Delinquent Backstory Video

Yay, it’s finally ready! And I’m very, very happy with how it turned out!

I hope you enjoy watching this video and learning why the delinquents are tolerated at Akademi High!

I’ve got to take a moment to give an absolutely HUGE thanks to Marissa Lenti for providing an absolutely phenomenal voiceover for this video! She absolutely knocked it out of the park – 10/10 performance! I couldn’t be happier with her work!

Also, I need to give a GIANT thanks to Mulberry for providing all of the outstanding artwork in this video! Her illustrations allowed me to bring this video into reality exactly as I envisioned it! You can check out more of her art at: and

61 thoughts on “Delinquent Backstory Video

  1. I love the voice of the Guidance Counselor! Good luck reforming the delinquents. This was an amazing video.

  2. Wasn’t expecting to see that today. Thanks Yandere Dev ^_^

    Though I would wanna know: Did anybody make a mod or something that allows you to write and/or draw things with blood on the walls/floors/doors/etc? I’m not sure if Yandere-Dev would implement in the game but it would really help add-on to the psychotic feel of the game

    • I second this! I’d love that, and maybe there could be a gameplay benefit, like they owe Yandere-chan one and could help with things requiring strength or violence.

  3. This is probably the BEST voice actor the game has. She seems to handle the bulky dialogue better and her voice has a better range of emotion.

  4. So what you’re saying is that we could help the Guidance councilor reform the delinquents and eliminate Osoro by getting rid of her gang and getting her expelled.

  5. I respect the Guidance Counselor; her sincerity penetrates my feelings.

    This explains why Osoro would be gone for 8 weeks (though, what did she do?). And I imagine Yandere-Chan could help the Guidance Counselor help reform the delinquents. Not only would the Guidance Counselor likely reward Yandere-chan, the player would no longer need to worry about the delinquents hanging around the incinerator.

    You should do more 100% story-related backstories like this; they’re super interesting!

  6. Ms. Lenti delivered an incredible performance here. Absolutely amazing. There are some very talented people involved with this game already IMHO but this is the best emotional voice acting yet. Also, I’m curious about the guidance counselor’s “mother” given her resemblance to our Yan-chan.

  7. It’s incredible how thanks to just 1 video a “blank” character can become more lively and real 😮 Amazing work from all the people involved in this video !

  8. No he logrado entender todo, pero he captado lo básico. Sin duda, una genial historia! 😀 Ahora siento mucha pena por los delincuentes… Espero que haya una forma de volverlos a lo que eran en algún momento

    • Would you rather have a well made demo that people WANT to play and follow, or a half-assed one which barely covers anything in the full game? He wants to add everything in before it’s officially a demo. After Osana is released, development will go a lot faster than before because of all the necessary things being added in before. All he’ll have to do is create the rival and her routine. So, don’t complain about him being smart with the game.

    • It’s not letting me reply to you directly but Emma chambliss but here’s what I want to say. First is all I’m not complaining and stating what problems there are in the development of game and second its seems you didn’t consider what I said and started to become defensive because I know Yandere devs fan base is pretty protective of him which isn’t so bad but. Third What you’re saying makes sense, make a demo that’s good and not halfassed but with you saying it’ll go faster once Osana is added I think it’s BS just because it’s been 4 years. He predicted it’d be out in 2019 and look at where we are now.

    • I would like to point out 2 things:

      1. He already tackled this issue in one of his videos, much more if you consider the fact that he keeps on reminding us that he needs more time to develop the game.

      2. He does keep on changing the schedule on when he’s going to release the “demo” version of the game (the one with Osana already in it) and if he did say that it would be released in 2019, well we’re still in 2018. Seeing as how much progress he has already made in the 4-5 years of game development, it really is probable that Osana would really be released in 2019. Just chill, bro. Wait a little longer. You don’t need to whine about it.

    • Nishi Achochi Osana will be added to the game this year if the delinquents are 100 % finished. (Like without the bugs)

  9. I wonder if the guidance councillor will become an ally during the week tht Osoro is your rival

  10. What about an “Another” reference? An umbrella as a weapon or a trap near the stairs with an umbrella! ^-^

  11. … Yandere dev is working on gameplay, not just doing one rival then the next. That’s not how game development works. He can’t just add all bosses and release a game with zero features, or Yandere Simulator would just be a rip-off of Street Fighter. He’s finished with Osana already, he’s working on other stuff like the delinquents. And since apparently you didn’t follow the game development at all, I’ll inform you that YanDev HAS a team, has other programmers, and even has a game developer company working with him. But of course you would know that if you really had been following the development from the start lmao

    I don’t get why you’re so stuck on a demo, we’re playing the alpha. That’s way more than just some demo. I also don’t get why you’re complaining so much about a four year wait when AAA games from big companies with huge teams take about five years to be finished. You do get you’re basically complaining that YanDev is letting us follow the development, right? If he wasn’t transparent, we wouldn’t even know a Yandere Simulator was being made.

