May 18th Bug-Fixing Build

When I’m working on a new feature, I can’t upload any new builds until the feature is complete, since I don’t want people to encounter a half-finished, half-functional feature. So, before I begin working on a new feature, I want the latest build of the game to be in a really solid, bug-free state, since it’s going to be the last build you get for a while. (Remember the super-long delay between November 1st and December 18th?) So, that’s why I wanted to upload one last bug-fixing build – so that, if there’s a delay between now and the next build, you’re getting the most stable build I can possibly provide you with.

Of course, I don’t actually think there will be another 47-day delay! The next feature being added to the game definitely won’t take that long to implement; probably just a few days, maybe a week it’ll be released on June 1st at the absolute most. But, I still want to upload a bug-fixing build anyway.

Anyway, enough justification! To see a list of everything that is fixed or different in the latest build, scroll down past this super-cute illustration of the Basu sisters, drawn by Katloid!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Fixed bug that caused bullies to pose like they were holding a invisible phone in their hands whenever Yandere-chan aimed a camera at them, but only if Yandere-chan was a member of the Photography club when she did it.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the “hearts coming out of a character’s head” effect from reflecting the player’s Seduction stat, if the player’s Seduction stat was being affected by a boost from the Gaming Club.
  • Fixed bug that caused the two sparring martial arts students to give their “interrupting a sparring match” reaction if Yandere-chan walked past them after their sparring match had already ended.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the game from properly calculating the reputation bonus that the player should get from complimenting a boy while a Gaming Club seduction bonus was active.
  • Fixed bug that caused a student council member to run to the fountain in the school plaza if they discovered a corpse after the corpse had been reported to the police by someone else.
  • Changed the wording of the text that displays when a club disbands because of a dead club leader so that it applies to more types of circumstances.
  • Fixed bug that would break Kokona’s “go to the bathroom” Wednesday event if she was alarmed by the player while on her way to the bathroom.
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from having a reaction to seeing the player carry around an axe, drama club prop, or delinquent weapon.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to speak to a defeated delinquent before the delinquent had gotten a chance to catch his breath.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible for Yandere-chan to flick matches after being pushed away by someone while flicking a match.
  • Cowards will no longer use the Phone Addict reaction to murder if they are holding a smartphone when they witness a murder.
  • Adjusted the rotation of the doors in the plaza area so that they won’t clip into the hedges near the walls of the plaza.
  • Fixed bug that made it possible for Yandere-chan to interact with a dumpster while being chased by a pursuer.
  • Fixed bug that was stopping Kokona from checking her locker for notes when leaving school.
  • Added a few more props to the Announcement Room.

119 thoughts on “May 18th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Don’t worry yandere dev! I’ll make sure the game has no bugs at all! I’ll try my best to find ALL the bugs!

  2. Alex, it’s okay to take a break sometimes! This game isn’t your life! We don’t need a new build every day, it’s okay! Go hang out with friends, take a shower, have fun, play video games! Come on!

  3. Yandev,Its nice of you doing more builds for us,but please take break! go have fun! We understand if you need a break,and you deserve one!

  4. yanderedev, please make it so they notice blood. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time ;-; it would be so cool if they saw blood and stood around it to kinda investigate or even better could follow bloody footprints to a corpse if yandere chan isn’t careful

  5. Rest and edit the may 18th 2018 blog post to thank the people for following the development of Yandere Sim please…

  6. Yandere Dev i wonder if this is a bug but When theres the fence the tall ones, Kokona can still go through it when we push her
    But its kinda funny lol

  7. Hi Yandere-Dev, you work so hard on all of these updates, thank you so much! ill be doing a commemorative couple of drawings soon that show off the amount of thought and effort put into all your characters! Ill be sending them to you as they are compleated so i hope you like them too. Remember to get plenty of rest as well!

  8. “When I’m working on a new feature, I can’t upload any new builds until the feature is complete”

    It sounds like a lot of time is being wasted here… You might want to consider using a system like Git (or that allows you to work on new features aside from the master branch used to generate builds for the public, so that you can fix bugs alongside working on a new feature. Once the feature is completed, it then can be merged to the master branch, thus making it available publicly. Depending on multiple factors (the quality of the game’s codebase, the time taken to analyze and find the bug…) fixing the mentioned issues might have taken you less time than a full day, which could have been spent working on new features.

