Hey! Where’s the video?!

I’m very sorry that my next video is so late!

Over the past year, there have been several times when I was extremely dissatisfied with how a video turned out, but I uploaded it anyway, because I don’t want to keep the fanbase waiting. Predictably, those videos received a negative reaction from the fans. If only I had taken the time to revise those videos – adjust the script, clarify my intentions, elaborate further – I could have avoided a lot of backlash and drama.

The more time I spend working on my latest video, the more apparent its flaws are becoming. I feel like I can already predict exactly what kind of criticism this video going to attract. I feel a lot of pressure to upload a video as soon as possible, but I really do NOT want to drop the ball with this video, since it’s covering most of the work I’ve done on Osana over the past year, and I don’t want that work to have been a waste.

This video is about the “Rejection” elimination method – sabotaging a rival’s interactions with Senpai until he hates her and ultimately rejects her love confession. All of the animations are implemented, all of the events are functional, everything’s working perfectly…but I can’t accurately depict my vision for what it’s like to eliminate a rival until several more features are in the game. Because those features are still missing, I worry that the “Rejection” method is going to seem underwhelming, no matter what kind of video I make about it.

I know that I could make a much cooler “Rejection” video if I had a few more weeks / months to add several more features to the game, but I’ve already kept the fanbase waiting for quite a long time, and I feel like it’s no longer acceptable for me to say “please wait just a little longer”.

Although I don’t intend to keep you waiting for weeks or months, I do want to take a day or two to revise this video; I want to re-write some parts of the narration that sound awkward, put more emphasis on what is supposed to be cool and fun about the Rejection method, and most importantly, take some time to clarify the fact that the game is currently missing some of the features I need in order to paint an accurate image of what the Rejection method is really going to be like.

Once again, I’m very sorry that the next video is taking me so long to make. In short, I don’t feel satisfied with it yet, and I really, really don’t want to drop the ball with this video, so I’m going to take another day – or two, or three if necessary – to make sure that I won’t regret anything about it.

148 thoughts on “Hey! Where’s the video?!

  1. Yandere Deve don’t worry and take you time. I don’t understand those who can’t wait a day and it upsets me that you’re put under pressure due them. Just take the time you need to feel satisfied with how you made your video even thou I always liked your past videos already. That’s all I can say, take your time and don’t feel under pressure by those who can’t wait a minute and check the blog every hour of the day just for a update.
    You can do it!

  2. Don’t worry about it! Do what you think is best for the video and the game. I’m sure it will end up looking as you envision it (-^w^-)

  3. Upload the video on the 10th, cause that’s my birthday, lol. Seriously though, I understand what you’re saying. We’ve stuck by you for a year, for Osana, we can wait a few more days, or until you get it the way you want.

  4. At this point, people have been used to waiting longer but for better content, that I don’t think anyone but annoying tweens honestly care!

    There are always the initial petty complaints, but that’s natural. The overwhelming praise comes next. You must avoid the temptation of providing short-term satisfaction in order to push these away, because it’s not impossible to forsee that enthusiasm for Yandere Simulator would dim in favour of rushed videos.

    I feel (and many would too) that the videos are just as important at presenting the game as the game’s premise and gameplay are, especially at this point in development.

  5. Yandere Dev, please take your time. You have said Osana will be done on this date and this date but Osana still isn’t finished. That might piss some people off but you’re a game developer and you are creating artwork. You can’t rush your art work or else it won’t be as perfect. You want to make sure that everything is functional and I get it and i’m pretty sure that most of us get it.. except those few people that don’t understand shit about how long it takes to create a game. Rushed games aren’t that good so please take your time. We all can wait a few more days.

  6. Take your time! No rush.:) We all love the older builds, just the way we like it. Don’t hesitate or worry, cause we’ll wait! Change, fix, and upload anything you want, Yandere-Dev! Just take note that you are not in a hurry. Thank you!

  7. Yandere dev no importa tomate tu tiempo asi tengas que sacar a osana en el 2020 , Solo asegurate que sea perfecta y que represente la calidad del juego final =3

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  10. amazing update but could you add a way to get out of love sick mode and its really upsetting me how i cant play yandere simulator

  11. Frankly, it’s bad enough ya get sidetracked with just getting the game out with all the videos, but now delaying videos over the same distractions over getting the game towards final beta….

    I’ll be long dead and in the ground before I ever see a final beta, and the planet itself will be burned up long before an actual final release.

  12. Yanderedev, Yanderedev! I found a really good fanfiction!! Here’s the link to the main website, you have to scroll down a bit, but yeah. littlekittiesbooks.wordpress.com

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