Where’s the update?

Over the course of the past 3 years, I’ve established an update schedule – on the 1st and 15th days of every month, I upload a new build and a new YouTube video. Sometimes, I’m a day or two late, because I’m working on a very elaborate video. In fact, my most recent video was 5 days late! But now we’re 5 days past the 15th, and there hasn’t been any sign of activity…so, what’s going on?

While I was producing my previous video, I stopped checking my e-mail so that I could to spend as much time as possible working on the video. Once the video was finally complete, I discovered a mountain of unread e-mails waiting for me. It took me several days to get through them all – and by then, there simply wasn’t enough time to put together a cool build or video for the 15th.

When I realize that a video deadline is a few days away, but I don’t have a new big feature to show off, I try to think of something to make a video about. I might make a video about a feature I’m considering for the game, or talk about the origin of a character, or examine a game that can teach me how to improve Yandere Simulator. I would describe these as “forced” videos; they exist purely because I feel pressured to release videos twice per month – even when I’d rather be working on the game instead.

Many of these “forced” videos receive a very negative response; the LoveSick video is one example. I added “LoveSick Mode” to the game and made a video about it purely because I felt obligated to a maintain the tradition of two videos per month. However, the concept of LoveSick Mode was rejected by a large portion of the fanbase because it represents the opposite of the reason that the game caught your attention in the first place. If I wasn’t forcing myself maintain an arbitrary schedule, I wouldn’t have implemented such a dumb feature and angered the fanbase.

So – why does the two-videos-per-month schedule exist in the first place? It’s a tradition that dates back to 2014, when I first began working on the game. Very early in the game’s development, I posted threads about the game on a message board once per day to talk about my progress and ask for suggestions. Every one of these threads was incredibly popular, often reaching 500 replies in a single night! However, one day, someone warned me that people might eventually get sick of hearing about the game if I made threads about it once per day. They suggested that I should only post about the game once every 2 weeks to prevent people from getting sick of hearing about Yandere Sim. I thought this sounded like very wise advice, so I decided to limit my threads to the 1st and 15th day of every month. This eventually morphed into the tradition of uploading new builds and new videos on the 1st and 15th.

For a long time, it was very easy to meet these deadlines, because there were all sorts of features that I could put into the game very easily in less than 2 weeks. However, at this point in time, there is no more “low-hanging-fruit” – in other words, all of the features that remain to be put into the game require more than 2 weeks of work. This is what has led to a lot of “forced” videos over the past year.

It’s taken me a long time, but I’ve come to realize that these “forced” videos are only hurting the game’s development. These videos take away from development time, introduce concepts that many people aren’t interested in, and usually just wind up making the fanbase angry. It’s a lose-lose for everyone. That’s why I think I should probably abandon the 1st-and-15th schedule that I’ve been using up until now.

From now on, I’d like to upload videos only when I have something significant to show off – not when the date on the calendar reaches an arbitrary number. This might result in less videos being uploaded, but each video would be more significant. Alternatively, videos might actually be uploaded more frequently, but each one would be shorter and would focus on a single subject – just like the really old videos that you can find waaaaay back at the beginning of my channel.

EDIT: But, don’t worry, I could still write a blog post on the 1st or 15th of every month as filler material between videos, and perhaps provide screenshots / teasers of upcoming content!

At this point in time, it’s too early to say how things will turn out – but I hope that this blog post helps you understand why there hasn’t been a new build or video recently, and why things might change in the future.

(On that note, I might actually release a new build very soon, since a lot of bug fixes have piled up recently.)

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

111 thoughts on “Where’s the update?

  1. Hi Yandere Dev, yeah that’s fine. Blog posts on the 1st and 15th are a good idea so we at least know what’s happening. Videos can come when there’s a big progress.

