Further Thoughts Regarding LoveSick Mode (and a new build)

Yesterday, I proposed an idea for Yandere Sim: allowing the player to choose the game’s presentation. You can experience the game as a “cute dating sim gone wrong” with an atmosphere that is dependent on the player’s actions, or as a straight-up horror game with a dark and serious atmosphere.

I proposed this concept because I was seeking a way to satisfy the people who were displeased with the game’s current presentation. Over the past 24 hours, I’ve been listening to feedback regarding this feature, and the verdict is almost unanimous: it’s not a good idea.

I’m hearing a lot of people say that they fell in love with the game specifically because it combines dark subject matter with a cutesy anime exterior. I’m also hearing people say that, if I give the player with the option of completely changing the game’s presentation, then the game’s concept loses its strength and charm. It sounds like I’m saying, “I’m not confident in my vision for the game…you might not like my vision for the game…here’s an alternative…s-sorry…”

I think it was a terrible idea to present LoveSick Mode as an independent game that co-exists alongside Yandere Simulator. That’s not what it is; it’s a command that recolors the interface, desaturates the environment, and darkens the lighting. If anything, I should have presented it as “Edgy Mode”, a grimdark easter egg, instead of presenting it as an alternative way to experience the game.

Starting now, in the build of the game that I just uploaded a few minutes ago, the player is no longer presented with the option of playing either “Yandere Simulator” or playing “LoveSick”, as if the two of them were separate games. The player can press “L” at the title screen to activate LoveSick Mode and see what the game would look like with a grim, dark, edgy vibe, but it should not be regarded as a separate “game”.

My vision for the game is still exactly as I described in the first 3 minutes of the video; an innocent dating sim that is cutesy by default, and only develops a dark atmosphere if the player deliberately makes it that way by consistently pursuing violence. The next 4-and-a-half minutes of the video only succeeded at sending mixed messages regarding my intentions for the game, and for that, I deeply regret uploading that video.

I’ve received a number of questions about LoveSick Mode, and I’d like to address those inquiries below:

If you change the game’s title to “LoveSick”, will you change the game’s atmosphere and presentation?

No, and I really regret the fact that I didn’t make this clear in the video. I want to keep the “dating sim gone wrong” vibe, no matter what the game’s title is. If drop the name “Yandere Simulator” and start using the name “LoveSick”, this doesn’t mean that anything else about the game needs to change. We can still keep the game’s current atmosphere, interface, presentation, etc.

I definitely should have chosen a different name for “LoveSick Mode” so that people wouldn’t presume that changing the game’s title to “LoveSick” would also involve changing the game’s presentation to be dark and edgy.

Won’t the game’s development go by super slowly, if you’re developing two games simultaneously?

LoveSick Mode isn’t a separate game; it’s just a different coat of paint. I simply wrote a script that automatically changes the color of all text boxes / text labels; I didn’t have to change every aspect of the interface manually. The rest of LoveSick Mode – film grain, darker fog, and desaturated colors – was achieved using scripts that already existed. Almost no “new” work was done in order to create LoveSick Mode.

I don’t intend to spend very much time expanding LoveSick Mode beyond its current state, so you don’t have to worry about it eating up development time from this point forward.

Are you going to abandon the current title screen for the LoveSick title screen?

No, although I do have plans to make the title screen much more dynamic than it currently is. Ever since the very beginning of the game’s development, I have always wanted the game’s title screen to reflect the player’s actions. For example: If you play the game in a pacifistic manner, there would never be anything creepy or morbid at the title screen. If you begin to kill people, then corpses would begin to appear at the title screen, and the atmosphere would begin to darken. If you kill Osana with fire, then you’d see Osana’s charred corpse at the title screen.

The LoveSick title screen represents the darkest that the Yandere Simulator title screen could possibly get, if the player has been murdering dozens of people throughout the game.

The only good thing about LoveSick Mode is the new Senpai Creation Screen. Can this become a part of Yandere Simulator?

Sure. No problem.

Anything else?

I’ve prepared a new build of the game. Click “Continue Reading” to learn what’s different in this build.

