Making Senpai Reject A Love Confession In Yandere Simulator

At 34 minutes and 45 seconds long, this is definitely the most lengthy video I’ve ever made!

There are some obvious animation mistakes, some of the writing feels a little “cringey”, and I can’t really show off the gameplay I’m imagining until after the school has more students (and the “Mysterious Obstacle” character), but I hope that this video communicates the general idea of my plans for the Rejection method. If there’s anything about this video that underwhelms you, please rest assured that everything you see here will be polished and improved before it’s finally released to the public.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

216 thoughts on “Making Senpai Reject A Love Confession In Yandere Simulator

    • And keep the fandom waiting even longer without anything big to keep them entertained with the game?
      I agree with that he deserves a break, but he shouldn’t leave the fandom with nothing to be entertained by in the game, he doesnt want people to lose interest.

  1. do you really have to ruin ALL of the events!? could you maybe ruin 4 or just lower her reputation thru gossip, not enought to kill her?

    • I think that’s a good idea. Think of it like this, people have an overall reputation, but some people really dislike them and some don’t, so there’s a second personal reputation that goes by a person by person basis. Let’s say a ruined senpai event is worth -20 because -100 is a senpai rejection and there are 5 events. Maybe you’re only able to sabatauge 3 events lowering personal senpai rep to -60 But you also reveal her big secret (which is -50 for kokona, so let’s stick with that) combined that would lower her rep with senpai to -110 without putting her in danger of killing herself, which some players might not want to do, especially when -100 is rejection but -101 is suicide.

  2. What if the player had to specifically talk to Osana to get the recordings to edit? That sounds like a more interesting sabotage.

  3. I just thought of something that would be super cool , I think, and it would unlock special interactions.

    What if, after you befriend a rival by solving one of their problems for them, such as Kokona, each rival could grant you a special perk on subsequent weeks assuming you keep them alive as well. An example would be:

    If you befriend Osana, she can grant you a perk where almost anytime in the course of the day, you can ask her to distract someone but she will distract them for much longer than a regular person.
    If you befriend Amai , she can help you make a special dish once a day that will drastically increase your reputation more than the dishes you normally make.
    If you befriend Kizana, she can help you with your acting skills which can boost your social interactions effects more OR you can ask her to make a scene in a certain part of the school, using her popularity, and reduce the amount of potential witnesses in an area.
    If you befriend Oka, she can teach you more on how to be stealthy since the occult club isn’t really noticed or, if Yandere dev wants to keep this in the game, grant you a special demon perk once a week.
    If you befriend Asu, she can help you train up your physical fitness to run faster or fight with a lot more ease.
    If you befriend Mida, you can call on her possibly a few times in a week to distract the teachers for a long time by holding a long impromptu meeting during class time. She would substitute another teacher for the days you ask her to by preventing them from coming or if you kill a teacher, she comes back as the substitute until the week is over and a new teacher is hired.
    If you befriend Muja, you can ask her to keep an injured student, not killed, in the infirmary for a while or convince her to call in a specific student and keep the, there for a long time. While they are there, you can ask Muja to leave and you can… spend time with your new victim by either killing or kidnapping by tying them up, as shown by Yanderedev a while ago. She would follow the same rule as Mida where she only comes when the school nurse is killed and substitutes her for the rest of the week.
    If you befriend Osoro, you can convince her to use her goons to do certain tasks that would help dispose of bodies such as you putting body parts in bags and asking her goons to all take the various bags out to the incinerator or they can be used as distractions or potential bullying of a specific student and the delinquents will listen to you regardless of reputation.
    If you befriend Hanako, you can convince her to distract Senpai by taking him to a specific part of the school during certain points of the day. This eliminates the threat of an instant game over if you want to do something suspicious but he is in the way. In addition, she can tell you what specific types of gifts you can give to Senpai to increase his sanity more than usual and he might like his secret admirer more.
    Although Megami is the last character and there probably won’t be game play after her, a perk she could give you is helping you to confess to Senpai. Seeing as she is so popular, she can call a school meeting in the Hall and distract absolutely everyone while you have no obstacles in your way to gain Senpais love or do specific things that could draw attention. This of course is if there is any game play after Megami at all.

