Delinquent Update Trailer

For the majority of the game’s development, I followed a “1st and 15th day of every month” update schedule. Last year, I explained the reasons why it wasn’t feasible to stick to such a schedule anymore, and announced that I’d only be uploading new videos/builds whenever I accomplished something significant. But, I still feel bad whenever we pass the 1st or 15th without a cool new feature being added to the game. I worry that, when there’s not a new video or update, people will assume I haven’t been doing any work at all.

So, I wanted to create a video with a preview of upcoming content to prove that I’ve been actively working on the game this entire time. The result is this video right here:

I’d love to say “the Delinquent Update will be available on April 20th” or something like that, but time estimates are never accurate, because there’s always some unforeseen problem I run into, an asset that I realize I’m missing, or a new game-breaking bug that needs to be fixed. So, instead, I’m just going to say that it’ll be available when it’s ready, whenever that is.

I feel like the delinquents are 90% functional at this point, so I don’t think you’ll be waiting long, but after they are functioning properly, I’ll want to go through and polish everything that looks janky, fix every bug I can find, etc. I’ll give you an example of what I mean: It only took 1 day of work to get the combat minigame operational, but it created a bunch of new work…

  • What happens if the player triggers the “enter combat minigame” state with two delinquents simultaneously? Who takes priority?
  • What happens if a delinquent notices the presence of a corpse while he’s in the middle of the combat minigame? Should “acknowledge corpse” code be disabled during the minigame?
  • How should the other delinquents react if they discover Yandere-chan locked in combat with a member of their gang? How about Senpai, teachers, or student council members?
  • If a character is standing extremely close to Yandere-chan when she begins the combat minigame, should the character back up? What if they’re against a wall and have nowhere to back up to?
  • Should there be circumstances that cause a delinquent to have mercy on Yandere-chan and end the minigame prematurely, without knocking her out? What state is Yandere-chan left in, after these conditions have been met?

(Don’t bother answering any of these questions in the comment section below; I already have the solutions. I’m just explaining that, after you implement a new feature, a dozen new scenarios are created that all need to be accounted for.)

Adding new features is fun and usually easy, but all of the new “what if?” scenarios, edge-cases, and bugs take a long time to resolve. That’s the position I’m currently in with the delinquents. Even though I could release them immediately, I don’t want you to see a bunch of weird stuff like this, so I’m taking a few more days to make sure they’re polished and bug-free before I release them.

(Though, no matter how hard I try to make the next update as bug-free as possible, it’s almost certain that you’ll see me release a “Bug-Fixing Build” within 24 hours, since there will always be game-breaking bugs that slip past me…)

I hope that this video gets you excited for the upcoming delinquents, and most importantly, I hope it demonstrates that I’ve been very busy over the past couple of weeks!

(If you’re curious where the music in the video comes from, it’s an original track composed for Yandere Simulator! I’ll upload a full version of the track sometime over the next few days.)

…oh, and by the way, there are a bunch of things I’d love to share with you! Click “Continue Reading” if you’d like to see them!

PearlUmimaki1834 drew this beautiful artwork to celebrate the game’s 4-year anniversary:

My YouTube channel hit 2 million subscribers recently! Wiccan-Artist created this chilling artwork to celebrate!

And MariaNandrade13 drew an absolutely adorable little illustration to celebrate 2 million subs!

_Zhimin dressed up as Yandere-chan, and it looked absolutely gorgeous!

Two of my favorite cosplayers returned from a 2-year hiatus, and the first thing they did was to cosplay as Yandere-chan and Info-chan! I’m flattered!

Kirax created a really cool Yandere Simulator-themed music video to the song “Losing My Mind” by Mystery Skulls!

My most favorite song on the Yandere Simulator songtrack is IRISHTRISH‘s Mission Mode track. I absolutely LOVE that track! And last month, Trish reprised the track! I think it sounds absolutely fantastic – please give it a listen!

I think that’s everything I wanted to share. Now it’s time for me to get back to work and hopefully have the Delinquent Update ready soon!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

149 thoughts on “Delinquent Update Trailer

  1. YAY FIRST! I would like tot thank the academy and take this opportunity to first say thank you for your work Yandere-Dev and would also ask : will we get a tier in the crowdfunding campaign that would allows us a custom character or something? Of course all the legal issues you mentioned in the past like giving you exclusive rights and whatnot will be guaranteed but is it at least a possibility?

    • I’m fairly sure he’s talked about this before in a video. I wish I could refer it to you by name, but I’ve forgotten – sorry. If you go back and watch some old videos I’m sure you’ll be able to find it.