  2. I gotta say that at least the character origin videos were interesting, but it’s true, it does take a lot of time to produce just one video; commissioning artwork, voice acting, animations, etc. It’s definitely a wiser choice to prioritize game development over a video that might not interest anyone.
    Also, while I look forward to your updates (either blog posts or videos) I also appreciate that with the blog posts you take the chance to showcase fanart and cosplay, so even if it’s not a significant update, I hope you still keep showing us fanworks that you’ve loved~

  3. I am a bit disappointed on the new schedule because I wouldn’t know when your videos will came out (I really like all your videos, even if it is just something minor, I like the minor videos better), however, I do understand that you are getting stressed out because you have been forcing yourself (especially the rejection elimination method), we can always find other ways of entertainment. Also how was your vacation.

  4. Ok, but can you at least do something like a monthly blog post to keep all of us up on your progress. Videos take a while, but going into radio silence on a regular basis because there’s nothing significant doesn’t help anyone. Especially the very noisy sect of the fandom that will call you “lazy” just because you haven’t posted.

  5. I never read the comments, so I don’t know how people actually feel, but no, I love and appreciate everything Yandere Dev does for his project, his effort is astounding, and I’ll continue loving it whether he takes 10 seconds or 10 years.

  6. Wait… you said these videos were an exciting way for you to take a break from development? And that you enjoyed creating them?

    In the past, your reasons for defending making videos instead of working on the game itself (to clear up the fanbase’s worries) never implied that anything was ‘forced’.

    Not everything you do will be met with praise. It’s okay to have ups and downs, and you’ve made it pretty clear that you regret some past decisions, like LoveSick mode.

    However, I feel that confessing that these videos were supposedly forced (when you expess how much you love to make them and that it’s like a break) comes across as almost an excuse to pardon yourself from the backlash…

    • I agree with that, It seems as if he worries to much about backlash with his videos and to contradict himself just makes it seem as if he is making up an excuses to escape backlash but everyone gets backlash on everything. It is literally impossible to avoid negative feedback nowadays so maybe he should just think how he wants yandere simulator to be and occasionally ask the fanbase if they like the ideas or not. If the majority like it then you keep it but if they don’t then think of something else instead of causing drama and then making up an excuse to make everything better. Newsflash yandere dev it doesn’t get better. I love what your doing but some of the things you do gets just a little annoying.

    • While yes, it may seem like an excuse from the backlash, it’s really not. you see, before he did it for fun and as a little break from the game, but not he has to do it twice a month every month to avoid making the fan base angry. He had to explain it to the fan base as to not upset them when there is not a video on a certain day of the month.

      • That would be understandable, however nowhere in this blog post did he mention that, in the past, he enjoyed making them but *now* feels they’re forced.

        The post very much implies that he always felt they were forced – re-read this direct quote:

        “I try to think of something to make a video about. I might make a video about a feature I’m considering for the game, or talk about the origin of a character, or examine a game that can teach me how to improve Yandere Simulator. I would describe these as “forced” videos”

        I’m always supportive of devs having some sort of enjoyment in between development and getting creative with ideas.

        But now, seeing this contradictory statement makes me (and not just me, as it seems) think he’s ashamed of admitting that his ideas were quite impulsive, and instead tries to pretend they were forced in order to try and shift the blame so people can’t fully blame him.

        Like I said before, it’s okay to get negative feedback. And I’m not entirely sure that what I say could be the case (as, of course, I’m not YandereDev himself so I don’t know what goes on in his mind). Despite this, I’m only pointing out my suspicions, which as a commenter on public material you have every right to do.

      • I agree with Realistica O., I can see what you are saying PrototypeDev but yandere Dev here is plainly trying to take the blame off himself. He constantly worries about what the fanbase thinks and he even stated in one of his videos he would like to make yandere simulator a hobby. I am a little worried that he views working on yandere simulator as a job with more downs than ups. He cares a lot about the game’s or rather his social image than the awesome fact that he got this far with a one man team with volunteers and only recently did tinybuild come to the rescue. Also it is a very bad idea to keep the fanbase waiting even longer as the fact he hasn’t been keeping his promise of uploading builds and instead he worries about putting out videos. If he just put out builds with minor fixes every two weeks and added a little sneak peak into what he is doing with his time than people will still be interested and a lot of hype would be around osana but instead he misses his deadlines all the time. I understand he works very hard but you don’t need a lot of change to catch some ones attention, just as long as we know your still doing something because without anything added to the game than his worst nightmare which is yandere simulator being a meme game will come true because people are bored and need to do something with their time. If I was yandere dev I would work on getting osana out to the public and then take my two week vacation so I didn’t make everyone wait longer.

