The Student Council in Yandere Simulator (Story Focus)

As of today, it has been 48 days since the last build of Yandere Simulator! That’s the longest gap we’ve ever had between updates to the game! Fortunately, I think it’s unlikely to happen again anytime in the near future.

A new build – and a new video – are now available! It’s another video about the Student Council. The previous video was all about game design and game mechanics – this video is all about character and story.

Click “Continue Reading” to see a list of all the changes and additions in the new build, along with some other things I’d like to share with you!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • To prevent an exploit that would allow the player to seperate a student from other students by talking to that student repeatedly, a student will now become annoyed with Yandere-chan and refuse to speak to Yandere-chan if the player lets the student’s patience run out twice during a conversation, or ends a conversation without saying anything twice.
  • To prevent an exploit that would allow the player to seperate a student from other students by aiming a camera at that student’s face indefinitely, students will now only pose for 5 seconds maximum before stopping. Aiming a camera at a student’s face for longer than 5 seconds will annoy the student and result in a reputation penalty.
  • Replaced the interior of the school gym and fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to turn invisible / flicker while inside the gym. (Howevere, there is still no collision inside the gym yet).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the school faculty to find a corpse on school grounds even if the player had cleaned up all corpses, after an un-witnessed murder-suicide had taken place at school.
  • Made changes to the flexibility of ragdoll limbs in order to to fix a bug that was causing students’ limbs to rotate violently after becoming ragdolls at the end of a death animation.
  • Added more cherry blossom petals around areas where they would logically be found (on the hill with a cherry tree and at the two fountains east and west of the school entrance).
  • The player must now be less than 1 meter away from a student to attack them. (Previously, the player could attack from 2 meters away, which was super overpowered.)
  • Updated Mei Mio’s hairstyle. I apologize to everyone who liked her old hairstyle, but my vision for the game cannot be realized unless Mei Mio has tri-tails!
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to fly into the sky if she drowned Kokona or pushed Kokona while Kokona was being distracted by another student.
  • Added a little easter egg character to the “Meme Closet”. Tap the “Laugh” button to free him if he gets stuck somewhere when he’s following you around.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to become stuck in a changing booth if they tried to change clothing after reporting murder to a teacher.
  • Fixed bug that prevented a student from getting a Missing Poster if their corpse was hidden by being buried in the Gardening club.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to fail to label a blunt weapon as “murder evidence” if it was used for a stealth kill.
  • Trying to sneak a weapon through a metal detector by hiding it inside of a cello case or a trashcan will no longer work.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to soft-lock after asking a Placeholder Club Leader for information about a club.
  • Students will now turn to look in the direction of Yandere-chan when she is attacked by Nemesis or the Headmaster.
  • Button prompts will no longer look blurry if the player chooses to run the game at a low texture resolution.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a mind-broken slave’s hair to bend at an extreme angle after being decapitated.
  • Fixed bug that caused blood to appear instead of water when activating blood on a character in Pose Mode.
  • Students now stand up out of their seats at different speeds instead of all standing up simultaneously.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing manga books from being rendered in Yandere-chan’s room in LoveSick mode.
  • Fixed bug that cause a gasoline can hidden inside of a trash can to clip through the can’s model.
  • Made a few minor aesthetic changes to the environment (new prop in the pool area, for example).
  • Fixed bug that would cause “Missing Person” posters to glow brightly in low school atmosphere.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Nemesis from wearing a student’s stockings when impersonating them.
  • The day of the week will no longer be displayed during Mission Mode. (It’s irrelevant.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause some randomly-generated teachers to spawn with nurse hats.
  • Fixed exploit that would allow male students to be tranquilized and kidnapped.
  • You can now press “W” in the debug menu to toggle bookbags for all students.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing one of the male hairstyles from appearing.
  • Fixed bug that caused Kizana’s hair to be brightly lit at all times of day.
  • Added text to the loading screen to help players troubleshoot crashes.
  • Reduced compression of background music to increase audio quality.
  • There are now sound effects for both running and walking.
  • Replaced the old “cat ears” accessory with a new one.
  • Completely redesigned the Student Council clubroom.
  • The volume of running footsteps has been reduced.
  • Lowered volume of music in Yandere-chan’s home.
  • Added a new joke weapon in the Drama Clubroom.
  • Improved the Headmaster bust in the Art Room.
  • Added a few new hairstyles for Yandere-chan.
  • Added a lock to the gardening shed.
  • Added an apron to Geiju.


