A video that covers three subjects, and a significant update

After many months of minor updates, I think I’ve finally got a build that constitutes a “major update”! But, before I write out a list of everything that is new and different in the latest build, I’d like to share my most recent video with you.

This video covers three subjects:

  • Clarifying two statements I made in January of 2016
  • Revisiting the subject of re-naming the game to “LoveSick”
  • Proposing alternate ways to earn favors from Info-chan, besides panty shots

Please check it out:


“LoveSick Mode” and the ability to plant bugs around school are not the only additions to the latest build; there’s much more! Please click “Continue reading” to see what I’ve managed to accomplish.


For a long time, many people have informed me that it’s impossible to completely remove all traces of blood from a crime scene unless you’re using special cleaning chemicals. Because this is one of the most popular suggestions, I decided to implement it and see if it’s a significant improvement to gameplay.

In short, I’ve added bottles of bleach to the game, and you will now have to pour a bottle of bleach into a bucket of water and dip a mop into that water before you can begin sweeping the floor with that mop.

First Step Toward Unique Eye Shapes

I’m sure you’ve noticed this by now, but all of the female characters in Yandere Simulator have the same face. If it was easy to give everyone a unique face, I would have done it years ago – but there are complications that make it quite difficult to do so, and so I haven’t spent any time trying to rectify the matter…until now.

I recently tried out an experiment to see if it was a valid way to give a character a different face – and it worked! Mai Waifu is now the first character to have a face that is unique from the rest of the cast. Here’s a before-and-after animation:

This is really exciting for me, since it’s first step towards achieving my dream of making sure that every rival has a unique and distinct face! Actually, now that I have “face-changing tech”, I could theoretically give every character a unique face…but it’s not my highest priority right now, so it will probably have to wait.

New Lines For Senpai

When Senpai notices Yandere-chan acting creepy in his general vicinity, he comments on her behavior. I’ve heard a lot of people tell me that Senpai’s remarks make him sound rude and unfriendly. After hearing this feedback from a lot of people over a long period of time, I decided that it would ultimately be a good idea to give him some new voiced lines. In the latest build, you’ll hear much different remarks from Senpai when he spots Yandere-chan being a weirdo.

His new lines were designed to make him sound like a friendly person who is concerned/worried about Yandere-chan, but also becoming scared of her. I hope that these new lines make Senpai a bit more likeable!

Reactions from Male Students

In January of 2016, I programmed female characters to react when Yandere-chan pointed a camera at them…but I never programmed male characters to do the same thing, since I lacked the animations. Over the past week, I finally received “camera react” animations for male students – and now, you can see male students react when Yandere-chan aims a camera at them!

Additionally, all female camera reaction animations have been updated to be much smoother. I hope you think they’re a big improvement!

LoveSick Mode

I covered all of the details in the video at the top of this blog post, so I won’t say much about it here, but you can now choose to play a “dark and serious” version of the game, if you’re not satisfied with the game’s current look-and-feel, or if you just want to try something new to spice things up a bit.

I hope you enjoy it!

Planting Bugs

In terms of gameplay functionality, it’s extremely simple and bare-bones, but this is something that a lot of people have been waiting for for a long time; an alternative to taking panty shots. The player can now plant covert listening devices in pre-determined spots in order to help Info-chan gather secrets and blackmail. I hope to greatly expand upon this feature in the future!

If you tally up all of the changes in this build, there are 30 changes in total; that might be the most changes in any one build of the game! I’ll separate the changes into two categories; gameplay-related, and student-related.

