Yandere Simulator’s Update Schedule

If you’ve already read my previous blog post, then you’re going to get deja vu while watching my latest video. It’s about the same subject…and in a lot of places, I quote my previous blog post word-for-word! However, even if you’ve already read my previous blog post, there are still reasons to watch this video; for example, it starts off with a peek at some of the content that you can expect to see in the near future!

Quick note: The progress that is shown off in the first 20 seconds of the video isn’t the ONLY progress that I have made recently; it’s just the non-spoiler stuff that I’m comfortable revealing at this point in time. My next video will show off a lot more of the stuff I worked on throughout November!

I’m not going to release a new build today. The next build will involve what I’d describe as a “big new feature”, and it’s alllllmost ready, but I need a few more assets to really bring it to life the way I’ve been imagining it in my mind, so I’m postponing the next build until those assets have been delivered. Until then, I’ll keep working on every other aspect of the game and taking care of everything on my checklist.

This is probably the longest gap we’ve ever had between updates – I can’t recall a gap longer than 2 weeks since the very beginning of the game’s development. However, I think that once this new build finally comes out, it’s going to be worth the wait!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

137 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator’s Update Schedule

  1. and what i seen in that 20 seconds intro
    – patrol students (pepperspray you if you DARE to attack them)
    – a star wars easter egg
    – a intro for the game
    – those 3 girls laughing… idk (maybe rivals or a game over screen? or…..) idk..
    – new hair (looks like glaceon/leafeon etc from pokemon) lol
    And last : the thing at 6:44
    – New stocking editing?
    wel idk, ill just wait and see.

      • If patrols react the same way as delinquents do when seeing the player with a corpse and have a routine inside the school the game will be more challenging. Implying an instant game over with no way to disarm pepperspray.

        I don’t spend time on customization but the white uniform looks news. Looks like a white version of the nemesis version.

      • That’d be interesting. If Yandere Dev ever employs rendering someone unconscious outside of kidnapping, I think it could work the same way Nemesis does where you have to sneak up on them and knock them out. Of course, since the patrols are on rounds the others would immedistely know when one wasn’t at their post. So you’d be able to remove an obstacle but it’d have pretty immediate consequences

      Yessssssss 😀 (I’m sorry I’m just a huge Star Wars fan is all)
      But why no Porg accessory? Lightsabers are cool and all but if YandereDev is getting into the hype for The Last Jedi there should be some sort of Porg reference somewhere. xD

  2. To be honest, YandereDev is so sweet! He cares so much about his fans, and the Yandere Simulator fanbase! No matter what happens YandereDev, we will be there, and PLEASE don’t rush yourself, its fine! Everyone loves you, and your game! So take your time, and the next build looks so fun! Thank you YandereDev for the development of Yandere Simulator! ♥♥♥

  3. I missing the time when i come here to the development side and i see a new build ore build-fixing like in august ore july. And now yandere dev making more videos than i need xD Better he writing on the new builds implements list whats is new ore what is changed! Make more intrest when people must play the game and see what is changed.

  4. 1) New School Uniform
    2) Little Ayano Story?
    3) New Hairstyles
    4) Girl protecting herself from Ayano
    5) New Video Game at our Home?
    6) Bullies Laughing?
    7) Character Introduction Video?
    8) New Easter Egg
    9) Christmas Stuff!
    10) Headmaster’s room design… (probably a video about the design of most rooms)
    11) Adding Faculty Members roles? (and Police)
    12) The Last 5 girls were probably the members of Student Council… or Club leaders!
    Looks to me that the last one is the previous Martial art Leader.

    • I think you got it right, most of it, but i think that it is this way: 7) Intro Cutscene 12) They are the Student Council, because the girl defending herself from Ayano is definitely one of them, look at the hairstyle! 🙂

    • I think 5 girls are substitutes for (out of orders) club leaders: cooking club, drama club, occult club, sports club; and leader of the school’s gang of delinquents.
      Because rivals are absent from school early in the game.

      • I think they’re part of the student council. In the center there is Megami because she is recognized by her silouhete but also the shape of her stockings and the color of her hair that can be seen on the top of her skull because the image is not darkened at the top. (The others will also have red, black, purple and gray/white hair ^^) And these students have exactly the same hair style as those of the student council presented in the previous video. ^^

      • Ler23 is right, they can’t be substitute club lider, for example: Oka trust that Shin will took care of the club, so the lider would be him, it makes sense isn’t? And… if they WERE substitutes… Then why the club shuts down when a club lider disappiers? And, All the rivals clubs have 6 members, the others 5, YandereDev said so 🙂

    • My personal and only personal opinion on these:

      1) Could be great!
      2) There’s already a video about that
      3) Yeah, but pretty ones please, because the latest ones look really weird
      4) Idk
      5) I love this idea! What about a retro game, and a new computer lab character that loves these and asks as a favor if they can get one of those for them?
      6) It would be better bullies implemented as actual students in the school. And interesting
      7) Idk
      8) Yeah!
      9) Omg yes, a christmas easter egg with the “Its beggining to look a lot like murder” would be awesome. I would love that so muuuch!
      10) I don’t find that necessary yet
      11) Yes! And different sub-personalities besides the “heroic” one! (and desings. They all look the same way)
      12) I think they are from the student council too

    And I still think you putting LoveSick mode at that time was a good idea, and taking it out is also a good idea. Baka people finally have a proper understanding of how the game goes instead of taking it easy again.
    Also the images you show us at the start of the video are quite interesting. I’ll wait patiently until you can talk more about some of them. For now please just update in words, it’s easier that way for both you and us fans.
    I totally agree with what Alexane Rose said.

  6. That’s absolutely perfect! No videos or updates on the 1st or 15th days if there’s no content, but still a blog post on the 1st and 15th days instead of complete silence or unactivity.

  7. I think it would be cool to have the guard be Nemasis? It would give Mission Mode a story and it’s all just Info Chan’s point of view of them

  8. Yan-Dev, create anothe e-mail and only give it out to people that are doing business with you. The current e-mail you use you could check every now and then when you have some spare time. (I know you wouldn’t be able to respond to any fan art, but as a fan of Yandere Simulator, I’d honestly rather the game get done quicker than have my email answered.)

  9. Yandere Dev, I think I remember you once saying that at some point, your 2 videos per month schedule was going to have to adjust when you got to about this point in development. Don’t worry about it; your fans understand and will stand by you.

    Looking forward to future updates, whenever they are ready to be shown off.

  10. Theory about the placeholder laughing girls::
    You know the Osana confession scene of how your perspective is Senpai’s eyes?
    Well, I think the rival is going to be your perspective and the girl will get humiliated and laughed at by some girls.
    Or maybe it’s some sort of weird ritual, I don’t know.

  11. Y’know how you said you think people would get bored of the posts you make for Yan Sim if you posted them everyday? Well, idk about everyone else, but I’d LOVE it if you posted everyday.

  12. YandereDev, Next debug build or the full game, can Yandere-Chan can also get a Game Over instead of restarting the day from Info-chan said “Get out!” She will say “Stop right there Yandere-chan!” and it will initiate a game over for that. Pls.

  13. My comment will most likely get lost in the replies from everyone, but I think that’s a wonderful idea, YandereDev. Videos do require a lot of effort and if you feel this is the best course of action, then I’m with you on this decision. Make updates to your blog on the 1st and 15th (or additional updates if need be) and work on the videos that you think are important to the development for the game like the Yakuza inspiration or bigger updates to the builds.

    Keep up the great work,

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