Delinquent Backstory Video

Yay, it’s finally ready! And I’m very, very happy with how it turned out!

I hope you enjoy watching this video and learning why the delinquents are tolerated at Akademi High!

I’ve got to take a moment to give an absolutely HUGE thanks to Marissa Lenti for providing an absolutely phenomenal voiceover for this video! She absolutely knocked it out of the park – 10/10 performance! I couldn’t be happier with her work!

Also, I need to give a GIANT thanks to Mulberry for providing all of the outstanding artwork in this video! Her illustrations allowed me to bring this video into reality exactly as I envisioned it! You can check out more of her art at: and

59 thoughts on “Delinquent Backstory Video

  1. I love the voice of the Guidance Counselor! Good luck reforming the delinquents. This was an amazing video.

  2. Wasn’t expecting to see that today. Thanks Yandere Dev ^_^

    Though I would wanna know: Did anybody make a mod or something that allows you to write and/or draw things with blood on the walls/floors/doors/etc? I’m not sure if Yandere-Dev would implement in the game but it would really help add-on to the psychotic feel of the game

    • I second this! I’d love that, and maybe there could be a gameplay benefit, like they owe Yandere-chan one and could help with things requiring strength or violence.

  3. So what you’re saying is that we could help the Guidance councilor reform the delinquents and eliminate Osoro by getting rid of her gang and getting her expelled.

  4. I respect the Guidance Counselor; her sincerity penetrates my feelings.

    This explains why Osoro would be gone for 8 weeks (though, what did she do?). And I imagine Yandere-Chan could help the Guidance Counselor help reform the delinquents. Not only would the Guidance Counselor likely reward Yandere-chan, the player would no longer need to worry about the delinquents hanging around the incinerator.

    You should do more 100% story-related backstories like this; they’re super interesting!

  5. Ms. Lenti delivered an incredible performance here. Absolutely amazing. There are some very talented people involved with this game already IMHO but this is the best emotional voice acting yet. Also, I’m curious about the guidance counselor’s “mother” given her resemblance to our Yan-chan.

  6. It’s incredible how thanks to just 1 video a “blank” character can become more lively and real 😮 Amazing work from all the people involved in this video !

  7. No he logrado entender todo, pero he captado lo básico. Sin duda, una genial historia! 😀 Ahora siento mucha pena por los delincuentes… Espero que haya una forma de volverlos a lo que eran en algún momento

  8. I wonder if the guidance councillor will become an ally during the week tht Osoro is your rival

  9. What about an “Another” reference? An umbrella as a weapon or a trap near the stairs with an umbrella! ^-^

  10. Wait, what about bullying in YanSim, though? From what she said, I’d have thought she currently had a zero-tolerance policy and didn’t require proof anymore. But then why can a student get depressed from being bullied and even kill themselves, especially if they have awful messages being written on their desk every day? That’s 100% irrefutable proof and there’s no way no one would notice the student being bullied. So how come the guidance counselor doesn’t do anything?

    Also, I think it would be great for that recording, or the next one she makes (since she said she may start again), to be findable on school grounds! I do often worry that all these backstory videos don’t really mean anything if the game doesn’t show what’s in them. I mean, I haven’t watched any videos from before I started following the development, and I 100% wouldn’t even know there were videos to be watched if I only found out about the game after it was released. All the info from the videos really need to show up on the game, or most players will never find it out.

    • Maybe after what happened with the Delinquents, no one trusts her enough to talk to her about they bullying?

  11. This makes a lot of sense in that it gives the guidance counselor a reason to be lenient with Yandere-chan. In some ways it makes the expulsion elimination method work better, in that a large amount of evidence is being required. It also puts in place a sort of pendulum, where on one side, she wants to be lenient with people who are troubled and set them on the right path, and on the other side, she wants to limit negative influences on the student body. I just hope all of this voice work can make its way into the game in such a way as to not disrupt gameplay. It would be interesting to tell this story bit by bit as the player gets into more and more trouble and receives counseling – leniency every step of the way, but at the end, someone was exerting too much negative influence on students and had to be expelled.

  12. I wonder how much left there is to do before Osana is in the game. I’m hoping it will be soon! Yandere dev is going to take his time to make this game great, and I’m excited to see the end result of the game. Good job Yandere dev!

  13. If the brother of one of the delinquents is Yakuza why would that brother have gotten bullied in the first place? Wouldnt the brother has done something? or the Delinquent well versed enough in the shady stuff to be able to defend themselves?

    • I don’t know about bullying, but being the brother of a yakuza guy is 100% enough reason for him to be ostracized at the very least. People wouldn’t want to approach him, would talk behind his back about how he’s untrustworthy and scary, etc etc.

  14. The Yandere simulator website looks really good, all the characters are organized, the website is a lot neater, and I love how the website shows the player the main point of the game. I can’t wait for new characters!

  15. Thank You YanDevSensei, that you made a video, I appreciate it I didn’t had my phone on my class trip, so I needed this VERY MUCH!
    Thank you so much, for showing me game developing, in a way though XD eheheheheheh

  16. Love the new website design but this bugged me. See if you spot the problem in this sentence that came straight from the home page “Every week, a new girl will in love with your Senpai “

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