Gameplay-related Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Added Bleach to the game. You can pour bleach into a bucket full of water. To clean a surface with a mop, you will first have to dip the mop into a bucket with bleached water.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan from being able to speak to a student after giving them the command to distract another student, and then splashing them with water.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the push-student-off-roof animation from playing if a witness screamed as the victim was being pushed off the roof.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the ritual knife’s fire effect to activate when stabbing someone with the knife after talking to the Pain Demon.
  • Fixed bug that was causing half of a girl’s collarbone to turn black if the player tried to give her black stockings.
  • Open the “Settings” menu and press the “R” key to activate an experimental “Rim Light” effect on all the characters.
  • Changed the button interface for the Photo Gallery in Yandere-chan’s smartphone and also for her corkboard at home.
  • Fixed bug that allowed Yandere-chan to use the “Offer Help” command while she was covered in blood or insane.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing girls’ stockings from showing up properly on certain school uniforms.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to get a student locked in the “noticing loud radio” state.
  • Added the first-draft version of “LoveSick Mode”, a more “dark and serious” version of the game.
  • Fixed bug that was allowing the player to clip into the doorways at the entrance of the school.
  • Students no longer emit “speech visual effects” when a camera is pointed at their faces.
  • Restored Kokona’s Wednesday bathroom event (a bug was preventing it from activating).
  • Changed the way that Info-chan is lit in the Mission Mode scene.
  • Removed redundant button prompts from the Pass Time screen.
  • Fixed bugs with the “pouring bucket of water” animations.
  • Replaced the old “Hatred Mode” hairstyle with a new one.
  • Restored blood pools back to their previous appearance.
  • Added the Yakuza to the website’s Characters page.
  • Added one new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.

Changes related to students and student behavior

  • Mai Waifu will now spawn with eyes that are shaped differently from the rest of the cast. (This only works when she is wearing the default school uniform.)
  • Students will now attack you if they see you holding the decapitated head of a loved one.
  • Senpai will now speak much different lines when Yandere-chan is creeping him out.
  • Male students will now react when Yandere-chan aims a camera at their faces.
  • Mei Mio and Ryusei Koki are now the game’s only “Teacher’s Pet” students.
  • Ryuto’s profile now contains a little more information about him.
  • All “camera reaction” animations are now much smoother.
  • Four of the “Rainbow Boys” are now Social Butterflies.
  • Haruto Yuto now has an “Evil” personality.
  • Mei Mio and Ryusei Koki now wear glasses.

Fanbook For Sale

There is one last thing I’d like to mention. A photographer named ZeroSerenity, working together with LiryuuCosplay, has created a Yandere Simulator “Fanbook” – it’s 400+ photographs of Liryuu cosplaying as Yandere-chan! If you’d like to buy it, it’s available at ZeroSerenity’s online store!

What’s Next?

I’m going to get back to work on Osana, of course! I’m very happy with the speed of my most recent progress; I finished implementing her Thursday event a few days ago! Now, all that remains is her Friday event, and then I can implement her confession cutscene! I’m very excited about this!

180 thoughts on “A video that covers three subjects, and a significant update

  1. People needed to have YandereDev explain that there’s a middle ground between nonsensical sillyfun and overserious grimdark? Goddammit, Internet…

  2. I think it is better to keep it cute… like Madoka Magica? all cute going dark.. Have it’s own feeling. Cute can be dark under and that’s awesome , to see the twisted inside of some cute and nice peoples minds.

  3. Please let’s not make the normal game sjw friendly and implement the good stuff into a second mode. If that’s the new drill I’m routing for keeping it at lovesick not add yansim mode for those underage whiteknights who shouldn’t be here anyway.

