The Student Council in Yandere Simulator (Gameplay Focus)

The first video about the Student Council is ready! The second video will be released 24 hours from now, along with a new build of the game. Until then, please enjoy learning about the newest addition to Yandere Simulator!

84 thoughts on “The Student Council in Yandere Simulator (Gameplay Focus)

  1. When are you going to change the models for the characters? Right now it doesn’t look anime-y at all and I can’t tell the rivals apart from normal students. Everyone has the same eye-shape and body shape, for an example.

    • If yandere dev does change the body types of some characters, I kind of hope that some characters like Amai are chubby and Asu are more built. (I don’t know why I see Amai being chubby, but I think she’s a person who likes food and doesn’t really work out.)

    • It would probably be easier to switch out the models once all the testing is done and he’s just about to launch the demo. Then again, I’m not a game developer, so I could be totally wrong here.

    • He said in previous videos that he’ll definitely change the models in the future (since the ones he’s using now are very limited), but that’ll probably be once the Kickstarter ends (and becomes a success) since modeling isn’t something fast to do. He’ll probably hire people to make professional-looking models with nice rigging for face expressions/face changes and such. You just wait. 🙂

  2. This is a really good idea.

    Expect for one thing; the activities.

    If I was a leader of a club and had a supposedly trouble maker join my club, I would start by giving them simple tasks to prove themselves instead of giving them tasks for the older members. Then, I would gradually give them more important tasks as they prove themselves.

    Also, just a simple thought, But i think the metal deactors should only be 1 long one instead of three. It just seems really unnecessary for someone to start woth three metal deactors at every corner (Unless a certain Yandere jeams the deactors 🙂 )

    That’s just my 2 cents though

    • First: Megami doesn’t know who the troublemaker is. Yes, she is suspicious of Yandere-chan, but that means she could be suspicious of everyone else. Well, except other council members.
      Second: Megami has the Money and authority to do so. Plus I never saw a metal detector that wide.

  3. the student council members look so unique! Good job yandere dev. I get that their uniforms are white because white represents being superior and more power than others. That’s smart!

    • Eh, Megami seems like the type to think that her gender can do the job better. Or, because she cares for them so immensely, she doesn’t want to have some unwanted feelings to a potential male council member. (That doesn’t work too tho since all the rivals are canon bisexuals.)

      • I personally believe Megami doesn’t have a crush on Senpai, she didnt blush when referring to him in the video, and the new line for the headmaster saying “Mr Saikou the deal is off.” Maybe Megami for the 10th week is here for the “deal”

  4. Snowleopard girl’s walking/idle pose looks REALLY unnatural. Other than that, they look awesome and I’m super excited!

  5. TBH the student council members seem a little ridiculous in design, like really cringy OCs. It’s nice that you want them to be noticeable but I don’t think eye patches (since the occult club already has that) or scarves (which would be breaching uniform standards) are the best way to go. Individually they look okay but together it’s just a mishmash.

    • There’s really no such thing as breaching uniform standards yet since we don’t know what uniform standards are. Many high schools allow a range if customization, ranging from simple jewlrey to complete modification so long as the core uniform is kept. The Occult club members aren’t really characters either. Theyre not even minor characters, more like background accessories [at least in the main game]. And the eye patch thing isn’t a part of the Occult Club, they have hidden eye, only two of them actually have eyepatches though. While have so many students who hide one eye is odd, I’ll admit, the entire premise of the game is out there. If he does decide to change it, it’s more likely he’ll change the thing that ties the Occult members together, since having distinct appearances is what’s going to seperate the SC from other students, much like the rivals.

      • Generally speaking from what we’ve seen so far, the uniform standard is small accessories and unique tights/socks/gloves only. A scarf is a tad larger than that, and in a normal school you’d simply get told to take it off. I personally think a choker/collar would fit better for Shiromi since she is meant to represent a tiger (cat) but currently looks like a zebra.

