March 2018 Progress Report

Hi! I’ve been busy! Check out what I’ve been working on:

Click “Continue Reading” to see a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • If two students in a “mind-broken” state are both trying to kill the same target, the second mind-broken student to reach the target will commit suicide as soon as the first mind-broken student begins the murder-suicide animation.
  • In previous builds, during Mission Mode, the player could fulfill the “dispose of corpse” criteria by simply placing a corpse into an incinerator, without actually activating the incinerator. This bug has been fixed.
  • It is now possible to “Tag” a student from their Student Info page so that a marker appears around their head in Yandere Vision. This is to help the player when they are trying to quickly locate a specific student.
  • The “Evil” Persona has been changed into the “Spiteful” persona. Instead of enjoying all deaths, a Spiteful student only enjoys the death of a student who has been bullying them, or the death of a bullied student.
  • It is now possible to change Yandere-chan’s “Persona” at any mirror (including the ones in bathrooms or the locker room). Using different Personas will grant you benefits will certain groups of students.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a Student Council member to perform their pepper-spraying animation in situations that would result in Yandere-chan snapping out of the pepper-sprayed animation.
  • Added a new set of background tracks to the game (3 different tracks for each level of sanity during high atmosphere, medium atmosphere, and low atmosphere; 9 tracks in total).
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to take a photo as the school scene was loading, which could cause the game to get stuck at the photo-taking screen.
  • Fixed bug that would cause an Ambient Conversation event to continue happening even if the two students involved in the event were alarmed by something.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to manipulate a Fragile student into thinking that they orchestrated their own bullying campaign.
  • Fixed bug that would break a Student Council member’s AI if Yandere-chan bumped into them while they were witnessing a murder-suicide.
  • The police will no longer arrive at school when an easter egg is active. (The Police timer will appear, but no police will arrive.)
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to react to Senpai’s desk as if it was Senpai himself, which would only occur in Mission Mode.
  • Fixed bug that would cause graffiti to appear on Kokona’s desk at lunchtime on Monday when it shouldn’t be there.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Student Council members to slide across the ground after witnessing a murder-suicide.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a student from being marked as “Missing” if their corpse was hidden in a dumpster.
  • Fixed bug that would cause some characters to fail to acknowledge a murder / corpse in the Occult Club room.
  • Fixed bug that would cause bully accessories to disappear during the group takedown “HEARTBROKEN” sequence.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from interacting with students after hiding a body in a dumpster.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Kokona from blushing around Ryusei even though she’s attracted to glasses.
  • Reduced the reputation boost that the player gets from handing out food, because it was too imbalanced.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent students from spotting a corpse in a certain part of the gardening club.
  • Fixed bug that would cause weird shadows to appear on Yandere-chan’s thighs in the 6th uniform.
  • “Dangerous” and “Heroic” students are no longer able to switch to the Phone Addict Persona.
  • The corkboard will now recall photographs and strings across multiple days.
  • Removed duplicate knife that wasn’t supposed to be in the Cooking Club.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Loner students from calling the police.
  • Double-tapping the “M” key will now change the background music.
  • Improved bully cardigan textures.
  • Improved Yanketsu texture.
  • Improved Ebola textures.

What’s next?

You’ll probably be excited to hear that:

  • I recently received all of the animations I need in order to implement the Sleuth Persona!
  • In a few days, I’ll be putting a new cassette tape in the game for the first time in over a year!
  • I now have the artwork and voiced lines I need in order to create a video that I’ve been planning to make for a long time!

I hope you’ll look forward to what I have in store in the near future!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

151 thoughts on “March 2018 Progress Report

    • Actually he was told my someone who teaches/attended (I can’t remember but it’s not all that inportant) that is a student was anything lgbt they would wait until graduation to tell people, especially since a lot of parents and teachers may not agree with it for whatever reason. He may add characters that are gay but hide it, and that could make for an interesting side questy typed thing or something to do with a rival, but other than that I doubt he would add any gay *couples*

      • I agree with you completely Monika. My religion clearly states that gays and lesbians are not allowed. God created a gender to be that specific gender. Don’t fall into the wrong path.

