February 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

Whoa! There were a ton of really embarrassing bugs in the previous build! I’ve put together a new build that fixes most, if not all, of the problems that people informed me about. In total, there are over 20 changes/fixes/additions in this new build!

To read a list of everything that is different in the new build, please scroll down past this super cute illustration by Hikari-NJ!


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Bullies and Phone Addicts in Yandere Simulator

Today, the game gets several important additions: four new characters, bullying events, and a new reaction to murder! Here are all the details:

Here’s a point-by-point text breakdown of what these new features entail:

“Phone Addict” Persona

  • A Phone Addict reacts to murder by taking an incriminating photo of you and texting it to the police, which can result in an instant game over.
  • A Phone Addict reacts to corpses by taking a photo of the corpse and texting it to the police.
  • When a Phone Addict is contacting the police, a countdown timer appears above their head. If the player kills the Phone Addict before the timer runs out, then the police will not be alerted.
  • A Phone Addict’s daily routine involves walking through the hallways of the school, making them a threat to the player.
  • A Phone Addict performs different walking / standing / running animations than other types of students.
  • Midori’s Persona has been changed to “Phone Addict”.

New Characters

  • The 4 new characters are Musume’s friends, who follow the same fashion trends as Musume.
  • Musume’s friends accessorize much more than normal students; They each have unique phones, phone charms, bookbags, scrunchies on their wrists, cardigans around their waists, etc.
  • When interacting with Yandere-chan, Musume’s friends will perform different animations depending on how popular Yandere-chan is.
  • Musume’s friends spend Cleaning Time gossiping in the girls’ bathroom instead of performing their cleaning duties.
  • Panty shots of Musume’s friends are worth more to Info-chan than other panty shots of other students.
  • Musume’s friends deal more damage to your reputation than other students when gossiping about you.
  • Musume’s friends arrive at school in a group, performing different animations than other students.


  • If a student’s reputation drops below -33, that student will be targeted for bullying. (If multiple students have a reputation below -33, the one with the lowest reputation is targeted.)
  • A bullied student will use a different walk animation / idle animation than other students, and have a different routine from other students.
  • If a student’s reputation drops below -100, the bullying will be so severe that they just won’t come to school anymore.
  • Once a day, there will be an event where Musume’s friends harass a student who has been targeted for bullying.
  • Musume’s friends will scribble graffiti on the desk of a student who has been targeted for bullying.

In addition to everything above, I have also made a whopping 40 different fixes/changes/additions to the game. Out of all the builds I’ve made, this one might have the greatest number of differences from the build that came before it! Click “Keep Reading” to read everything else that is different in the latest build.

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Hey! Where’s the video?!

If it’s the 1st or 15th day of the month and it’s been more than a week since the last update, I’ll make a quick post with previews of upcoming content to assure you that I’m still working on the game! As of now, it’s February 1st, so here’s a few preview images:

Oh, my! Who are these young ladies?

What could they be doing around that table?

What’s going on over there? Nothing bad, I hope!

The next build is ready (unless I discover something that needs last-minute fixing). The script for the next video has already been written, and now all I have to do is record the voice over, record the gameplay footage, and put together the video. I suppose the absolute soonest that the video could be released would be Feb 1st, but it’s possible that it might take until Feb 2nd.

Sorry for the wait, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!