      • +thatenglishnerd
        I know about that video. It was waaaaaaaaaayy back (man makes you realize how much time has passed) and I rememebr he talked about a Kangaroo who didn’t want to be mind controlled and a character , Juji I think, who was supposed to be added but the creator decided to be a priss and in the end she was cut. I was thinking that if he had a tier (a really high tier so that only a dedicated and well of fan could do it) then it could come along the lines of “Must agree to give Yandere-Dev exclusive rights for character of this tier otherwise no dice” clause with it. Some of us who can’t code for Jack but are “stacked” would like that

      • hey uh i couldn’t help but say Yan Dev wanted this (heh Yan Dev) implemented. and with that it’s good to look at it as an important addition to the game. So please understand… Plus before he even released an official demo he wanted the delinquents fully implemented and everything to be fully polished… So yeah i think just wait for the delinquents and that other thing that he mentioned that is still hidden from us atm

  2. Why would you think we don’t think your working if you don’t upload a video 😂? To me I just think that your working very hard to add a feature or Osana Najimi in the game and you don’t have time to add a video.

  3. Also I just saw Yandere Chan beaten up in the video. Is it possible if you can add the nurse to “heal” you? Is it even an option to do that?

  4. Suggestion:
    “should there be a mercy option?” and “if senpai, teacher or other see fight what should happen?”

    Maybe Delenquent should run and have “mercy” on ayano-chan tempereraly (sorry for bad spelling(im not english))

  5. I don’t really see the point of removing the female Delinquents if you’re going to leave the leader female. Honestly, if you’re going to remove them, you might as well have someone else as the rival and remove her with the rest of the girls.

    • Well given that it is very clear in the video that Osoro is only the leader of the delinquents because she beat the crap out of them, why would it make sense to remove her simply because she’s the only girl? Plus, is it impossible for there to be one girl when there aren’t any other’s?

      • hello friends is saying that maybe Osoro is the only female delinquent because in such an upper-class school, she happens to be the only girl with the lifestyle, strength and smarts to run with the delinquents, or rather, at their head..

  6. This is absolutly amazing! I love your game YandereDev! 😊😊 I’m happy because you are working on your game very hard and that’s amazing! My classmates like your game too, because I have presentation about your game in thw school and now, they are playing Yandere simulator every day :’)

  7. There aren’t any girls in the delinquents anymore, neither are there any male bullies, which makes me wonder if the two are supposed to be gender-segregated portions of the school’s “troublemaker” population.

    I wouldn’t mind if these groups had both girls and boys in them, but it does make sense. Whether you think it is the result of biology, social convention, or a bit of both, male bullies tend to confront you face-to-face, while females tend to talk behind your back.

    This also makes Osoro stand out more as a rival, since that would make her the only female delinquent.

      • you’re probably waiting for the official and full release if you want to play it on a mac without using emulation.
        after the demo Osana comes out there won’t be many more community beta testing builds if any at all.

        that said, keep your fingers crossed for even an official mac version. Unity projects can export for mac sure, but Yandev doesn’t seem awfully capable of debugging a mac version when he doesn’t even use the OS himself.

  8. I hope that there will not be any critical errors in the new build as in the previous version, but I’m looking forward to it.

  9. I’m a bit confused wasn’t this brought up in an earlier video and poll as a unwanted feature. The idea for a fighting mechanic for the delinquents was brought up as part of the june 2016 video ‘A Proposal for a new feature’ but the very next video ‘the verdict on yesterday’s proposal’ called the concept a “dumb idea” that “would be a feature that isn’t appealing to the target demographic of the game.”

    Maybe I’m getting the wrong idea but the switch seems a little out of nowhere. If this is something people want it’s great to have it as an option but if those arguments that “made a very strong case for not including any beat-em-up style combat in Yandere Simulator” still stand then it feels off that so much effort is going into making this system.

    • The idea of a fighting feature that was shown in the video was not about “fighting with delinquents”, it was about fighting with grown men

      The idea of fighting with Delinquentes has always been accepted by fanbase

  10. You know, I found that kind of video really cool, it makes me keep the hype that I love to have with the game while it don’t make you loose a lot of time (I guess) comparing to a long video unrelated to the game developement that you want to avoid. I’m not sure of my english in this comment, sorry if it’s not understandable…

  11. Hello Yandere Dev! This is my first time commenting on the blog. I’m absolutely in love with your work, I think it’s amazing. Just now watching the Losing my Mind video I came up with a couple of ideas that I thought might fit nicely into Yandere Simulator, and also a question popped into my mind. I beg your pardon if this isn’t the best place for this or if you find it annoying, but I just had to share this.