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Because everyone unanimously agrees that LoveSick’s Senpai creation screen is objectively superior to the previous Senpai creation screen, the default Senpai creation screen is now a pink version of the LoveSick Senpai creation screen.
  • Adjusted the settings for the “Rim Light Test” that is accessed by pressing the “R” key at the Settings menu. If you weren’t satisfied with how it looked before, try it again!
  • From now on, if the game is desaturated (because of low school atmosphere or LoveSick mode) the colors will temporarily return when Yandere-chan walks near Senpai.
  • Fixed bug that would cause LoveSick Mode to deactivate when the player chose “Restart Week” at the Heartbroken screen or the Calendar screen.
  • There is no more “Yandere Simulator or LoveSick?” screen. Now, the only way to activate LoveSick Mode is to press “L” at the title screen.
  • Fixed bug in the Senpai creation screen that could cause the camera to remain permanently zoomed in on Senpai’s face.
  • Removed the “gentle eyes for Mai Waifu” feature, since it could cause her character model to deform in strange ways.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Musume’s face to have a different skin color than the rest of her body in LoveSick Mode.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to bump into “Place Bug” triggers as if they were physical objects.
  • Moved a few bugs to more discreet spots. (There are 10 bug spots in total, have you found them all?)
  • Fixed bug that would prevent male Social Butterflies from being able to react to murder.
  • All Occult Club boys are now Cowards, except for Daku Atsu, who is now a Teacher’s Pet.
  • The player will now hear a voice clip from Info-chan when setting a bug.

In Closing

Over the course of the game’s development, I am going to propose a lot of ideas. Some of these proposals are not going to work out. When this happens, please understand that pitching ideas, getting feedback, and ditching bad ideas is just part of game development. This isn’t the first time that I’ve made a proposal that was unanimously rejected, and it probably won’t be the last time, either. (Fortunately, this sort of thing only happens about once a year.)

I try to do my best to satisfy as many people as possible, but I’m not perfect. Sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I drop the ball. When I fail, please try to be understanding. You might feel disappointed when I suggest an idea that you don’t like, but try to remember that when I let down 1.6 million people, nobody is more disappointed than me.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator.

173 thoughts on “Further Thoughts Regarding LoveSick Mode (and a new build)

  1. It’s not that I don’t like LoveSick mode, I just think that it’s always been in the game since the atmosphere gets darker depending on your actions. Plus I think that the current look and feel is perfect for the game, and the pinkish atmosphere doesn’t make the game feel less serious than it is.

  2. Yeah I don’t think making 2 versions is a good idea. A game is a game, be confident with your plans. If you want to satisfy everyone, you might as well make like 10 versions of the game or something, it’s just not gonna happen.
    I’m fine with changing the name of the game, people will get used to the new name. I think it might not even be necessary to add the yandere sim subtitle.
    btw, I hate the dark school atmosphere. It just makes everything hard to see and less colorful. It annoys me. If you can change the way the school atmosphere changes, it would be better. Maybe don’t make dark atmosphere completely colorless, but instead use less bright colors or colder colors on everything would be better. I’m thinking about how some horror games make creepy atmospheres but I realize that those horror games I know are 3D, and yandere sim is 2D, the mechanics are very different. But this makes me think of an anime: Tokyo Ghoul. This anime is a little bloody and always have a dark atmosphere to it compared to some girly love story animes. Maybe taking a look at its scenes would help.
    I’m sorry if I’m being too picky. But overall I love this game and I think you did a great job. I appreciate all your work for this game. I really look forward to see a complete version of it. Keep up the good work! You have all your fans’ support.

  3. Thank you for hearing us, YandereDev. Though I liked LoveSick and Yandere Simulator were separated, as you said, LoveSick is just a different coat of paint. I also want to thank you for developing this game with so much commitment and dedication

  4. Honestly, this is only my opinion, but I’ve never thought that the cutesy kind of look was less of a serious vibe. I still take the game seriously, regardless of the atmosphere. I think that the atmosphere has- if anything- given almost a more serious feel to the game.

    I may sound stupid saying this, but the game almost reflects real life. I mean, not the yandere aspect (it’s more of an anime thing), but the overall premise of the game is like some of the crazy things I’ve heard and read in the news. I’ve heard about murders that have happened in high schools, student on student, I’ve heard about horrible things that happen in the most cheery and generally light-hearted places. Not that this game is based on real life, but with that statement, I think that with something it can kind of relate to in real life, that gives it this layer of seriousness to it.

    I’m sure that statement is stupid, but I really wanted to say that. I’ve been following the development of Yandere Simulator (Possibly soon Lovesick!) for a long time. I can’t pinpoint the exact time I first found out about this game, but I think it was about a bit more than two years ago. My point is, I’m very happy with what you’ve done with this game, and I’m so excited for Osana and other future updates.

