Yandere Simulator’s Update Schedule

If you’ve already read my previous blog post, then you’re going to get deja vu while watching my latest video. It’s about the same subject…and in a lot of places, I quote my previous blog post word-for-word! However, even if you’ve already read my previous blog post, there are still reasons to watch this video; for example, it starts off with a peek at some of the content that you can expect to see in the near future!

Quick note: The progress that is shown off in the first 20 seconds of the video isn’t the ONLY progress that I have made recently; it’s just the non-spoiler stuff that I’m comfortable revealing at this point in time. My next video will show off a lot more of the stuff I worked on throughout November!

I’m not going to release a new build today. The next build will involve what I’d describe as a “big new feature”, and it’s alllllmost ready, but I need a few more assets to really bring it to life the way I’ve been imagining it in my mind, so I’m postponing the next build until those assets have been delivered. Until then, I’ll keep working on every other aspect of the game and taking care of everything on my checklist.

This is probably the longest gap we’ve ever had between updates – I can’t recall a gap longer than 2 weeks since the very beginning of the game’s development. However, I think that once this new build finally comes out, it’s going to be worth the wait!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

137 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator’s Update Schedule

  1. Where is the update, what a spit in the direction of the fans, why it was necessary to start the creation of the game, if you can not finish it.

    • I mean, he was doing this by himself for about a year, initially, then he had a few volunteers for the following year. Yanderedev has only had a team who could provide assets and resources for the past… 8 months? Meanwhile, it takes years for fully staffed and sufficiently funded teams to make a game. I think we can cut yanderedev some slack for taking the same amount of time to do a good chunk of this solo.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’d love for the game to be finished 100% but it’s kinda like waiting for food at a restaurant. Kicking and screaming isn’t going to make your pizza cook any faster. If you can’t wait, then feel free to leave. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Do you think starting FROM THE VERY BEGINNING of the game would take like a year? No.He needs to code,Animate,make all the different things for the 10 special rivals,and it’s not a game yet its still a debug sandbox for people who wants to test it out,if you’re that impatient i guess you should leave little kiddo,fans like you aren’t deserved to be here.oh and 1 question,Can you make a better game than yandere simulator in less than 1 year?

    • I can understand your frustration, I am not the mostly patient person and I’m quite annoyed that the development is taking so long too. But it’s not YandereDev’s fault, games take years to make and considering that for the majority of Yamdere Simulators development there was only one programmer and some volounteers, it’s understandable. So while I wish it were faster, it’s not like YamdereDev is just going to say “Lmao guess they were right, Just gotta hit the keys faster.”

      I get that it’s hard to wait, but getting angry isn’t going to magically speed up the development.

      • I mean, I understand that you are tired of waiting. But Yan-Dev was working alone for a lot of time, but then he was helped and the progress has rised significantly. He started a game because he wanted to, and he means to finish it. I would agree with your comment if Yan-Dev said he was discontinueing the game, but that hasn’t happened.

  2. You’re doing great work! I can’t wait to see the next update! Its smart to fill us in when you actually have something to show us…but i won’t lie, I kinda really liked the videos where you gave the history of characters. I thought they were interesting!

  3. For the people being childish and just straight up RUDE about the games progress, shut your face. Seriously. i don’t see you working on YOUR OWN game so you have no idea what goes behind the scenes here. If you did and knew his journey, then you’d understand, be patient and supportive of his work. Not complain and possibly discourage his efforts.

    • Any person can understand this in this, but if the development of the game does not move on, then all the desire disappears to wait for its release.

    • You are totally right ! And These people are not real fan of yandere if they can’t understand how difficult it is to create this kind of game and how yandereDev have amazing skills .

      • a real fan would criticise the game by saying the truth of how they feel about the game progress if its going too slow, like if we keep on saying: ‘we support you devpai, it would seen all fake to him. like who are we fooling? judging on his past he can’t even model something without asking one of his volunteers

  4. And in general, so that progress moves faster it is necessary to hire volunteers or workers, and so the game will continue to go out for a long time if you can not finish the development of the game and then it was not worth starting my personal opinion.

    • YandereDev is now backed up by an indie game company: if the process didn’t speed up, it’s probably because either their terms of agreement do not include new programmers to help me or the game simply takes a lot of time because of story an art.