  12. Wait, what about bullying in YanSim, though? From what she said, I’d have thought she currently had a zero-tolerance policy and didn’t require proof anymore. But then why can a student get depressed from being bullied and even kill themselves, especially if they have awful messages being written on their desk every day? That’s 100% irrefutable proof and there’s no way no one would notice the student being bullied. So how come the guidance counselor doesn’t do anything?

    Also, I think it would be great for that recording, or the next one she makes (since she said she may start again), to be findable on school grounds! I do often worry that all these backstory videos don’t really mean anything if the game doesn’t show what’s in them. I mean, I haven’t watched any videos from before I started following the development, and I 100% wouldn’t even know there were videos to be watched if I only found out about the game after it was released. All the info from the videos really need to show up on the game, or most players will never find it out.

    • Maybe after what happened with the Delinquents, no one trusts her enough to talk to her about they bullying?

  13. This makes a lot of sense in that it gives the guidance counselor a reason to be lenient with Yandere-chan. In some ways it makes the expulsion elimination method work better, in that a large amount of evidence is being required. It also puts in place a sort of pendulum, where on one side, she wants to be lenient with people who are troubled and set them on the right path, and on the other side, she wants to limit negative influences on the student body. I just hope all of this voice work can make its way into the game in such a way as to not disrupt gameplay. It would be interesting to tell this story bit by bit as the player gets into more and more trouble and receives counseling – leniency every step of the way, but at the end, someone was exerting too much negative influence on students and had to be expelled.

  14. He’s already addressed all of these issues. If you’d actually been following development, you would know this. It’s his game, he can take however much time he wants. He’s already said that with so much time spent on this game, he has staked his fulfillment and happiness with developing on how this game turns out.

    He’s not just trying to churn out a rival. He is single highhandedly creating a complex game. He has spent so much time using his (relative to how you seem to think developers should be) amateur skill to make this incredible game with such thought out backstory based on just an anime trope. This game is his entire life at this point and he’s putting a bunch of time into it. This game started out as a side thing and turned into this huge part of his life. He never intended for the game to get this big, but with so much support, things got out of hand. And it’s great.

    He’s also addressed the fact that after Osana IS released, the other delinquents will be way easier. He is literally creating this source code, one man, all on his own. No shit it’ll take forever.

    He has said he’s reluctant to add developers because he doesn’t trust the ability to have them fulfill his vision and it’d take so long to train them on what they need to do.

    If you tried to do what he does, It’d make so much sense why it takes so long.

    He has to wait for volunteered assets. He used a slow ass program for so long. He has a video providing evidence of taking 60 seconds to implement one small change, sometimes crashing unity.

    How does this show at all he wont finish the game?? Him working for 4 years on this game is an amazing proof that he has the resolve to finish it.

    You’re recalling talking out of your ass here. He has addressed every one of your points at one point or another. I have no clue how you haven’t seen that. People like you, criticizing things he has no control over or things he’s addressed, are the reason his moral for this game has been dropping at points.

    How the hell is he not able to take criticism? Did you see the thing about the cat? Or the original idea for the fighting minigame? He will 100% change the game based on user feedback. His head isn’t burried in the ground, ignoring all outside ideas. He does listen to people.

    Again, because this really infuriates me, he has addressed these things. Fuckin research this stuff.

    You’re lucky you even know this game is being developed. He could’ve gone completely under the radar for these 4 years.

    Like Saah said, this isn’t some “demo.” This is the actual game. He can decide to release the “demo” to the public whenever he wants.

    • Felipe Luz, there are also a lot of indie game designers that made less in more time. There are also AAA companies that made less in more time. And this is kinda obvious, but just because you think you see more content, doesn’t mean the game was harder to make. Like how I could make a beautiful, colorful salad in thirty minutes, or a roasted chicken in two hours. Both foods are great, and I might even enjoy the salad more, but the fact is that roasted chicken takes two hours to make and the salad takes thirty minutes. It doesn’t mean the person roasting the chicken is slacking off, or in over their head. The chicken just takes longer.

  15. I wonder how much left there is to do before Osana is in the game. I’m hoping it will be soon! Yandere dev is going to take his time to make this game great, and I’m excited to see the end result of the game. Good job Yandere dev!

  16. If the brother of one of the delinquents is Yakuza why would that brother have gotten bullied in the first place? Wouldnt the brother has done something? or the Delinquent well versed enough in the shady stuff to be able to defend themselves?