    I’m going to finish this up by saying, thank you so much for creating this game in general, and honestly, I was waiting for a game this demented (in a good way!), so thanks for that. 🙂

  5. I often find the strangely common ‘Word: Two More’ style of naming to be really obnoxious (Beyond: Two Souls, Horizon: Zero Dawn), but I really like the sound of LoveSick: Yandere Simulator. Keep both names. It sounds the best, and it’s best for marketing purposes.

  6. I still like the idea of the “dark mode”, and I’m glad you clarified it for people who didn’t realize it was an easter egg. But like I said in my youtube comment, I think it would be an AWESOME unlockable game+ mode if you kill all 10 rivals in the original play through once the real game comes out. ^^ You are awesome and so is Lovesick: Yandere Simulator. I look forward to buying it and getting stuck half way through because I’m such an epic fail as a gamer XD

  7. tbh yandev, can you stop catering to your 12 year old fans and just like, make and finish the game? its been so long since you started development that ive actually grown apart and reconnected with an old friend of mine that i played old builds of yansimulator with. just fuckign :fist: do it

  8. Ugh I’m so sorry that I’m not even focusing on the main point but personally the character models don’t remind me of high school kids. I get junior high vibes. They’re somewhat stubby and thick. Just my personal thought. I’d imagine more slender builds and the guys being just a little taller than the females. I know it would be a lot of work to implement entirely new character models. I’m just saying that I neither get a cute anime vibe, nor older high school kids vibe. They remind me of robots because they’re very dead like and stiff animations. I don’t mean to sound rude or to come off as aggressive.

    • You are right
      But YandereDev already made a video about this subject, he wasn’t satisfy with the characters’ models. I think he is planning to change them but I don’t know if it’s really going to happen and when

    • Yeah. I think after he gets some money from his crowd funding campaign, he should seriously start to consider new models like he said he wanted to. The models look unnatural and are hard to take seriously. It would take a lot of work, but it would be good for him, considering his models are ones anyone can buy.

  9. In my opinion, the only things that make the game less serious are the glitch and the easter eggs, That’s all ! Everything else are perfectly fine

  10. I really appreciate your attitude in these posts; you respond so positively to people’s complaints, where many developers would respond by getting angry or bitter. It matters a lot to me that you are so dedicated to making sure you produce something that people appreciate.

  11. I love all aspects of the game. Its a great game. In my opinion, lovesick mode would be a great idea. In my second opinion, having one or more of the characters crushing on yan-chan would make the game a little more challenging, because the “character” would have a crush on Ayano, but Ayano loves Senpai, so maybe you could make it so the “character” follows Ayano everywhere during their free time, and only have them not following her during lunch. Then, on at lunch on Wednesday of week 4, have them ask her if she wants to eat lunch with them and have the option to say “yes” or “no”.

    Yes option:
    ~Sure. I would be happy to eat lunch with you.
    ~Maybe some other time (Characters name). How about next week, on Tuesday?
    No option:
    ~Not right now (characters name), I’m busy.
    ~Today’s really not the best time, sorry!

    Then depending on what the player chose, the “character” would be happy/sad/confused/frustrated, and would have lines to match their emotions, and if the player and “character” made plans to eat say, next Tuesday, the “character” would meet Ayano on the rooftop for lunch. If the player did not meet the “character” for lunch, then the “character” would say “Hmm, I wonder whats taking her so long…” or
    “Where is she?”.

    Happy lines:
    ~Great! Thanks Ayano/Yan-Chan
    ~Alright, sounds good.
    Sad lines:
    ~Oh, okay, I’m sorry I bothered you…
    ~Um.. Sorry for bothering you…
    Confused lines:
    ~If you don’t mind me asking, busy with what?
    ~O-okay, would you mind telling me what time? On Tuesday, at 1:00? Okay, sounds great!
    Frustrated lines:
    ~(Character walks away) Damn.. O-oh well, I’ll get her next time.
    ~(Player walks away) Crap.. I forgot she was busy… (Character walks away)

    Then, while the player/character walks away, have the option to dump or trip and fall and pour water/gasoline/blood on the current rival, which forces them to go to the change room and change. When their in the change room, have the option to electrocute them, drown them in the bathtub, burn them, ext. After you’ve killed the current rival, depending on how you’ve killed him/her, clean up the mess (blood, corpses, weapons, ext.) and then go back to class. Then on your way home, have a cut scene where the “character” that has a crush on the player, runs up to them and asks to walk them home. Then the player is able to say “yes”,”no”, or bike home. Then they reach their home, and go to sleep.

