The Student Council in Yandere Simulator (Gameplay Focus)

The first video about the Student Council is ready! The second video will be released 24 hours from now, along with a new build of the game. Until then, please enjoy learning about the newest addition to Yandere Simulator!

84 thoughts on “The Student Council in Yandere Simulator (Gameplay Focus)

    • Coding a game takes time. Not to mention animations, sounds, etc. Be patient, the day will come when the game is finished, but comments like this don’t really help the speed or the development of the game. I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m just letting you know that these kinds of things take time.

  1. (This message is copied and pasted from your Youtube video)

    Yander Dev, Yandere Dev! (There’s a TL:DR at the bottom of this post)

    There are a few concerns here:

    1A) Why would Migami have any reason to believe Yandere Chan is dangerous if, for example, someone played the entire game peacefully – no killing, no hurting, no scaring?

    1B) And how (or why) would anyone /tell/ Migami that Yandere Chan is dangerous if Yandere Chan never did anything wrong?

    2) (Realism concern): No high school student can keep their guard up one-hundred-percent for a five-to-six-hour school day. You might consider giving student council some down times from the increased detection range and speed.

    3A) One-hit-kill scenarios are a risky choice to make in game-design (in this case, the pepper spray). xD It’s frustrating to the player when a mechanic is implemented that they can’t escape/dodge – especially in a game like this where the “protagonist” is supposed to be very powerful and deadly. It just doesn’t feel right.

    3B) A player can avoid the one-hit-kill by simply not doing certain things that trigger it, but you can take Bully for example; in that game, the player is almost always given a chance to perform an action that wards off being detained. A Yandere might not go down without being able to fight back/escape at least once in a single life.

    Hopefully, you see these concerns, Yandere Dev.
    Keep up the great work!

    (TL:DR): 1. Why would Migami believe or be told Yandere Chan is dangerous if the player never did anything bad in the game?
    2. Shouldn’t the student council members let their guard down sometimes?
    3. What’s with all the one-hit-kill mechanics? D: Let Yandere Chan escape!

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