    • I don’t know about bullying, but being the brother of a yakuza guy is 100% enough reason for him to be ostracized at the very least. People wouldn’t want to approach him, would talk behind his back about how he’s untrustworthy and scary, etc etc.

  17. The Yandere simulator website looks really good, all the characters are organized, the website is a lot neater, and I love how the website shows the player the main point of the game. I can’t wait for new characters!

  18. Thank You YanDevSensei, that you made a video, I appreciate it I didn’t had my phone on my class trip, so I needed this VERY MUCH!
    Thank you so much, for showing me game developing, in a way though XD eheheheheheh

  19. Love the new website design but this bugged me. See if you spot the problem in this sentence that came straight from the home page “Every week, a new girl will in love with your Senpai “

  20. Why is this added to the game? It makes no sense. First it indicates that Osoro would be there at the beginning of the game when she is supposed to be missing until the eighth week. Second, getting rid of Osoro by anything expulsion or death is mandatory for the guidance counselor to keep her job, there is no other option, which severely limits the variety you can do. Third, the back story of the delinquents doesn’t stop them from still being a obstacle or give you benefit if you help them. It’s all more confusing then necessary.

    A part of the confusion though, is wondering why the player should care about the effect of the different ways to remove Osoro Shidesu when the goal of the player is to eliminate rivals and move on. Getting Senpai to reject her would still keep her in power and the delinquents still wouldn’t change which would result in the firing of the Genko. If that were to happen a new character would have to be made to immediately take the spot, which makes caring about her as a character utterly worthless. If she can be replaced then why care about her at all? What gives us reason to save her job? What happens if you kill one of the bullies? Why does it indicate that the bullies have to be reformed BEFORE Osoro arrives, if she is missing from the beginning of the game due to strange reasons. Even though Osoro appears at the EIGHTH week and Ayano only has ONE week to get rid of her before Senpai is lost to her. So why the TEN week period? There is nothing keeping the gamers engaged to help someone that can hand down punishment. In fact unless the gamers have a good reason to help Genko keep her job, it may be more effective to just let Osoro be given a more “passive” removal rather then a violent one.

    Also as much the video TRIES to portray Genko as a caring person, she didn’t once state that she would solve the bullying problem. Just that she felt bad that things got as terrible as they were. She followed her training and it failed so she feels responsible for it but only wants to turn back the clock to the point where the boys were helpless, not stop it from ever happening again. She’s trying to change them for the sake of her pride without having learned anything. I can tell that the schools trying to protect it’s image but so far it has done little to do so. The bullies still exist and their are students still being mistreated. Nothing changed. Also what about the female delinquents? They exist too right? What’s there story? What drives us to care about them any more or less then the boys? What made Genko ignore them? We need more details about this and the info we have right now is not enough to give an accurate understanding.

    Look I can tell what they are trying to do and don’t get me wrong, I respect it from the bottom of my heart and think it’s an alright idea, but it doesn’t make sense, at least not in the way it is now. The gamers don’t need a back story of why the delinquents became the way they are, we don’t care. There’s no reason to care. Even though their tale is tragic, we as the gamers have no investment in trying to reform them since it has little impact on how we play or what occurs in the end. In fact, we don’t even get any sort moral benefit out of this because if you really think about it, these kids simply did what they did because they were tired of being victims. Why would we put them back in that situation? It seems more cruel to change them back to who they were just for people like the bullies to screw with them and bring them close to suicide again don’t you think?

    Now I can understand the game giving us information to fill in the blanks on certain subjects but there are some things you just have to leave up to the gamers to imagine. The delinquents are good characters and their changes are amazing but there is nothing more needed. Reforming them is detrimental, sympathizing with them does nothing, and Genko betting her job does not give us a reason to help since it may not change anything for the better if we succeed (I speak from a gaming standpoint naturally.) The funny things is, is that helping the delinquents or being like them might be fun and be good for a new ending . At least that suits a purpose and holds weight to what we have.

    Sorry if this sounds like a rant, I truly do love this game but receiving some much unneeded detail is irritating. Besides when the game finally comes out and we all get to play, how exactly are we supposed to find this out? It’s all a mystery right?

    I don’t know what do you guys think? Is this needed? Should we truly care? Is all of this real? Do you really think I’m angry at this and not just trying to start a debate by being more aggressive then normally? Who knows….who knows….


  21. Makes sense why Osoro wasn’t at school as well as why the school is lenient to delinquents. However, it also kinda retcon the background story for having a mob in the game. In the Dev’s previous vid, he explained about one of the delinquents being a brother of a mobster and idolizes his brother. So seeing all the delinquents becoming what they are by how they were victims of bullies as idolize Osoro kind of retcon the mob’s story.

    I don’t know if Yandere Dev is aware about this or not. But I hope he can clarify about this.

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