February 21st Bug-Fixing Build

I’m sure that most of you are familiar with the routine by now; when a big feature or a bunch of small features get added to the game, some new bugs are created. I catch most of them, but there are always a handful that slip by. That’s what this new update is for; to fix (most of) the problems that were identified in the previous build!

To see a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, please scroll down past this super-badass artwork by Satchiko1115!

Looks so cool!! Feels like it would be a YouTube thumbnail for somebody’s Let’s Play of the hypothetical Yakuza Route…

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • The cursor on the corkboard now moves at a slower speed when playing the game with a keyboard (but it still moves at the same speed when using a mouse or a controller).
  • Fixed bug that would cause Pippi and Ryuto to hold their smartphones in their hands while using a mouse + keyboard to play a computer game.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a baseball bat to be marked as a “bloody weapon” if it was used to snap a neck (without blood being spilled).
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to take a Fragile student’s knife away from them before they could commit murder with it.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the wrong button prompts to appear at the bottom of the screen after sending a photo to Info-chan.
  • Adjusted some of the images in the Art Club so that they wouldn’t flicker when the player moved their camera around.
  • Fixed bug that allowed Yandere-chan to continue using a club’s changing booth after quitting the club.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to give a Fragile student a photo that was unrelated to bullying.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause characters’ eyes to flicker from certain camera angles.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to emit “speech” visual effects during her Thursday event.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the “Censor Panties” feature from working properly.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to send a Fragile student to kill Senpai.
  • Improved some of the paintings in the Art Club.
  • Fixed typos in subtitles.

107 thoughts on “February 21st Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I personally think that every day there needs to be a conversation or more than one conversation so that the school feels more alive.

    • I agree, but I was one of those people that actually got invested in the ongoing conversation. That could prove problematic in the final game, if a rival Senpai event or friendship opportunity or what have you takes place in the same time frame. Take the Monday convo for instance. Provided that the Senpai Rejection video is final, you may miss the opportunity to poison the lunches and/or watch the the poison scene unfold. It would take a quite a bit of work to have schedules be so precise that you can sabatoge your rival and hear different conversations in the school. That’s why I think he should adapt the system P5, Catherine, and possibly other games use, where you have to press a specific button [such as x to “Listen” in P5] in order to trigger a conversation. The NPCs would still be there, going through the talking motions and visuals, and the convo would still only be available for that specific timeframe. But the player wouldn’t miss anything. So if lunch is 30 minutes and the Monday sabatoge takes 10 minutes, then you’re still able to experience the ambiance of the school setting without missing important events.

      • You make a good point but I think it might be an important thing to have (Depending on how YanDev takes the game). Having the students talk in the background is just…well, normal I think not having a listen option makes the game a bit more realistic. Say you were actually plotting to kill someone, it would be your fault if you missed your opportunity due to your curiosity of someones conversation. Though I will admit I have never played any other game like this (Persona 5 and Catherine like you mentioned) so I cant speak from any experience. But it can be a cool feature to have. If in the future more students walk around casually it would be really help to hear them talking as a warning that someone was coming.

      • I feel like that would pollute the atmosphere too much. It would definitely be realistic, but if there was a constant sound of talking some people may find it irritating. Maybe a minimap?

  2. i think to fatal something more in the art club how :
    1)digital drawing tables
    2)a place for put the pincels,leaves drawing for after of end the club
    an oven for dry the pottery and burn something more
    3)decorate the floor of art club
    4)and a question the art club members are :a girl or a boy what draw abstract things ,a girl or a boy what draw scary things,a a girl or a boy what draw chibi or anime ,a girl or a boy what draw scenery

    • While I think it’s a good idea there are more important things that need to be done. A difficulty option should be held off until the end so that if he has to change any big features he doesn’t have to worry about bugs from difficulty changes.

  3. Fixed bug that would cause Pippi and Ryuto to hold their smartphones in their hands while using a mouse + keyboard to play a computer game.
    Now that’s multitasking!

    Fixed bug that allowed the player to send a Fragile student to kill Senpai.
    “Wait, sh*t, I showed her the wrong picture! If only I could still take away her knife…”

  4. hey yandere dev, idk if this is a good idea but when you steal something from a student they don’t really realize it. maybe you can make it so that they realize it and well tell a teacher that someone stole from them? another idea that ties with the other one is that yandere-chan will carry a bookbag at the atart at school and when she steals something while still holding the bookbag she will put it in her bookbag. so if the teachers find out that something has been stolne,they will search the bookbags of the sudents. idk if this is a good idea. just something a thought would be cool. its your game tho, so i wont beg you. (btw sorry if i miss spelled. im not from england….)