  7. I am having trouble downloading Yandere Simulator. It finishes to download but it then says “Move Yandere Sim launcher to C:Program files” (or something like that). So I do that, then download it again but it says the same thing. Help?

    • You shouldn’t need to redownload it if it completes and you’ve already moved it.
      Try running “yanderesimulator.exe” instead of the launcher from your program files folder.

      (Then again, I didn’t even need to move it anywhere, just gave the whole folder an antivirus exclusion)

  8. I honestly feel like this game has become to big for just one man. It was extremely exciting to get something new every 2 weeks(even if minor), and with the new schedule once a month seems like to much of a gap in time, People will loose interest and I have personally seen it with Youtubers especially(Ex.Kubz use to put out Yandere Myths like every other day, now were lucky if its once a month, theres not enough new content to keep peoples attention). In my own opinion, I feel like he needs to finish Osana, then get more help from tiny build. It took a year+ to do Osana and if it takes that long to do each rival then the game will be dead before it is finished, and I don’t really want that to happen.

    • I’ve been wondering about that too. He partnered with TinyBuild in February or March and I haven’t heard much from either of them since. I’m wondering what TinyBuild is doing to help him out.
      It’s a noble effort trying to build such an intricate game by himself but he deserves to let other people help.

    • YandereDev knows he needs more assistance with his game, however, he planned to figure that out after he launches the crowd funding campaign. The reason he hasn’t done the campaign yet is because he wanted to be able to show off an actual prototype game to get people’s interest to actually donate, which meant he needed his first rival so people can test the game to see if they really want to invest in the future development of yan sim. So, after Osana is complete, all necessary roles and npcs are implemented, and there’s an actual way to win and lose, then he will launch a crowd funding campaign to receive more help on the game, as, a few years for each rival is definitely not the ideal time for this game to improve.
      This doesn’t mean the game will be done in like, a year or two however, my guess is yansim won’t be done before 2020. But hey, games take time.

  9. Hi there Yandere dev. So I just wanted to say please do whatever works for you. You are the developer and you need to do what makes sense for your vision. Many times that is going to mean ignoring what people tell you to do. Most people have no idea how hard game design is and how hard crafting quality videos are. I love your updates but please stay true to your vision. I say this because looking through the games history I agree with your design decisions as opposed to the people who provided”advice”on what direction for you to go (an example are the people who did not like the tuft horns you had before that did a great job making Yandere-chan stand out) Thank you do much for your hard work!

  10. For a while I’ve been losing interest in the game and it’s development. It was because of these forced videos and forced schedule. I was almost angry that these fillers were mostly made because you felt that you needed to keep making new content to appease the fans. I hated that, and when I clicked on the development blog a few days ago, seeing this article, I was disgusted and disappointed. However, I only saw the title “Where’s the update” before clicking off. I didn’t give the post a chance because I believed it’d be another blog explaining how you were working hard but everything is harder now and stuff. It took almost a week for me to click back on, and it was in the idea that I’d complain about how things were going. I was angry again, and about to just scroll down and comment, not reading the article. But I took a second, stopping and thinking it through. I’m ashamed to admit that I almost complain on something I knew nothing about, especially after I had read it. But now that I have, I’m no longer angry at all. This addressed exactly what I’d been frustrated at for so long. And I’m relieved. I love this game. It’s so unique and we get to see it become bigger and better. I don’t want to lose interest in it. So please, follow through on this. Don’t force out videos, don’t scramble to get teasers and fillers done. Because after a while, fillers get boring, and annoying. It kills the game. Those are my thoughts anyways. Good job and good luck 🙂

  11. Waiting for videos on the 1st or 15th day is actually making my month an enjoyable month. The thrilling awaiting when it’s finally the day of you uploading something is making my day become more exciting because I enjoy your videos regardless of the context. I’m a bit sad you decided to break the tradition because I won’t hear from you a lot more, but if it’s right for you, then do it! I will wait the articles instead. Good luck.