      • Poop Chocolate: Let me guess, are you christian? But honestly, wtf is wrong with liking the same gender that you are. so please, *(Jade Cox’s words* “Kindly keep your toxic religion to yourself. Not all of us are god loving fanatics.”

      • @Poop Chocolate Listen, I know you have your beliefs, but please stop showing your homophobia on here. I am Christian myself but I disagree with what everything says about being gay.

      • Listen, it maybe be some against some religions, but you have no right to treat gays that way. gay couples should be allowed on yandere simulator. America has changed. They allow gays and you have no right to be a dick about it so fuck off. i’m bisexual that means i like girls and boys and i’m a female dating another girl and your comment defends me. So shut up and don’t voice your opinion cause no one wants it.

      • Woah! Didint expected so much hate. I asked for no gays, but some of you are so butthurted. Thats so funny xd
        @Lera – Fuck off you homolover 😉
        @celestinenox – Leave off with your homolove behavior
        @Poop Chocolate – I dont care about religion, and yes, theres only 2 specific genders
        @Jade Cox – Sorry but not everyone are toxic homolove fanatics! Buuu waaaah! Beliving in God makes you fanatic? Srls? Are you dumb or something?
        @Maddie Whoop – You either shouldnt voice your opinion cuz no one wants it I guess? So fuck off.

      • @Monika PunPun Um there are two SEXES. Some people can be born with a XXY chromosome or XXYY etc therefore they are both sexes. They can then choose to be considered female, male, neither, both, or gender fluid. Also was “homolover” supposed to be an insult? Yeah, im gay! I’m proud of it too! My girlfriend and I are both very happy right now and don’t need homophobes like you saying that gays are wrong and shouldn’t exist. People are Gay, Straight, Bi, Pan, Asexual, Aromantic, Demisexual, and more. Wake the fuck up and accept that not everyone is a cis straight bible lover.

      • @Lera – Yup in some rare (or no I dont know statistics) cases yes, you or your parents can choose.
        Homolover an insult? Offended much by everything, huh?
        I stated that I wouldnt like gays here in Yansim, and what I get? “Lera says: Monika PunPun – Fuck off you homophobe”. Someone tell me to fuck off. Why? Cuz I expessed my opinion? For me personally gays are disgusting, just like spiders, dust, not washing hands. Should I wait now for some spider lovers to tell me to fuck off? xd
        Honestly girl, boy, door, chair or whatever you identify yourself with, why the fuck do you care what I tolerate and what I not? Just move on, stop being so offended by everything.

      • Is there any moderator to ban that troll *cough*celestinenox*cough*? Are you butthurted my little snowflake? 😀
        post something about adding gays to game and no one bats an eye
        post something about not adding gays to game and everyone loses their minds

      • First off, no one here is a special snowflake. Especially not the people calling you out.
        Yes people are gay, yes some people don’t like it.
        It’s YandereDev’s game, he doesn’t really care what you think unless it’s something that would imbalance the game in anyway, which I doubt it would as you can preform the actions such as murdering someone, regardless of your sexuality.

        Second, the reason no one “bats an eye” as you put it, is simple. People are more accepting of the LGBT+ community then before. The reason you are being called out is because there have been incidents of people literally going out, buying a guy, and shooting a gay strip club simply due to their believes. And that in it of itself is insane as people should, as bluntly as I’m going to put it “ignore it”. See someone you don’t like? Ignore them.
        Gays won’t ruin your life, and neither is adding gays to the game.

        Disagreeing with people is fine, but being rude about it won’t get you any awards.

      • @Raisu – finally someone who takes my point! *insert thank you gif*
        People are morsider my as someone who’d just go to gar bar and shoot someone. They just dont like when someone dont like what they do, like some crazy fan bois.
        Welcome to 21st century were everyone is offended by everything! Yup gonna ignore them cuz closed minded people will always be closed minded 😉

      • If ya’ll wanna fight me im down. I don’t like the gays. I have everything against the gays. Gays bug me out. This ain’t even about religion no more. THERE ARE ONLY TWO FUCKING GENDERS OK. Homosexuality is a fucking defect, go see a counselor. I’m tired of all this bullshit. Being a homosexual ain’t cute. If you gay and lesbian or whatever genders wanna run up then run up bitch. Fake ass bootleg motherfuckers. All of ya’ll are on some LSD. And monika punpun, I agreed with, but you wanna call me out you wack ass motherfucker. All of ya’ll be trippin.

