October 18th Bug-Fixing Build

None of the bugs that have been reported lately were super-critical game-breaking bugs, but I still wanted to upload a new build with all the latest fixes just so that nobody spends their time reporting bugs that have already been fixed!

This is the part of the blog post where I show off some really cool fan art – but today I’d like to do something different and show you a funny fan comic by MissElixir!

I hope you liked it as much as I did! Now click “Continue Reading” to view a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build:

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Removed debug functionality for spawning a student using the spacebar. (It was added for one purpose and was meant to be deleted after fulfilling that purpose.)
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to pickpocket the nurse while the nurse was moving, if the nurse was distracted by a radio at the time.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the camera to freeze in place if the player backed out of the menu for selecting a mind-broken slave’s target.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the nurse’s keys to disappear if the player incinerated the nurse after making the nurse drop her keys.
  • Students will now consider it suspicious when the player is carrying a trashcan or a garbage bag outside of “Cleaning Time”.
  • Fixed bug that would make “running” footstep sound effects play when the player held down the run button near Senpai.
  • The death of a teacher now has a more significant effect on school atmosphere than the death of a student.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the nurse’s portrait from appearing in the student info list or profile screen.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Oka to perform her “shy” animation even when as a mind-broken slave.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a faculty member’s “Missing Person” poster to float in the air.
  • The Headmaster will now react when Yandere-chan approaches him holding a severed limb.
  • Students and teachers will now ignore radios and giggles when classtime is active.

118 thoughts on “October 18th Bug-Fixing Build

    • I am 98% confident that this person is indeed trolling. But then again most trolls set up more convoluted baits so maybe he’s comment is indeed so simple that it is sincere. Though I quite doubt it.

  1. There are many errors in the things you have said, not to mention grammatically.

    First of all, YandereDev is not lazy at all. Even when he does not have the assets for Osana, he still diligently works on the game to fix bugs.

    Secondly, a slob is someone who is ‘lazy and has low standards of cleanliness.’ I have already gone over the ‘YandereDev isn’t lazy’ point, and you have no proof over his standards of cleanliness.

    Thirdly, if you want the game to progress, you should not tell YandereDev to kill himself.

    Not to mention the millions of grammar errors.
    Thank you for listening.

  2. Can you just delete it? You are retarded so don’t call him a name which describes you. And no, I’m not insulting you. I’m describing you. And I know these words are meant to be a joke, but there, they mean what they should mean. Do you even know what netiquette is? I don’t think so. And you know what I think? You are just a young boy or girl which don’t know anything about his work and just want somebody yo notice you. You need your family’s help, not relieving your stress and anger on people in internet.

  3. code a game with the exact same quality and make sure you start with Javascript and Unity 4, and make sure you do better. you can only switch to C# and Unity 5 after 3 years of game development.

    otherwise, you’re exactly what you commented and you can go off and get swallowed by the ground forever and be forgotten by the world ^_^

  4. If you hate him so much, then you shouldn’t play the game he worked so hard on. I think it’s amazing how much he works on small details and fixing glitches. So or you wait or you can just stop playing this awesome game. I think that if you say these awful things to people, you’re everything you called him above.

  5. How cute someone thinks their words matter lol
    Look kid, its great you want attention and all, but you throwing a tantrum isnt going yo help your small brain xD

  6. Oh my gosh its so funny Really no Joke…I wonder if Info Chan never leaves that room and she only eats snacks in there?

    Will Rival Chan still be in the Game when Osana is 100% in the Game Please Keep Rival Chan she’s my Favorite and she looks like Agitha from Twilight Princess and what she’ll look like as a teen.

  7. The game has more to it than Osana and to think that the only thing to work on makes you seem quite ignorant. If you want to make a sloppy game that only has a few features and, has those features not work go right ahead. Coding takes a lot of work, effort, time, experience and, most importantly education. So please for everyone’s sake educate yourself so you don’t seem like an incompetent fool.

  8. The game won’t open for me, but I was able to play it before. I can still play it on my laptop (win 8) but not my desktop (10). I wasn’t sure if this was important enough to bother with an email

  9. Mine Gamer, Ok… Firstly calm down. Secondly you make some of the worst arguments ever. Yandere Dev is not lazy. It has been proven multiple times before that works really hard on Yandere Sim. Also he IS working on Osana if he wasn’t how would she be 99% finished? Also the reason Osana is taking so long to be finished is because Yandere Dev wants her to be a good and difficult rival. Do you really want Osana to be a buggy mess? Probably not. Also i love how you insult the people that prove you wrong.