    First of all, I think it’d be very interesting to see Senpai ‘get depressed’ if a few of the girls he talks with and might consider as friends, suddenly dissapear, commit suicide, or get murdered one after another. Perhaps Yandere-chan could give Senpai moral support, and maybe that way some girls wouldn’t even pose a threat. Maybe this is too hard for Yandere-chan because she gets nervous and acts strangely in front of Senpai, however if she somehow trains herself mentally to act in a more natural manner, and/or Senpai is in a very unstable state of mind in which he may confuse Yandere-chan’s… ‘excesive affection’ for compasion and good intention, this might be a suitable addition.

    I’ve also thought about Info-chan, and how she is the kind of person that would do anything for personal gain. She could try to blackmail Yandere-chan, not because she wants anything to do with Senpai, which would be an easy way to dig her own grave, but she might underestimate Yandere-chan. Yandere-chan would then have to decide whether she complies to Info-chan’s demands, so she can still get help from her, whether she ignores her and risks being exposed, or she gets rid of this headache. This whole situation could start because Yandere-chan asks for too many favours without giving anything back to Info-chan, she might just be too uncautious and leave some evidence back,or maybe even because she tries to frame Info-chan. Most of the times, there would be no problem with Yandere-chan’s and Info-chan’s relation, but the seeds of mistrust spread quickly.

    Finally I’d love to know more about Yandere-chan’s first time murdering and also about her mom. Is it safe to asume she didn’t even think about such kind of things until she met Senpai and saw that he might be taken away form her? What happened in the past with Yandere-chan’s mom?

    Well, that’s all I wanted to say. If you read it all, thank you for your time, I know it’s rather long.

    Have a nice day!

    • 1: Good idea, I guess.
      2: Info-Chan gets paid with panty-shots, which she sells to teenage boys for money. But if she didn’t get paid… That would be rather interesting.
      I’m not YanDev, but those are my thoughts. 😛

    • Hello!
      As for the last part of what you said, answers can be found on the Yandere-Chan’s childhood video on YandereDev’s channel. As for Yandere-Chan’s mom, (does this count as a spoiler?) she studied in the same high school as her daughter. She was also a yandere (but isn’t the Aishi family pretty much full of yanderes?) She had a senpai and killed people too, but was discovered and arrested. However, she managed to get away with it.

    • 1. All of that’s already being considered. How you “deal with” rivals will change Senpai’s personality and mindset, seeing corpses or having people go missing will make his sanity drop, and while Yandere can’t approach him directly, the idea of gifts as a way of giving his sanity a small buff has been considered.

      2. Info chan gets paid up front with panty shots, and the consideration of a system of bigger favors for bigger favors has been considered.

      3. Being a Yandere is a genetic condition in the Yandere Sim universe, apparently. Meaning that Ayano and her mother are “the same” in regards to that. If it hasn’t been changed, Ayano’s mother likely killed at least one schoolmate- the ghost in the bathroom Easter egg was implied to be her victim.

    • Like Phantom Crevan said, YandereDev already confirmed to deal with all your suggestions a long time ago before you thought of bringing them up. You might want to watch all of his Youtube videos because you are missing a lot. Like Senpai’s sanity metter, how to lower it and how to bring it up, already in more than one of his videos.

  12. Congrats on 2mil!! I love that you added more character to the delinquents, but are the female delinquents also functional?

  13. So all the delinquent are blonde hair
    Is it because it will be obvious to see which student is from the delinquent ?
    Just a thought
    I think given them different unique color will be very cool and more recognizable

  14. When someone is injured, you should add a function (like bacteria) which could make someone infected or sick. You should also be able to make the delinquents hate a rival which would lead to a fight. Then Yandere-chan could be able to finish them off by worsening the wound by pretending to add some sort of ‘medicine’ to the rivals. This could be like another method of killing them.

  15. HOLAA YandereDev🤗
    No se si podras leer este comentario ya que mi idioma es el español y no el ingles pero aun asi espero que lo hagas.
    Solo querria que sepas que me FACINAA tu juego , eres un gran desarrollador y te admiro mucho por el trabajo que haces.
    Apesar de que no subas actualizancion o vlog pero se que estas trabajando en el juego para ofrecernos lo mejor de lo mejor 😁.
    Asi que te admiro mucho , amo tu juego y espero estar viva para verlo completo 😋🤗

  16. Just two things. First, well done as always YanDev. Second, I’d bet these where oboe case bags, but so much for it.
    P.S. who else heard a voice crying “Fatality” at minute 00:19?

  17. In some Asian cultures in order to join a gang or leave a gang you’d have to be beat up by them so if that’s the case here that’d be awesome. Just having fighting mechanics in general to involve yourself with the delinquents is pretty rad.

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