I’d like to take a moment to thank the volunteer who created some the hair models and accessory models that are used by the student council! He goes by the username of Qvajangel, and you can see his work here! Qva created the hair models for Kuroko, Shiromi, and Akane. (However, the hair model for Aoi was created by KawaiSugarRose!)

Qvajangel accepts commissions! If you wish to see a hairstyle appear in Yandere Simulator, you can commission him to model it, and I’ll include it in the game! You can find his commission sheet here!

Actually, Qvajangel is holding an event right now! One randomly-selected winner will be able to design a hairstyle for Yandere Simulator for free! You can read the details here!

Oh, by the way…speaking of events…

2017 Art Contest

In 2015 and 2016, I held art contests! However, I’ve been so busy with the student council that I didn’t find the time to do anything similar this year…until now! Tomorrow, I’ll announce the theme of the 2017 art contest. If you’re an artist, I hope that you’ll participate!

What’s next?

There is quite a number of features I’m interested in working on…

  • Bullies
  • Delinquents
  • Real club leaders
  • More club members
  • The guidance counselor
  • Making students react to blood
  • Further work on the new school gym
  • The low-reputation game over sequence
  • The maid minigame and another minigame that has story relevance
  • Spending a couple of weeks making a bunch of minor improvements and taking care of miscellaneous “checklist items” like back in October.

All of these things need to get done eventually, so it doesn’t really matter what order the work gets done in; the only thing that matters is that it all gets done, one way or another.

In short, I’ll continue to do all of the work that needs to be done before I feel like it’s time for Yandere Simulator be judged as a “game” rather than a “debug sandbox for testing purposes”. Once Yandere Sim has reached that state, I’ll implement Osana, release her, and listen to your feedback!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

78 thoughts on “The Student Council in Yandere Simulator (Story Focus)

    • Wonderful job on the build though. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t hoping for another build sooner, but I’d rather you actually be able to make honest progress over constant updates.

  1. All the talk about rumors surrounding the student council makes me wonder if one of the ways to eliminate Megami is by discrediting the council? Either by finding or faking proof that the rumors are true and maybe even causing the student council to get dissolved or have the principal replace the current members with new ones, thus robbing Megami of her power

    • I wonder if that’ll be the way you get her expelled, because that was one of the things I was curious about from early on. Given Megamis reputation and status, not only academically but also financially [it’s safe to assume her family probably donates to the school], I don’t think people would just believe that she did a bunch of deplorable things. Sabotaging the Student Council, and possibly setting them up to seem like they’re using their power for malevolent reasons, would be an interesting way to get Megami kicked out of school.

    • The best comment i’ve seen ’bout that subject! ”If you can’t win her with her limitless power, just remove her power from inside of the student council”. That maybe is the only way to ”eliminate” her and get your so long waiting ”Good Ending”. perhaps we cannot say for sure if we can ”execute” her like anyone. if we get a chance to ”execute” her, how we should do it ? if she disapear from Academi Highschool, then her family will do anything to find the Murder, or there’s something that we cannot discover? even if we try to ”fix” this puzzle, there’s no left pieces to do it… We must and we NEED to wait to discover.

  2. I wonder if bullies will affect gameplay or if they’ll just be an accessory. It’d be interesting to see them as both a benefit and an obstacle.

    Obstacle: Low reputation means you’ll be getting harassed by bullies, not physically but they’ll be following you around throwing insults, which will make stealth gameplay difficult.

    Benefit: If you save a student from getting bullied, they’ll automatically befriend you without the need for a task. Befriending bullies could also allow you to instruct them to target rivals with neuteral or low reputations.

