Fanwork Appreciation Post

You’re probably wondering what a “Fanwork Appreciation Post” is – I’ll explain that in a moment. But first, I’ll give you an update about the game’s development!

I have a lot to say about the next feature being added into the game! In fact, I’ll be uploading two videos about it: One video will be gameplay-focused, and the second video will be story-focused. The first video is 50% done, and I feel confident that it will be 100% finished within 24 hours. However, I don’t want to upload it until I feel completely confident that the second video will be uploaded within 24 hours of the first video. Once both videos are released, I’ll release a new build of the game. In short, you’ll have to wait a few more days, but two new videos and a new build will be coming very soon!

As long as I’m writing a blog post, there’s something else I’d like to say. For a while now, I’ve wanted to make a “Fanwork Appreciation” post – a collection of some of the coolest fanworks that I’ve seen over the past few months. For example, this outstanding Cuphead+Yandere mashup illustrated by Onislogo!

To see the rest of the fanworks that I’d like to share with you, click “Continue Reading” below!

In November, a cosplayer named Megan Coffey released a photo gallery of herself dressed as Yandere-chan in an abandoned, fire-damaged school. It’s some of the most impressive Yandere Simulator cosplay I’ve seen to date, and I couldn’t resist sharing it!

In other cosplay-related news, a Russian cosplayer and her friends put together a really fantastic Yandere Sim photoshoot featuring 4 different characters! It’s rare to see so many characters involved in a single shoot; I love it!

The talented artist Koumaz has created a short Yandere Simulator fan comic! I think she did a phenomenal job with it! I’ll share the first page with you below, and if you’d like to see the rest, you can click this link!

In October, a french artist named SKY-Lia released a really charming Yandere Sim animation set to the “The Zombie Song” by Stephanie Mabey. I think it’s a very well-made video, and I’d love to share it with you!

In July of this year, an artist named Jello Squid created a Yandere Simulator animatic set to a song called “Despair“. I really like the look-and-feel of the artwork, so I wanted to give the video a quick shout-out!

Last but not least, I want to share an illustration by AzurraMysteria, depicting a psychedelic, nightmarish version of Megami. I suppose it caught my eye because it’s so drastically different from most Yandere Simulator fan art. It’s always great to see an artist take something in a shocking new direction!

AzurraMysteria has created some truly phenomenal illustrations recently, so be sure to check out her other work, as well!

I’ve seen a countless number of impressive Yandere Sim fanworks over the past year, and there are many, many more illustrations and videos and photoshoots that deserve attention and recognition, but this is where I’ll end the blog post for now. If you don’t mind seeing these types of blog posts, I might do more of them in the future!

Oh…by the way, I did technically upload a video today…

If you have a keen eye, you might notice something in this video that hasn’t been officially revealed yet…I wonder who will spot it first!

Anyway, now it’s time for me to get back to work on my next video(s). Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

108 thoughts on “Fanwork Appreciation Post

  1. No Senpai? Some student council members or hall monitors or something have been added. And Mei’s hair is different. Again. I feel like that’s her thing. Every few builds she’s different in some way.

  2. I saw someone walking around the door area. YANDEV YOU REALLY DID IT!!!



      • I don’t think it’s Student Council. Megamis on Student Council and her uniforms the standard one. Plus in Yandere Dev latest video the [presumed] Student Council were in a different panel than the ones in white. I think they’re going to be a type hall monitor [possibly affiliated with Student Council] who roam the halls during class time.

  3. I waited 3 weeks for this? A post with pictures that I’ve seen on the Internet? And what you did with the hair style Mei’s?! She was awesome! And now this clay nonsense is my favorite student?!!

  4. During the video I saw the following 1. Mei Mio has a new hair … it seems very good to me since the hair that I had before was not similar to the one I had before the update of new hair. 2. I do not know what happened but in the whole video I did not see Senpai maybe he went to another place to talk with Osana or I do not know. 3. The girl from the student council watching the hallway, the one who throws pepper spray in our eyes. Sorry if you do not understand almost nothing I speak Spanish and I’m using Google Translate Xd

  5. I found it in the end of the video before sake apprehend you there is someone new walking thru the door maybe it’s a new character

  6. I believe the next big feature is Yandere Chan getting punished by the guidance counselor for her bad actions. Shown in the Yandere Simulator update schedule video during the first 20 second you can see that a “student council member is spraying Yandere chan with pepper spray. Being the student council member is walking around the school if she pepper sprays her for carrying weapons she might report her to the counselor. It makes since because if your not near teachers then the guidance counselor isn’t really an obstacle but if you have a patrolling student council member then she is a more prominent obstacle. It adds a challenging element to the game. Yandere dev keeps referring to it as the next big feature and he had been talking about implementing it so I think it is a good theory. And to know the girl patrols the school watch in the big video when Saki apprehends Yandere chan. She walks past like she is patrolling. Thanks for your time.

    • You can do that yourself. Fun Girl no longer boots you from the game for making low-level edits. Now she only does so if you try to implement a character that’s not ready yet.

      Open up the “Students.json” file (Yandere Simulator\YandereSimulator_Data\StreamingAssets\JSON) in any text editor and look for Mei Mio’s information. Change the numerical value of her Hairstyle that way and I believe it’ll stick. The one Alex is showing off here is Hairstyle #9. I dunno, it might grow on me.

  7. I re-see the video in slow motion and I saw exactly the Mei’s hairstyle… she doesn’t have hair down but three ponytail! Like in first build of Yandere Simulator!! I love it because that came me back in 2015! Thanks YandereDev for this awesome memories… and sorry for every grammatical errors because I’m italian. Goodbye at everyone!

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