    Those are just some of my examples, I’m happy with the way LOVESICK and Yandere Simulator looks already, but it would be a great idea to changes their models to be more realistic/animated. I like to use the Easter eggs, but some people don’t, so having the option to customize the games settings like that to your satisfaction sounds like a great idea.

  12. Hooray! I had a feeling I wasn’t the only one keen on two seprate modes.
    I don’t know why but it just didn’t feel right to me. My fiancee even said he liked the game the way it was. I felt that way too “Cute dating sim gone wrong”. Yeah! I’m glad to see you understood that.
    Keep doing your best Yanderedev!!!!

  13. While I think the changes you made were a good idea, I think maybe LoveSick Mode should be an unlockable.
    If anyone agrees with me, you should suggest it too, and maybe add your own ideas to this idea!

  14. I like the current build of the game.. I like both modes if the game….. but I feel there should be a third version. One that is both Love Sick and Yandere simulator. Basically the refined version of the game. Where easter eggs and debugs are disabled. I guess what I’m proposing is a story mode. But that’s just my opinion.

  15. I think it would be nice if you can look around on the view what is on senpai’s creation screen. Very difficult to see how he looks like from behind and from the right! Hope you see this comment^^

  16. Honestly i think Yandere Dev should make the LoveSick mode some kind of “Hard” mode! Like when you complete the game you unlock LoveSick mode and the game is waaay harder than the normal version!

  17. Hey Yandere Dev check this game out:”Yandere School” by “Tea & Cake Games”,Release Date: 1 Sep, 2017.
    I don’t know if you have to do anything with it but it liiks somehow familiar,to familiar if you catch my drift.

  18. You know Dev…..a lot of the times when you make a video…..there ends up being a lot of misunderstandings and then have to make another video or blog post to clarify those misunderstandings, and most of the time those misunderstandings stem from “ideas” that you suddenly get excited about but then don’t manage to explain very well (probably precisely because it’s just an “idea” and you haven’t thought it through very well, like killing a kitten to throw off the police dogs, or having Yandere-chan fight hand to hand with the yakuza).

    Perhaps it would be better if instead of trying to jump the shark and making videos of ideas, you saved them up, slept on them plenty, found some good examples to explain. I understand that you need to make videos to keep interest and keep your patrons (let’s not lie, if interest died then the money would also be making an exit). So maybe find something else to make videos about, maybe make a video about you watching your first YT videos and commenting on it, comment on other characters, comment on some of the artists that have helped you.

    tl;dr – I’m tired of half-baked ideas and you’re only stressing yourself with them.

  19. I really apreciate Yandere Simulator since I’ve heard about it by an famous youtuber here in Brazil. For me, maybe after “almost finish develop the game” you can do Love Sick Mode like an extra mode to players who “beat” the game murdering people and something like that.

    Love Yandere Simulator atmosphere. Keep good work!

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  21. YandereDev I can’t play lovesick and I did update the game can you help me if you can I don’t know if it’s a bug or not

  22. I’ve just seen your Video and i’d like to make some directional changes while the Styleisation is still in the Planing Phase, and since you don’t realy want so see suggestions … in your E-Mails atleast (I can be very wrong but hey atleast i go on full sureness) i do it here:
    As you said in the Video you suggested it to be essentialy part of the Starting- or Gameoptions, i did a barebone basis and here it is.

    In case of Looks there should be some settings wich are “On/Off” and all of them maybe imply to a “Visual Health” score. The Higher the score the heavier the visual impact and sanity impact it is for Yandere-Chan (Ayano correct?), this will also result in “Being more Accepted” and with that Reputation Damage. Over time the score itself is getting slower the more “Physicaly Hurting” things are done and only certain actions can essentialy replenish that “Visual Health” score to a “Normal” level.

    In Case of Normal Mechanics there should be a “Sense of Reality” score. The Higher the Score the Harder things get, yet also the more “Impactful” so lets say Learning gets more “Harder” (If you add a Minigame for that) but the Later impact is higher too. This could also provide the need for better timeing but the reward is also higher like more Info or entirely new Events/”Quests” etc.

    In Case of Mental Mechanics there should be a “Mental Health” score. The Score is made out of the Sumup (Not actual addition but some more complex math) of the 2 Scores above “Visual Health” & “Sense of Reality” plus some additional Options. These Options include the overall style (In sense of a “Background Darkness” “Story Darkness” “[Other Ideas Here]” Meters) wich directly affect Yandere-Chan.