    Another question would be what kind of reputation they Have. Would they be an extension of delinquents? Or would they be popular, A-List types who bully those “beneath” them? Or both? They may also make formidable enemies, should you choose to save one of their victims.

  3. Just remember that “unique” means “there’s only one of it”; either something is unique or it isn’t. You can’t substitue “unique” for, say, “distinctive”, so you can’t say “as unique as possible”, because it doesn’t make sense!

  4. Ok I LOVE the Student Conucil! They each say different things when you bump into them & when they pepper spray you, different animations, and the look amazing!

    The first two changes in the list I love, it makes more sense.

    I love the backstories for each member as well & how you came up with their names.Great work YandereDev keep it up you can do it!!

  5. Ok I have a question. Megami sure knows there is a dengerous person in school which we know is Ayano aka yandere chan. But If we eliminate rivals with amity methods (befriending,matchmaking etc) how Megami will react? there will be no reason to fear something or feel there is a threat in school

    • Well the threat in school is very generalized. She’s has a reason to be suspicious of Ayano but has not yet connected her to the dangerous person. So if Ayano chooses non lethal methods of elimination, the threat would still be there, Megami just won’t consider tie it to Ayano and won’t grow increasingly suspicious of her as she would if all of the players methods were lethal.

  6. Hey, I liked how you related the Council members to the Chinese astronomy myth and how they had a guardian of each region. Since you mentioned how there was a guardian of the north, south, east and west, are the Student Council members going to individually patrol one section of the school as well? If there’s four of them that patrol the school, maybe you could assign one member to each direction just as the myth described. Just a silly suggestion I had. Thanks! Keep working on the game, it’s coming out great!

    • It’s strange the student council members would do the policing.
      It would be better to have a seperate student body being the executive force, you know, doing the patroling, policing and confronting.
      But maybe some dynamic additions can be done. If more than one student dissapears or a dead body is found, the school would hire extra bodyguards from a private security firm to increase school safety? In addition to the pollice? Not blackwater. They would be too rough on the bystanders.

  7. Wouldn’t the unique, noticeable uniforms get in the way of investigating rumors? 6:33 she did this to create a distraction so that nobody would notice her digging around in a student’s belongings this is how she would investigate a rumor that a student has been stealing answer sheets from the faculty room she would probably find a way to do all of this without anyone ever knowing she was in the room 8:08 I decided to give the student council a unique uniform you’ll be able to see them from a mile away because they will always wear white Blazers and white skirts with red trim

    • I think that was more for the players, so you can differentiate between who will react as a normal student and who will react as an SC member, if you couldn’t already tell by their appearance. It was more of a gameplay mechanic than actually functioning within the story.

      • Or maybe they wear normal uniforms when doing the investigating.
        And the uniforms when they want everyone to know they are a student council member.

      • But in the video (6:56) it shows her holding a bag and grabbing something from it while dressed in her student council uniform. With a weird smirk on her face.

      • I know. That’s why I said I think it was a gameplay mechanic for the sake of the player. In real life you can’t see white from super far away. But in terms of player perspective, it would make them easier to differentiate between other students, which is where the “being able to see them from a mile away” comes from

    • Well yes they stand out but it’s your word against the student council and that smirk on her face says that more likely than not they’re gonna side with her. It’s like seeing a mob boss in the street but you can’t arrest him because he’s untouchable

  8. I’m looking forward to entering the art contest this year. I know my art cannot begin to compare to the numerous talented artists out there but it’ll be fun nonetheless!

  9. When will Yandere Dev fix his profile picture? He’s not Yandere-chan. It’s a picture of a yandere girl, he’s a dude!

  10. I’m really happy and impressed with the progress you’ve made YanDev, but I’m curious that if Megami is fearful/has a hatred for men and that’s why there aren’t any in the council what if there’s Yandere-kun and you decide to play as him, would you not be able to join the student council? Keep up the good work<3

    • I don’t think it’s confirmed she hates men. I think that was one of the rumors at the school surrounding her. I mean she’s a rival, so unless shes a rival similar to Hanako she most likely doesn t hate men.