    Another thought I had was there could be a special cutscene if you befriend them all. Everyone could be at Yandere chans house when they are older and Yandere chan would have the greatest set up for a happy ending. Osana can still be Senpais friend, he would be happy. Amai could be a world class chef, letting all the rivals and Yandere chan and Senpai eat free, Kizana is a world star actress and gladly gives the gang doors to the acting world, Oka could run her own shop for paranormal things and is a big hit and give spiritual protection to the whole gang, Asu could be a world class athlete and gives the gang chances to go to matches and practices for free if they want, Mida becomes the principal of a school and offers free tuition for the gangs children, Muja owns a hospital and offers free health care for them, Osoro becomes a leader of the Yakuza which she reforms into keeping people safe (Maybe as a result of befriending Osoro) and gives protection to the gang, Hanako would be studying at a university or teaching at a school and Senpai will be really happy she is still alive and finally, Megami now owns her father’s company which is growing exponentially and ensures that Yandere chan and Senpai will never face financial troubles and live very wealthy.

    I was thinking this can be a cutscene with only the rivals and yandere chan and they give the “Cutscene perks” only to Yandere chan or to everyone as well simply because they could be seen as people who helped Yan Chan.

    That was an idea that I think would be really cool to add so I just explained everything to get my full message across. Keep up the awesome work Yandere Dev!

    It would be cool if befriending rivals gave you certain perks and a special cutscene.

    • Though I like your idea of perks from friendship (It’s just like real life to be honest), your ending about all of them being happy is both to sappy for a yandere simulator and highly unlikely/unrealistic considering this is Yandere-Chan we’re dealing with. Yandere’s are dangerous thanks in part to psychosis, unhindered agency (they do what they want,humanity be damned), and lastly paranoia. After these girls came close to her prized treasure what’s to ensure that they won’t try again or that Senpai wouldn’t abandon you and fall for them? It almost happened once. So the best solution after you get the perks you need would be to use that friendship to get their guard down and tie off some lose ends/ finish them all of to make sure they never have the chance to try again. It’s the kind of psychotic,paranoid, and amoral action that would make sense for a Yandere, don’t you think? Once the tolls have fulfilled their use (the girls gave her perks) dispose of them.

      It’s more fitting with that she kills them all as a “Just to make sure” measure than to have your happy-fluffy-slice-of-life-ending but your perk idea is spot on. I can only hope Yandere-Dev would see either of our suggestions and consider it

      • Actually letting them live is already guaranteed that you won’t kill them anymore for any reason. You just want to have an excuse for her to kill because that would “fit a yandere” don’t you? YandereDev’s Yandere-chan is already different from the normal definition of a Yandere so it’s normal for this Yandere-chan no not follow her mother’s footsteps.

      • After thinking about it, a really happy ending like that would kind of seem unrealistic but I think there would be a solution that could satisfy both ideas.

        What if this cutscene only plays if you befriend at least one to all of the student rivals (the teacher rivals would be very strange here) so hypothetically, one of the possible scenarios would be:
        All the rivals were befriended and after Megami Saikou, all the rivals decide to surprise Yan-Chan at her house as a collective thank you for helping them such as, if Osana took the compensated dating storyline, then she would give an update on her story. and thank Yan-Chan once again
        The rivals simply come and thank her and hangout because they were befriended.
        At some or other point of the cutscene, Yandere-Chan can leave them for a while to maybe go to her room and have a monologue of the paranoia aspect you mentioned, not fully believing they will stay away from Senpai, there can be an option much like the befriend/betrayal scene where you can choose to eliminate them all or keep them alive. If you let them live they can offer to help set up the perfect scenario for your confession. Alternatively, if you eliminate them, Yandere-Chan will see it as finally nothing can get in her way and she has a successful confession cutscene.

        I think it can fit in with multiple interpretations of a Yandere and it offers people a dynamic option of how they want their ending.

        Student rivals visit Yan-Chan much like the befriend/ betrayal cutscene and from there they can either be spared or eliminated.

      • if she befriends them, she could use them as a pawn. If Taro thinks of cheating, he may tell Osana. She’d point out how much his wife dotes on him and not to be a dummy.That and when she starts to feel again, she would be less.. ‘murdery’ I know some narcissists like to cut people off from family and friends without death too.. so a..’happily?’ ever after is possible.

    • Mida Rana and Muja Kina will leave the school once their week ends so those perks are not possible. But I like the idea of previous rivals giving Yandere-chan a prize for not killing them to use for dealing with future rivals.

  4. As always, I totally support whatever it is you feel you need to do to make this game “right.” If that means a vacation, you’ve by all means earned it. If I were to say what I personally wanted to see added soonest, that “Snap” option is driving me completely nuts.

