Update Preview

I usually try to update the game around the 1st and 15th day of every month. Today is the 15th, but the next update isn’t ready yet. To assure you that I’m still working on the game, I’d like to share 5 screenshots of upcoming content. Here’s the first one:

Ever since I first implemented the corkboard, I’ve always wanted to allow the player to decorate the corkboard with red strings in order to roleplay as an obsessed serial killer. Yandere Simulator is supposed to “simulate” the experience of being a yandere girl, so I think it needs more features that exist purely to let the player step into the shoes of a psychotic lovelorn girl. This is one of the features that will be in the next build!

Click “Continue Reading” to see 4 more screenshots of upcoming content!

I definitely don’t want to release Osana while there are still empty, vacant clubrooms containing soulless husks, so one of my higher priorities right now is decorating the clubrooms and implementing the club leaders and clubmembers. Here’s how the Art Club is coming along:

Hmm, this animation looks different than the normal one…what could trigger it? And what other new animations could be in the next build?

Previously, the “Offer Help” prompt was only available for Kokona. In the next build, the player will be able to “Offer Help” to the placeholder girl…but why her? What function could she serve? You’ll have to wait and see…

No mysteries here! This one’s pretty self-explanatory. You should be able to figure out what’s going on very easily!

I know I said that I was only going to post 5 screenshots of upcoming content, but I’ll share one more: it’s a preview of an easter egg you’ll be able to activate in the next build!

On a side note – do you remember Crush Crush, the game about clicking anime girls until they love you, featuring Yandere-chan as a guest character who you can date? An update was recently released that adds voices for every character in the game – including Yandere-chan! Now you can hear Yandere-chan’s voice actress say things like this:

I think she delivered an outstanding performance, so I hope you check out Crush Crush, unlock Ayano, and listen to all of her voiced lines! It’s a free game, after all!

I’d like to mention one last thing before I end this blog post: yesterday, I received some absolutely heart-warming Valentine’s Day illustrations from fans! I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who sent me Valentine’s Day artwork; your sweet messages melted my heart! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, it means a lot to me!

I hope that you’ll be happy with the next update!

179 thoughts on “Update Preview

  1. I have a quick question, has yanderedev specified if when you choose a female senpai will the player automatically become yandere-kun? cause personally I would love to stay as yan-chan with a female senpai

    • As far as I know, if we choose a female senpai the player won’t become yandere-kun. I remember something YanDev said in a previous post, it seems like if we play with a female senpai Yan-chan and senpai will be lesbians, but the rivals will be bisexual.
      YanDev said he’s not sure yet if he’ll really implement Yan-kun, although I think that would be pretty cool too ^^

      • Apparently in the game every character has an opposite gender like Riku is Kokona’s opposite gender . If you look around the school you won’t find Senpai’s opposite gender and Ayano doesn’t have one either (Yan-Kun is a made up boy by fans) so maybe Ayano’s opposite gender IS Senpai. They both have black hair and grey eyes too so they have to be! Maybe in a future update you can play as another character and match Ayano and Senpai up. I’m not saying this is true but it could be.

      • Oh my gosh this is an amazing theory! I never thought about that aspect of things. I am SHOOK (lmao) and I lowkey wanna write a fic about that but I’m busy with school and work so I don’t really have the time. Maybe in the future though! I’ll give you credit for the idea tho

    • I would prefer to play Yan-kun. He’s hawwwwwwwwtt……. well that and if he’s gonna go for a female Senpai anyway might as well complete the experience. I mean we already know what slaking a male Senpai is gonna be like so why go halfway for a new experience (stalking a girl) with the same character? It’s just like Persona 3. That game basically doubled it’s game-time and quality by making a girl character perspective. Honestly if Yandere-Dev wants to make an already great game into a greater one he wouod do well you add Yan-kun and leve the rest to the modding community.

      As for your question: Yan-kun is a stretch goal. If we make that happen, well….let’s just say things are gonna get steamy.

      • It would be great if Yan-kun could become a thing. Also I remember YanDev made an April Fools with male rivals and a male Info-chan, I wonder if this could become a stretch goal instead as I thought the male rivals were great! And then maybe a settings option where the player can select the gender for each rival, the Yandere and the Senpai (and maybe Info-chan). That way players could choose whether they want the game hetero, homo or a mix of both.

        I guess one main reason why genderbend Yandere/Senpai/rivals aren’t a primary goal for now is because it would require new voice acting. I’m fine with YanDev focussing on getting the game finished with the current genders. Afterwards, I’d love it if there would be genderbend versions for the characters, at least the main ones, but that’s up to the Dev to decide.

      • Ehh… with teh current climate today I’m not really sure it would be that good of an idea. Then again it really tells you how crazy the world is if murder and all the other stuff here get’s a pass

    • Yandere Dev Said you Can Play With A male senpai and YandereKun, or Female Senpai and YandereKun or Male Senpai and Yan-Chan. You can do whatever you want. [But The Rivals gender don’t change.]

      • +something423 says:
        He said you can but with how things are now I would rather he not. Then again if he left it to the modders who have more free reign and gave them a good base (i.e hetero first) then I would say ti would work out best

  2. Dev, if I could draw well I’d send you something to encourage you, but I don’t draw well. I know you rarely read these, but in case you do, we love you Dev, so please stay happy, healthy, and don’t over work yourself! You can’t make a good game when you’re exhausted or depressed, so don’t overwork if you want to make us happy.
    We love you Dev!