    • I relate. It sounds really stupid when I say it, but not getting updates consistently makes me feel kind of lonely! Haha
      But I guess you can’t rush perfection, right? Great things take time. I’m very impatient but I don’t want to be the kind of fan that is a jerk about it. I understand and respect YanDev’s feelings since he’s the one slaving away on it. I know literally nothing about how video game building works, even though both of my roommates are video game design majors!

  12. I think it’s a bad idea to stop posting videos. By doing this you are keeping your fan base waiting and u may lose alot of fans. You seem to be very bothered by some negative feedback about some of your “forced” videos. U always strive to do nothing wrong but, no one is perfect. No one blames you for making not so good choices and we are happy to help you make yandere simulator a better game. Also, In one of your videos, u mentioned that there are Alot of things and background stories that u have yet to reveal. When There isn’t any new updates, u can talk about that. Alot of us love hearing about the background stories. I am one of those people. If you are going to take away the videos that I enjoy and only post updates once in a while, I might stop being a fan. JK I would never but I am really upset that u plan to stop making those videos. Please just continue. I know you don’t actually feel that the videos are forced. Also, if you want to stop working on the videos because you want to spend time working on the game, please understand that no one is giving u a deadline on when yandere sim has to be out by. Maybe some people pressure you to faster develop the game but more people are fine with you taking ur time. Just relax and make videos. Thx

  13. Take your time yandere dev! We can wait awhile for another build! and don’t stress yourself out about making videos all the time! You really deserve a break from all of it for awhile! Just get done what you wanna get done! And Also make sure to give yourself time to enjoy life! And also, I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! and Hopefully you have a wonderful christmas to come!!

  14. hi I just want to say good luck with your next update I know is going to be amazing i wish you the best of luck promise us that you’ll take good care of yourself and relax every once in a while i know you’ll do an amazing job because your very smart hard working and loyal and motivated i wish you the best of luck keep doing what you love and never give no mater what we all have your back yandere dev we all want you to be happy and healthy

  15. I’m sorry, but I think that you’ll lose a lot of fans in regard of your decision. Think about that wisely, before the worst happens and your work go down the toilet. Have a nice day. ♥

    • I’m a fan no matter what, but this update is going over a month late!
      I kept an eye on the timer and it keeps changing to an extra day! Must be a critical issue or something…
      Hurry up Yan-dev, you are at risk of losing fans now, If the game became unpopular, I cannot think what happens next! (Let the game live despite of your choices)

      • Wow OK congrats if ur a “true fan” but let me remind u that most of his fan base are fans because of his videos and the person ur saying isn’t a true fan has a valid point.

  16. This is like, the third time you’ve told us this dude, it’s chill. Just keep us updated every month, no vid necessary, just a ‘hey dw still working on shit, here’s some stuff I’ve done’.

    But I’m really confused that people didn’t like the love sick idea. I loved it!

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  18. I like this. I feel it’s better if you focus on just working on the game. As long as you give maybe a short update of how things are going on like working on door mechanisms or retexturing items or whatever, because it’s always nice to have a heads up of how things are going even if there’s no cool, new features. I’d be perfectly content with just waiting for the video to show up whenever you have cool stuff and the blog posts will help people still feel engaged. On the whole Lovesick thing, I’d feel the best way to handle Yandere Simulator (personal opinion) is to call it Lovesick so people treat it seriously and not like a simulator. Some of the easter eggs that are currently implemented could stay, as long as they don’t interfere with gameplay (ones that could not work are the Undertale one or Ebola one as that would obviously make the game too easy). The other easter eggs could be implemented in a little extra mode similar to how we have the assassination mode and the planned 1980s mode, that could work similar to the main game but with randomly generated rivals instead. That way people don’t feel that Yandere Simulator is just a meme game, but people who enjoy the easter eggs can still enjoy them and mess around.

    • Spitting the game into two modes would also make it feel kind of disjointed to me because technically the ending depends on how you play it as Ayano can go the peaceful route and simply befriend or matchmake all her rivals and then it’d feel really silly.

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