Preview of Upcoming Content

It’s the 1st day of a new month, but I don’t have a new video or a new build prepared just yet. Instead, I’ll give you a preview of some content that you can expect in the near future!

The first thing I’ll show you is an animated gif of something that will be in the next update:

Hmm…what could this be about? You’ll find out soon enough!

Click “Continue Reading” for more previews!

I’ll be introducing several new characters soon:

Just in case you’re doubtful, here’s a preview of their hair models:

And after they’re introduced, I will release a video providing some backstory:

There’s also going to be another video coming soon that I’ve been wanting to release for over 1 year:

By the way, this doesn’t really count as a “preview of upcoming content”, but I wanted to mention that the Characters page of the official website has been updated with 5 new character profiles.

And if you’re thinking “New characters and videos are okay, but what about new features?” don’t worry; I’m still going down the checklist of all features that need to get added to the game. Here, I’ll drop a hint about a minor upcoming feature:

Can you figure out what it is from this gif? I sure hope so!

I think that’s enough previews for now; I’m going to get back to work on the game and hopefully have a new video+build for you in the near future!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

236 thoughts on “Preview of Upcoming Content

  1. Hey umm… imma make a 1980s mode concept video… if anyone wanna give feedback please be free… also dev, oml I WANT A DELINQUENT TO BE MIDORIS BRO.

  2. To clear everything out about the Blue-Eyed Ayano, YandereDev said on Reddit when someone asked about Ayano having blue eyes that he doesn’t really care about the color of the eye of the model at the time.

  3. I kinda want to predict what these could be soo….
    The first one I think could be related to bullying? Or maybe torture? And the second looks like delinquents… maybe new hairs or siblings? Obviously, this would mean the third one would be the backstory for these people. I see the headmaster and the guidance counselor, so maybe they got expelled? The fourth one looks like maybe Yan-Chan meeting senpai and Info-Chan? Finally, the fifth one. Maybe its showing that fragile students will stalk the people who bullied them?
    Obviously, I am not saying this is for sure what they are, just my predictions! Can’t wait to see what they are!
    (sorry for any spelling mistakes!)

    • OK, I just read the character pages, and have more theories! I think the gym teacher is “awkward” around Asu Rito, the sports club president. Maybe she’s jealous of her skills? I don’t know. For the teacher and nurse, I think the “incident” was Yan-Chan’s mom. (That ones pretty obvious, sorry.) I think the mystery girl is Megami’s mom. And since we’re talking about Megami, the whitish-blueish hair guy with a wine cup could be her dad?
      That’s it, I don’t have anything to say about the police. Thanks for reading!

  4. the first blured out video looks like a backstory for the delinquent rivel. the character silhouettes look like the other figures in the first video.

  5. Wow. Looks pretty cool to be able to ACTUALLY get bullied for once. Seems very realistic and makes the game stand out. Great edition YandereDev, keep up the good work!

    • See that is what I thought. I think that if your rep gets too low that you get bullied. Somewhere on reddit Dev said that he was too lazy to add the black eyes which most likely confirms that it’s yandere chan. My second piece of evidence is that on a previous bug fixing build, the smiley faces were the bullies hanging from a puppet thing that Musume was holding. I still don’t want to make any assumptions because why would yandere chan care about if she got bullied. She’s an emotionless girl who can’t feel anything unless around senpai.

  6. Seems to me like this newest build is about the delinquents and guidance counselor, and possibly the bullying/suicide animations Yanderedev has been wanting to implement. Exciting!

  7. I’m trying to see what the blurr is hiding.. Counselor… The Principal.. The Delinquents ( Old, With their colored hair, Not their actual hairstyle, Because they colored it for the gang I think.) happy… Osoro Shidesu.. fighting with Ayano or the counselor… Genka Kunahito on her office desk like Mida Rana on the rival video, And the Principal like Monika in the Just Monika scene (Doki Dokiiii Literature club! ;^;) YandereDev, I have a theory, That’s not bad If You don’t answer, But I will wait until you do >^< :p : So, Osoro and her friends (the delinquents, they were not delinquents.) One day, Genka announced to Osoro something… And all changed.. the Principal talked with her too. ( I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY WERE SAYING! ) .. And the delinquents were formed, The small brother of the Yakuza joined later… Heres my theoryyyyyy! I hope it's true.

  8. I believe that the player should be able to fully customize their senpai and themselves for example, being able to customize their eye colour, hair colour, hairstyle, persona, and stockings

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