    As for the video itself, I’m really impressed at how much work you’ve put into this, and how much progress you’ve made. The one thing that was bugging me the whole time is how *stereotypically* Tsundere Osana is. I’m sure you have stuff to do with that (like your mystery obstacle), but it’s a bit of feedback I wanted to give.

  5. You’re not lazy Yanderedev, and you deserve a vacation! Maybe you could take a couple of weeks off in December to celebrate christmas and new years? Anyway, I loved watching all the cutscenes, and I am super curious about the mystery character. So far I’m starting to think that Osana has a twin sister and that she was actually senpai’s childhood friend? I dunno, I’ll just wait until the character is implented

  6. Take a break, spend the next few weeks after the break working on fun little things as a breather, and for the love of god switch to monthly updates instead of bi-weekly; you’re going to end up dead working like this. Mission mode is fun and modders exist, everyone except the truly unpleasable top 1% of the fandom will understand and have fun with what we already have, just keep us in the loop and throw us things to speculate over once in a while because speculation is half the fun. Thank you for your time and Take A Break

    Anyone who strongly disagrees with this post, calm down, get a snack, do something else fun like read or watch a movie and play a different video game for a bit and then, if you come back still mad enough over this post in particular to necro the comments thread, you just might be the worst 1%

    Don’t bookmark this page, calming down isn’t letting me win, it’s letting yourself feel better, and you deserve to feel a little bit better

  7. ((If you guys have some extra free time then read this xd ))


    Take a break Yanderedev ! Not only do you deserve it but you need it . If you don’t and with how things are right now. You’re only going to feel more stressed and pressured and obviously that’s no good at all. Inspiration & motivation are the essential key into developing a good outcome but you wouldn’t be able to achieve that if you don’t rest . Soon you’ll just feel like you’re just programming the game because you have to or because you can’t let anyone down BUT NO that shouldn’t be your main reason as to why you’re doing this. Remember that you developed this game because it was fun, because the process of doing it and seeing it’s great outcome was fun. Just as you mentioned even the little things were fun, not only to you but to us fans as well. And believe me, if those “fans” keep telling you otherwise and that you should do this and that because its your “job” as the game developer then those aren’t your true nor real fans. Remember now, fans support whoever they’re a fan of and right now seeing those kinds of people asking too much from you, barely taking into consideration how you’re doing..screw them !! From the beginning we knew this is a debug game where you’re testing out things on your own, implementing what you liked and all. And we SUPPORTED that. Why? Because we love what you’re giving us, in fact we’re thankful and everyone who enjoys this game should be.

    I hope the “fans” out there realize that Yanderedev is working on the majority things here alone (( with other great people supporting him )) and don’t tell him AGAIN to get a secretary or another developer because no that’s not going to help at all as he already explained to us and honestly I agree with what he said so I don’t get why other people are forcing that idea on him when he keeps explaining why it wont be beneficial to anyone at all. If you guys really want more from this game then just try to take a step back and TRUST Yanderedev, he knows what he’s doing. After all he’s the one bringing us great surprises and all. He’s been doing so much for us so why can’t we do the same for him. Trust him by letting him be and to let him do whatever he wants (( he isn’t just the Yandere Simulator developer, he’s a human being like us gosh )), comment something nice on his page to cheer him on like “You can do it !!” or a simple “Thank you !” to him.
    Why again? Well tbh most of the exciting things we received from him came from him enjoying the process of doing it himself. If Yanderedev didn’t enjoy creating this game (( which may happen if people keeps pressuring him )) we wouldn’t get any exciting outcomes because the result of doing something solely for the sake of doing and the result of doing something because you want to/ you love it are very very different.

    So once again to end this, thank you Yanderedev and to everyone else supporting him :)) even to the fans behind the screens here, whenever you can, please give a moment of your time to send a supporting message to Yanderedev, even a tiny one could make a big difference xd

    • No, we shouldn’t spend our time sending a supportive message. He doesn’t have time to read it and you might be encouraging people to start sending emails to him again and blow up his email with a bunch of people telling him how much they love the game. Bad idea. (the general concept is a nice thing to say, though)

  8. I think that the “mystery person” Yanderedev has been referring to could be Osana’s influence… A brother or a sister of some kind, or her other childhood friend.

    Good job on the progress, Yanderedev, they’re pretty clever 👍

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  11. (Wednesday event) But what if Yandere-chan steals Osana’s phone, but then she kills someone and takes a picture of a corpse with Osana’s phone? So Senpai will think Osana’s a murderer (or has an Evil personality type) and stops hanging out with her for the rest of the week?