  3. Maybe offering help for Horuda will help you get rid of the bullies by reporting them to the counselor and getting them expelled, by getting evidence with her… or something like that… I’m not sure though, maybe that will be a bit too overpowered. I am really excited about the new stuff added, can’t wait to see!

  4. Omg i am dying to play the next build but i do NOT want to rush you..
    Also Love you..
    No hate comments..

  5. hey, yandredev.
    i know you might not read this comment but i thought about telling you this
    whenever yandere-chan will be mentioned in the game, i honestly think she should not be addressed as ”yandere-chan” but instead as her real name

    • He said that the characters will address yandere chan as yan chan, yan chan coming from her name:aYANo Aishi.Also all the characters in the game except info chan and maybe Megami doesnt know that yan chan is a yandere so therefore they dont say yandere chan but they say yan chan,as i said yan coming from her name and NOT from the word yandere.I hope i helped you!(yes he said that in a video but forgot which one)

  6. I still doesn’t understand that you said we don’t get too atached to the placeholder character and then you give her an “Offer Help” action

  7. For those talking about yandere kun, I think it would be pretty awesome to have him, but keep in mind that you’re basically asking yandere dev to make two games at that point… he would have to re write and re animate the whole game to fit new character models and personalities. I mean, it would be easier after already having the original game to work with, but making opposite gender rivals and characters would be a lot of work!

    also, i made some ~valentine’s day~ artwork of devpai and mai waifu… but I never posted it. should i?? maybe I will… for my devpai!

    • Yandere Sim is Ayano, and yanderes are a mostly female stereotype. But I understand that there are gay/bisex users out here rooting for this game, so I believe that a good compromise would be to include (as an option in Settings) the current Yandere-kun easter egg, maybe paired with script that automatically replaces the names “Ayano” e “Yan-chan” with a male name in the script: nothing more. Not too hard to do, and satisfying enough for the users asking for a male protagonist.

    • +Kawaii Nasu
      That;s why he’s a stretch goal. A goal that if accomplished would ad to the games playtime and quality. Just look at Persona 3. It gave us two different perspectives (boy and girl) while still keeping to the same game. The writing was just different and it was a 100 plus hour game with just a few dialogue changes. I say he goes that route first before we get into the more…. naughty stuff *wink**wink*

  8. heeeeeeeeyyyy yanderedev thank you for your work it’s excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^________^

  9. I played around with editing the photo of the new easter egg, and after making a few adjustments, it’s not 100% clear, but it’s a bit more clear. I still dunno what it looks like tho T_T

  10. This all looks amazing!!! Yandere-chan looks like such a perv in the new animation XD You’re doing great work YandereDev, keep it up!

  11. I had a dream that new girl had problems with Sakyu and Inkyu Basu so she asked YanChan to kill them and dismember them.When she did that she killed Osana and Kokona for her

  12. I love how yan sim develops into a better shape, soon the final game would be awesome!
    But sadly, I can’t download the game since everytime I download it, it will say that i have to update but if i try to update it takes a long time. One day, it almost reached about 90% of updating but then it suddenly exit itself.
    btw, i download it from the official website and my laptop’s fine.

  13. I know we supposed to emulate a yandere girl, but sometimes i prefer to be a serial killer and kill everyone at school without the hindrance of a sempai and make the school close down just for the fun of it, choose my own targets that are not exclusive to the rivals, without just relying on homicide.
    School rampage j00.
    The mission mode is still awesome though.
    But right now is, kill the rivals, kill the witnesses, don’t let sempai know. Look at sempai from afar.

  14. I was one of the people sad about the unecessary videos and the slow development.
    But now I’m so happy with this new era, things are coming out much more faster and I’m so proud of your decision.
    I know that giving up of the YouTube money is hard, so I appreciatte your focus and determination ❤

    • Um, he never really post unnecessary videos…The majority of the “unnecessary” videos kept people entertained. Some of them were like the “super smash flash” video, or the “promo concept” video…But I say some of them actually gave information. Like the case of Kokona, it gave us the idea that all the drama club members are going to have purple hair. It also gave us the idea of why yandere-chan thinks like a murderer…So technically, the “unnecessary” videos kept people entertained which means I’d rather have something to entertain me now then wait 5 days like right now..

    • I really miss the “unnecessary videos” too, I used to watch them over and over again. Especially the stories and suggestions ones (the video game analysis, kokona, midori and yakuza ones). I think they were important in a way in order to hear our opinion about storylines and therefore make the characters evolve as better and improved, such as when he changed his mind about kizana and her originality. The only good thing is that he isn’t forced to release a new build every two weeks and therefore has time to do real features rather than fast and forced features such as lovesick mode.

  15. Yandere Dev, I don’t think you should be making new animations and new touches to the clothes to fit that model because didn’t you talk about wanting to change the model? You and the modelers shouldn’t have to waste hard work and time making these models and fixing bugs based on the models if you are just going to change it….

      • uh, probably not he might not have the club members, but he said somewhere in reddit that they would come with the leader her or himself, i don’t really know if thats the case anymore but for now until the art room is finished, he’s just gonna stand there, but he might not have club members, but i doubt that, but he probably does

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