Osana & Organic Game Design (and a new build!)

A video! About Osana! Please check it out!

From July 15th to August 1st, a lot of my time was spent fixing bugs. After those bugs were behind me, I finally got back to work on Osana. The process of implementing her Wednesday event was completed much quicker than I expected! It must be the result of the C# and Unity 5 conversion! If I can keep up this pace, then Osana’s Thursday and Friday events should be done in less than a month, and then I can move on to the confession cutscene, and then you’ll see a true progress report about Osana!

There’s also a new build available today! You can read about all the changes below.

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • It is now possible for the player to move back through the accessory list by holding down the “change accessory” key and then pressing the “left” key.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Loading Screen animation to be super fast if the player entered the Loading Screen with time sped-up.
  • Updated the names of schemes in the Schemes menu to make it clear that each scheme can only be done on a specific day of the week.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the “Set Trap” prompt to appear above single doors (it was only meant to work on double doors).
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the kitten from using the same lighting as the rest of the models in the school scene.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from returning the speed of time to normal speed in Yandere-chan’s home.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to emit hearts from her head during her Thursday locker room event.
  • The emergency gate outside of school will now swing open when the player approaches it.
  • Adjusted crouch-walk and crouch-run movement speed and animation speed.
  • Touched up the graphics on the title screen a little bit.

95 thoughts on “Osana & Organic Game Design (and a new build!)

  1. The more we hear about Osana, the more exited I am for the final game and for her to arrive! Great work Yandev! Unity 5 has completely changed this game and made it even more amazing than it already was! Also, If you can take photos on Osanas phone and senpai sees them, would you be able to take a photo of a dead body and have osana show it to senpai?

  2. Shouldn’t you be able to slip the phone in her locker?
    On her desk seems a little obvious, and she’ll have to go back to her locker for her shoes at the end of the day anyway…

  3. That was a solid choice you made, Yandev! I can tell Osana is going to be great!

    I have a question, though. What happens if the phone is returned way at the end of the day, without enough time for Osana to go take the picture before the Senpai event? Will she be late, or will she show up without any pictures, or will she not be anywhere near her classroom so the last opportunity to give the phone back is early enough to allow Osana to take the picture?

    • probably she will run and take the picture in a hurry and then show the picture to sempai or maybe she will explain she lost her phone so she doesn’t have any picture. now what I’m wondering is what happen if senpai sees the picture of a corps when Osana shows her photoes. could it be a way to fraim her for murder?

    • With the current code, she’d show up without any pictures.

      I could potentially re-write the code so that she’d prioritize taking the picture as long as there’s enough time to do it *and* meet with Senpai before time in the day runs out.

  4. So after Osana will be implemented will you start making the events even deeper while making other rivals and the rest of the game? I know I’m thinking slightly ahead but I hope it will be this way.

    • I think it’s more a question fo choice you have to make (doing nothink could be one). each one could have a different effect on Senpai’s interres in the rival: drop a lot, drop a little, stay the same, increase a little, increase a lot

      Osana wants to take a picture. she takes the picture and keeps her phone. when Senpai see the picture on Osana’s phone, he’s happy. his interres in Osana increase a little
      Osana wants to take a picture. you steal the phone and take a panty shot. when Senpai see the panty on Osana’s phone, he’s shocked. his interres in Osana drops a lot
      Osana wants to take a picture. you steal the phone and keep it. when Senpai meets Osana without her phone, he is disappointed but could understand. his interres in Osana drops a little.
      Osana wants to take a picture. you steal the phone and take a kitty shot. when Senpai see the picture on Osana’s phone, he find it adorable and so does Osana. his interres in Osana increase a lot. (bad choice)

      also. each rival is unic: their clubs, their personnalities, what they like, what they dislike, things that Senpai could know about them, ect. so you should be carefull of how Senpai sees the rival before trying a sabotage.

      example 1:
      Oka Ruto wants to take a picture. you steal the phone and take a panty shot. when Senpai see the panty on Oka’s phone, he’s shocked. his interres in Oka drops a lot
      Mida Rana (the pervert teacher) wants to take a picture. you steal the phone and take a panty shot. when Senpai see the panty on Mida’s phone … well she’s a pervert, it’s “normal” she take her penty on picture. he won’t like it, but won’t be mad for this. his interres in Mida drops a little

      example 2:
      Mida Rana wants to take a picture. you steal the phone and take a creepy shot. when Senpai see the horror on Mida’s phone, he is scared. his interres in mida drops a lot
      Oka Ruto wants to take a picture. you steal the phone and take a panty shot. when Senpai see the horror on Oka’s phone… that was expectable for the leader of the occult club. his interres in Oka drops a little

      example 3:
      Hanako wants to take a picture. you steal the phone and take a creepy shot. when Senpai sees the horror on Hanako’s phone, he is scared and show it to his sister. when she sees it, she’s scared to and start to cry of fear. she could never have token such a picture. Senpai try to comfort his sister and his interres in her increase a little.

      Osana could be a “basic” rival with few chalenging events and few choses so you aren’t lost. but for the other rivals, this methode will be harder and to in the reject mthode for the sister or Megamy Sayko, a lot of choises could increase Senpai’s interres in the rival.