        And for Aoi, an eye-patch isn’t even necessary, plenty of anime characters missing an eye just walk around with the permanent winky face instead of dressing up like pirates. I personally would’ve gone for no eye-patch, or a medical one since the student council are supposedly the strictest meanest girls in school.

      • A medical eye patch wouldn’t have given that impression though, at least not in my opinion. Having the actual personalized eye patch makes Aoi stand out more and seem more serious than just a medical patch.

        I doubt shed be told to take it off. Most private schools I’ve been to have allowed accesorizing, and with Akademi allowing colored tights, gloves, ripped uniforms, and studded chokers, I don’t think a scarf would be a problem.

  6. I was hoping that if you joined the student council it would be possible to expel one rival, no questions asked, but I’m okay with this too~ It sounds like a bit of a hassle to join and stay in the student council but that’s the way it would be for powerful benefits such as students and teachers trusting you more. I think it should also be possible to arrive a little earlier and stay a little later than usual once part of the student council in order to set up traps/dispose of a body, also, since the student council carry pepper spray….would it be a weapon only obtainable by joining the student council~?

    • Probably but it really wouldnt do much for gameplay, since it’s a temporary incapacitator and not so much something to render someone unconscious. I like the idea of being able to break the designated timeframe. As for the rival, I think it should be easier to expel a rival, as you’d have nearly uninhibited access to many of the aspects needed for expulsion. Your gossip could also take a bigger hit since most people would be inclined to trust the Student Council.

  7. Girls have always had the majority of roles in this game, and I got no issues with that, but I was still surprised that no boys were included in the student council. It really feels lopsided. The only major characters I can think of offhand is a few of the club leaders (science and fighting), and the principal. What is the percentage split of male/female students? If you are going for something like 80% female, then would it be possible to make that a story element. Something like it used to be an all girls school? That might go against the idea that Yan-chan’s mom did the same thing, but maybe this is the second time it’s gone co-ed? It tried before but the year it happened was the year of the first murder spree. After that it went back to being an all girls school until last year?

    Also, is the student council really needed? I thought the photography club was supposed to be the group that was going to hunt down Yan-chan in the school. Do we really need two groups doing the same thing?

    • Well when you think about it, males in the game don’t have that big of a role in it other than reputation increase, authority caring, mysterious authority, and the main goal. As you can see, those are pretty big roles in the game. Let’s get to the “used to be an all girls school” thing. If that was the case, don’t you think the school would’ve shut down due to the past murders of those females? I mean yeah, the school would’ve possibly recovered but then the school’s reputation would’ve been extremely low. As we all know, schools with past murders in them along with it’s murderer not being caught, wouldn’t be the ideal place to send your kid especially if the school was gender specific.

      Also, yes. The student council would be very needed. While yes, the photography club will keep a look out as the reputation lowers, they can’t do much but be anxious of every student there and attempt to photograph any mysterious behavior and send it to the police. Whilst the student council has a higher perspective, giving them the ability to detect any mysterious behavior quicker. Along with that, they have the authority to immediately pepper spray and hand cuff you, sending you the guidance counselor and possibly get you expelled/arrested.

      • I don’t understand your question. Chikachoo. The murders clearly happened at the school, and it wasn’t shut down. Even if you go on a murder rampage in the game, the school won’t shut down unless you kill a LOT of people. The way I see it, they assumed that the integration of male students had something to do with the murders, and when they removed the men, that stopped the killings. Assuming it was an all boys school that was joined in, not old sempai is no longer around women, so Yan-Mom didn’t need to keep killing, and somehow won his love in a less violent manner.

        If the council does the job better than photography club, then maybe you should get rid of them. It’s two seperate groups doing the same thing, which is to act as guards around the school that Yan-chan has to avoid being spotted by as she does her illegal activities.

    • The photography club will only become active if you choose to play the game as a bloodthirsty murderer, as well as making it known that you are, in fact, a murderer. The SC activitely and consistently patrols for any and all trouble, lethal or otherwise. You will only encounter the full extent of both if you choose to play the game a certain way.

  8. I love the new student counsel but is it really going to be realistically possible to eliminate a rival while doing all of those counsel activities? It seems like a heck of a lot of time would go into meeting all of the membership requirements.