  11. I plan on entering the Yandere Simulator 2017 Art Conetst this year because I am absolutely in love with Yandere Simulator. I also plan on entering because I am pretty experienced with art.. just I can’t draw hands… >_< Anyway, wish me luck, please. I’m competing against some very talented people hear. I wish luck to everyone else who wants to join, and Yandere Dev (Alex) if your’e reading this thanks for making the game!!! Keep doing what your’e doing!!! Love ya! (As a friend)

  12. In addition to camera’s let the science club prove their robot worth.
    Let them patrol their robots in the school.
    Maybe make a non zero chance of one of the sneaky mad scientists programming robot(s) to engage with firepower on students to break up fights. With rubber bullets, we don’t want anyone dying now would we. But then again maybe Yandere-chan could replace them with real bullets or hack the robot to murder, dispose and cleanup a student. While deleting the program when the robot is back in it’s place before the murder.
    And not just one robot. Make one very militaristic looking, larger than an adult robot.
    Make one soft robot that looks like it’s going to be a sexdoll.
    Random humanoid robot meant to be a butler.
    Dozens of small robots using wheels and insect like limb configurations to move.
    Put in an easter egg to Half-Life, small robots with insect like limb configurations try to jump on people’s heads and control them with electric shocks. They would be a reference to headcrabs.
    There are so many ways to use the science club. E.g. sabotage a science experiment to blow up and take out a rival or even multiple rivals when they attend a demonstration.

    • E.g. science club decides to use tranquilizer for their robot. Steal tranquilizer gun, use it to immobilize targets before killing them.

    • Use the science club’s equipment to 3D print a mask that makes your face look like the face of another student. Dress up like this other student and as long as the other student isn’t near when you murder a victim. Everybody will think it’s that other student. This also provides a reason for joining the photography club and take pictures of somebody.

      • It’s a joke in anime. When the main character is super unique and everyone else in the background is bland and generic. I feel like Yanderedev was trying too hard to make the student council unique, they’re not rivals. They should be unique compared to other students, but still feel like a matched set when together.

      • I think they are, or rather how different they are [from other students and each other] makes them a set. Because they’re more like minor or tertiary characters as opposed to background ones, it would be a bit underwhelming if they all looked the same like the other club members do or will.

  13. Damn it!
    I thought Qvajangel was a scrambled word or something, and I spent like ten minutes trying to find or what it was.

  14. I hope yandev will add reactions to blood soon. Though I feel like it’d make sense to have differing reactions/noticability to blood based on who sees it, the amount of blood, where or on what the blood is located, etc. But details like that would probably be a royal pain to implement..

  15. A few ideas I have, I hope these will be implemented eventually:

    -A personality type called “Insomiac”.

    They would not get any sleep at home and would constantly fall asleep during school, making them chronically late to class. If you wanted to drag a body through a hallway for example; you have to wake them up in advance so they can get to class on time and the hallways are free. You could also befriend the, by waking them up repeatedly so they are not late to their classes. Because they don’t get much sleep, they would have a smaller range of sight and take longer to notice you- or literally anything. They would only stay awake once the atmosphere drops, because they are scared of being hurt in their sleep. So if you lower the atmosphere, you no longer have to worry about sleeping students waking up late and witnessing you in the middle of disposing evidence.

    -A personality type called “Squeamish”.

    They are like a normal student except that they can’t handle violence. They will run for their lives at a much faster rate than any other student if they see you with a knife, bloody, dragging a body, etc: Once they find a safe place such as a closet, they will pass out on the ground. But if they witness the murder directly as it happened, they will faint immidiately without running. They will wake up after an hour, but you can make them think what they saw was a dream. You drag them to one of their classes and sit them in the desk. When they wake up, they will assume they fell asleep in class and it was all a dream. They will then deviate from their normal schedule to investigate where they remember seeing the event happen. If they see a body, blood or you bloody then they will call the police immediately. (They May also noticed little things, if they’re in the cooking club and they notice a knife missing they will call the police, for example) But if they see nothing and you cleaned up the evidence, they will move on but still refuse to talk to you. If at any point after that they see any murder evidence, they will call the police.

