person for all I’ve known, ok? And that’s not only my opinion. Trust me, there’s a lot of people who appreciates you too.

    By the way, I’d love if you could create a official subreddit or whatever! I’d totally be in. I just hope those haters don’t go in there, too. I got really sad to see that that subreddit was almost full of hate. It should be a nice place to discuss about the game etc, so I hope they don’t destroy it too. I think you did well on talking about the subject and showing to people your truth. It may prevent from the past repeating itself, as you said, and it also explains to people like me, who was completely lost, what’s going on and what’s really true. I hope this post of yours reach the rest of the fans before their minds get alienated.

    Have a nice day! ❤
    PS: you're strong and amazing.

  26. i’ve been following this game ever since my younger brother told me about it a few years ago. i always come to check your blog twice a month to see what new features you’ve added to the game, even though i don’t actually play it, it’s been amazing to watch it grow like this over time, by a single person. it sounds like a lot of people don’t seem to understand that you’re human – you grow and change over time. we have All been cringey on the internet at some point or another, i’m sorry this has turned into something so huge. you are a human who has grown and will continue to grow, and a human who deserves to take breaks and have a life outside of just developing this game. you’re awesome, please don’t let this get you down!

  27. Hey, there! I’ve read the awful things on tumblr that have been said about you, but, given as it was…well…/tumblr/, I never paid it much mind. I’m hated by quite a few people on tumblr, myself, which are all started by rumors that are either untrue or the 1 Time I Lost My Temper On Tumblr ( after that one time, I dare not lose my temper there again; they can’t…handle it. ), so I didn’t believe anything that was said. Most of it was reblogged from your blog with some nonsense argument, and I do believe I reblogged a couple things to make a counterrargument in your defense, though it likely didn’t do anything. Honestly, I’m really happy to see that you’ve been taking better care of yourself after you listened to the vast majority of us, both mentally and physically.

    Aside from that, I really wanted to tell you this: you and Scott Cawthon have inspired me to become a game dev. I don’t play the sandbox game ( I prefer to go in blind; I knew that the protagonist of P5 looked vaguely like Harry Potter and that was literally it, as an example ), nor do I interact on videos very much, but I’ve been following them for over two years now, and I think yours is the only channel on YouTube where I’ve seen every video. Seeing that, and seeing the community you inspire is amazing. I went to college originally not because I wanted to, but because I was told I had to. I wound up dropping out, and after that, I discovered you, and I discovered that Scott made the FNAF games. And that was amazing. And I decided that I wanted to inspire people, too. Just like you make wonderful things that make others happy, I want to make something like that, too. And because you make posts like these, I know it won’t be easy. But I always start games on hard ( if possible ) for a reason.

    I know you always thank us for following the development of Yandere Simulator. But I think that we, the fans and expectant patrons, need to thank /you/, at times, for doing the same. It seems like a wildfire, or like you’re fighting a huge 24-member party raid battle where you’re the tactician ( like Shiroe, from Log Horizon. have you seen that anime? you remind me of him. ), and your work, your life, and the negativity of the internet is the opposition. But you’re levelling up, I think. Gaining the best armor, the best party members. Joined a guild. Amidst the tempest. And that’s utterly astounding.

    So…thank you, Alex, for following through with the development of Yandere Simulator.

  28. My primary concerns are YanDev’s well-being and completion of the game. I’ve seen and dealt with enough shit to not care about all the negative stuff being thrown around, the people that continue to do it live and breathe drama, having nothing better to do with themselves. I know you’re a better person now than they make you out to be and you were even nice enough to take the time to let my bf take a pic with you at AX.

  29. Hey man, In my opinion I really don’t care if you take your time in details or decide to rest as any normal human being, I purely enjoy the process of the develovment and I appreciate the work behind it, I honestly don’t understand what’s all about and what necessity is behind satanize one human being

  30. I have actually met one of these anti-Dev-Chan people. This was before the post and they thrashed me for saying something positive about you. I knew from the start none of what they said was true but for their sake of sick happiness I deleted my comment and went on with my life. Seeing this I thought back at what they said and wished I did something else. Looking back to when I first saw the game I was amazed by it. To be honest I thought it was made by a big group. When I found out it wasn’t it amazed me more. I really do hope this game gets more amazing as it grows.

  31. Dev, I support you. I do not think it’s fair for you to be tried for something 10 years ago, it’s even ridiculous for it to come out right now.
    Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has their “bad past” and if they do not they will have a day.
    Unfortunately … there are always those who think they are perfect and do this kind of thing, as they are doing to you now.

    Be strong, I’m a big fan of yours.
    I do not know English, so … I think there must be something translated wrong, but I hope you understand.

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