      (Sorry for my bad English, I’m not an English speaker)

      • Actually now that I think about it. Mido Rana is a teacher. If you made a picture of a horror (Or maybe even a simple panty shot she didn’t made) as a teacher she would have authority to investigate who put that photo there putting yandere-chan at risk. Same with the council president (Forgot her name)

      • I didn’t think about that. good point. so with the secound half of the rivals, bad choises could have dangerous consequenses. the teaches have some autority on this, same for megami (the council president you forgot the name), Osoro will investigate by her self and if she or one of her guys catches you, you knows what happen, for Hanako … maybe it’s just that Senpai knows her very well so some of the choices won’t work like wanted and Senpai won’t believe any other sabotage. who knows?

  5. Is there something I’m missing? In order to sabotage Osanas event, the player has to memorize Osanas routine. But doesn’t Osanas routine change every day according to what her event is about? If the player has only one day to sabotage Osanas event, when does the player have the time to memorize Osanas routine? I mean in order to sabotage it, you need to have her seen doing the same thing already, no?

  6. Well it makes sense that most if not all of the elimination methods that have been tested would eventually be assigned to one or more rivals in one manner or another, so it’s quite natural there will be some overlap. The interesting aspects to me are how difficulty, choices of method, and their related consequences (the impact of the choices) will be presented. Its almost a shame that she is meant to be the easiest rival – hopefully the challenge of eliminating her will still be meaningful enough to give a good feel for the kind of challenge eliminating a rival is supposed to present.

  7. yay, a new build and a video the day before my birthday. Great job YandereDevPai and good luck with Osana-chan. That picture though… makes me shudder…

  8. You have her phone, you have the power of do anything you want with it. If you take pictures of Senpai he might think she’s a stalker. I theorized what would happen if you take a picture of a corpse, Senpai could arn the police about that?

    So many possibilities would occurs any action you take, I’m sure YandereDev thinks about it and he will surprise us with the final results of his long work.

    PD: I’m sorry for my english, I’m going to write better the next time I post a comment.

  9. -If you can just make Osana wet and have her run to the showers, doesn’t that mean you can straight up kill her at any time? I mean, at least you can’t pour the water on her directly, but it still sounds too easy. It’s an obvious question too, and should have been addressed in the video.
    -What happens if you take naughty pics of Osana, herself, instead of a different girl? Some girls show off racy photos to the guy they like, or take them just for themselves. I feel the reaction should be different if it’s photos of her, especially since him seeing that could be an accident and I feel it would be more likely that he would to pretend to not notice it so as to not embarrass her.
    -Corpses is also another obvious thing you could take photos of, cat or human. Is this a way to frame her for murder? I don’t think there is a mechanic, currently, to frame someone for your crimes.
    -Alternatively, there are computers, could you download a photo from the internet instead of snapping one?
    -I really wish there had been a progress report, it’s been a month since the Unity 5 engine was installed. How much work is being done now? How much to go? Give us a sense of the progress, please. A month ago you mentioned that if you were still stuck on Osana a month from now, you would need to have some discussions on what to do next, and it’s been a month.

    • He obviously isn’t stuck on Osana if he just implemented her wednesday event. Also he said he’s expecting to be finished with implementing the thursday and friday events in less than a month. Add the confession cutscenes and it might make maybe one and a half months. As Yandere Dev already said before (about the straight up killing method), there will be witnesses everywhere so it won’t be so easy to kill her (maybe other girls will be in the showers?). And about downloading a photo from the internet, well it wouldn’t be as fun of a game if you just had to turn on a computer to obtain the picture

    • -She’s a tutorial rival, she’s not supposed to be Megami-level hard to kill, and this DEPENDS on IF you want to kill her or eliminate her nonlethally. Not everyone wants to kill her.

      -How would you take a racy photo of Osana? I mean, if you do it while she’s in the shower it’d be obvious she wasn’t the one who’d take the photo, and it would serve no purpose because if Senpai isn’t a dumbass he’d known that ‘hey, someone took this photo without your consent’ and I doubt that she’d have things like that on her phone.

      -Aside from the fact there will be no kitten killing in this game, I seriously doubt that will work. For one, she can just delete the photo even if it is on there.

      -Downloading from the internet and snapping a photo are completely different things. Aside from the fact you need a USB cable to do that, considering its a touchephone you can most likely use the internet on that to download pictures. It wouldn’t also do anything, because exactly what will you be downloading? Its easy to tell when something is a internet photo simply from how the title appears in the phone, assuming her phone is like any other when it comes to the camera roll.

      -Some people didn’t like the progress reports, not to mention they take up a lot of time to make as a video.

  10. I love reading developments of this game so much! Yandere Dev is such a good developer that cares about his audience and reaches out to them. Forever thankful for his comment on my video *o*

  11. Yanderedev! Yanderedev!
    There’s still the option of taking a photo of something normal like just a wall or midori smiling, what about that?

  12. This is so cool! I actually wanted to try making an animation for Yandersim, maybe an opening or a trailer thing. Anyone have any ideas for me?