    • “Part of the budo club”… Sorry, this is unintentionally hilarious.
      So many people ARE part of the Budo Club (yes I know you meant the Karate Club). While it would present a new way to play, it’d also take far too long for Ayano to get anywhere close to proficient enough to kill her rivals with (though the general ethos of karate is only use to defend yourself or those that cannot defend themselves, never kill).

      I personally don’t want the game to feel like a “dress up Ayano” game in between stabbings.

  12. WAIT! How about instead of sabotaging Osana’s phone pictures, Osana LEADS Senpai to the place. That place would respectively have a double door, and you could sabotage it by putting water on top of the doors, and dumping Senpai with it, angering him. The location of the place would come from gossip maybe? Like the topic system, that day, you get to know different places around school from students, and then play the suitor game with Osana, but instead, you’re asking her about the various spots around school! And if you get it, she will like say: “That’s it! How did you know?”. She could even hint about it.

  13. I still think the mysterious character maybe the yakuza or possibly the person from the fighting club, no not Budo the other one from her past. Its just my theory.

      • I think there should be an achievement in th game for eliminating Megami on the last dog of the last week, but also getting away with the murders of every other rival (By that point you would have eliminated hem via non-lethal methods such as matchmaking)

        The achievement would be called “Cutting it close”.

      • +Canada
        Last dog? I think you mean last day. But grammar aside, it’s a good idea for an achievement.

        I have an idea of my own: Eliminate all your rivals non-lethally (better to befriend them) and after you get Senpai you successfully kill them all..

        It would be called “Killing Up Loose Ends” or “All guts, No Worry” or something like that

  14. I have a problem. Before you said that if a girl confess her love under the cherry tree, the boy will GUARANTEE to accept. But in this elimination method, the result contradicts the saying. I have a suggestion. I think it would be better if you set up a “filter” so that maybe senpai would not go to the cherry tree if this elimination method is correctly executed. Or maybe you could just change guarantee into have a higher chance in the saying

    • He said it was a myth that most students believe. A myth is not true, it’s like the myth of the 7 years of misfortune if you break a mirror, it’s wrong. So the guy does not have to accept the request if he is not in love.

      • A myth to a believer is a fact. They don’t realise that it is a myth. If they find out the myth is fake, they would stop believing in the myth. In the point of view of the students, their purpose of confessing under the cherry tree is to have a guarantee accept. So why would anyone continue to confess under the cherry tree even it make no difference? Personally, it feels redundant and scripted. It feels like the soul purpose of the act is to restrict when the rival confesses to senpai.

      • Correction. I am ok with the cherry tree trope. I mistyped my previous statement. What I meant is: If the rejection elimination method is correctly executed, but future rivals still confess under the cherry tree, then it feels redundant and scripted.

  15. I don’t want to give you pressure (I think that is how you say it, I don’t know) but if the Female Senpai is implemented, the dialogues would be redone or just the confession will be changed a little?

    Sorry if my english isn’t good :/

    • There’s been a lot of speculation about that very thing ever since the goal of the same was revealed along with the set of rivals. Some people even had ideas.

      One was that it’d be a simple character swap and some new lines. That wouldn’t really work. *
      Another was to just gender-flip the whole system but that’s a heap more work. New sprites, new dialog, new VAs. **
      The other option that was discussed was allowing a simple choice on startup – Is Yan a boy or girl, and what gender is your senpai?
      There was one final option: Bugger it all and remove the senpai gender choice on game startup.

      Option three seems like the preferred one but it’s also a metric arsetonne of work.

      At the moment they’re not implemented (Easter eggs don’t count), but Yandere-kun and female senpai have images on the cast list.
      I’m wondering, however, as the Male Senpai is named Taro, what’s the Female Senpai’s name?

      * Also, not many of those that responded seemed to welcome the easy way.
      ** Gender-flipping would essentially deprive people of the experience of a homosexually-oriented Yandere.

    • Or what, you life-threatening Chibi Internet Girl? 🙂
      I´m also not excited by waiting, but nagging will not do anything.
      Also… My Comment will not do anything against the nagging, so why I´m doing this at all…? @-@”

  16. Hello YandereDev, can you further add an Sociology subject in several classes, study points in January 2018 Update & Sociology room please.

    Add Math Club in the same update please… Plus, Math subject to solve numbers up for Japanese students to Akademi High School please. Thanks.

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