    The Impact of Each of the Score should differ but directly Impact the Game, its Npc’s and the Protagonist. So Romumors, Style, Music, Gameplay, etc. should be affected. Here are some Examples:

    Happy Datesim, Yandere Simulator (Current name) with Girly Colors, easy Gameplay (pretty much Tutorial) with super Low Scores.

    Normal Visual Novel, Yandere Simulator (Current name) somehwhat “Realistic” colorsceme, Medium Gameplay Difficulty with “Avarage Scores”

    Mental Horror Game, Yandere Simulator (Current name) dark colorsceme, Hard Gameplay with High Scores.

    NOTE: The Styles themself should still change so 0 Kills (…,etc.) means it still looks nice while lets say 30-50 kills (…,etc.) does view the Style and gameplay in a somewhat more Disturbing or Horror matter/sense.

  23. To dear yandere dev and all yan fans here in comment section…i want to talk about something… besides Im really glad to see the game return to its original look not in splited in two mods or diverses … as well as Im sorry for making yandere dev feels guilty and embarrased for such situation….I have an opinion to make the game more serious , as we know…yandere sim is a game about a “cute date” gone wrong because of a background characters who is secretly taking effective actions in order to eliminate the current girl interracting to the main character… the fact is that the protoganist is a person who is ready to do terrible things while hiding in a picture of a cute calm innocent anime school girl but in real she may be a monster as the player choose… the game’s atmosphere,visuals ,NPCs animations,and audios is affected in a way to reflect the player’s mind …I think that we all are fond of this concept …and satisfied with the progress of this idea and the game’s developpement…but it seems like the problem is the idea of a “cute dating sim gone wrong” is a tad …cuter then expected …the bright admoshere and all that pink and white …it might be cool but it’s too exagerated …cuter than serious…we don’t want to delet the scope of a cute date vibes …but why it have to be that cute : pink and white;bright corners;peacfull grounds etc…i have a suggestion:why don’t we replace the cute love date to a cute MATURE love date like the persona 5 style !a catherine’s style!A teenager date! The way persona’s environnement looks , the music played , and the dark serious matured admosphere …not too edgy and dark as a horror game with creepy horrofying admoshere but a serious matured anime style …
    Let me explain some adjustement that can make yandere sim cooler than cuter,serious than funny and dark not edgy:
    _ persona 5 ‘s school is not that bright
    …it is more dark,calm,serious,shadowed but peacfull …academy high school is cute bright and girly just like natsuiro high school or any ECCHI games…we should try to darken them like the way of catherine game …maybe the corridores floor is not fitting …the Brown,yellow and squary things!the environnement must be like persona
    _ persona’s background music sounds serious …the vibe of a mature teenager school , yandere sim background music , especially the morning peacfull music is too soft like a lullaby …it make an impression of a house for dolls or an emty beach …
    _ pink and white give the impression of a cute girlish childish game espectially for new players who wanted to try the game for the first time ; they will say: nope !this is one of those anime girl games where you custom and spend time making relationships whith others …yuuuk!
    However, persona 5 uses red and black colores to introduce the concept of fighting demons…we already uses this color dérivation in lovesick mode and it looked too edgy and horrofying …as the dev suggested …the dark blue and magenta …this will give the vibe of a matured serious game …if a new player suggested to try the game for the first time: wow what’s this?? Lovesick yandere simulator…so stylish…so interesting …amazing …what a good gameplay mechanics and it really suits the color derivations …wow …the game concept is actually affected if I spread horror and fears by killing driving suicide and etc.. there is also a sad memorial service and students reaction !….and the dark blue and the magenta acually change into red and black…wow thecknology!!!! ….that’s a serious game
    _ the interraction between senpai and rival girls is an important part of the game as players can sabotage them…rival girls from osana najimi,the senpai’s childhood friend to megami saikou the girl of the famous saikou family and the heroin of the school
    are hyper cool…and as we can see,dialogues between senpai and osana are satisfying and the design of sabotaging abilities is excellent…changing the pink and white and the bright and peacfull to mature serious and calm will give the impression of a mature teenager love than cute adorable boy and girl love…
    _ the characters models will be changed in the future …certainly after the crawed funding campain…that is after achiveing some other game mechanics…they will not take so long some of them needs just some animation like cleaning and swimming…hopefully the future models will be as stylish as expected…yandere dev is a professional person and he will ensure that the models are as stylish and good as tokyo mirage sessions,persona 5 , catherine ,blue reflection and others …the nessecary to make student looks like young adults,tall and young …mabye like the character’s profil style in the official site …senpai looks way too tall ,young and handsome…not like a middle school boy or ellementary student as the current character…hopefull not like the current aoi modell…back to what i said…
    But flexible to make the essential face expressions and the stylised bodies like anime…something that will satisfiye every little details ….personaly i hope that they will express exagerated faces and powerfull emotions like scary faces if ayano was insanly mental harmed
    _ hopefully, yandere dev will add some stylish visuals for the end of the day sequences…we hope that they will be expressive powerfull and impressive…mabye it will be a visual novel style or some animated pictures with high qualities like a danganronpa games
    _ finally a suggetion: senpai will be mentaly affected and that will affect the nature of endings…if senpai’s sanity will be seriously harmed and you want to express that , you can have it in the end of the day sequance …like: the police discovered the body of osana najimi poisened on the rooftop infront of senpai who was deeply crying…morrning his best friend death…the police didn’t find any weapons or suspesious items…the police investigated with all the student …ayano aishi was one of the innocent ones…the police investigated with senpai …the police office’s psychiatric SAWS senpai’s condition and did consult him…after knowing he was incredibly shocked and mentaly harmed…he allowes him to go home after being moved and humanly touched (we expect a high quallity image for that)
    _ the lovesick cutscene for the title menue is so cool and give the impression of a seriouse game …if the game was driven to a very edgy admoshere then it defenility should be played…hopefully,yan chan’s face will be more satisfying with a deep scary and powerfull expressive face that whisper of death also, the game must spawn another version of it the calm cute version;like yan chan huging a doll of her senpai in the cornor; the lower admosphere version…the horrofying admoshere and this
    _please do not make the memes,debug menues and silly joke names in the final product because it will not be serious… or make it into a free mode where you can’t win and there are no story lines if it is already famous and populare and removing them will reduce popularity
    We don’t intend to copy persona 5 but yandere simulator is in progress and ut need a refference to some sort of thing…persona 5 is not the only game with that style…catherine also has that style
    …. thx for reading and being intrested in what i did mentioned …i hope the dev see this and reply to me …please reply you too
    Soeey for the bad english.😁..devpai notice me 😗😗😗