  13. I’d much prefer a little pop up menu that has a list of the accessories and hair so instead of cycling through a ton of hair/items, we can just go and select what we want. I also kinda wish we could go and sit on the benches and eat lunch and such..Other than that I really enjoy the game 🙂 I was wondering though.. why there is still a robot for the gardening club when Uekiya is in the game..?

    • There’s still a robot because he’s got the nurse and Uekiya as testers for the possibility of stealing keys for the cabinet/shed, but Uekiya can’t actually let you join the gardening club, you can only do it through the robot.
      The robot will probably be in place until Uekiya’s fully up and running. Hope that answers your question!

  14. In future would it be possible to sabotage the rival by putting photographs of corpses or lewd shower pics on the rival’s phone? I think it would be cool to have the option to choose what kind of inappropriate pictures we could take.

    • I believe he mentioned once official rivals are in kokona will behave like a normal student. So technically you can still kill her, but not in the fancy elimination ways that he set up for her before.

  15. Exciting! Woop! We’re gonna have Osana soon. At least by December! Keep up the good work, Yandere Dev! We’re all gonna love this game no matter what you choose for the game. (Though, not going to lie, I wouldn’t risk teasing cat murdering. I don’t mind that, just don’t show it, add it secretly though. Others might freak out!) If you need help, I’m a skilled artist, I can make paintings for around the school as if drawn by Hanako or someone kawaii. Also, I made a video about Yandere Simulator with Info-Chan as the focus… Heh, if you wanna see it search up my channel Particle Warrior X! Keep up the amazing work Dev-pai :3!

  16. People, please just call the developer, “developer.” Or YandereDev. Or Yandev. Any of those work, but…


    Excuse me, but WHAT THE FUCK

    People, this was made for satire, I don’t actually care what you guys call him, please don’t go hating on me.

    • I’m sorry devpai here is in the mid 30’s and some people have the right to call him devpai since dev from developer and pai from senpai are mixed together. Developer with the definition of game director and Senpai with the definition upperclassman (person that is older than you) . So..for example i’m 11. so i can call him Devpai. .
      And now don’t judge : WHY ARE YOU PLAYING THIS YOU ARE ONLY 11. Cause i’m tired of this hella tornado of DONT PLAY YOU ARE YOUNG. kay hay ? And this is not a hate comment

      • That is not how it works. Hon, take a screenshot of your comment and look back on it when you’re twelve, or maybe even fourteen. You’ll strongly disagree with your younger self.
        You are also wrong on the definition: ˌəpərˈklasmən/Submit
        plural noun: upperclassmen
        a junior or senior in high school or college.

        -Senpai is a term reserved mainly for students. While you’re clearly a student, Yandere Dev isn’t a student, and you really can’t call him Devpai. Not only is the name an embarrassment (and used by anti yansim people to mock the Dev)

        And yes, you are way too young to be playing this game. You can’t act maturely, and the content in the game is definitely not for children. Your parents really need to monitor your internet activity, and its little kids that are the reason why a lot of early Yansim developement got so many complaints.

        Go and play something that is more your age, and you should wait until you’re at least fourteen or fifteen to play this game. This is not healthy for your own personal development, because we don’t need some eleven year old thinking that they’ll try some of the things they find in the video.

  17. Love it! I’m usually late with the new builds but I love your progress! although I’m not feeling too good right now I’m really happy about everything and all the effort you have done to get this far!!

  18. I thought Osana wanted to bring Senpai to a nice spot ans to sabatage it we have to make the spot horrible at first glimpse

    • That wouldn’t work you know; you have to think about what you’re going to post and think about your comment.

      “Is it possible to ruin a nice spot? Where even would they be? Would the nice spot even be a dealbreaker if it turned out to be bad? Its more likely going to be in a school enviroment so Senpai is already familiar with how the areas looks.”

  19. For Yandev: I wonder if you’re going to make it so each sabotaged interaction would affect how Senpai talks to Osana the rest of the week? How he reacts to everything else afterward? Possibly affecting whether he goes to talk to Osana at all? That would be very time-consuming, but it would be very realistic and organic, and would probably spark more interest in the game due to the depth, and exhibit much talent (which it seems as if you definitely have!) I am very interested to see how Osana turns out. Good luck and much support, inspiration and stamina to you, Alex!

    For the rest of the world: Please stop complaining about small children finding this game. It is a very interesting thing to watch and play, and it is not anyone’s responsibility, except the children’s legal guardians, to moderate what they see. This is out of the hands of the Dev, whom said that this game is not for children, as soon as it hits the internet, and you shouldn’t go complaining to him or the community about the age of those that discover this. It cannot and will not stop. This is not your responsibility. Please, as well, stop annoying those of us under 18 who are mentally mature enough to play. Thanks.

    • Considering how much he’s been held back with his other ideas (not to mention the constant slandering from the anti yandsim community on Tumblr, which masquerades as ‘yansim critics’ and including a tumblr blog where the mods are trying to stop the development in way way they can, like slandering him by lying and saying he’s homophobic when he’s clearly not at all) it would be a VERY bad decision to do anything unnecessary that will hold back the game. He’s got a lot of great stuff planned already.

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