  10. I bet you are a cringey child who just wants attention. Tinybuild are just taking baby steps for now and later they will do much more significant progress. Osana is almost ready, she just needs some more polish. There is much more than Osana to be added like the missing posters in the new build. The game is close to a demo, please be patient. And don’t tell Yandere Dev to kill him self if you want Osana to be finished. How about you make a game with Unity 4 and JavaScript 3 years later, switch to Unity 5 and CSharp. You’ll understand the dev’s struggles. I’ll give you one week to make a AAA game how does that sound? Also, don’t assume Yandere Dev is a emotionless robot that sits on a chair all day every day looking close in a computer screen. He is human and he needs vacations. Just because Tinybuild is working with Yandere Dev, it doesn’t mean he has millions of dollars to toss around and the entire game will be finished in one day. You don’t understand how game development works, do you child? Watch this video since you don’t look at his Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLw9Ym49HnE Good-for-nothing child. You can reply to me and call me whatever names all you want, but I will still point out every flaw in yourself. Just go back in the corner crying to your mommy now child. Goodbye.

  11. Ah no, now I can’t kill my favorite student during class time with nobody noticing! Nice work, though! It never made too much sense to be able to lure a student in the middle of class. You’ve really done a lot with this game!

  12. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS OF FUTURE OSANA INTERACTIONs and Gives a Status on Osana!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [For all people who think the Dev is Lazy!]

    First of all i wanted to tell you, even when the dev in your oppinion isnt doing his work, you dont have to insult him, since that solves no Problems, it just results in People being angry on you!

    Also, i will tell you the Progress on Osana Right now!
    Almost All assets that are required to add Osana into the game are done! about 96 % by now!
    This is what the dev worked on this year until now!:
    Monday Morning Event
    Monday Before School Event,
    Monday PhoneCall
    Fan Elemination
    Monday Lunchtime Event
    Monday Pool Event
    Tuesday Morning Event
    Tuesday Lunchtime Event
    Tuesday Afternoon Event
    WalkToSchool Conversations between Senpai and Osana!
    Wednesday Morning Event
    Wednesday Lunchtime / AfterClass Event
    Wednesday Afternoon Event
    Thursday Morning Event
    Thursday AfterClass Event
    Thursday AfterSchool Event
    Osana Splash Reactions.
    Osana LosePhone Reactions,
    Osana LosePhone Routine Change!,
    Osana Confession Preperations, (She puts a Letter into Senpais Locker on Friday! And goes to the Cherry Tree, means he is preparing the Confession!)
    Osanas New BaseModel!
    Osana got a New Idle Animation.
    Osana got a Walking Animation.
    the time between Monday and Tuesday was almost 4 Months long! or even longer, but after that!
    he finished every Event day in a 15 Day Base!
    Now, What does that mean:

    Osana isnt the only thing that needs to be done in the Demo, there are many things like: Nurse, Counselor, All PlaceHolder Assets replaced, Snap Mode, FPS stablilisations, etc. just recently he finished the Nurse!

    The Important Note:

    He cant work on Osana when he hasnt got all Assets for the Confession yet!
    He said its almost done, and i guess, it might already be done by now! (the Assets!)
    And He is working really Hard! I know him on Discord and i only see him working in Unity in unity etc!
    What will Yandere dev do after he implemented the Confession:

    – He will start Working on the Obstacle.
    after that on All of Kokonas Elemination Methods applying to Osana!

    -Some Side Notes!
    The Events took soo long, since he didnt had “Template Code” for all Events, for example, the Phone event might be Easy, but the other Events are Unique! and Different, it requires new Systems, which will have bugs, and the good thing is, Yandere dev already fixed the majority of Bugs on Osanas Events!
    Osana is very very far in development and is getting near the Finishing her Off state, since, some Stuff that is planned, wont take 2 Months to implement! Like the Osana Death Reaction! Or the Elemination Methods From Kokona to Osana, its mostly just changing Animations, Locations, Subtitles and VoicedLines! since Kokona had the Majority of Eleminations already!
    Then there are some planned Elemination Methods that will get Implement when he has all the assets for it.
    The only 2 Big things that might take a little bit longer, are:
    Befriend Betray Cutscene!
    and the Matchmaking elemination Method, but i guess it just needs some rework, but most of the Matchmaking Elemination is already done for Kokona!
    Then a Short Part is Changing Student Routines, which falls into the Category Polishing.
    Then only Some stuff that is Related for the Demo needs to be added, and the Demo should be ready!