    • I don’t think that’s it. Yansim is more lighthearted (with PANTIES and memes). Lovesick is FAR from sjw friendly I’m sure lol I mean you are comitting murder for crying out loud XD

      • I’m aware you idiots can’t go a week without starting shit. Fyi no one can take this fanbase seriously so I leave it at just playing and don’t expect too much from here lmao. Good day

      • When I first looked at Lovesick honestly the title was terrifying with all the blood and bodies. But I am so excited to try both because I can have my cute yet dark game that I love and I can also have a purely dark and twisted game! (And yes I’m aware who my character is)

      • You can aswell find something appropriate for your age instead grinding about the blood or an adult game being – surprise – for adult. Maybe my little pony simulator fits you better

    • Yeah I don’t usually read the comments because as they say “never read the comments”. I’m sorry if you felt attacked by how I phrased my words I was just being silly. owo

      • Usual I don’t either because all I see here is

        I love yandev, take my babys..
        I’m triggered by a feature yandev just announced
        -> feature scrapped or we are getting the disney version

        Or oh somebody doesn’t agree with everything. Let’s all be toxic little fuckboys because the yansim fanbase hasn’t evolved this far to let a diffrent opinion coexist next to theirs. Nah they can’t, I sometimes wonder if I enter north korea when going on this page.

        Because it’s starting to feel familiar.

        If he doesn’t make a sign of life ye all get nervous. Seriously, can’t he might just be jerking off give this guy some time and personsal space away from this game.

        So as return the fanbase gifts him with complaining where osana is and calling him lazy. Or other bollocks drama. How about you guys doesn’t deserve shit, seriously. Start paying or go home. I wouldn’t work my ass off for a single individual of such people.

        Gotta go now, enjoying my weekend. I won’t read any further comments so spare yourself the energy snowflakes.

      • Yeah, I understand how you feel. I’ve felt frusterated about it myself. However, not letting it get to you and just staying calm and positive is the best thing you can do. There will always be toxic people you just have to avoid it or break the chain with kindness. That’s my goal at least. Don’t worry too much. Enjoy your day and make the most out of it. 🙂

  4. Honestly? Just keep lovesick and make the atmosphere not permanently dark, and you have an awesome setup for a game rebrand. The logo is cool, it’s a little more serious, and the character screen is even cooler. If you just get rid of the dark and bloody stuff and let the game unfold that way based on the players actions, I think me and a lot of players would hop right on board without issue

  5. Mai Waifu looks adorable with her new eyes! Congrats on discovering that!
    Hm, Idk if I feel comfortable with that model’s artbook though, it has nudes? o_o I-I mean I know Yandere simulator isn’t family friendly but…idk maybe I’m overthinking it too much…..it does look interesting.

  6. Yandev i think you are thinking too hard about ‘tone’.
    I’m going to point you at Metal Gear for a good tutorial on how to mix and match tones in story and cutscenes and tone in gameplay. You make the game how you want and sprinkle in stupidity for players to mess with. If people complain its their own fault for using it.

  7. pandinge to everyone at the same time… Yandere Dev, you should focus on making a game, not all the games.
    let the fans rule the design,and you will just ruin it all. no matter what you do haters will be haters, and someone will hate.
    this idea is like making a game that doesn’t know what it is,and can’t take a serious stands. if anything this will make me take the game less serious.
    posanly i think lovesick is a bad name, or rater, its a god name, but you already got a name everyone loves.and your game is real, changing the title wil not make it more real, in fact i felt that love sick had way more indie half ass game to it, than what you got right now witch is as seriously awesome game.
    dont be a fool Yandere Dev, dont break you back on a work load no one is asking for,don’t let the hater bully you to something.
    take a stands, show the world how a “real game” can have the name simulter in its titel. tthe haters are the minority, and they will always hate you, they are your enemys, we are the majority and we are your friends, and we love yerndersimulator. as a simulator.
    because you made that word mean something different than “half assed shit”
    please Yandere Dev take responsibility for the name, own up to the path you have walked down, make one or the other, not both.
    take the hate that will follow, because it will only be temporary. best regards form a true fan ❤

    • Could you, maybe, chill out??? It’s just a game. If he wants to make an alternative for one half, he can do that. Like you said, it IS his game. These suggestions are not from “haters”, they’re from people who are genuinely uncomfortable taking panty shots from underaged, high school characters and, while I can’t understand why it’s such a big deal, I can understand why it can be uncomfortable, especially since you’re raised in a society that, rightfully, looks down on this type of stuff. So the change is necessary, especially since this will get more people into the game.