  6. Is there a place where one can go to report bugs and glitches?
    Also, YandDev should make an option to turn on and off the steam censoring, like with the panties censor… because what’s the use of having a nude texture to edit if one can’t see it at all?
    And don’t look at me like that people, this game is technically R18. Even Eroge have nudity.

    • This is something I’ve been wondering about as well. The game has to be 18 and older, so I also think nudity should be fine.

      • guy it involves money, I disagree, it has do nudity for part pay with adult, breasts no is to be problem of career, but even mothers are being arreste, so there is no way to comment this in a game job.

      • Nudity doesnt make it a hentai game dude. Adding sexual stuff with it will make it so then it would have to be rated A. And its going to get a +18 rating what are you talking about? its a murdering game filled with stabbing kidnapping burning throwing people off roofs etc. What are you talking about Helenaww.

      • What game mechanic benefits will you get from seeing Yandere-chan nude? How will that help you eliminate your rivals?
        YandereDev and TinyBuild themselves said that they’re trying to avoid getting the game an 18+ rating lmfao

      • Helenaww you don’t get it. You STAB, BURN, AND KILL PEOPLE. You TORTURE THEM. I don’t care who says who, there is no way that this game can be rated T, I mean even Twitch banned the game. Oh I forgot about panties and pantie shots. Go ahead, think that this will be rated T. You will be wrong though. (On a side note, while nudity doesn’t give any benefits, it still will eventually affect your reputation. I mean what would you do if you saw someone streak naked around the school? And of course the nudity would add appeal to some fans…)

      • Yes but it will still be censored lmfao there’s literally no point in showing nude characters in a game about murder.

      • Helenaww he said way back that there MAY be a censored version, but 100% there will be a uncensored version. And if your brain was smart enough to read all my comments you would notice that i said nudity DOES have a point because it would appeal to certain people. Look at GTA5 for instance. Does the strip club there with nudity have any benefits besides appeal? Nope. But its there. Why? Because 1. Its a M rated game so who gives a fuck if theres nipples anyway. 2: to blend in with the major feel of GTA. On top o that, its not forced. You don’t HAVE to go to that club. Its OPTIONAL. How does this relate to Yan Sim? well personally, when i play a game where i can stab someone in the neck in a heartbeat with a syringe, i find it silly that i see a cloud where nipples could be. And i bet there are tons of fans who would agree. At the same time, there are also people like you, ignorant, or people who don’t care, or people who don’t want to see YAn Chan naked. Which is why i think there should be a OPTION for nudity, to 1: make the world feel a bit more realistic. Yandere sim is a SIMULATOR. in other words, a RPG, where you pretend you are a psychopath girl trying to win over someone. In the real world, theres no clouds to censor real nipples. (Only the smart ones will figure out what i just said) and 2: simply for people who want to see nudity. Theres my argument, now, my fingers hurt, I’m gonna go drink some tea. >->

      • I hope you put this much effort into school. Can you stop? There isn’t going to be any nipples in the game whether you want it or not. YandereDev specifically said so in his video lmfao get over it

      • Also, it’s ment to be a HITMAN type game not GTA! In GTA you can shoot people whenever wherever but YanSim has ALOT of limits (Student Council, Senpai, Teachers, the Phone Addicts and ,soon, the mysterious obstacle) so it’s a STEALTH game, not FREE ROAM!

      • Look here’s the way I see it.thr game has to be rated M I mean look how violent it is. I don’t see why there can’t be nudity, it wouldn’t change the rating and it would appease fans, I’m all for at least a nudity option.

      • Once something is in a contract it’s in a contract, it can’t be changed or he will have to pay an awful lot of money to tinybuild.
        An adult rating wouldn’t be beneficial for the game as it would reduce the number of people willing to play it. They are currently aiming 15+ as far as I know.
        Nudity is unnecessary because it would increase the rating to adult without increasing the fanbase much (remember that the audience of this game is mostly females and hentai games exist elsewhere)

      • Yandere dev is trying to get Yandere Simulator not banned from twitch like wtf? Also I’m sure h doesn’t want his game to have a reputation of old horny men only using the game for it’s nudity.

  7. I love the work on yandere simulator a lot, but I have a few suggestions (although I’m sure you get these all the time): I think each character could(/should, If you want) have different reactions to whom yan-chan wants them to distract, or both the person she wants to distract and yan-chan at the same time, or how a character would react if they had to follow yan-chan, or to go away, like the compliment reactions things! (if you want to, yandere dev, unless you already had these ideas in mind)
    I’m curious about running animations as well! If the insanity meter keeps going up, would yan-chan go faster? Or when a mind slave/fragile student goes to kill another framed student, would they run (since they are insane in a different way)? The fragile student could run out of fury and rage for that framed student, and take out all anger on that so framed student.
    And if the fragile student figures out yan-chan was really responsible for deducting their reputation, would they go after her instead? (I hope if you do read all this, you don’t get mad or frustrated, I thought these were some pretty cool ideas, but I get the feeling you get lots of stuff like this anyways..)