    • It would be, it would just take a lot of planning, which is what the game is about anyway. The activities probably wouldn’t eat up a time period as well, so it would just be something you’d have to map out before you did it.

  9. I noticed this video makes me wonder why the death of one student council member is more impactful and harder than killing a teacher just wondering

    • Because Megami cares about the student council. Of course she doesn’t want anybody to be hurt, but she’d only violate her orders if one of them died.

  10. I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to allow them to be killed if the consequences are so negative. I think there SHOULD be bad consequences, but not on this level. That’s because you’re “trying to leave the player with a choice”, but that choice is so stupid no one would do it, it’s the same as making them invencible, ESPACIALLY because of the photography club, so when the student council starts to die, the photography club starts taking over anyway. So, perhaps, one of the consequences happen, not all at once, like: 1° student council member killed = they double their sight range, 2° = security cameras, 3° = metal detectors 4° = school atmosfear drops, something like that.

    • I dunno, it’s true that it’s a harsh penalty but some people might enjoy the extra challenge. Also, the photography club only becomes active if there’s a lot of evidence that there is a murderer in school, if only one person goes “missing” they might not become active at all, at least that’s how I understood the photography club to work, it could always be balanced anyway. As Yandere Dev said before, getting away with murder should not be easy.

  11. Also I love this idea, I just think that the standards of the Student Council (SC) and the consequences of killing a member are too high that they’re…unrealistic. There are lots of tasks for the SC, but there are also quite a few members too, so it would be common senses if they share those tasks. I mean, doing all of those tasks would so much time that it’s not possible to spy on a rival and eliminate them at the same time. I’m in the SC in my school and we only have meetings once per week. I know it’s not relatable but still, some realistic standards for you. And the consequences are quite heavy too. Killing 1 member and BOOM, everything all happens at once. Instead, maybe you can try putting 1 consequence if we kill 1 member. Then the more members we kill, the more consequences we’ll get. I know getting away with murder is hard but this is just you trying to add more and more challenges, not making the game realistic.

    • I think he chose to have such immediate consequences because there’s such a limited number of members in the SC. Given what we know about Megamis nature, having it known that one of them was killed and not just missing, and therefore making an obvious direct threat against the SC and Megami herself, it is would enact immediate consequences. Theyr e harsh, yes, but not exactly unrealistic in my opinion.

  12. Also yandere dev i know your extremely busy but i want to bring it to you attention that you havent updated the frequently ask question snice april. Can we please get a update in january of 2018

  13. The orange haired girl is probably the sweet, helping one
    The black haired girl is probabky the serious one that takes her job seriously
    The blue haired one is probably the mean,rude and cruel one
    Aaand the white haired one is probably the playful, jokey (?) One

  14. Notebook, yandere red eyes and lower voice in computer, manga on school rooftop and NOW two victims are working together. Is it me or there is another ester egg to Death Note?

  15. Seitokai yakuindomo, in Japanese (no pun intended).
    Really nice video and addition. The only thing I don’t like are the uniforms: there’s no likelihood of them having different, white suits in a school.

  16. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could do something like write stuff on the wall with a students blood? You know, like what some real psychos do? Maybe like a taunting message to the Student Council or the school in general? I wouldn’t even care about the difficulty form that point on because if I’m getting away with it in the highest difficulty might as well mock their failure to catch me right?

  17. The students council club will put cameras and metal detector if 1 of their members is dead, right?
    But what happens if you manage to kill ALL the student council?
    I will definitely test it out tomorrow with the new build.

  18. Wait… To be kicked out of the student council, basically you have to stop being eligible. So getting in is way easier than staying, right? What’s stopping us from being eligible until the ninth week, and only joining then, so we won’t have to deal with the weekly work? It sounds way easier than joining as soon as we can and then staying until the end.

  19. I like the idea that you can join them but what makes no sense for me is that you are less noticed because if you’re with them then you should be noticeable you are for the students then like a role model or something similar or not?

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