      • Monika PunPun, I respect your opinion. I don’t mind that we have conflicting perspectives, and I think your first comment was just stating your opinion. However, I understand that you must feel strongly about this, but I think you may have gotten angry and got a little carried away to the point that you sounded rude. I don’t know if this was intentional, but just make sure that you make factual arguments when going on the offensive. I’m fine with your opinion, just as long as you don’t force it down people’s throats.

      • Well… It’s kinda too bad… There is Option to Have Female Protagonist + Female Senpai + All Rivals will be girls. Every time. (Yeah they Bisexuall… but still…)

      • Pretty pathetic to see homophobes being open about their ignorance here. This is a sandbox yandere game, not sure why you’re whining about sexuality here. You both can preach to the choir about your scum views at middleschool ^w^

        And poop chocolate, you’re talking about transgender, not homosexuality. Lmao

      • @Meike Cat – Everyone can share what they want to see here and what they not and since its sandbox game (well at least for now) many things can happen here. If you cant see my point then sorry maybe you should spend more time studying than on computer.
        (´• ω •`) ♡

      • @Poop Chocolate Well, allow me to explain that ‘gay’ is NOT a gender, but a sexuality. Genders are male, female (both of which may be cisgender or transgender), non-binary and so much more. Heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality and all the others are, like in the name, sexualities. And being gay does not mean one wants to be of the opposite gender. This also works the other way around: Being transgender does not mean you like people of the sex you were born as. I myself am transgender and gay, thank you very much. I hope we’re at the same page now.

      • Let me explain that I don’t care. I do not like the gays and how the same sex goes together. I don’t care if it’s transgender or homosexuality or whatever. If you wanna fight then pop off. Scared ass bitches got me fucked up. Honestly though like no one wants no dick suckin gay or scissoring lesbians. Progressive my ass, this country is shit and being gay or lesbian is a disease.

      • This is game about killing people in horrific ways, ruining people’s lives, and etc. The option of if you can be gay or not should be the last thing on our minds… Plus, no one is telling you play as a gay yandere.

      • @Doge Girl – Yup I wonder how YanDev will handle FemSenpai. Will there be male rivals and Yandere-kun or everyone will go gay for Senpai xd DLC exclusive or ingame option

  1. “Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to react to Senpai’s desk as if it was Senpai himself, which would only occur in Mission Mode.”
    I don’t see how that’s a bug.

    Also, ‘manipulate a Fragile student into thinking that they orchestrated their own bullying campaign’, ‘react to Senpai’s desk as if it was Senpai himself’, ‘Student Council members to slide across the ground after witnessing a murder-suicide’. Bugs are the funniest shits ever.

  3. I know it was originally a bug but wouldn’t it be cool if the you could make a Fragile student think that they’re the cause of the bullying?

    Like, their self-esteem just drops?
    They would start thinking: “I shouldn’t have done/said this…”

    Of course, I won’t be noticed… º~º

    • Jeez, you are suggesting a really dark subject here, and I love it!! I think it should take time to do something like that, maybe every day you can go up to that person and become a bully yourself but instead of pranks and name calling, you attack their mental state by saying things like, “It’s your fault..” or “Nobody will ever like you, nobody will miss you..” I think by doing that, it should trigger an event where that student tries to kill themself by jumping off the roof, and maybe after that the school will make the roof off limits to all students. I think that would make for some interesting gameplay, especially the students who used to hang out on the roof, where will they go instead? and of course which students will sneak up to the roof… 😉

  4. Game development takes a loooooonnnnnnnggggggg time, you just never hear about it because big companies don’t advertise for games until they’re in the final stages of development

    • Exactly, and even by the time the game gets announced (the final stage of development) it still takes a year or two until it gets fully released. That’s why everyone needs to stay calm and patient.