    Of course, I don’t know anything specific, and it could be perfectly possible that fixing those bugs (plus accomplishing all of your other responsibilities) just takes up a full day.

  9. I know you already have all the rivals planned out.. but could you maybe consider adding a male rival one day? Or an option of having the player chose if the rivals could be male or female?

    • If the Yan-kun streatch goal is reached then if you play as Yan-kun all the rivals will be male. Also there are only going to be ten rivals and they will be all female or all male depending on if you play as Yan-chan or Yan-Kun.

  10. YandereDev, I am josé from argentina and I use the google translator to understand in english I do not know much in english and I would like you to put a weapon with the game and I am thinking why the director Kocho Shuyona of that school hates him so much a ayano aishi , the director Kocho Shuyona thinks that ryoba aishi murdered him to the niece of director Kocho Shuyona taiyo what he did committed suicide and I was thinking about returning to the future of yandere to avoid suicide and so that director Kocho Shuyona does not try to be angry and do not throw a gun with lightning to ayano aishi, I always think of the movies of the time machine as a way to go back to the future.

  11. Dear Yandere Dev. I would like to ask you that in the future will be this game on mobile too? I would like play with the game but the present game “High School Simulator 2018” doesn’t start. 😦

    (I’m sorry if my comment isn’t accurate, I am Hungarian and I just study the English language.)

  12. I just realized it now:

    Sakyu Basu’s name is literally just “succubus”, which is a female seductive demon. Inkyu Basu’s is also basically just “incubus”, which is the male equivalent of succubus. So… do we have a transgender character here?

    (just kidding :>)


    i think

    • YandereDev said that he’s aware that her name means incubus, but thought it was a cute name so decided to call her that. She’s rumoured to be a vampire undercover.
      But yeah, Inkyu Basu is only called that because YanDev thought it was cute – hope I cleared something up 🙂

  13. The thought of Osana being in the nexy update keeps returning… I need help…
    Midori doll says hi!

  14. Hmm… I wonder what the new feature is gonna be?
    Maybe, he’s finally gonna implement the counselor? Or, maybe even all of the other club leaders?
    Either way. I’m pretty excited for what you’re gonna come up with in the future!

  15. YandereDev do not overwork your self and plz take a break once in your life. Also, love how the game is going I used to have the game but of course my brother left the computer on all night and it overheated one of the parts of the computer =(

  16. Yandere dev! Yandere dev! I have a couple suggestions (I know he doesn’t accept suggestions I just wanted to say it):
    I think there needs to be cutscenes for a lot of the elimination methods,( like for the frame on a murder elimination method, a cutscene of the police dragging the rival into a police car). to add depth to the game.

    And I think the frame on a murder elimination method is too flat.(my opinion). I think you should add some steps to that elimination method like:
    1.Befriend the science club leader.
    2.Ask him to lend you a device that allows you to copy someone’s fingerprints.
    3. Steal the current rival’s phone.
    4.Use the device on the phone.
    5. Join the drama club.
    6.Take the gloves.
    7.Take a weapon.
    8. Use the device on the weapon.
    9. Murder someone with that weapon.
    10. Leave the weapon somwhere
    11. Clean yourself and reduce sanity
    12. Wait for someone to find the corpse and then the rival will be eliminated.
    Thanks for reading!

  17. Issue: The matchmaking does not work because whenever I get the item for Kokona’s task, it will not let me talk to her. and when I drop it, the “task” is not available.

    • Be patient! remember YandereDev is still human. And he needs to do other things than work all day. So if hes late by a couple of days don’t pressure him and make him feel bad he’s late.

  18. Hey YandereDev, I was just wondering if in future game play, notes that you leave in students lockers will be used as evidence. For example, if Kokona is pushed off the roof, would the note left in her locker to have her meet Yandere be found and used as evidence?

  19. YandereDev, I’m getting worried. I’m not thinking about you not updating the game, but why have you stayed silent for such a while? This is very unlike you and it worries me if something has happened to you? I’m not in any way thinking of game content but how you are and what’s been going on? Is everything okay. I really hope so, and please don’t stress about new content. We know you work hard for this and we would not want you to burn out.

    • check his reddit dude, he’s fine, there’s no blog post because he’s working on the next feature, which will probably be posted june 1.

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