  8. I dont wanna feel like I’m playing a slenderman game when I’m playing Yansim ! But I like the features in the “dark” mode. So it would be better to find something just in the middle.
    Also, “Yandere Simulator” is a part of our lives now SO PLEASE DONT CALL IT LOVESICK ;—-;

  9. thought: the game title start off cute, as the game progresses, it shifts slowly into a more dark and creepy atmosphere (depending on player action), and stays that way unless hard reset.
    i LOVE the look and feel of lovesick btw 😀

  10. YanDev, I think, instead of making yandere simulator and lovesick a different mode, it’d be better to make a story mode and a free mode. That way, the story mode (lovesick) can keep both the cute and dark atmosphere, like the yandere simulator we come to love, just without debug commands and silly “easter eggs”. While the free mode can be like the sandbox.

    To be honest, I fell in love with lovesick’s main menu, but if you remove all those cute elements, yandere simulator would lose it’s meaning. Yan is twisted and dere is tender, if both is not present, then it cannot be “yandere”.

    Perhaps you should check out Deep-Sea Prisoner’s games, stories, or website (funamusea.com). Their works are adorable and dark. Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea is totally recommended. Of course, if you have the time. No pressure, Devpai!

    That being said, it’s not a bad thing for wanting to satisfy your people, but you need to understand that it’s impossible to make everyone like your game. There will always be people who agree with you and people who disagree with you.

  11. I like the idea of some of the changes you made, but the whole “Yandere Simulator-Lovesick” mode change thing seems a little weird to me. I’ve never heard of a game doing that before, and I’m not sure it’s what’s good for Yandere Simulator. But that’s just my personal opinion.

  12. Yandere-dev, you’re the best. Don’t let fans dictate everything you do because you are a genius. Do whatever the flippity flappity flap you feel like will make the game better. Don’t kill artistic integrity for the masses. … Or ignore everything I said, because I am by extension a fan trying to dictate what you do. Eh!

    On a side note, I recently started college and have been panicking over it. Seeing a new Yandere Simulator/Lovesick video pop up in my feed instantly cheer me up. This game is what bloody gets me through my days so thank you!

  13. I don’t think that you should add Love Sick mode. Because players can play the entire game without using any of the debug or easter eggs if they want, and if they want to lower the atmosphere they can just go on a massive killing spree or something. (or use the debug command xP). The fact that some of the characters have names like “Mai Waifu” shows humor and creativity that the game has. Because the theme is already dark. Like you said the game can be as dark as you make it and I like that feature. Because schools don’t generally have a depressing atmosphere. In the intro to Love Sick you show a bunch of dead corpses in a hallway. But thats not what the game is about. Thats only ONE of the ways you can play the game. There are other ways to get rid of rivals. I feel like Love Sick just focuses on the dangerous, homicidal ways to get rid of rivals. And I don’t particularly think it is needed xP

  14. I think that Love Sick mode should be a secret mode that you unlock if you eliminate all your rivals lethally

  15. Pls don’t make it always dark, and some nonsensical what someone said earlier it’s mandatory to a videogame be a videogame, don’t take everything so literal to how to get away with murder

  16. Something’s been bugging me. Why wouldn’t Info-chan already have bugs everywhere in the school? If she has so much influence (at least that’s how I’ve always perceived her anyway), why would she need Ayano to find information like that? That being said, I really like the idea of blackmailing students. Finding the hints in the profile sounds like fun, and if you were stuck, Info-chan might contact you directly or something. It seems really fitting.

  17. I like everything about Lovesick mode except for the atmosphere part. I also prefer the blue and magenta scheme to red and black, as red and black can be quite cliche; red and black also has an extremely simplistic color symbolism, while blue and magenta is more interesting.