    -A personality type called “Paranoid”.

    They are constantly on high alert, they are also very strong and hard to sneak up on. If they see you with a weapon, they will go to a room with a weapon, if you follow them there they will grab it and try to kill you if you approach them. You will then be on the one defending, you will use their weapon to kill them. They will also consistently check their bag, locker and will investigate any odd sound, but not without their phone ready to take a video or call the police. If you steal their phone, which is very unlikely you will be able to, they will not have the courage to investigate anything, but knowing there is a thief, they will carry around a pocketknife at all times. This will also happen if the school atmosphere drops, at which point they are consistently armed and ready to attack you if you provoke them. And if they have seen you commit murder before, they will attack you if you get to close to them. The only way to reverse this effect would be to go to the guidance counselor and provide evidence that the paranoid student has a knife. If they witness you commit murder, they will have one of two reactions: if they have the pocketknife, they will stand their ground and attack you if you come close, run away if you leave. But if they do not have a knife, they will run away immidiately.

    I love to speculate about upcoming features, so assuming these personality types we’re implimented, what would you think?

    • Those are amazing ideas that would add a lot of dynamic to the game! The only suggestion I would have would be for the paranoid type. Similar to the coward, the paranoid person most likely wouldn’t participate in physical confrontation. I think it would be more realistic if they had 911 or possibly a faculty member on speed dial, which could result in an instant game over. But I think an interesting mechanic would be to give them a less harmful version of pepper spray. If one catches you doing something that would put them in possible danger, they would spray you, which would incapacitate you for a few seconds, giving them a head start to leave school, but not before alerting a teacher as well as police. After regaining your bearings the player would have to decide between hunting down the witness or disposing of evidence. I think in the future teachers should patrol the nearby area for a while, since it doesn’t really make sense for them to take a student reporting murder as a joke, so choosing to leave the witness be would give you time to dispose of evidence but you would also have to be cautious of teachers and the police timer. If you choose to go after the witness, you would obviously kill them, but that would leave you with two bodies to dispose of. It’s pretty simple now but once the school is highly populated, it’ll be more difficult.

    • He said in one video that the game would most likely be finished about 1-2 years after the implementation of Osana. But since then, he’s made a lot of suggestions that were very well received. Along with the possibility of a small town or street, currency, the possible alteration of character models, and at least two other modes planned for the game besides 1980s mode, my estimate is at probably 3 years.

  16. Very well done. At this rate, the first beta could be ready for the end of 2018, so that Yanderedev will eventually be able to complete the game with tinyBuild!

  17. Glad to see this, you’ve got me pretty excited for the student council too! I was kinda “well, I suppose it’s important…” until I saw these videos, and now I’m all “fuck yeah!”

  18. If you ever decide to reimplement the town area you could include stealth missions where you break into a rivals house.
    You dodge witnesses who would see you out after cerfew, security systems that have a code breaking minigame, noise meters, and pets that will react to you.

    You can even make the difficulty increase each week every time you kill the rival rather than besting them. hall monitors, metal detectors, cameras, security personel

  19. I really think better choosing the characters’ names to not be “cringy”, as you put it, is a great idea in the long-term since I have always been curious and concerned of when people who can understand Japanese start to play this game and immediately notice the puns and wordplay. Are you considering changing the names of the other students to sound more like real Japanese names? I understand that there are fandom related issues where the fans are already attached to their names, so perhaps simply adding on to the characters names to serve as their real ones while still keeping the originals as nicknames. This is similar to when for the longest time Yandere-chan didn’t have a real name until you decided to go with Ayano Aishi, allowing her to still have the nickname “Yan-chan”. Essentially applying the same technique you did to name the four guardians on the students’ names you aren’t happy with. Personally, I think revisiting the students’ names is something worth considering.
    (The name of the school itself, Akademi, might be seen the same way as well but that’s a whole other matter. I know that there are joke characters, but they shouldn’t really be a problem since they weren’t meant to be taken seriously in the first place.)

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