  24. guys that yandere school game isnt a copy. just because the main character is a yandere doesnt mean the creator copied yandere simulator. it doesnt even use the same characters or models.

  25. Look at those photos of yandere chan in persona 5’s art style! I loved them…actually I heard that yandereDev decided that in this point in time he is intending to work on making the character models more apealing then replacing them …probebly because it is too popular now especially in devianart and others… but it will be so difficult but almist impossible to make powerfully expressive exagerated faces but if those eyes replaces the old ones which are not flexible
    …it will probebly open the possebiliy of making some expressive faces just like persona,catherine,danganronpa or something else

    If he will keep them right niw, I want them to possede those persona eyes and apearence …it will change nothing from the current artstyle it remains almost identical
    But we would prefer to make there body more like this

    Or else …please see them

  26. I actually like the idea of LoveSick mode itself, but I completely understand why people were against it due to the way it was presented. It sounded like you were trying to appease everyone by making 2 different games (I know it would still mechanically be the same game, but LoveSick was presented as a completely different way to experience the game visually/thematically, and if you really were willing/able to swap out all the art with more realistic stuff then at that point it would be a completely different game). If people aren’t into the “anime dating sim gone wrong” aesthetic, then this game simply isn’t for them, and making the game darker isn’t likely to change that. All you can really do is make the game you want to make, make it a good game and hope people who ARE into the “anime dating sim gone wrong” enjoy it.

    In any case, I still like the idea of LoveSick mode (and perhaps it could be merged with some sort of “Hardcore” mode, where the game is significantly more difficult), but I don’t think it should be a menu option you have access to at the very beginning. I think it should either be more of an easter egg (like what it currently is) or it should be unlocked after beating the game, or after, say, killing every student, or something like that.

  27. What if garden club members are environmentally friendly, and if you drop a cab in front of them, they pick it up and put it in the garbage?

  28. Why not have an options menu where things could be toggled independently? I’d like to get rid of the debug mode, memes and easter eggs but keep the cute theme… or maybe go to the dark theme but keep the memes and easter eggs but not the debug mode.

  29. I know this is a bit of an old update but I actually really like the mod to LoveSick mode. I have a suggestion though: Rename the game to LoveSick: Yandere Simulator, name the cutesy skin “Love” mode and the horror skin “Sick” mode. What do you think?

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