  18. You added bleach i see, a very dangerous and luqid in the game. O boy! I wonder how we can use it in future!
    No siriosly, make rival drink it quite sinister way to kill… and i like it

  19. This is amazing YanDev love it! AND HARUTO IS EVIL NOW OMG YES!!!! Now if Daku becomes evil too I will loose it cause I want him to be lol. I love the new animations for the boys and girls. As far as the color scheme for the Lovesick mode I think the magnet & dark blue is better cause black & red is too common & predictable. Magnet & dark blue isn’t expected for anything dark which would make it more unique.

  20. I feel like there isn’t enough support for the name ‘Lovesick’ in this comment section, so here I am!
    I think it’s a fantastic idea to rename it, and Lovesick seems to be the perfect name. Like you said, I think the best course of action to avoid shaking off the lighter fans who might not be able to find it anymore would be to have the subtitle, ‘Lovesick: A Yandere Simulator’.
    The name is just so perfect for the kind of game YS is, and I loathe the idea that people would throw away the game because ‘It’s just another jokey simulator game’. I really think a good thing for this game would be to rename it Lovesick and have the Yandere Simulator bit as a subtitle.

  21. The title screen for Lovesick mode is beyond badass, same as the senpai customization screen. But Yandere Simulator has an aesthetic. I think it works best as a dark game masking as a cute one. I really think instead of making two seperate modes, itd be best to find middle ground. But I still like Lovesick as an offical name.

  22. Hello I wanted to report a bug that I had to witness during the game playability. This is the bust of Mai Waifu. When the game begins, they lengthen to the point where they reach the source where Sempai sits. It also happens that only with the first uniform can be seen the new type of eyes of Mai Waifu, which means that the player has to be clinging to a single uniform in order to witness the new contents of the game. On the other hand, I liked the idea of ​​” Load Game ” I sincerely have been waiting for it for a long time. With regard to bleach, I think he wasted his time in designing it, since it only cleans it a little faster, but not impressively fast. This update is hardly worth playing. With all this time, I think that in this update should be already implemented Osana. Goodbye, and thank you for hearing my opinion.

  23. Super excited about the listening devices. Not only are they a great way to gain info for Info-chan but they potentially add ways to learn about your rivals, Senpai, and various members of the supporting cast (dark secrets, daily routines, sabotage opportunities, etc.)

  24. I find the LoveSick mode unnecessary since it seems like its there to satisfy the complaints of people who don’t realize that the game isn’t finished, and that everything they’re complaining about like debugs, easter eggs and the current character models are things that are not going to be in the final game. Like do they really believe that Yandere chan Falcon Punching everyone is really what Yandere dev was trying to create all along? People need to slow down and wait for the game to at least be in beta before they start making judgements.

    It also doesn’t make sense to have the entire game be dark when the idea was choosing between normal highschool girl with cute pink atmosphere and serial killer with the dark atmosphere, or anywhere in between depending on how the player chooses to play. Regular high schools aren’t dark and depressing and it doesn’t make sense for it to start that way when yandere chan hasn’t commited any crimes yet. Personally, I can’t take lovesick seriously because of how hard it’s trying to get me to take it seriously. Was COLOR really breaking the immersion for these people?

    • Okay i’m just going to say it. HE IS DOING THIS BECAUSE HE WANTS TO. He’s said so multiple times that he always wanted yandere simulator to have a horror atmosphere, and that is what lovesick is for. Because he never intended to KEEP the debugs, yet they’ve become so popular. IN fact I feel like it’s people who love the silly and buggy side of it that makes them laugh that caused this split. It’s a part of the branding now and that is the “Simulator” side of it, which still allows for a horror atmosphere. Color wasn’t breaking the immersion, but rather atmosphere. Taking away the color just seemed like the most simple way to change the atmosphere like that. The dark is uknown, and so much more unsettling. So please, listen to what he says. (I’m sorry if this seems overly hostile i’m just really at my whits end with comments like these and needed to vent. This is very emotionally charged and if it hurts your feelings i’m sorry)

      • For the colors/atmosphere , I disagree. In the final game, Yandere dev said we could win it without having to spill anyone’s blood. So if you chose to kill no one, so doing a “pacific” run, you shouldn’t have a super dark atmosphere, but if you decide to do a “genocide” run, then you should have the low atmosphere, just like it was with the current system.