    –YandereDev isnt Lazy!
    Some People think, he is lazy cause of the Slow Progress of Osana, But, most people are missunderstanding, that:

    “Yandere Dev makes tons of Progress on Osana!, BUT HE ALSO HAS TO WORK ON IMPROVEMENTS that ALSO

    She is 1 of MANY CRITERIAS of the DEMO!!

    I hope, you now know the current status of Osana, and are statisfied with it, Sometimes, i can understand that its wierd that it takes soooo long, but the Demo is the Gameplay that will make the Player decide if they BUY the Game or DONT! Means, she needs to make People Extremely Excited for the Full Game!
    And I know, every Osana Event and im collecting Osana Informations for a VERY long time now, im working with Osana Almost every free time i have! So for sure, i can say that he Is making GREAT Progress on Osana, or do you want a Osana that is Buggy doesnt work etc? I dont think soo.. You may ignore it, or write some Comment under this Comment But, i just wanted to tell you that ITS not the Way you think!


  13. Mine Gamer – You wanna talk about working on Osana? Fine, I Try to play you’re game. Imagine this – in the game you’re like (That is still in Beta/Alpha), there isn’t a Cool Boss. The Author of the project say The Cool Boss WILL BE in the game, but before that, the testers say that they want The Cool Boss, like, right now. So, The Author give up and throw EVERYTHING else away, and start making The Cool Boss. And now 2 things can happen:
    A) The Cool Boss IS in the game but they’re glitchy as hell.
    B) The Cool Boss in some magical way isn’t glitchy. works perfect, but like 95% other things in game just doesn’t work or is half-maked.
    Something like that can happen if Yan-Dev will start working only on Osana.
    For now Osana is making, yes, in the background. One day Yan-Dev will show us our Cool Boss, but now the only way is waiting.
    [And if We are REALLY lucky maybe we get Osana on the next month. Maybe.]

  14. After I kill my rival using another rival after I’ve tortured her and brought her to school, etc. it gets to the part where yandere stalks SenPai and then gets stuck, nothing happens and can’t get past that screen so you know.

  15. I hope the new update you can finish with Osana and add Kizana like Oka ruto, because she’s there but her week is too far ahahaha it woulb be nice see almost all the rivals with out their weeks, you know, just for have some fun kill them

    • It would be but I think when Osana is added he will be removing Oka Ruto from the game because it would be like you are playing the actrul game.. The club assent would be taking over until oka has return to school on her week..

  16. “Fixed bug that would cause the nurse’s keys to disappear if the player incinerated the nurse after making the nurse drop her keys”
    How the fuck did anyone ever find out that or more like, what the hell were they trying to accomplish?

  17. you don’t happen to be referring to the one who didn’t provide “criticism”, but instead “unnecessary hate” right? Yandev deleted that comment and hence the thread was deleted as well, so if your comment was there, it’s only natural it was deleted too. i commented against that person and my comment was deleted too so.

    True Criticism is constructive, sensual, and does not use hate words. it uses words that determine the problem of the product, giving insight on the matter, and giving suggestions to improve it. if this critic blog you refer to has that kind of comments, then it is a critic blog, but if it’s only full of hate words and nonsensical statements (like i have mentioned earlier), then it is a hate blog and NOT a critic blog.

    unless, you’re talking about a different comment or person or scenario entirely which i did not see or which was not in this blog? in which case, please ignore the above statements 🙂

  18. It’s not his job to play parent over what his fanbase does. Not himself who’s doing it. If some of his fanbase choose to be cancer online then that’s not in any way connected to what yan dev does.

    Nope this proves you’re an idiot and lack any kind of common sense. SMH

    • I was there when those comments were posted and it was just hate. If someone posted hate on my blog I have the right to delete it because it is my blog. I dont know how you run your blogs or whatever you use, but to let that stuff slide puts a bad image on you and just instigates hate.

  19. Sam Adams, I’m gonna assume you’re talking about that Mine Gamer guy from like two days ago. They weren’t giving any criticism to Yandere Dev They were just blindly hating on him for no reason. And from what i have seen none of the responses were too bad or offensive in any way. Most of them were pretty tame with the insults. I’m pretty sure the person who posted that hate comment wouldn’t have gotten any backlash if they had given actual criticism and not just blindly insulted Yandere Dev. Also Yandere Dev has every right to remove that comment. I would agree with you if he had removed a comment that gave real constructive criticism. But the comment was just straight up hate.
    Again i’m just assuming you’re talking about the comment from Mine Gamer. But if you’re not then please ignore what i’ve said.

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