  5. wow the idea of changing the caracter of your character will be a big advence in the gameplay, I like it. maybe you could just find an other way to change your persona that could be great because:

    problem 1: going to the music club each time you wanna change your persona could be really boring
    problem 2: if the music club get closed, you can’t change your persona anymore

    a solution could be to change your persona by pressing a key to change your persona or chosing your persona via a list in your phone.
    another solution could be adding more mirrors in the school
    or maybe you’ll find another way to solve this proble

    anyway, this idea of yan-chan changing her personnality is a really good idea. with the feature where you play with the taste of other students, you’ll have the perfect manipulative protagonist.

    keep the good work yandere-de

  6. I can’t take him seriously after watching YandereDevFans channel lol. He’s so hilarious but then you see him all serious

  7. Oh yes, new build, plus new bugs. I found out that the bullies actually go to their locker and do their changing shoes, and once I’d tp to the Light Music Club, they started popping out from the town part (aka the only entrance area with the lovely trees) It was kind of funny at first

  8. Here’s a thought: in addition to granting bonuses with certain students, Yandere-chan’s different personas should also have negative effects with others. For example: a “tough” persona might endear oneself with the delinquents, but cause shy students to shrink away in terror. This would add an extra layer of strategy, in that you would have to make sure you’re not using the wrong persona at the wrong time.

    • Anything which encourages you to change personas on the fly (rather than picking one strategy and sticking to the persona which matters most for that strategy) would be good.

  9. Maybe we can add like a corrupt persona or modify the spiteful one into the corrupt persona. Long story short this persona could do things like take bribes, lie for you, help you gather blackmail, help you distarct a student, etc. Basically be an extra hand of sorts for Yandere-chan.

    However he would come with a price. At first it would be money but by the third time he would want something more: he would want people in the school to “use” for his own ends. As time goes on the targets get a lot harder like kidnapping a teacher/school faculty or one of the student council and etc. In other words he would handle the torture aspect of the game and basically give you a free mindslave if you don’t want to waste time doing it yourself . Now what does he do to these people? Well I’ll let your imagination run wild with that one but to give a hint he get’s very “naughty” when you bring him a particular type of student >:)

    • Well, that would either be overpowered or redundant to info chan. It would also add to the game’s development because brand new code would be needed. So I don’t really know.

      • +ameliemelo34
        Info-chan gives you information. This guy would do the torture for you and act as a second you/ai- companion. I do agree it would take time to code so maybe a DLC character?

  10. One of the personas caught my eye—the Aggressive persona. It’s listed as “No benefit, increases reputation loss.”
    Is there an intended benefit that this persona will get in the future? (Easier intimidation, reduced sanity loss from violence, anything?) Because as it stands, there seems to be no reason why anyone would choose the Aggressive persona unless they were aiming for Tough and didn’t catch that they hit the button one too many times. That’s not the sort of option which is normally worth spending design resources on.

  11. Yanderedev, I’m absolutely blown away seeing how far this game has come. It’s not even close to completion, and it’s become so much more epic than I ever thought it would be. I’ve been following this game for years, I remember when you first implemented the ‘passing time’ feature. It barely seems like four years have passed.

    You are an incredible developer. Your game is going to be astounding, I get more and more excited for this game every time I see something you’ve worked on. I can guarantee you I will watch this game until development is over, and I will buy it on the first day of release. I guarantee it.

    Thank you for spending so much time on creating such a wonderful game. And I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that this is the most excited I’ve been for a game in years. Don’t let yourself get discouraged, all of us are here to stay.

  12. I respectfully disagree with your new concept of the Spiteul persona. If you’re looking for something punishing, an interesting solution would be that the Spiteful student blackmails you. Perhaps if they witness a murder, they will demand you do a task for them that will consume the rest of your day (it could involve getting past faculty to retrieve an item, change their test scores, or doing something to a student they hate). If you don’t do it that day, then they end up reporting you and it’s a game over. This ultimately forces you to waste your day, essentially.

    • I second this, while adding that I’m happy with what we got and this should only be the way spiteful characters react to deaths of characters they are not spiteful towards. Also, about which characters they ARE spiteful towards, I’d like some of them to have certain groups they hate (ex. bullies, even if they aren’t bullied, or the occult club “because they’re weirdos”).

    • Eh, that wouldn’t really work because you can just kill the spiteful student after they spot you, just like most other witnesses.