        But I agree that the easter eggs and debug commands should be separated from the “main game”, and I prefer Lovesick menu and senpai customization menu.

  25. I’m loving the new animations, and Mei looks so cute in her glasses! I might just have to draw her 🙂 I think having different lighting inside the school so it doesn’t look so..flat and plain, and maybe making the wooden floors and handrails n stuff a (slightly) darker rich brown color would help..it also kinda bothers me that there aren’t any windows looking into the courtyard.. I’m sorry if I’m being a Midori..I’m not trying to be..

  26. Instead of adding LoveSick you could keep the game in its normal theme and let people apply theme packs. A theme pack would be a zip file with a .yanderetheme extension that contains other files that can change parts of the game such as the color theme, sounds, pictures, names, settings, models, and etc. Maybe it could add mods also! These could be created by users and shared on a forum or a theme store. I hope you consider my idea! Thank you for making this game the first place!

  27. I think the juxtaposition of the cutesy-lighthearted elements and the horrifying murder are what gives this game its unique flavor. Without one or the other the game is just bland and one-dimensional. I don’t think the game needs to be separated into two modes for it to be taken seriously, and I think that the new title goes well with how the game currently is. Just my two cents.

  28. I’m not gonna repeat what everyone else has said because they all did a pretty good job of why I think having a balance between both light and dark is good on it’s own but I’m just gonna drop my own suggestion here:

    Why not make a 3rd mode of both Yandere Sim AND Lovesick? Basically just call it “Lovesick: Yandere Simulator” and BOOM! A mode that has both the dark and cutesy silly elements with the memes in the background but the player’s actions are what affect the actual mode on it’s own.

    For me, games where the players’ actions are what ULIMATELY affect everything in the end (such as Life is Strange and Until Dawn as good examples of this) is what makes Yandere Simulator so interesting and different from many other simulator games similar to it. We can choose whether we can be merciful to our rivals or become a “classic” murderous yandere we know from anime/manga and choose if the game will have a friendly or sinister atmosphere.

    But at the same time I’m not too opposed to Lovesick mode’s existence (and that Senpai customization screen is pretty damn cool!) So perhaps you could keep it but also make a 3rd mode where it’s you can MAKE it go from cutesy to dark like the game’s atmosphere feature as it is now.

    The 3 game modes there could be to make everyone satisfied (hopefully):

    -Lovesick: Yandere Simulator (mix of them)

    -Lovesick (dark and gritty mode)

    -Yandere Simulator (debug commands, puns, easter eggs, jokes, etc)

  29. YandereDev, please remember what a “yandere” is! Someone who’s nice/loveydovey on the outside, dark/sick on the inside! You could keep this applied to the general interface of the game, including the title screen. I personally really love that.
    Ignore the people who say they cannot take the game seriously; obviously, the game is not for them and you cannot realistically satisfy everyone.
    I will agree that the current models are too cartoony (of an anime art style) and should be changed eventually. What to? This is my own suggestion, and I would say to keep the anime look – something with a softer face texture, perhaps?

  30. The cute side of the game alone is not good enough, and the dark side of the game alone is way too much. To have a great yandere sim, we need the two side together. In my opinion, to separate it will juste generate two incomplete game :/

  31. Your video more suggest you want the final product to be more like love sick with no yandere simulator style. I know your blog post clears this up, but just letting you know.

    Also I’d say for final game, try a middle ground where maybe the memes are info chan rewards with clearly labeled humor or something.

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