    • maybe we could have something like if the bullying isn’t hard enough (reputation is above -75) when yan chan talks to the bullied student, they would ask someone else about whether it is true or not. Then they would tell the fragile student that yandere chan did it and the next time the player goes to school the fragile students kills yandere chan (except if the physical education stat is high, then she can struggle like against teachers). But if the bullying is hard enough the fragile student would go to the target without asking anyone else for advice, eliminating the rival. It could balance the power of this elimination method.

  8. I really enjoy seeing these progress reports. And i am totally sure that whatever you fixed or attempted to fix will be just fine.This is very entertaining to watch the game expand and grow.

  9. externalfile:drive-fa14b8e51371f994ddb96c78ddde97855745a649/root/me & my friends stuff/me/IMG_20180222_174531.jpg
    I made an OC :3
    Name: Madoka Jinuu
    Has blue hair
    Yellow eyes
    always covered with glitter
    a little kid in spirit
    often the subject of bullying, although she doesn’t look it
    in the art club
    has no actual friends
    white flower crown

    I ^u^)> HUGS

  10. Dev-san, are yan-chan’s mom and dad going to be in the game? I would really like to know more about them and see them in the game. I really love the backstory that her mother has and her connection to the journalist. I wish that would be a part of the story line and that we would get to know them and that murder case you mentioned more. I think it would be super interesting and could give more information about yan-chan’s “illness” as well as further the plot.

  11. i remember when yandere-dev said that horuda is going to be a placeholder or smth like that, and now he gave her a proper uniform, a new different persona and new animations like he did with kokona.

  12. I really like the latest additions to the game, and I’d like to take a minute to provide my opinion on the subject.

    Before I talk about the February 20th/21st 2018 builds of the game, I’m going to mention something about the February 1st 2018 build. I like the addition of bullies, and I think it adds more realism into the game. Think about it; nearly every school has at least 1 bully in it, and I also like the little details, such as a bullied student performing different animations when under a certain threshold of reputation, I also like how the bullies write insulting graffiti of the student targeted for bullying. (I like the unique appearances and poses of the bullies as well) Okay, now with that over with, I’m going to explain my thoughts on the Feb 20/21st 2018 builds of the game:

    I’m very impressed with the amount of detail added to the Art Club room, it adds more depth and detail to it, and I like the additional voiced lines for Geiju (The Art Club’s leader). I also like the concept of “Fragile” student being in the game. Let’s take Horuda Puresu, for instance. If you ask one of the bullies to go and distract anyone of your choosing, take a picture of it, and save it. You can then leave a note in Horuda’s locker to tell her to meet you at the back of the school. There, you can “Offer Help”. What you do next is you show the photograph of the bully and the selected student gossiping, making Horuda think that said student is talking to the bullies about her. This leads to… well, I’m sure you all know by now. What I am trying to imply is that I like how this is a multi-step-by-step task. I am also impressed with all of the other additions and features.

    Um… That new Easter Egg is cool’n’ all, but, uh… the clothes are a bit… “revealing” if you know what I mean… 😉

    Thanks For Reading My Comment And Considering My Opinion On The Game’s Latest Progress! 🙂

  13. Yanderedev please improve the framerate, at the beggining of last year i could use max quality, at the half of last year the most i could use was Max 1/2 but on this build the maximum i can use is Low 1/2
    (Sorry if my english is bad)

    • Eventually the game will need a better computer, earlier there was not a lot of content. But when this game is done, you most likely will need a better computer to run the game at better quality. Nows a good time to switch. Same for me.

  14. ➤➤➤➤➤➤i will not coment about a mejora because i think that there are already many suggestions in the previous comments and I know that yandere dev has many more things to fix and agregate, so the only thing I wanna say is sorprise me. XOXO ❣

  15. Is anyone else having issues with the launcher updating very slowly? I tried going to places with stronger internet connection but It’s still acting slow

  16. hi yanderedev. i love the game, it amazing! but i have a suggestion… maybe someone could develop a crush on ayano-chan? like a rival? maybe they can have interactions with yan-chan each day. when they confess, yandere chan can reject (or accept???) there feelings. you don’t have too, it probably costs money. maybe less with a student already at akademi? (budo x ayano- sorry! i ship them so much!!!) i hope you read this!

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