  13. Thanks

    2018-03-07 2:01 GMT-05:00 Yandere Simulator Development Blog :

    > YandereDev posted: “Hi! I’ve been busy! Check out what I’ve been working > on: Click “Continue Reading” to see a list > of everything that is new or different in the latest build! Fixes, Changes, > and Additions If two students in a “mind-broken”” >

  14. Hi YandereDev! What would be the possibility of a spiteful student who sees Yandere-chan kill a student they *don’t* hate or think is worthless… using that as a means to *blackmail* Yandere-chan into performing some sort of task for them? That could be another way to make it difficult for a player to get away with murder in front of a spiteful student. Or maybe another type of student personality.

  15. I’m not really digging the Spiteful persona on Haruto (and Yui, she was Evil too) He’s in one of the popular circles, him being bullied by some weak girls and holding a grudge against people for it doesn’t make any sense. The Spiteful persona would be more fitting for Occult club members, or the bullied girl in the video.

    There are ways to make the Evil persona useful. If they caught you committing murder, they could blackmail you into doing difficult tasks for them (killing someone, ruining someone’s reputation, pushing someone to suicide, etc.) If you don’t get them what they want by a certain time, they’ll hand you over to the police.

    Haruto and Yui being Spiteful is definitely going to be a step down in my opinion, they were much more interesting as Evil students.

  16. Okay so i watched your video and i don’t want to be an annoying fan but i assume you want constructive feedback or you wouldn’t be making the game so publicly. So my question is, what is the purpose of the aggressive persona? So Yandere-chan is an obsessive sociopath with the ability to act the way she wants others to perceive her. This is a very good idea which makes sense for her character. The aggressive persona doesn’t give Yandere-chan an advantage and actually harm her reputation. Why would she use a persona like that? The only way it could be useful is as a means of lowering your reputation so you could join the delinquents. The thing is you already have the tough persona to make you fit in with the delinquents and there is a multitude of way to lower your reputation. So what purpose is there for this persona? It doesn’t make sense for her character and gives the player no benefit. Perhaps you have plans for the persona, but it seems like a minor oversight.
    If you have read this, thank you for taking the time to get my feedback.

  17. I think that instead of a spiteful person must be more blackmailer, if you kill someone will ask favors if you do not accuse, also an evil person can be elusive, depends on the relationship you have with them

  18. I really like what you added Dev! The “Change Persona” feature was making me curious on what it was about for a really long time. I’m really excited for Obstacle-chan and the delinquents! Also, I really like the new cutscene if you get a low reputation. I love your game and will continue following the development till the end! Thanks for developing such a awesome game Dev!

  19. I think if an student gets bullied then their persona should change from whatever it is to the “Spiteful” persona.That way if they witness Ayano kill the person or people they feel spiteful towards they will befriend Ayano. Then Ayano would be able to use them as much as she needs to get Taro. An student with an “Evil” persona will blackmail Ayano, after witnessing her murdering someone, into doing an task for them that she will have an limited of time to complete so they don’t report her, their “Evil” so they’ll enjoy it if Ayano get’s caught and get to she her suffer. If she completes the task they then could assist Ayano with anything that she’ll need no matter what is it but, only one time so when you ask for their assistance for Ayano, you’ll have to make sure that it’s for an good reason.

    Just my opinion though. This isn’t an suggestion. I just really like the Evil persona’s in the game and I thought of this an long time ago ever since that persona was introduced in to the game.

  20. Guys, the new girl, or the “Aunt” in the characters page hasn’t spoken to her father in 3 decades. 1989 was three decades ago (yandere simulator is set in 2019). The journalist left for America 3 decades ago. The journalist also speaks about having a daughter….
    Honestly, they probably have nothing to do with each other… but its cool!

    • You got it wrong. The journalist left for America right before the game starts (when Story mode begins). That’s why we don’t see Ryoba and her husband at home because they went to America to find the journalist. 3 decades ago he was still investigating Ryoba.

  21. Shouldn’t the second mind broken student commit suicide once they have their dead or currently being murdered target in their field of view?

  22. Hey, is there a link to the art used for Yandere-chan’s “do not want” pose? It’s the image at the 6:41-6:45 time mark. I love it and need it in my fanart collection.

    • i think the video (from my pov at least) may have implied that osana is or almost is finished but yandere dev wont implement her until he completes a couple of things (like filling out the school , there’s at least 100 students added , all locations added , an intro cutscene , a tutorial , snap mode and so on)

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