  5. Omg i cant wait im so exited i just want to play i think about this everytime i try to play at the game on phone its look like yandere but its not as good as the real yandere i hope its almost done but if its not its ok i wait and i think real fan can understand. Thank you for creating yandere simulator 💜

  6. Ya know, for these people who are rude just because YandereDev hasn’t published a new update on the game, JUST fricking WAIT. It’s not as easy as you may think, how about you try to make a game? How about you try to make it look GOOD, so people wouldn’t goddamn cry that ”IT ISN’T GOOD LOOKING” ”IT’S STOLEN ART/CRAP” ”I DON’T LIKE THE WAY IT LOOKS SO I WILL JUST HATE ON THIS GAME”. Also, for this one girl, three years is a long time, but dude, it’s worth it, he’s been working all day. Do you see how much the game has improved since the first build? I hope you do and wouldn’t cry over it.
    Yeah, bye.

  7. I don’t mind waiting for the next build, but on the yandere simulator website on the download page there is the estimated time for the next build and now for me shows that there are 15 hours left until the next build. Yesterday and other past days showed that the build would be released the following day. I think that this might be just an error or maybe something else. Possibly the next build will come in a day or 2, but don’t get excited just yet, i might be wrong.

  8. Take all the time you need, YandereDev. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this game for years, following all the development I can, and watching my favorite YouTubers play it. I think it’s awesome that you do a lot of things on your own, and people pressuring you to hurry up need to try and do this themselves. Keep up the good work, man! We’re rooting for you! Good luck, man.

  9. Yandere Dev,I havent found a way to contact you but I have Yandere Sim downloaded.I know its a debug build but Im having MAJOR problems,like my laptop having black screens at times,and Yandere Sim REFUESING to close.Im not sure if its my laptop or not.These problems have been going on since Ive had Yandere Simulator.I forgot were I downloaded it from,because that could also be the reason Im having these issues.So ifyou could please fix it.Oh and I forgot,when I try to delete Yandere Simulator it DOES NOT wanna leave.I hope you can help me!

    • Well first of all….if you go to the official website, not this blog, you’ll find a contact page and he tells you how to contact him there if you have something actually related to the game. He very rarely ever responds to these. And he has warned about trying to download from any website other than the official website that it could cause problems and he can’t help.

      The official website is yanderesimulator.com

  10. Chill guys. Just go play other games and come back a few months later to find progress and stop complaining about how long it takes. What are you guys? 12? Actually that’s probably pretty accurate lol.

  11. I wonder if he’s on vacation? Does Yandere Dev usually take this long? I only found out about Yandere Simulator back in September, so I guess I haven’t been here that long. No offence to Yandere Dev, of course.

    • I honestly don’t know either. He would tell us if he was going to be on vacation, or go into ‘radio silence’. My guess is that he got carried away with implementing the Student Council. (Again.) However, with Osana, the Student Council, and a bunch of other things, the next update is going to be a fucking big one.

      • Just a bit of speculation, but if he’s gone silent, it means that he’s making progress on the game. With TinyBuild’s help, I think the next update is going to be one of the biggest in awhile.

  12. Guys if you are so bored of waiting for this game, go outside and do something with your life instead of being impatient and screaming about it in the comments. Spend time with family, go Christmas shopping, I don’t know, just please stop this useless negativity.
    Personally it has only recently occurred to me to check this blog again after a week because this has happened before and so now I’m going to stop writing this monster essay and eat some food.

  13. You’re doing great YanDev! Don’t listen to the whiny people since what they’re saying isn’t constructive criticism but people being impatient and expecting you to just bring out a big update in less then two or three weeks, it isn’t taking long at all. Carry on! XD

  14. Cant WAIT for this new “big update”!! HOWEVER, he suggested in his video that the update would be ready in a month or so, but there’s still nothing, not even a small blog post reporting his progress. Please don’t hate btw, I know I’m impatient but I, in no way, shape or form want to spread hate or make any sort of assumptions about how the game should be made, because I don’t know ANYTHING about game development. I was just politely making a point and expressing my own point of view and opinion.

    okthxbye ilu all
    plz don’t hate ;-;

  15. I think just keeping it as one mode would be best because that way it feels like you’re getting the most out of your experience and that your decisions you make truly affect the game’s atmosphere not because I arbitrarily chose to play Lovesick mode and got a darker atmosphere but because I caused a character to commit suicide or because someone has gone missing or etc.

  16. I would love to Alpha and Beta test this game. I have been playing the debug version and have noticed a few bugs but didn’t know if they were known or left like that purposely. Don’t want to bother him with an E-mail that states bugs that he already knew of. Really great work YandereDev.

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